WARC GR2HQ Awards - July 12 - 13, 2014

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July 12 - 13, 2014


Individual stations that contact GR2HQ on up to 12 band/mode slots will also be eligible for a special certificate issued by the GR2HQ team. This is the 12th year that these award certificates have been available.


Bronze award certificate : GR2HQ on three, four or five band/modes
Silver award certificate : GR2HQ on six, seven or eight band/modes
Gold award certificate : GR2HQ on nine, ten or eleven band/modes
Platinum award certificate : GR2HQ on all twelve band/modes

1. Special Platinum award certificates will be awarded to the first station in the U.K. and the first station outside the U.K. to work GR2HQ on all 12 band/modes in the shortest possible time. (This time will be measured from the 1st QSO with GR2HQ to the 12th QSO with GR2HQ, as logged in the GR2HQ logfile)

2. Special Platinum award certificates will be awarded to every station who works GR2HQ on all 12 band/modes within a 30 minute period (again measured from the QSO times in the GR2HQ logfile) You choose when the 30 minute period is, within the 24 hour operating period.

The GR2HQ Awards are free, but your application must be made by e-mail, not by post.

Emailed Award Certificate applications must your show your callsign in the subject line and the GR2HQ contacts should be sent as an attachment in Cabrillo format. Applications should be Submitted by e-mail by 31st July 2014. Please include your full name. All applications will be acknowledged by e-mail. bottom of this page.

GR2HQ Award certificates will be sent out ELECTRONICALLY (as a PDF file) - for you to print at home -
3. 'The race against the clock' Shield . This Award, sponsored by David Deane EI9FBB, will be awarded to the first Overseas (non-UK) operator to work GR2HQ on all 12 band/mode slots in the shortest possible time i.e. the first person to work GR2HQ on all 12 band/mode slots in the least number of minutes.

This new Award is a Rosewood shield bearing the IARU logo, with silver plates which will be engraved with the winner's name and callsign. This Shield will be presented (along with the other GR2HQ Trophies) at the RSGB HF Convention which is held in October each year. The winner may opt take the Shield home, but will then be responsible for returning it to David EI9FBB before the end of June the following year.

Alternatively, the winner may opt to just have photographs taken at the Convention and not retain the Shield for a year. David EI9FBB will also sponsor a plaque, salver or medal for each year's winner to keep.

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