Worked All Britain: Commonwealth Games Award - 23 July to 3 August 2014

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23 July to 3 August 2014


To commemorate the Commonwealth Games being held in Scotland this year, members of The Worked All Britain Awards Group will be activating an event station each day from 23rd July to 3rd August from various locations in Scotland. The call sign to be used will be GB4CGS (Commonwealth Games Scotland).

Contact GB4CGS on 3, 6 or 9 different days during this period, which will be endorsed Bronze, Silver or Gold respectively. Awards may also be endorsed for any band or mode. Only one certificate, showing the highest level achieved, will be issued for each band/mode endorsement.

All proceeds from this award, (see below for Award Prices), will be donated to ARCOS, a UK national charity, working to improve life for children and adults who have communication, eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties. .

Bronze for working the station on 3 different days during the period
Silver for working the station on 6 different days during the period
Gold for working the station on 9 different days during the period
Schedule of activation for GB4CGS
Date                  Station Activating GB4CGS        W.A.B.             Area Notes
23/07/2014       MM1HMV                                  NS17
24/07/2014       MM0DNX
25/07/2014       GM0FGI                                      NS15             Isle of Bute
26/07/2014       MM0VEG                                    NS56
27/07/2014       MM0VEG                                    NS66
28/07/2014       MM0VEG                                    NS75
29/07/2014       GM4IAR                                      NX13            Mull of Galloway Lighthouse
30/07/2014       GM4NFI                                      NN07
31/07/2014       MM0DHQ                                    NS34
01/08/2014       GM0GFL                                      HU31            Shetland Mainland
02/08/2014       MM0GHM                                   NS43
03/08/2014       GM4PWR                                     NS17

AWARD Fees: UK stations £2.50 and Non-UK stations £5 or €10/$10.  We apologize for the high costs outside the UK, but our postal service has decided in its wisdom to classify a single certificate as a parcel! However a pdf version is available to anyone for only £1 or €2/$2. You may then print the certificate yourself. Payment for this method can only be accepted in Sterling coin or via PayPal. Non-UK coins cannot be accepted.

For the printed certificate we accept Sterling, Euro or US Dollar currency or a sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank.

Claims can be sent by post to: Dave Brooks - G4IAR, 28 Avon Vale Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 2AA, Engeland.

Applications by E-mail: or
Internet: or

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