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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany


One of the most wide-spread conspiracy theories of recent years has
concerned a radio-frequency facility in a remote part of Alaska, started
by the military in 1993 and known by its acronym HAARP. Critics allege the
government was trying to control the weather or even peoples minds.
Scientists who worked there say the fears are completely unfounded,
though, and they now are fighting to preserve the project from being shut

The late inventor Nikola Tesla, whose ideas and designs contributed to our
modern electricity supply system, claimed it is possible to send power
through the air.

Dennis Papadopoulos, a Professor of Electrical Engineering at the
University of Maryland, said Tesla was a genius.

"He had a lot of wonderful ideas. About 10 percent were great and the 90
percent ended up being crack-pottish," said Papadopoulos.

Sure, we can send some power through the air, that is how we listen to the
radio, watch TV and talk through mobile phones, but radio waves
deteriorate with distance, and even more so when they pass through water.
That is one of the reasons the U.S. military began the High Frequency
Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP.

The 12-hectare facility has rows of towering antennas, 180 in all, each
with a transmitter. Together, they can send up to 3.6 million watts into
the ionosphere, the electrically conductive part of the upper atmosphere
that can 'bounce' radio signals back to earth.

Papadopoulos, who was involved in the research at the Alaska facility,
said one of the military's major interest at the time the project's
conception was communication with submarines on patrol.

"To communicate with submarines, you have to have very low frequencies,
which means wavelengths which are a thousand kilometers or larger. To
create those with ground stations, you have to have installations that
were half the [size of the] state of Wisconsin," he said.

He said the idea was to turn the ionosphere into a giant antenna to
transmit signals underwater.

The United States also was concerned with the possibility of a nuclear
bomb blast in the atmosphere increasing the density of electrons in the
radiation belt and disabling all its satellites.

Papadopoulos said so little was known about the ionosphere that each new
experiment led to new discoveries.

"We discovered for the first time that we could create our own little
ionosphere, namely we can increase the density of electrons and create
patches, which we could use as reflectors of any frequency we want, so we
can really guide even gigaherz waves around," he said.

But controlling the weather? Or causing earthquakes? The idea that an
individual project could have an effect greater than the polar vortex, the
energy of the sun or even the total sum of human interactions with nature
is rather difficult to believe, said George Washington University Space
Policy Institute Director Scott Pace.  "There are a lot of conspiracy
theories because people tend to believe that somewhere, someone, some
human is in control. The actual answer is that things are much more
chaotic and much more not subject to our control," he said. "Mother Nature
does not care and trying to understand what is going on with nature is
much broader and bigger than any individual project."

Scientific advances and shrinking budgets caused the U.S. military to
propose closing the facility this year. Papadopoulos said the
international scientific community would like to keep HAARP open, and
offers to contribute to its $5 million annual budget have come from
Canada, Britain and Taiwan.

Congress is expected to decide soon whether to accept that help.

VOA News, George Putic, KI4FNF, June 18, 2014

(VOA Radiogram June 28 via Roger Thauer-D, via dxld)

ARGENTINA   11710.583  RAE Radio Argentina Exterior Buenos Aires General
Pacheco heard in Chinese in their 04-05 UT schedule slot, S=8 or -76dBm
signal strenght on remote unit at NY-US.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 9)

ASCENSION ISLAND   12015  QSL Radio Japan sent FD QSL card after 14 days.
The report was emailed to <nhkworld -at->
(Bruce Portzer-WA-USA, dxld July 4)

11810  via ASC relay, at 2043-2046 UT, BBC July 4, FIFA World Cup
sportscast in English. Poor to fair signal.

15105 at 1954-2007 UT, BBC July 4 Male announcers in Hausa, with mentions
of 'Africa' and 'BBC Hausa'. Phone interview through top of the hour; no
ID or break. Parallel to 17885 kHz (excellent). Very good signal hard to
believe it's beamed almost directly away from me.
(Guy Atkins Puyallup-WA-USA, DXplorer July 4)

AUSTRALIA   HCJB Australia is now maybe from July 1
0730-0830 15490 KNX 050 kW 080 deg to PAC    English.
1400-1530 15450 KNX 100 kW 320 deg to SoEaAS English.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 11)

BOLIVIA   6134.835  Radio Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, on 7 July at 0145 UT -
Paulina Rubio vocal, canned ID, more Latin pops. Excellent S8 signal.
(Brandon Jordan-TN-USA, hcdx July 7)

BRAZIL   6135.57  Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, on 7 July at 0150-0200* UT -
low key religious music and talk, poor to fair and best in USB to avoid
Santa Cruz, // 9629.967 kHz good with scratchy modulation, 11854.85 kHz
fair. 9664.78 kHz, R Voz Missionária, Camboriú, on 7 July at 0205 UT - Two
men in a religious discussion, excellent S=9+10 signal, // 5939.81v kHz
very poor, USB to avoid WWCR-5935 kHz.
(Brandon Jordan-TN-USA, hcdx July 7)

9664.797  R Voz Missionária, Camboriú, 12 July at 0405 UT, and // 5939.831
kHz footprint at 0415 UT on July 12.

5970.030  ZYE523  Radio Itatiaia, Belo Horizonte, weak signal.

6180.005  RNA S=9+25dB, but tiny on 5990.108 kHz footprint at 0425 UT,
// 11780.004 kHz at 0442 UT.

6080.034  Probably Brazilian ZYE726 of Radio Marumby, Curitiba PR, 0432

11815.032  ZYE440 Radio Brasil Central, Goiania, at 0444 UT.
Next to 11825 kHz Brother Stair via WRMI Okeechobee FL site.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 12)

BULGARIA   All transmissions of Brother Stair via Secretbrod Spaceline Ltd
are cancelled
0657-1255 11600 SCB 050 kW 306 deg to WeEUR English till June 26
1257-1500  9400 SCB 050 kW 306 deg to WeEUR English till June 27
1457-1655  9400 SCB 050 kW 306 deg to WeEUR English till July 02
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 11)

CANADA   6030  at 1234-1240 UT - CFVP Calgary on July 4. Noted beneath a
very strong CNR China signal with English language comedy program by man
and woman. Presumed.
(Guy Atkins Puyallup-WA-USA, DXplorer July 4)

CANADA   re 6159.962, CKZN, St. Johns, 7-Jul-14, 0125 - CBC Radio One
'Inside the Music' program. Fair signal in LSB synch with RHC-6165
moderately phased.
(Brandon Jordan-TN-USA, hcdx July 7)

6159.949   CKZN St. Johns isl at 0345 UT on July 12, in Rochester NY
remote SDR unit, and

6159.979  CKZU Vancouver isl noted in CA-US. Latter had a report of former
YUG Sebrenica massacre by Serbian General Mladic in the 90ties, and the
Bosnian muslims mourning ceremony on July 11, and of the corpse body
identification DNA analysis.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 12)

CHINA   Transmitter Urumqi 500 kW 308 degr antennas maintenance in China.
11650 URU 18-20 UT off on August 01 - 20
17820 URU 05-07 UT off on August 14 - 20

Liebe Hoererinnen und Hoerer,
aufgrund dringender Wartungsarbeiten muss das deutsche Programm von Radio
China International auf der Kurzwelle 11650 kHz vom 01.-20. August und auf
der Kurzwelle 17820 kHz vom 14.-20. August leider ausfallen.

Vielen Dank fuer Ihr Verstaendnis.
Deutsche Redaktion von CRI

Possible other maintenance work in Urumqi also relates to, acc HFCC list

17820 0500 0700 28NW  URU 500 308 288 Deu CHN CRI RTC
15665 0800 0900 29,30 URU 500 308 216 Rus CHN CRI RTC
15665 0900 1000 29,30 URU 500 308 216 Rus CHN CRI RTC
17570 0900 1000 28N   URU 500 308 288 Eng CHN CRI RTC
13575 1200 1300 29,30 URU 500 308 216 Rus CHN CRI RTC
17630 1200 1300 27-29 URU 500 308 216 Eng CHN CRI RTC
17630 1300 1400 27-29 URU 500 308 216 Eng CHN CRI RTC
17630 1400 1500 27-29 URU 500 308 216 Eng CHN CRI RTC
11790 1500 1600 29,30 URU 500 308 216 Rus CHN CRI RTC
11875 1600 1700 29,30 URU 500 308 216 Rus CHN CRI RTC
13580 1600 1700 29,30 URU 500 308 216 Rus CHN CRI RTC
11875 1700 1800 29,30 URU 500 308 216 Rus CHN CRI RTC
13640 1700 1800 29,30 URU 500 308 216 Rus CHN CRI RTC
 9685 1730 1830 27-29 URU 500 308 218 Chn CHN CRI RTC
 7205 1800 1900 29,30 URU 500 308 216 Rus CHN CRI RTC
11650 1800 2000 28NW  URU 500 308 288 Deu CHN CRI RTC
13700 1800 1900 27SE  URU 500 308 216 Nan CHN CRI RTC
 7265 1830 1900 28SE  URU 500 308 218 Bul CHN CRI RTC
 6090 1900 1930 28E   URU 500 308 216 Ron CHN CRI RTC
 7415 1900 1930 28NE  URU 500 308 218 Ces CHN CRI RTC
 9560 1900 1930 28N   URU 500 308 216 Hun CHN CRI RTC
 6090 1930 2000 28E   URU 500 308 216 Ron CHN CRI RTC
 7265 1930 2030 27,28 URU 500 308 216 Epo CHN CRI RTC
 7415 1930 2000 28NE  URU 500 308 218 Ces CHN CRI RTC
 9745 1930 2030 27,28 URU 500 308 216 Epo CHN CRI RTC
 7305 2000 2100 28N   URU 500 308 218 Pol CHN CRI RTC
 7325 2000 2030 28S   URU 500 308 216 Srp CHN CRI RTC
 7265 2030 2130 28SW  URU 500 308 216 Ita CHN CRI RTC
 9430 2030 2230 27SE  URU 500 308 216 Fra CHN CRI RTC
 9720 2030 2100 28SE  URU 500 308 216 Bul CHN CRI RTC
 7445 2130 2200 28N   URU 500 308 216 Hun CHN CRI RTC
 7250 2200 2400 37NW  URU 500 308 216 Spa CHN CRI RTC
 7260 2200 2300 37NW  URU 500 308 218 Por CHN CRI RTC
 9865 2300 2400 27-29 URU 500 308 218 Chn CHN CRI RTC

Eine aehnliche Wartung / Reparatur findet z.Zt. bis zum 15.7. auch in
Jinhua-Youbu #831 tx statt.  73 wb
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 4)

CONGO-Brazaville   6115  Radio Congo, Brazzaville, logged at 1731-1820 UT
on 29 June, dialecto local, texto, musica pop' africano, emissao em
frances, a partir das 1800 UT, ID, noticiario Le Journal; 25442. Pelas
1831 UT, a emissao estava fora do ar, provavelmente, porque tera fechado
pelas 1830 UT.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld July 2)

COTE D'IVOIRE [sic]   Weak signal in Sofia of Radio Candip in French:
1700-1815 5066.5 BUN 001 kW non-dir to WeAF.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 11)

rather originate from Radio CANDIP from Bunia COD ?
- COD Dem. Rep. of Congo; Rép. dém. du Congo; Rep. Dem. del Congo. (wb)

CUBA   RHC July 9,
11670 and 11760 are OFF air July 9 at 04-05 UT, but heard IRIB Sirjan
11760.010 in Azeri service instead on all US/CAN remote units. Checked all
other scheduled RHC frequencies, which were properly on air according

RHC not on 6060 kHz kHz at 23-24 UT July 9, so left IRIB Ramadan special
on co-channel in the clear.

23-24 UT RHC on air:
English sce on 5040 11880 kHz.
15370 kHz in Creole, Brazilian Port, Quechua language registered.
 6000 Mesa Redonda speech; - and RHC in Spanish on
 6070 9810 11670 11760 11840 13740, and 15230 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 9)

CUBA   5025.0  Radio Rebelde back on even frequency, also RHC 5040.0 kHz
on spacing channel, 0435 UT on July 12.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 12)

CUBA/USA   5049.22, on July 11 at 0112 UT, I notice a huge het upon 5050
kHz WWRB which is again Brother Scaring while own programming is flipped
on 3185 kHz instead. At first little modulation can be extracted from the
het, but then it's certainly Spanish, and guess what - Radio Rebelde is
missing from 5025 kHz, so another huge SNAFU by the slopperators at

Above frequency measured by 40 Hz clix on the DX-398 compared to WWV on
5000.000 kHz. But on my keyboard, the het is somewhere between F#5 and G5,
i.e. 740 and 784 Hz, and 780 Hz below 5050 kHz would match 5049.22 kHz;
assuming WWRB is on 5050.00 kHz, not confirmed, but surely close.

Still the het at 0327 UT when I am very glad WOR is also on 3185 kHz
instead for the second week. At 0424 UT check WWRB is off and R. Rebelde
is still on 5049+ kHz with nothing to het. It'll stay there until somebody
notices, maybe all night, still at 0509 UT.

[later]  WORLD OF RADIO #1729 monitoring: confirmed on WWRB, UT Friday
July 11, first listening to webcast: 0327 UT preacher stops abruptly, and
after a respectful pause of about a semiminute, WOR playback starts, as
usual initially severely overmodulated until turned down to reasonable
level; shortly confirmed as also on 3185 kHz instead of 5050 kHz, and a
good thing, too, as Radio Rebelde, see CUBA, is still making a horrible
het from 5049.22 kHz or so, way off-frequency from 5025 kHz.

12105, July 10 at 2019, WTWW-3 is off, while 9930 and 9475 kHz are on;
next check at 0131 UT July 11, 12105, 9475 and 5085 kHz are all on but
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 11)

Re 5050v Rebelde, - minus 761 Hertz heterodyne tone ?

I looked out for US 5050 kHz WWRB in final hour 12-13 UT slot, and was
surprised to hear another more highly Latin American cultural program from
Radio Rebelde Spanish section INSTEAD.

Later I read dxld news from Glenn, explained the odd 5050v Rebelde outlet
of last nighttime, - I noticed still in 12-13 UT July 11 time slot.

Exact 5049.239 kHz footprint at 1240 UT July 11.
S=9+15dB or -61dBm in remote unit of N9JY at Cocoa US-FL location post.

RHC Spanish service also noted in 12-13, resp. 13-14 UT time slot:

17730 17580 15370 15340(13-) 15230 12010 11860 11760 9550(13-) kHz.

til 13 UT 6000 9850 11750 kHz.

Not on 13780 kHz.

BUT powerhouse CRI English sce
on 9570 kHz 13-14 UT from Quivican-Cuba TITAN transmitter unit.

- -

all 14-15 UT July 11 log monitoring:

Empty WTWW 12105 kHz kHz at 14 UT July 11,
sermon on 9475 kHz, which hit heavily by RA SHP co-channel
in mid and western US, - but on 9930 kHz TOM BS program instead.

17775 (2 Hz less, hi), KVOH VoHope.

11715.978 KJES Vado, sermon, repeat by many woman - chorus prayer.

15420 WBCQ OFF air.

15550 WJHR Milton, FL in pure USB mode like J3E mode,
audio portion visible in screen at +250 to +2800 Hertz frequency range
only.  -  73 wb df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 11)

FEDERATED STATES OF MICRONESIA   4755  at 1153-1159 UT. PMA The Cross on
July 4. VG/excellent signal of contemporary Christian music, including
'Hunger in My Heart'. Off suddenly at 1159 UT with three quick, rising-
pitch electronic tones, and carrier was gone.
(Guy Atkins Puyallup-WA-USA, DXplorer July 4)

FRANCE   Abschaltungen France Info auf Mittelwelle. Fuer
Mittelwellenhoerer gibt es seit gestern 9 Uhr drei Frequenzen auf denen
moeglicherweise etwas neues zu hoeren ist:

France Info hat abgeschaltet auf

- Nancy Nomeny   (837 kHz)
- Limoges-Nieul  (792 kHz)
- Toulouse Muret (945 kHz)

Danke fuer den Hinweis an die Mailingliste des MW-Circle, Remy Friess und
Guenter Lorenz.
(Christoph Ratzer-AUT, <> July 10)

GERMANY   HCJB German Program on 9835 kHz to close end of July 2014.
According to an email from HCJB, the 2300-2330 UT German program via TDF-
MBR Nauen on 9835 kHz will be discontinued at the end of July.
(Bruce Portzer, dxld July 11)

GERMANY   Retirement of Walter Brodowsky from MediaBroadcast Cologne.

FYI, dies kam von Ed aus Kanada herein.

Respekt fuer 43 Jahre Berufsleben, das schaffen viele Jungen ueberhaupt
nicht mehr.

Das Wichtigste fuer viele Hobbyisten: die Kuhsel-Cards.
Herr Puetz hat schon zunehmend das Ausfertigungsgeschaeft uebernommen,
- es kommt ja bald wieder der Petritag von Radio Oeoemrang bei
MBR Nauen ...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 7)

As many of you folks know, Walter was the person behind issuing
verifications (QSL Replies) from first DTK-Julich and then later from
Media Broadcast.

Speaking for myself, his dedication to his responsibility to verification
replies was a first. He will be missed and hopefully his replacement will
carry on this tradition...
(Edward Kusalik-Alb-CAN  VE6EFK, DXplorer July 7)

Received this e-mail:
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Customers,

Special greetings from MEDIA BROADCAST's Headquarter at Cologne.

I would like to let you know that after 43 years on duty of which approx.
38 years in different (technical and commercial) functions in short-wave
business surprisingly I received a remarkable offer from my Employer MEDIA
BROADCAST GmbH to realize a special form of early retirement which I
really couldn't refuse.

As I agreed with that offer in result my last working day on duty in the
office will be Friday, 18th July 2014.

Regarding MEDIA BROADCAST GmbH's short-wave business, my successor will be
my colleague Michael Puetz who is well known as Frequency Manager during
the most recent "High Frequency Coordination Conference" (HFCC) and "Group
of Eight" frequency coordination business for many years already. Please
be so kind and send all your email correspondence to Michael's email
address instead of mine in the future. Please note Michaels phone contact
as following:
+49 221 7101 5319

Volker Behling, who is also well known at customer side will be supporting
the commercial activities, too. Please note Volkers phone contact as
+49 221 7101 5316

Having said that, I have to admit that I will leave my long lasting
employment which was mainly focused on all aspects of global short-wave
business with a "laughing" and a "crying eye" - the laughing eye because
from that date as mentioned above I will be able to take fulltime
opportunity for new challenges and new projects which will have more
private character and which were not possible to be realized until yet due
to lack of time availability. For me, this is a real dream come through
having the complete freedom to do this now and start a new segment in my
life as having much more time available for my family including children
and grandchildren.

But also I will leave with a crying eye by closing that door behind in my
life when I think back of all those fine people who I was allowed and
privileged to meet and to talk to during meetings and customer contacts as
well as during all those HFCC conferences face to face since 1995 when I
started these commercial activities regarding short-wave business.

Let me take this opportunity to say "Thank you very much" to all of you
for a long term good business partnership in the best spirit to create a
better world which should be a little bit more peaceful as it is today.

By the way, I tried to forget nobody to inform, but if it should be so,
please don't feel insulted if I forgot somebody to put in the loop. Smile

"Au revoir" and "Wishing well" for you all, your families and your
personal future and best wishes.

Sincerely Your's and best regards
Walter Brodowsky
Head of Short-wave - Senior Expert Sales

Erna-Scheffler-Strasse 1
51103 Cologne

t. +49 (0) 221 7101 - 5356
f. +49 (0) 6081 100 68 7127
m. +49 (0) 171 563 9738

<walter.brodowsky @>
Posted by: Edward Kusalik <ekusalik @>
(via Edward Kusalik-Alb-CAN  VE6EFK, DXplorer July 7)

GERMANY   Farewell huge Wertachtal transmitting center ... the TDF-MBR
shortwave transmitting center will be scrapped totally in August 2014.

Betrifft Wertachtal Solarstromfabrik-Feld hinkuenftig ...

Liebe KW-Freunde,
dieses Schreiben ging heute an den SPIEGEL, FOCUS, BILD, ARD PANORAMA.
Ob es hilft, die Katastrophe zu verhindern...????
73...PETER DJ8XW DE 14404

Sehr geehrte Redaktion des xxxxxxxx,
im August 2014 soll die ehemalige DEUTSCHE WELLE Kurzwellen-Radiostation
bei Buchloe / Bayern gesprengt und verschrottet werden !

Damit hat Deutschland keine weltweite internationale Radiostimme mehr, mit
der die Hoerer direkt per einfachem Kurzwellen-Radio ungestoert erreicht
werden koennen !

Wie Sie wissen, kann man heutige Medien wie Internet, Satellit und
Telefone sperren, abschalten oder beeinflussen ! Denken Sie an aktuelle
Ereignisse in der Ukraine, Irak, Afghanistan und China !

Diese groesste Sendestation Europas hat von 1972 bis 2006 die
internationalen Programme der DEUTSCHEN WELLE Koeln-Bonn abgestrahlt,
wurde dann an die "TELEDIFFUSION DU FRANCE" verkauft, ausserdem zahlte die
DW 14 Mio. Euro Abstand weil ein langjaehriger Mietvertrag bestand.

Die Tochtergesellschaft "MEDIA BROADCAST Koeln" betrieb die Sender dann im
Leasing fuer private und religioese fremdsprachliche Aussendungen bis die
Auftraege ausblieben. Im Mai 2013 wurde die Station stillgelegt und soll
in Kuerze abgerissen und verschrottet werden.

Noch heute bestehen 14 Sender mit 500 kW und 2 Sender mit 100 kW Leistung
im Wert von vielen hundert Mio. Euro, jede der 60 Antennen zwischen den
29 Masten hat einen Wert von einer Mio. Euro, die Gesamtflaeche betraegt
134 Hektar. Die Anlage ist betriebsbereit.

Ich bitte Sie meine Angaben zu recherchieren und um einen entsprechenden
Artikel in Ihren Medien damit massgebende Regierungsstellen auf diesen
fuer Deutschland nachteiligen Missstand aufmerksam werden. Sonst wird ein
einmaliges Sprachrohr Deutschlands und die Verbindung zu allen Deutschen
im Ausland fuer immer vernichtet...

Mit freundlichen Gruessen
PETER JENUS und unzaehlige Befuerworter.
Heiterwangerstr. 28
81373 Muenchen

(Peter Jenus-D  DJ8XW, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

NUN IST ES OFFIZIELL: das DW Wertachtal Sendezentrum wird verschrottet !!!

Liebe Funkfreunde,
mir geht es wie Peter Jenus und ich gebe zu, Traenen in den Augen zu

Da geht ein Stueck Technikgeschichte, das ich als HF-Fan von der
Planungsphase (da war Wertachtal als Standort noch gar nicht gesetzt) bis
eben jetzt zu seinem Ende engagiert mitverfolgt habe, dahin.

Fairwell Wertachtal and please take along my sincere greetings to
Norddeich Radio in Radio Heaven.
Ein todtrauriger Harald, DK1OP
(Harald Wickenhaeuser-D, via Peter Jenus-D  DJ8XW, TopNews July 11)

Nachdem Wertachtal seit 2013 ausser Betrieb ist, soll bis Ende 2014 die
Sendeanlage komplett abgebaut werden.


(Thomas Schubaur-D  DL1TS, A-DX July 9)

Langerringen - Ausgefunkt: 70 Antennen und 30 Tuerme verschwinden.

Die Sendeanlage Wertachtal bei Langerringen (Landkreis Augsburg)
verschwindet aus der Landschaft - aus einem einfachen Grund.

Die Kurzwellen der Sendeanlage Wertachtal bei Langerringen ebben ab: Die
komplette Anlage wird zurueckgebaut. Das gab der Betreiber, die
Telekomtochter Media Broadcast aus Koeln, bekannt.

Die Sendeanlage Wertachtal, zu knapp 15 Prozent auf Langerringer Flur
gelegen, ist bereits seit 2013 ausser Betrieb, konnte aber bisher per
Fernsteuerung jederzeit reaktiviert werden. Rund 44 Jahre lang praegten
die bis zu 125 Meter hohen Masten die Silhouette zwischen Gennach, dem
Hauptort Langerringen und Amberg im Sueden.

Aufgrund der technischen Entwicklung und Verlagerung zum brandenburgischen
Sendezentrum Nauen ist der Standort Wertachtal auch als
Reservesendezentrum ueberfluessig geworden.

Demontage vom 70 Antennen und 30 Turmanlagen.

Nauen hat die aelteste bestehende Sendeanlage der Welt, entstanden Anfang
des 20. Jahrhunderts. Nach Angaben von Langerringens Buergermeister Konrad
Dobler sei nicht bekannt, wie eine Nachfolgenutzung des riesigen Gelaendes
aussehen wird.

Vom Wertachtalsender wurden bis zum 1. April 2013 Radioprogramme per
Kurzwelle fuer nationale und internationale Programmanbieter weltweit
ausgestrahlt. Zu den Kunden gehoerten unter anderem die Deutsche Welle,
Voice of America, Radio Netherlands Worldwide oder Radio Croatia. Hierzu
wurden rund 70 Antennen eingesetzt, die zwischen 30 Tuermen mit einer
Hoehe von bis zu 125 Metern aufgespannt sind.

Die Programmverbreitung erfolgte mit 16 Sendern, wovon 14 Transmitter mit
einer Leistung von 500 kW, die uebrigen Sender mit 100 kW betrieben
wurden. Die Anlage nahm ihren Sendebetrieb im Fruehjahr 1972 auf. Mit der
Einstellung des regulaeren Sendebetriebs fungierte die Anlage im
Wertachtal nur noch als Back-up fuer den Standort Nauen.

Aufgrund sinkender Nachfrage nach der Radioverbreitung per Kurzwelle war
der Standort nicht mehr kostendeckend zu betreiben und wird geschlossen,
so ein Sprecher von Media Broadcast. Die Demontage der rund 70 Antennen
und 30 Turmanlagen soll bis Ende des Jahres erfolgen. Details zur
Demontage stehen erst nach Beauftragung externer Anbieter fest. mimae/SZ.

(July 9)

GIBRALTAR   Radio Gibraltar 1458 kHz. John Balestrino, the engineer at
Radio Gibraltar, informed me that the transmitter power at Radio Gibraltar
is a constant 4 kW. Most lists are currently showing 2 kW or less.
(Jean Burnell, Halifax, NS-CAN, mwdx July 4)

Gibraltar 1458 kHz at Maida Vale, 4 kW, probably at
36 07 45.78 N  05 20 55.72 W

GREECE   ERT-open Avlis rebells program on three channels on July 4 at
1900 UT on 9420, 9935, and 15650 kHz, latter best signal in AUS / PAC

Die griechischen Rebellen von ERT-open Avlis heute Morgen hier nur auf
2 Frequenzen aufnehmbar auf 9420 und 11645 kHz, aber nicht auf 7 MHz
oder 9935 kHz oder 15 MHz.

Rebells at Avlis on 9420 and 11645 kHz at 16-17 UT on July 05. Bad
selection at this hour, but 11645 kHz on equal level of Voice of Korea
English here in Europe, latter 1500-1757 UT.

At 19-20 UT on July 5 on 9420, 9935, and 15650 kHz on air, all three very
strong signal here in southern Germany.

At 2300-0250 UT July 5th/6th/7th on air on 9420, 9935, and 15630 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 4/5/6/7)

2nd day in row (July 7 / 8) no signal from ERT-open rebells radio observed
from Avlis. In the past the former original ERT staff went on extended
holiday break in July/Aug for nearly 8 weeks time...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 8)

The shortwave transmitters are still being operated by staff from the
former state broadcaster ERT who were sacked over a year ago now! The ID
is still "Elleniki Radiofonia, Ert Open", or in short form "Ert Open".
During June they seem to have been keeping the SW transmitters on the air
for longer periods, including daytime, when they had been off the air
until recently. Look out for Ert Open on 7450, 7475, 9420, 9935, 11645,
15630, or 15650 kHz. At some point, presumably the new official state
broadcaster Nerit, will take over the SW transmitters.
(Dave Kenny-UK, July BrDXC-UK Communication magazine)

9935, on July 5 at 0147 UT, ERT Open on this new frequency again tonite,
VG signal equivalent to // 9420 kHz, and merely good signal on // 15630
kHz. This time 9935 kHz is also reported by John Babbis, Silver Spring MD.
He says it's Avlis transmitter 1, heard as early as 2300 UT July 4 with
55545 signal, up to 55555 by 0200 UT, 100 kW at 323 degrees, while 9420
kHz is transmitter 3 with 170 kW at same azimuth USward, altho not sure
how he knows these details. He was still not hearing 15630 which he says
is 100 kW at 226 degrees.

The 323 degree beam crosses the southern tip of Greenland, northern tip of
Labrador near Ungava Bay, across Quebec and Ontario to Lake of the Woods,
across USA from Minnesota to Arizona, near Denver and Albuquerque; only
about 5 degrees off from Enid. Seems a bit further north/west than one
would expect for general coverage of North America, but obviously still
puts plenty signal into the east coast. Perhaps originally set up to go
right across Cologne, Hilversum and Edinburgh. Still on at 0235 UT with
Greek song; don't know when 9935 kHz went off, but not on after 0500 UT.
9935 kHz is not in HFCC, but then NO AVLis registrations are now; Aoki
agrees that 9420 kHz heads out at 323 degrees.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 5)

To determine the antenna hardware used at Avlis, is like
"to read the tea leaves" we say in German. I guess

 7450 285 / 7475 323deg
 9420 323 / 9935 285
11645  46 / 182
15630 260 / 226
15650  90 / 105

9935 kHz was always of Thessaloniki radio progr towards the "Greek
guestworker" in western European countries in past 5 decades.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 6)

I remember when I bought my first shortwave radio, a Hallicrafters S-40,
in 1940. I was able to pick up the Greek station SVM on 9935 kHz., 30.196
meters. The first attempt for establishing a short wave radio station took
place immediately after the Greek-Italian war broke out on October 28,

Athens Radio programs were transmitted from a small transmitter in the
center of Athens to the front and the Balkans. When I started sending
shortwave reception reports of the Voice of Greece, starting before I
retired from the U.S. Government Printing Office in Washington in 1988,
Demetri Vafeas would send me schedules and other material. I have attached
files of the Azimuth Map and B-98 Schedule from which I have constructed
the Antennas and Service Areas.

Since I am only able to make a reception report for the daily UT period
1900-0200, I depend on the good people like you to help me fill in the
other time periods. I use these frequencies and service areas to determine
what I believe to be the antenna azimuth and service areas being used by
ERT Open. The item below is what Demetri Vafeas is doing after ERA-5 shut

Demetri Vafeas

Development Engineer/Frequency Manager at ERT S.A. HELLENIC BROADCASTING

As for the last Frequency Manager of ERA 5, Babis Charalambopoulos, he may
be with the strikers and dealing with frequencies of ERT Open. I also know
that he did weekend work at his father-in-law's farm.

As for the frequency of 9935 kHz, I am sure that ERT Open is doing this to
keep that frequency which they have used from the beginning of Greek
shortwave radio, hoping that no one will usurp that frequency. As for
azimuths, I believe that 323 degrees is the main one for the North America
Service and 285 is for Europe, which I go by when determining those
azimuths and service areas.
(John Babbis-DC-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 7)

GREECE   All broadcasts of ERT-open rebells missed on July 7 / 8 / and
partly this July 9th morning.

Greek rebells not - as assumed - in annual holiday break in July /
August as each year.

ERT-open rebells radio transmission observed again July 9th at 1730 UT on
single outlet of 9420 kHz, and also noted short tx checks with open
carrier only on 15650 and 15630 kHz in // .

But started Greek phone in talk program about politics by two woman again
in // to 9420 kHz: on 9935 and 15650 kHz; - five minutes later
approx. 1735 UT.

TX damaged ?
9935 kHz transmission suffered by a annoying 200 Hertz audio tone, on
screenshot window seen like a garden fence on ±200, 400, 600, 800 ... 1600
Hertz. July 9.

15630  ERT-open rebells radio tonight. Avlis Asia outlet tonight 20 kHz
lower on 15630 kHz, stronger in Japan and Australia so seemingly 105degr
transmission, than poor signals in Americas / US / 285degr Atlantic

July 10, at 20-21 UT
2000-2100    9935/285deg/eu    15630/!105deg!/as   9420/323deg/eu

ERT-open Avlis rebells transmission missed on air July 7/8/9 - totally.
NOT on air on July 11, when checked between 15 and 20 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 9/10/11)

9935, July 11 at 0127, ERTOpen is on here again with Greek music, only
marginally weaker and fadier than // 9420 kHz, with 15630 kHz a close
third. Theo Donnelly in Burnaby, BC tells me that the night before, 9935
kHz went off by 0351 UT on July 10 while the other two continued.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 11)

GREECE   No ERT-open outlets from Avlis on air this July 11, checked today
between 15 and 20 UTC, all Avlis registrations are empty channels tonight.

All usage of Avlis is VERY very irregular and un-reliable these days.
Operation schedule changes every other day. Terrible behaviour of the
operation staff at the transmitting center Avlis.

At sunrise in Germany, July 12 at 3-4 UT heard Avlis on air, on channels
9420, 9935, and 15630 kHz. 73 wolfy
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 11/12)

INDIA   1116  Special Ramzan broadcast from Radio Kashmir.
Special Ramzan broadcast noted from Radio Kashmir, Srinagar as follows:
1116 kHz sign on tuning signal at 2122 UT. (Faint signals). It is also
monitored by me in the DTH Radio channel on my TV set. (Studio quality

The program is for about one hour and these special broadcast will be till
July 29, 2014. Their SW channel 4950 kHz has been off for some time now.
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, DXindia July 10)

INDONESIA   3325  at 1201-1205 UT, RRI Palangkaraya on July 4. RRI news in
Indonesian, with mention of various Indonesian cities. Good signal.

3344.9  at 1207-1215 UT, RRI Ternate on July 4. Slow a capella vocals by
male in Arabic. Tentative; extremely weak signal.

4870  at 1227-1232 UT, RRI Wamena on July 4. Soft lagu pops music with
voice-over announcer in Indonesian. Mentions of Indonesia and possible ID
at 1229 UT. Strong signal, but noisy.
(Guy Atkins Puyallup-WA-USA, DXplorer July 4)

IRAN   IRIB Teheran Frequenzwechsel. Das deutschsprachige Programm aus
Teheran wird ab morgen (July 6) ab 1723 UT auf 9860 kHz ausgestrahlt,
wurde soeben in der Sendung bekannt gegeben.
(Christoph Ratzer-AUT,  <> July 5)

IRIB Tehran German at 1720-1820 UT on 7410kam {9570sir}, latter now Sirjan
relay on 9860 kHz instead, from July 6.

Both 31mb channels suffer QRM by CRI, either 9570 and 9860 too til 18 UT.

Ramadan special of IRIB Tehran til July 29:
5940 Kurdish at 2333 UT on July 5th, 6090 Tadjik, 9610 Arabic language
sce, all S=9+40dB -36dBm powerhouses in Germany post.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

IRAN   Frequency change for Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran from July 6
1723-1820 NF9860 SIR 500 kW 319 deg to WeEUR German, ex9570. Parallel
1723-1820   7410 KAM 500 kW 310 deg to WeEUR German.
NOTE: 9570 is replaced to avoid CRI English,
      new 9860 co-ch CNR 1 till 1805 UT.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 11)

effective at 0000 UT July 11:

5860, R. Farda 00-02 UT on 5860 kHz via Kuwait, ex Sri Lanka at 00-01 UT.

9780, RFA Uyghur 01-02 UT via Kuwait, ex-17540 via Tinian-MRA.

RFA Tibetan via Tinian-MRA, 10-11 UT, days change too:
Sun 21475, Mon 21465, Tue 21455, Wed 21525, Thu 21505, Fri 21495, Sat

RFA Cantonese via Tinian-MRA, 14-15 UT, days change too:
Sun 13700, M/W/F 13585, Tue/Thu 13595, Sat 13635 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 10)

KYRGYZ REP   5130  Radio Maranatha, Shortwave Relay Service {with TWR
ties} in Pashto or Dari to WeAsia, at 1736 UT on July 1 on 5130 kHz via
Krasnaya Rechka, Bishkek site.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews / dxld July 1)

MADAGASCAR   11950  at 2046-2052 UT. NHK Japan, Talata Volonondry on
July 4. Male & female announcers in French, with music 2051 UT.
Fair signal.
(Guy Atkins Puyallup-WA-USA, DXplorer July 4)

MALAYSIA   6050  at 1237-1301 UT, RTM Asyik FM on July 4. Soft Malay or
Indo pops music at tune-in; female announcer in presumed Bahasa Malaysian
1245 UT mentioning Malaysia and 'meter band'. Music selections continued
across top of the hour; female with announcement or possible ID at
1301 UT. Good signal but fading slightly by 1301 UT.
(Guy Atkins Puyallup-WA-USA, DXplorer July 4)

Grigoriopol site on 11560 kHz. Large full-data, except site, Miraya FM
card in only 9 days-and that included a holiday in addition to a weekend.
V/s Mr. Jean-Luc Mootoosamy, Miraya Program Officer. Report was sent to

Fondation Hirondelle
Avenue du Temple 19C
CH-1012 Lausanne
(Wendel Craighead-KS-USA, DXplorer July 10)

MYANMAR   5985.798  probably Myanmar R 1 via Rangoon odd frequency tx
unit, noted at 2338 UT, scheduled 2300-0130 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

NIGERIA   7254.938  probably VoNigeria here S=7 or -88dBm, and hit by
adjacent Radio Belarus Minsk co-ch signal on 7255 kHz, at 1845 UT
on July 4.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 4)

15120 kHz, VO Nigeria in French at 0739 UT on July 5, O=4 S=9+20.
(Michael Grabovski-D, A-DX July 5)

Auf 15120.000 kHz ein schoenes Signal auch um 0821 UT, sowie die Hausa
Sendung aus Ikorodu auch noch ueber der Grasnarbe auf 9689.919 kHz exakt
Fussprint, S=6 oder -98dBm ablesbar und Programmfetzen hoerbar.

Nebendran um 0830 UT, RTVM Bamako Mali auf 9635 kHz.
KNLS Anchor Point Alaska 9655 kHz in Russisch.
RNZLi 9699.990 kHz AM 9890 DRM mode, RA SHP 9710 kHz beide in English.

[later]  NIGERIA   v15119.840 odd frequency in DRM mode on July 5
at 19-20 UT. Excellent 19mb propagation tonight.

11769.872 kHz  Also good 25mb propagation. 21-22 UT Hausa S=8 and -76dBm
strength at 2138 UT in Stuttgart.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

NIGERIA   Nigeria booming in on 15120 kHz at 0525 UT. Excellent reception
with usual muffly audio with S=9+10dB reception with English sports news
at 0525 UT on 8 July. Must have some transmitter issue as there's a whine
about 2.5 kHz audible (and visible on the Perseus waterfall).
(Walt Salmaniw-Vic-BC-CAN, DXplorer July 8)

OMAN   Frequency changes of BBC in Hindi from July 7
1600-1630 NF  9490 SLA 250 kW 063 deg to SoAS, ex9705*
* to avoid RNZI in English and CNR 1 in Chinese
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 11)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA   7324.96  Wantok R. Light, July 4 at 0909 UT NBC Nat. nx
in progress by M, 0916 UT rel. mx at recheck. 0936 UT sounded like a pgm
rundown by studio M anncr w/ments of ministry, Papua New Guinea, NBC Radio
News, 2014, "...station Wantok R. Light...", studio, etc. Back to rel. mx
at 0940 UT including C&W mx as well. In the clear. Studio M anncr again at
1001 UT w/intro for next pgm, and CRI still not on. 1002 UT En rel. pgm
w/M preaching, then finally presumed CRI on late at 1020 UT but no audio
heard except for the het.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 4)

7324.954  Yes, Wantok R. Light also on air when checked in the pause
before Brazil vv Colombia match on football world cup Brazil 2014 starts.

Religious? organ music at 1857-1858 UT July 4. S=7-8 level or -84dBm
downunder on remote unit in Australia.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 4)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA   3205  at 1147-1152 UT, NBC Sandaun on July 4. Woman
with Bible reading or sermon in Tok PIsin. Mentions of New Guinea, and
Vanimo. Poor signal with utilities QRM on lower sideband.

3260 at 1154-1157 UT, R. Madang on July 4. Nice PNG sing-sing music in Tok
Pisin. South Pacific news in English heard at 1205 UT retune. Very good
(Guy Atkins Puyallup-WA-USA, DXplorer July 4)

PHILIPPINES   15650  QSL International Radio For Disaster Relief via IBB-
Tinang 15650 kHz, sent a FD map QSL card showing the sites that were used
for the June 5 test broadcast. It arrived 22 days after sending an email
report to
<info -at->
The card was mailed from Prague and had a couple of nice Czech stamps on
(Bruce Portzer-WA-USA, dxld July 4)

15470  QSL Vatican Radio via Palauig-Zambales PHL, sent a FD QSL card
confirming Chinese service broadcast, specific as to date, time, freq,
language, site, tx power and antenna azimuth. Also enclosed a schedule.
It arrived 25 days after sending an email report to
<gestfreq -at->
(Bruce Portzer-WA-USA, dxld July 4)

RUSSIA   Radio tower masts in Kurkino, Russia.
(Andrea Borgnino-ITA  IW0HK, SWtxsite July 11)

Russia's legislature, often accused of metaphorically turning back the
clock, has decided to do it literally - abandoning the widely disliked
policy of keeping the country on daylight-saving time year-round. The 2011
move to impose permanent "summer time" in 2011 was one of the most
memorable and least popular initiatives of Dmitry Medvedev's presidency.
It forced tens of millions to straggle to their jobs in pitch darkness
during the winter months.

In the depths of December, the sun didn't clear the horizon in Moscow
until 10 a.m.

The State Duma, the lower house of parliament, voted 442-1 on Tuesday to
return to standard time this fall and stay there throughout the year. The
decision won't make the Russian winters shorter, but is likely to reduce
grousing about them. Russia will also go back to 11 time zones
instead of 9.
(Dutch TV news home page via PA3GQW, dxld July 2)

RUSSIA   Rettung russischer AM-Sendeanlagen. Die weitgehende Abkuendigung
der AM-Ausstrahlungen durch die Programmveranstalter Rossija Segodnja und
WGTRK hat, wie die Onlinezeitung berichtet, den Sicherheitsrat
der Russischen Foederation auf den Plan gerufen.

Laut entschied der Sicherheitsrat am 19. Mai, eine neue,
wahrscheinlich beim Verteidigungsministerium anzusiedelnde Behoerde zu
gruenden, die 2016 die betreffenden Sendeanlagen in ihre Zustaendigkeit
uebernehmen solle. Im Vorfeld werde der Sendernetzbetreiber RTRS fuer
2015/16 eine Sonderzuwendung von 3 Milliarden Rubel (63 Mio. Euro)
erhalten, um die entfallenen Ausstrahlungen wieder aufzunehmen.

Die Einnahmen, die RTRS durch die von Stimme Russlands / Rossija Segodnja
und WGTRK ausgesprochenen Abkuendigungen verlor, beziffert fuer
die Jahre 2013/14 auf rund 800 Millionen Rubel (17 Mio. Euro). Dadurch
habe sich das jaehrliche Defizit von RTRS auf 2,5 Milliarden Rubel
(52 Mio. Euro) erhoeht. RTRS sehe sich deshalb ausserstande, die nicht
mehr genutzten Sendekapazitaeten noch weiter zu warten.

Ein Sprecher von RTRS habe sich zu den von vorgelegten Recherchen
nicht konkret aeussern wollen, jedoch eine Loesung dieses Problems als
dringend bezeichnet. Bei weiterhin unterbleibender Wartung wird die
ungenutzte Sendetechnik, wie zutreffend festhaelt, in absehbarer
Zeit unbrauchbar.

Seit April gibt es in Russland keinerlei Rundfunkbetrieb auf Langwelle
mehr. Der Kurzwellenbetrieb beschraenkt sich, sofern es nicht auch hier
kurzfristig zur Einstellung kam, auf woechentlich drei Stunden der
regionalen Rundfunkgesellschaft in Maikop, abgestrahlt ueber die
Sendestation Tbilisskaja im Gebiet Krasnodar. Im Mittelwellenbereich
laufen jetzt noch rund 40 Sender, darunter die Gleichwelle 873 kHz mit
Sendern in der Naehe von Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Moskau und Samara.

Als Besonderheit anzusprechen ist die seit dem 3. Maerz laufende und in
der letzten Ausgabe von RMRC-Aktuell bereits erwaehnte Ausstrahlung von
Westi FM auf 1089 kHz (Tbilisskaja, 1200 kW), 1215 kHz (Bolschakowo im
Gebiet Kaliningrad, 1200 kW) und 1413 kHz (Grigoriopol in Pridnestrowje,
500 kW). Sie ist fuer Hoerer in der Ukraine bestimmt, wobei zu
hinterfragen ist, wer diese Ausstrahlungen bestellt und bezahlt.
Moderatoren von Westi FM zeigten sich zumindest in den ersten Tagen
ueberrascht, als anrufende HA|rer den Empfangsweg Mittelwelle nannten.
Im Internetauftritt des Programms wird er bis heute nicht angefuehrt.
(Quelle: rbb Medienmagazin; RUSdx July 6)

Offensichtliche Stilllegung der Sendeanlage Lesnoi. Nach dem
Kurzwellenzentrum Samara, das derzeit abgerissen wird, koennte der
russische Senderbetreiber RTRS jetzt auch eine der Grosssendeanlagen im
Raum Moskau endgueltig stillgelegt haben.

Dies betrifft die Sendestation in Lesnoi, nordoestlich von Moskau an der
Strasse nach Jaroslawl, die auch unter der Bezeichnung Selenogradskaja
(nach der Stadt Selenogradski) bekannt ist. Hier wurde bis vor kurzem noch
die Mittelwelle 873 kHz von Radio Rossii betrieben.

Nach Auskunft von RTRS laeuft diese Ausstrahlung aber zur Zeit jedoch
ueber die Sendestation Kurowskaja (nach der Stadt Kurowskoje) bei der
Ortslage Awsjunino. Durch die groessere Entfernung des Standorts (bereits
ca. 100 km) ist diese Umschaltung, zu der sich RTRS nicht weiter aeussert,
Hoerern in Moskau aufgefallen, was die entsprechende Anfrage im Gaestebuch
der Moskauer RTRS-Filiale ausloeste.

Die Sendestation Lesnoi war 1941 mit vier Kurzwellensendern fuer
Auslandssendungen in Betrieb gegangen. Nach 1950 wurde sie stark erweitert
und erhielt, vermutlich ueber einen laengeren Zeitraum hinweg, etwa
16 Sender mit einer Leistung von jeweils 250 kW und einen Park von
Vorhangantennen. Zwei dieser Kurzwellensender wurden nachtraeglich auf den
Mittelwellenbereich umgebaut und als gekoppeltes Paar mit 500 kW (wie es
teilweise auch beim Kurzwellenbetrieb praktiziert wurde) ueber laengere
Zeit mit dem Programm von Radio-1 auf 1017 kHz eingesetzt. In den 90er
Jahren strahlte diese Anlage, abgesehen von kurzzeitigen Uebertragungen
zweier Privatstationen, voruebergehend das russische Programm von Radio
Liberty auf 1539 kHz ab. Schliesslich uebernahm sie den Betrieb der
Frequenz 873 kHz von der stillgelegten Sendestation Elektrostal.

Einer auslaendischen Fachoeffentlichkeit bekannt wurde die Sendestation
Lesnoi erstmals durch eine Besichtigung im Rahmen der Verhandlungen, bei
denen Radio Nederland Wereldomroep die anschliessend 1993 aufgenommene
Nutzung der Sendeanlagen in der frueheren Sowjetunion vereinbarte.
Inwieweit Programme von RNW und anderen auslaendischen Veranstaltern dann
tatsaechlich aus Lesnoi abgestrahlt wurden, ist nicht mehr zu ermitteln,
da bei der Frequenzplanung nicht zwischen den einzelnen Sendestationen im
Raum Moskau differenziert wurde.

Die Sendestation Kurowskaja ihrerseits hatte den Betrieb 1964 aufgenommen.
Auch hier entstand im Laufe der Zeit eine umfangreiche Kurzwellenanlage
mit zuletzt mehr als 20 Einzelsendern, die wiederum meist in Paaren
genutzt wurden. Sowohl hier als auch in Lesnoi endete der
Kurzwellenbetrieb 2012; einer der beiden Standorte koennte moeglicherweise
auch schon einige Jahre zuvor zurueckgezogen worden sein.

Im Mittelwellenbereich sorgte die Station Kurowskaja bis 1998 fuer die
Ausstrahlung von Radio Majak auf 549 kHz und uebernahm dann von einer zu
schliessenden Sendeanlage die ebenfalls von diesem Programm genutzte
Langwelle 198 kHz. Diese Frequenz wurde schliesslich am 14. Maerz 2013
zusammen mit der (zuvor noch ein weiteres Mal umgezogenen) Mittelwelle
549 kHz abgeschaltet.

Hauptantenne fuer den Mittelwellenbetrieb auf der Station Kurowskaja ist
eine 257 Meter hohe Reusenantenne (ARRT-257). Der zwischenzeitliche
Langwellenbetrieb duerfte ueber eine andere Antenne gelaufen sein, da die
Reusenantenne mindestens einmal im Jahre 2010 zum Ziel einer
offensichtlich illegalen Besteigung wurde. Dabei bleibt offen, ob den
Jugendlichen ueberhaupt die potentielle Lebensgefahr durch die
Hochspannung klar war, die bei der jederzeit moeglichen Aufschaltung eines
Senders an der (nicht erkennbar geerdeten) Antenne angestanden haette.
(Quelle: rbb Medienmagazin; RUSdx July 6)

SAO TOME   15580  QSL VOA 15580, sent a F/D QSL card showing the tx site,
signed and stamped by Victor Guadalupe, Assistant Transmitter Plant
Supervisor. It arrived 84 days after sending an email report to
<hmenezes -at->
(Bruce Portzer-WA-USA, dxld July 4)

SINGAPORE   6195  at 1257-1301 UT. BBC Kranji on July 4. Female announcer
in English with talk about environmental protection. ID for BBC World
Service, including web address. Very good signal. Mentions of top upcoming
news items, then into news at 1301 UT.
(Guy Atkins Puyallup-WA-USA, DXplorer July 4)

SLOVENIA   Senderprobleme in Slowenien, 918 kHz. Miha Rus berichtet aus
Slowenien, genauer aus Velika Planina dass der Mittelwellensender des
Slowenischen Rundfunks auf 918 kHz derzeit defekt ist.

Nun gegen 1430 UT ist der Sender auf 918.035 kHz mit Unterbrechungen zu
(Christoph Ratzer-AUT  OE2CRM, <>  A-DX July 8)

MW Domzale 918 kHz. Jetzt um 12.23 UT 9. Juli, remote im Raum Brescia
Italy am Gardasee mitgehoert:

In 350 km Distanz
S=8 oder -80dBm Signal gehoert. Fussprint MW 918.028 kHz.
...und sehr viel Gewitter Entladungs - Sprazzeln dadorten auch.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 9)

Am 09.07.2014 5.28, schrieb Michael Marschal-AUT:
Slowenien hat gestern einwandfrei auf MW gespielt.Es gab nur in den 21 Uhr
Nachrichten die Meldung, dass die Bediensteten der staatl. Stromversorgung
gestreikt haben und es nicht in allen Teilen Sloweniens Strom gab. Einige
Teile Sloweniens, speziell die an OE grenzen konnten von OE (Kaernten und
Steiermark) mitversorgt werden. >
(via Joachim Thiel-D, A-DX via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 9)

SOUTH AFRICA   3320  at 0345-0350. SABC Meyerton on July 4. Fair to good
signal of a female announcer in Afrikaans, and a reporter's segment in
English about Boko Haram in Nigeria.

3345  at 0335-0345 UT. Channel Africa on July 4. Poor to fair signal in
English with male announcer. Mentions of African cities; seemed to be a
commentary or editorial.
(Guy Atkins Puyallup-WA-USA, DXplorer July 4)

SOUTH AFRICA   On July 1st, 2014, Radio Pulpit began a DRM trial on 1440
kHz, using a 25 kW transmitter and broadcasting 10 kW DRM, using a low
profile antenna. There will be up to two programs, and extra features
offered by DRM will be included. The station covers greater Pretoria and
parts of Johannesburg. The tests, conducted by the broadcaster, in co-
operation with Sentech and Broadcom International, will run until 2015.

Anyone know the transmitter location ?
If it was Meyerton, it would cover more than "parts of Johannesburg."
And what is a "low profile antenna"?
(Guenter Lorenz-D  DL3GLF, mwmasts yg July 5)

see GE September 2013 image; mast at
25 40 12.73 S  28 19 06.89 E

and tx house at
25 40 12.85 S  28 19 05.32 E

From Ga-Rankuwa Pulpit site to
28 kms towards Pretoria,
75 kms towards Johannesbourg.

95 kms from Meyerton to Pretoria, instead.

AFS_Bloemendal Meyerton domestic 100kW.
R Metro 576 kHz 50kW, R Pulpit 657 kHz 50kW
26 35 56.36 S  28 08 21.74 E
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 6)

Re: [mwmasts] South Africa: DRM on 1440 kHz

Start StopTime UTC=0000-2400
Frequency=1440 kHz
Target=South Africa
Power=25 kW
Programme=Radio Pulpit
Site=Kameeldrift            <<<<
Country=South Africa

Pics of txer site:
Digital Radio MondialeT (DRM) from South Africa to South Africa on Medium


Radio Pulpit makes history with first digital broadcast in SA

Radio Pulpit DRM Launch
(Alokesh Dasgupta-IND, mwmasts July 6)

Re: [mwmasts] South Africa; DRM on 1440 kHz

re Kameeldrift location of
AFS_Radio Pulpit AT Kameeldrift, Pretoria,
1440 kHz 25 kW AM, 10 kW DRM mode

see GE September 2013 image; mast at
25 40 12.73 S  28 19 06.89 E

and tx house at
25 40 12.85 S  28 19 05.32 E



but bad image in Terraserver 18 June 2013

290 Hoefyster Singel
Roodeplaat, South Africa - approximate address










... always remains the question of who produces cheap DRM-mode radios for
the general mass of shoppers in the world?

" ...demonstrate a business case for producing and selling DRM radio sets
or auxiliary devices ...."

Downtown address
42 Jacobus St, Pretoria, 0186, South Africa
<gospel -at->
Tel: 012 334 1200
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 6)

So Bill, have you any ideas as to where the tx site might be? Maybe you
could contact the engineer responsible at Radio Pulpit.
(Colin Miller-CAN  VE3CMT, mwmasts July 6)

Hi Colin, I am awaiting a response from Radio Pulpit on that very
question. I assume they are using a Sentech transmitter, but if you have a
list of licensed MW transmitter sites for South Africa you know more about
it than I do.
(Bill Bingham-AFS, mwmasts July 6)

TAIWAN   6180  Radio Taiwan Intl - DRM test to India. RTI (Radio Taiwan
International) is conducting a DRM test towards India from 20th July to
31st July on 6180 kHz from 1500 to 1530 UT.
{new tests on DRM modulation mode encoding software on refurbished sites
Taipei - new revolving RIGID antenna -, and Paochung site with some new
antennas erected, wb.}
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, DXindia July 4)

TAJIKISTAN   15548 and 15577 kHz, both Vo Tibet in Tibetan lang, both from
probably Dushanbe at S=9 -70dBm here on sidelobe in Germany, at 1218 UT on
July 6. Only China mainland jamming on 15550 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 6)

4765.047  Tajik Radio 1 from Dushanbe Yangi-Yul site, at 2330 UT on July
5th, S=9+15dB -60dBm.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 5)

4765.046  Tajik Radio 1, Yangi Yul Dushanbe site. Odd frequency signal as
usual. Noted S=7 or -86 dBm strength here in southern Germany. 1805 UT on
July 8. Local TJK-ME male singer performing folk usic song.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 8)

TAJIKISTAN   All broadcasts of Voice of Tajik 1800-2400 are off on
1800-2000 7245 DB  100 kW non-dir to CeAS Dari
2000-2200 7245 DB  100 kW non-dir to CeAS Russian
2200-2300 7245 DB  100 kW non-dir to CeAS Uzbek
2300-2400 7245 DB  100 kW non-dir to CeAS Hindi.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 8)

TURKEY   [INTRUDER ALERT]  10110  A3E BC unid & jamming S9 in JO30ko
(Tom df5jl, intruderalert_iaru-r1, July 11)

Intermodulation of two 31mb TRT units at Emirler Turkey this night.

1830-1930 UT
9135 / 10110 kHz. Intermodulation Mixture of TRT Emirler,
fundamentals 9460 Turkish service, and 9785 kHz English service.

formula of intermodulations 9135 / 10110 kHz.
2 x 9785 kHz = 19570 minus 9460 kHz = 10110 kHz.
exact TRT Turkish footprint is 10110.029 kHz.

Der "Jammer" ist der uebliche PSK8 Stanag 4285 auch aus TUR (10100.0 USB
(Peter, HB9CET, July 11)

1930-2030 UT
formula of intermodulations 9285 /  9810 kHz.
2 x 9635 kHz = 19270 minus 9460 kHz = 9810.027 kHz footprint,
latter under VOA French Botswana co-channel signal.
resp. 9284.992 kHz footprint TRT French to Europe.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 11)

UGANDA   UBC Kampala Uganda this night July 6th/7th 1200 to 0500 UT on
Kampala daytime frequency 7194.983 kHz footprint instead, not on nighttime
4976v channel.

exact 7194.983 kHz footprint.
S=9+10dB -64dBm strength here in southern Germany, 2204 UT, July 6.

7194.983 kHz Kampala Uganda also heard easily via
Twente Amateur radio club ETGD at PI4THT
Wide-band WebSDR of University of Twente unit.


Uganda spielt heute Abend 6./7. Juli nicht auf 4976 kHz, der registrierten
Morgen- und Nachtfrequenz. das heisst die 05-12 UTC Sendung auf 7195 kHz
wurde nicht auf die regulaere Frequenz 4976 kHz umgeschaltet.

Vielleicht ist es nur eine Eintagsfliege?,
und die 41mb Aussendung tritt in den kommenden Tagen nicht mehr auf.

Oder sie lassen den 41 mb Sender Tag und Nacht bis zum Ende des Ramadans
am 29.7. durchlaufen.

Oder der Imam hat dem Techniker untersagt, den Schalter umzulegen,
wer weiss?

Hoert mal das dicke Signal in Genua Italien bei IW1PSC
im Perseus Netz unter IP Adresse
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 6)

7194.983 Kampala war gestern am 6. Juli nur eine Eintagsfliege, der
Ingenieur hat um 12 UT den Schalter nicht auf 4975.967 kHz im 60 mb

Kampala Uganda ist heute am 7. Juli um 20 UTC, und 8. Juli um 18 UT
wieder auf der registrierten 4975.967 kHz zugange.

4975.966  UBC Radio Uganda once again in 60 mb range on July 8th.

7194.983 kHz usage on July 6th at 12 UT to 05 UT on July 7,
was only a single day operation.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 7/8)

UNID  6024.971 kHz tiny signal at 0430 UT on July 12.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 12)

UNITED KINGDOM   11875 at 1928-1944 UT. IBRA Woofferton on July 4.
Presumed this with vernacular African language, native singing. Possible
language or program change at 1930 UT. Fair and improving to good
by 1944 UT.
(Guy Atkins Puyallup-WA-USA, DXplorer July 4)

There was a recent post on the Imperial War Museum blog on how BBC
Monitoring became more open in distributing and drawing attention to its
work in World War Two. I found three other articles on BBCM there.

BBC Monitoring Reports - IWM Research Blog
(via Mike Barrraclough-UK, BrDXC-UK yg direct and via dxld July 2)

USA   Some time ago, International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) executives
working for the U.S. federal agency, the Broadcasting Board of Governors
(BBG) in charge of taxpayer-funded international broadcasts, had proposed
cutting numerous Voice of America (VOA), Radio Free Asia (RFA) and Radio
Free Europe / Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) shortwave transmissions to Asia and
the Middle East. The proposal was approved by the bipartisan BBG board and
sent by the Obama Administration to the U.S. Congress as part of the
agency's budget request. Journalists knew that some of these cuts might
happen if Congress approved the BBG budget, but what they did not expect
was to be told suddenly by IBB last Thursday night that the cuts will be
implemented on June 30. In fact, the IBB announcement went just to the
heads of these media outlets. Many VOA program producers still did not
know about it on Friday and Saturday. Of course, VOA shortwave radio
audiences in Asia had no idea that they will lose their programs in a
couple of days and many still don't since IBB and VOA failed to issue
official announcements.

Everyone knows that IBB bureaucrats propose these radio cuts to protect
their own highly-paid positions in Washington. In the last seven years,
the number of IBB bureaucratic jobs increased 37% while numerous
broadcasts were being cut. Unfortunately, various BBG boards went along
with these program cuts, showing no concern for audiences that cannot
afford access to the Internet or see the Internet blocked by repressive
regimes. The official IBB explanation is that the agency needs to
transition to digital media, as if radio on the Internet was not already
digital. Voice of America is already digital, but its management proved
itself to be incapable of delivering news and multimedia content in an
attractive and most efficient way to people who most need it.

After spending millions of dollars on their "digital projects" and
destroying VOA's news reporting, IBB and VOA executives have delivered the
VOA English News Twitter account that has fewer followers (106K as of June
29, 2014) than the UN Peacekeeping Force Twitter (126K as of June 29,
2014). Even the State Department Twitter account has close to one million
followers (962K as of June 29, 2014); some members of Congress have more
than VOA English News; BBC, CNN, and NYT have several million each.
Russia's RT Twitter has 679K Twitter followers as of June 29, 2014.

The Voice of America's niche has always been providing news to the most
disadvantaged and most oppressed nations and communities around the world,
but IBB and VOA executives are trying to change this model and turn VOA
into a regular, commercial global news outlet like CNN. Their plan is not
working. The U.S. Congress wants to reform the entire agency, but
especially the International Broadcasting Bureau and the Voice of America.

In the meantime, audiences in Asia and the Middle East are about to lose
their VOA shortwave radio broadcasts without any prior announcement.
That's how much these IBB bureacrats think about radio listeners.
(BBG Watch June 29, via Mike Cooper, dxld July 2)

USA   RFA Radio Free Asia releases THIRD QSL Transmitter Series
IBB Iranawila Sri Lanka relay July 2014

Radio Free Asia (RFA) announces the release of the third QSL card in the
series highlighting the International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB)
transmitter sites used for RFA programming. RFA programs broadcast from
the following IBB sites: Biblis, Iranawila, Kuwait, Lampertheim, Saipan
and Tinian. IBB's Iranawila transmitter site in Sri Lanka is equipped with
four 500 kW and three 250 kW transmitters. All seven of these transmitters
broadcast at a power level of 250 kW in carrying out the station's
mission, which includes broadcasting RFA's Burmese programming on
shortwave. This is RFA's 54th QSL overall and will be used to confirm all
valid RFA reception reports from July 1 to August 31, 2014.

RFA is a private, nonprofit corporation that broadcastsnews and
information to listeners in Asian countries where full, accurate,
andtimely news reports are unavailable. Created by Congress in 1994 and
incorporated in 1996, RFA broadcasts in Burmese, Cantonese, Khmer, Korean
to North Korea, Lao, Mandarin (including the Wu dialect), Vietnamese,
Tibetan (Uke, Amdo, and Kham), and Uyghur. RFA strives for accuracy,
balance, and fairness in its editorial content. As a 'surrogate'
broadcaster, RFA provides news and commentary specific to each of its
target countries, acting as the free press these countries lack. RFA
broadcasts only in local languages and dialects, and most of its
broadcasts comprise news of specific local interest. More information
about Radio Free Asia, including our current broadcast frequency schedule,
is available at

RFA encourages listeners to submit reception reports. Reception reports
are valuable to RFA as they help us evaluate the signal strength and
quality of our transmissions. RFA confirms all accurate reception reports
by mailing a QSL card to the listener. RFA welcomes all reception report
submissions at (follow the QSL REPORTS link)
notonly from DX'ers, but also from its general listening audience. If you
have a smart phone, feel free to use the QR code below to access our main
website for the latest news and information from Radio Free Asia.

Reception reports are also accepted
by email at <qsl -at->  and by mail to:

Reception Reports
Radio Free Asia
2025 M Street NW, Suite 300
Washington DC, 20036
(via Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer)

USA   11635, July 9 at 0545 UT, WHRI still on here, VG with hymns.
Contrary to Ivo Ivanov's report that the frequency had not been heard at
all for two weeks as of July 8 (I think I also tuned across it July 8, but
not noteworthy to log). The other Bulgarian monitor, Rumen Pankov, says
it's at 0530-0600 UT only instead of 0430-0600 UT, every day except
unchecked on Friday.

0529 UT Thursday July 10 I'm standing by on 11635, and on it comes a few
seconds before *0530 UT, right into music with no ID or any announcement.
It's a bigsig here, hard to believe on the 47 degree azimuth registered in
HFCC, northeast- rather than northwest-ward.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 9)

USA   Updated schedule of WHRI Angel #2 on 11635 kHz.

0445-0500 11635 HRI 250 kW 047 deg to WeEUR English Sun Eternal Good News
0500-0600 11635 HRI 250 kW 047 deg to WeEUR English Sat/Sun
0500-0515 11635 HRI 250 kW 047 deg to WeEUR French  Fri
0515-0600 11635 HRI 250 kW 047 deg to WeEUR English Fri
0530-0600 11635 HRI 250 kW 047 deg to WeEUR English Mon-Thu, ex0500-0600
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 12)

VANUATU   7259.965  MOST PROBABLY open carrier visible and buzzy from Port
Vila at 1851 UT on July 4, S=8-9 -75dBm, probably crash start also of
China mainland stn here on even 7260.0 kHz, latter starts around 1857 UT
their scheduled early morning service.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 4)

YEMEN   Extended broadcasts of R. Sana'a in Arabic for Ramazan,
but not daily.

1500-1615  6135 ALH 050 kW non-dir to NE/ME
1525-1555  6135 ALH 050 kW non-dir to NE/ME
1523-1608  6135 ALH 050 kW non-dir to NE/ME
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews July 11)

YEMEN   6135, Rep. of Yemen R, Al Hiswah, San'a, at 1543-1552 UT on June
29, Quran recitation, Arabic music, ID at 1552 UT, S8 with low and bassy
(Zacharias Liangas-GRC, dswci DXW July 9)
Nothing heard here on July 10 and 11. (wb)


49mb logs of July 7.

5990.11 kHz at 2233 UTC Radio Nac. Brasilia Brazil. Nice IDs and music.

5952.46 kHz at 2240 UTC Emisora Pio XII, Siglo Veinte Bolivia.
Comments by male and female Emisora ID.

5939.81 kHz at 2244 UTC Radio Voz Missionaria, Camboriu Brazil.
Speech by male good audio.

6000 kHz at 2249 UTC Radio Guaiba, Porto Alegre Brazil (tentative).
Very weak PP talks by male.

6010.06 kHz at 2300 UTC La Voz de tu Conciencia, Puerto Lleras
Colombia. Many IDs by male.

6024.98 kHz at 2305 UTC Red Patria Nueva, La Paz Bolivia.
Under China N.R., most with talks and music, weak.

6080.04 kHz at 2310 UTC Radio Marumby, Curitiba Brazil.
Weak Port about Brazil.

6134.85 kHz at 2315 UTC Radio Santa Cruz Bolivia.
Nice Bolivian songs and Santa Cruz ID. good audio.

5980 kHz at 2320 UTC Radio Chaski Red Integridad, Urubamba Cusco Peru.
Spanish talks by male and Peru songs fair.

6135.57 kHz at 2330 UTC Radio Aparecida, Aparecida Brazil.
Info about Brazil, many Aparecida IDs, following with music.
(Maurits van Driessche-BEL, hcdx July 7)


OTHR   We had heard a lecture on HAM RADIO convention last weekend by IARU
/ DARC / SWiss Bandwatch, on various 13 - 14 OTHR's / CODAR / Ionogram /
SUPERDARN, SURA/[likeHAARP] Russia, worldwide in Cyprus, Turkey, 3 x ROTHR
USA, in VA, TX, and PR, Nostradamus aircraft detect finding France, OTHR
direction finding Israel, England, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Norway, Iran,
China, TIGER - and JORN - Jindalee Operational Radar Network Australia, MF
Ionospheric Radar Germany. Shore Base systems in France and Germany,
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 30)

Best regards,

Michael Bethge

Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg

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