New Log4om release supports automatic upload to the QRZ logbook

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Log4om announce a new release version 1.18 of their free logging software, which among other enhancements includes automatic QSO upload to the users QRZ
on-line logbook.

Download version 1.18 free of charge from:

The user guide is also available via the link above
New Features

• Added Google Earth display of locators, worked, QSL, LOTW, Eqsl and LOTW + QSL confirmed.

• Automatic upload to the QRZ on line logbook added

• HRDLog and Clublog upload of a single QSO in Recent QSO’s and QSO Archive manager added

• Also added HRDLog and Clublog upload single QSO from QSL Manager.

• Automatic Award Recognition by reading comments in cluster a spot adds the award reference (S) to the QSO “Award program” list when a spot is double clicked. E.g. WWFF, DCI, WAB, CASHOTA, Lighthouses etc

• Added a search for award description or code function to QSO award management in QSO entry screen.

• Added a PTT button on the toolbar

• When entering a SOTA contact the Locator for a QSO is now set by using the data from the SOTA reference, not from the normal lookup routine.

Log4om is our gift to the ham community!
Terry G4POP
Log4om Development Team

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