WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - BC-DX 1173 20 Aug 2014

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ARGENTINA/ARGENTINE ANTARCTICA    15344.452 kHz very odd frequency at
13-15 UT slot, RAE Buenos Aires in Spanish, Mon-Fri only.

Ja, ein String ist sichtbar bei Sven's remote unit in Norwegen !
15475.972  LRA36 Radio Nacional Arcangel um 1931 UT, aber keine Audio
hoerbar soweit. ... und 15344.429 kHz RAE in Italienisch auch noch.
Jetzt um 2200 UT ist RAE bei 15344.440 kHz gelandet.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 15)

15345 kHz  RAE Buenos Aires-ARG, Deutsch um 1720 UT / O =2++ !
Zum erstenmal in D um diese Uhrzeit empfangen !!
(Michael Grabovski-D, A-DX Aug 15)

ARMENIA   9590  Radio Sadaye Zindagi of IBRA Radio via Gavar Armenia site,
Babcock brokered outlet. 1500 Dari, 1530-1600 UT Pashto service. S=7
signal in Germany.

12055  TWR India via Gavar Armenia site scheduled 1245-1600 UT, Urdu
broadcast heard at 1530-1600 UT. Audio carried also some 50 Hertz buzz
sound. S=9 or -70dBm strength.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 18)

ASCENSION ISL   5975  BBCWS English news fair signal of S=7-8 or -80dBm at
0507 UT on Aug 11 news on Kurdistan clashes in Iraq. But // 6005 kHz is
much stronger in NJ and MA-US remotes this morning. But less strong on
// 7355 kHz, and tiny also on 11945 kHz.

Similar strength also VoA ASC 6035 kHz in Hausa at 0500-0530 UT,
and 9440 kHz at 0535 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 11)

AUSTRALIA   2368.474  Radio Symban / Radio La Manamea Samo. R Symban at
barely threshold lvl at 1127 UT tune on Aug 9 from Perseus site in
Edmonton AB. By 1145 UT segments of Greek music were identifiable to past
1200 UT but reception could only be described as S-1 with an occasional
foray to S-2 after 1145 UT. The gray line passed Edmonton between 1145 and
1200 UT so reception started getting noisier after 1200 UT. Cannot match
Ron's excellent recordings from either Edmonton or my home QTH - I need a
good beach site, Hi!
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Aug 13)

AUSTRALIA   The End of the RA English Service - A Personal Commentary.

I received this from a friend at Radio Australia this morning:

"Greetings again from down under...

By week's end the RA English Service, as we know it, will have ceased. All
original RA programming will have disappeared to be replaced by yet more
domestic programming from a range of ABC networks. This Monday and
Tuesday, the English language unit received their official marching orders
and will be all out the door by next Wednesday. The Asia Pacific News
Center will continue to produce news bulletins for part of the day but for
the rest it will be like listening to ABC domestic radio.

Most of them would not have chosen to leave. Fortunately, all receive
redundancy packages and for those who were with the organisation for some
time those packages will be quite large, in dollar terms. Some
compensation I suppose. If they had been working in commercial radio
they'd be lucky to get much more than a few weeks pay."

So, there you have it. Yes, I suppose the news could have been worse in
that shortwave or the service itself could have been shut down entirely.
It's true that the net result between this change and the last of the
string of previous changes that came before it can be viewed as being
merely incremental. However, it's also true that this last change has an
air of finality to it the proverbial "last nail in the coffin" is not an
inappropriate take.

For those of us with a longer memory, the wholesale merger of what we
appreciated as an independent international service known as "Radio
Australia" into some sort of amalgam that no longer recognizes a
difference in the needs, wants and characteristics of an international
audience vis-a-vis a domestic one is not an insignificant nor "happy"
occasion. Having it engineered, not as a well thought out coordinated plan
to improve services to such audiences, but as another thoroughly last-
minute emergency response to an ideological putsch from a government which
let's not put too find a point on it lied about its intentions in this
regard makes it that much harder to swallow.

The saddest part is that the powers-that-be no longer appear to view such
targeted, tailored, well-considered mass international outreach as
necessary to a culture's cross-border communication efforts. International
understanding is left to social media (shoot-from-the-hip "tweets"),
ubiquitous popular culture and commercial ventures whose principal aim is
to exploit an audience for pecuniary gain over objectively informing that
audience on matters that arguably transcend the mere commercial needs of
media sponsors.

To be sure, many if not most "international services" of government-
supported broadcasters often did a lousy job of this as well, attempting
to exploit such audiences all the same but for the political and
ideological benefit of the sponsoring country. However, this was not true
of ALL such broadcasters. And this was never true of Radio Australia.
Testament to this fact is the sense of loss being expressed by listeners
in the Pacific region, a largely geopolitically forgotten area that
received special consideration from Radio Australia in a way that no other
such broadcaster saw or sees fit (other than Radio New Zealand
International, now also apparently under some new duress) to provide.

So, make no mistake. While there still will be a 24/7 shortwave presence
from Australia, while that space will likely be filled by thoroughly fine
programming from the excellent Radio National, something significant even
vital has been lost. Probably forever. While some may disagree, I think
that's something to lament.
(John Figliozzi-NY-USA, <>  DXplorer Aug 13)

BELARUS   11730 nominal from 14-16 UT in Russian language, terrible signal
performance from Minsk-Kalodzicy in Belarussia noted with distorted audio
on two accompanied noise scratching signals, symmetrically on 11750-11761
and 11698-11712 kHz, around 1450 UT on Aug 15.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 15)

BOLIVIA/BRAZIL   6134.68  Radio Aparecida Brazil at 2332 UT. With many
IDs, good signal and clear audio.

6134.83  Radio Santa Cruz Bolivia at 2340 UT. Many IDs and music ,there
was also info about Tenerife and Cuba, best in usb see Aparecida.

6155.13  Radio Fides, La Paz Bolivia at 2350 UT. Very good carrier but
weak Spanish talks.
(Maurits van Driessche-BEL, hcdx Aug 9)


Changes in A-14 schedule of Voice of America in Kurdish
0500-0600 11995 SMG 250 kW 114 deg to WeAS till Aug.10
0500-0600 15560 IRA 250 kW 310 deg to WeAS till Aug.10
0500-0600 17870 BIB 100 kW 085 deg to WeAS till Aug.10

1400-1500 15470 BOT 100 kW 010 deg to WeAS, unchanged
1400-1500 17870 IRA 250 kW 299 deg to WeAS, unchanged
1700-1800  7365 BIB 100 kW 105 deg to WeAS, unchanged
1700-1800  9850 BIB 100 kW 105 deg to WeAS, unchanged
1700-1800 11995 IRA 250 kW 315 deg to WeAS, unchanged

1900-2000  6170 BIB 100 kW 105 deg to WeAS from Aug.11
1900-2000  7220 LAM 100 kW 108 deg to WeAS from Aug.11
1900-2000  9470 LAM 100 kW 105 deg to WeAS from Aug.11
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 9)

BRAZIL   5970.029  ZYE523 Radio Itatiaia measured exact at 0430-0440 UT on
August 11, in order to measure exact frequency in Brazil, aligned
correctly against signals of BS via RMI Okeechobee 5950, RHC 6000,
AWR French MOS 6155, Cypress Creek Vietnamese 6175 kHz, all even frequency
in 49mb nearby.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 11)

BRAZIL   5990  on Aug 15 at 0108 UT, RNA is still active on this frequency
weaker than // 6180, and, yes, 11780 kHz is still spurless.

9664.78 approx., on Aug 15 at 0119 UT, Voz Missionaria with Brazuguese
talk and hymn, poor signal but back on air tonight after missing last
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Aug 15)

At 0530 UT Aug 15 on
5990.058  RNA Brasilia at S=8-9 strength in FL-US remote SDR post.
// 6180.004  at S=9+15dB signal, and 11780.004 on threshold level
at 0612 UT.

5970.039 ZYE523 Radio Itatiaia, Belo Horizonte
6120     SRDA
9664.780 Voz Missionaria  at 0650 UT Aug 15, tiny signal, - others
9645.401 R Bandeirantes, and 11764.731 SDRA BRA.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 15)

BULGARIA   17870  Radio Xoriyo Ogaden via Kostinbroad Sofia Bulgaria relay
by Spaceline Ltd. brokered by Media Broadcast Cologne Germany. Schedule
1600-1630 Mon & Fri only, similar White Noise jamming at 9 kHz broadband
noted Aug 18.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 18)   see also Oromo VR item under France.

CANADA   6160-, Aug 15 at 0103 UT. CBC News via CKZN, fair signal and
quite readable, a tad on the lo side, in the clear since RHC is late
coming up on 6165 kHz; no echo either as it's too early for CKZU to
propagate. 0104:30 UT Newfoundland forecast from Environment Canada, for a
full minute (the best time of hour to get local info on CBC stations if
not straight IDs), 0105:30 UT promo for a Newfoundland show about classic
cars, then blasted away by 6165 kHz ACI from *0106 UT RHC, just as the
next CBC show is starting, Q? It's certainly not Ideas, which must have
been on an hour earlier.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Aug 15)

Two signal peaks on 6159.976 and 6159.962 kHz at 0546 UT on Aug 15.

Checked against remote post signals in NY and Alberta-CAN:
6159.976 CKZU Vancouver program,
6159.962 CKZN St. Johns program.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 15)

CHINA   CNR6 Taiwan sce (Voice of Shenzhou) on 909 kHz (also checked
against 6165 kHz) as heard / recorded in Sydney 7,376 kms distance.
Perseus + 10m vertical antenna.
(Nick VK2DX, dxld Aug 13)

CNR6 see MW 909 kHz entry in Alan's Asiawaves list:

Harris 600 kW unit
SARFT Transmitting Station #641
Fujian Province
24 53 39 N  118 48 33 E

CHN_Zhangban near Quanzhou MW 909 kHz, 4mast, of March 2014
and nearby also

CHN_Zhangban near Quanzhou MW 837 kHz site 4mast, of July 2008
24 53 13.88 N  118 48 25.59 E

CHN_Zhangban near Quanzhou SW site, 5 curtains, 6 masts
24 53 30.83 N  118 48 04.81 E
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 13)

CHINA   CHN jamming just observed at 1420-1430 UT on Aug 15th, noted two
CHN mainland originating white noise scratching jamming broadcasts.

On 15310 kHz ahead of BBC 15310 kHz, and as single outlet on 15490 kHz
too, both 8 kHz wide, i.e. like 15486 to 15494 kHz, S=8 signals here in
southern Germany.

Another CHN mainland originating white noise scratching jamming broadcasts
noted on 17690 kHz at 1445 UT, parked here against WHOM ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 15)

CHINA   6200  return of Xizang PBS (Tibetan & Chinese Services).
Xizang PBS (Tibetan Service) via Lhasa, at 1203 UT on August 17. Today
resumed broadcasting again, after their annual downtime for maintenance;
later QRM at 1240 UT with the twin sign ons of Voice of Jinling (China);
// 4920 kHz, which will cause QRM again for AIR Chennai.

Also Xizang PBS (Chinese Service) back again on 4820 kHz, which will cause
QRM for AIR Kolkata. Was nice to hear both AIR and VOJ in the clear for a
short while! Guess we will have to wait for this to happen again next
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Aug 17)

CUBA   La Habana in Spanish language at 1100-1125 UT Aug 9th.
Logged on SDR remote units in NY, MI - USA, and at Edmonton Alb-CAN.
{Last night German lady soccer team seen on German TV of live coverage at
Edmonton Alberta stadium vv P.R. China young lady team
of 17 years age limit ...}

 6000 My impression is like LOW MODULATION on S=9+20dB -56dBm signal in
      MI-US, QRM by RA Shepparton English live sports report on next door
      5995 kHz channel.

 9850 "Nove de Agosto 1973" report, and at 1117 UT Carnival project
      report en ciudad de Habana.

11760 S=9+5dB  or -72dBm fair signal.

11860 S-9+15dB or -65dBm fair signal.

12010 non-directional Carribean area antenna target,
      poor tiny signal northwards in CAN/USA, S=5 or -94dBm only.

15230 Rather sidelobe SoAM BRA/ARG azimuth unit, decreased lower
      northwards signal. S=8 or -84dBm at 1125 UT Aug 9th.

17580 Propper S=9+20dB -58dBm signal, noted in MI / IL-USA.

17730 at 1103 UT. RHC La Habana Spanish nx on Ebola virus matter,
      and occupied Palestine vv Israel "violaciones de los
      derechos humanos en la ciudad de Gaza ocupada".

and also CRI relay transmission center at TITAN Quivican, 250 kW unit on
 9570 started Cantonese sce at 1200-1257 UT,
      also English section scheduled 1300-1357 UT Aug 9th,
      S=9+20dB or -46dBm in NY / IL / MI USA.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 9)

CUBA   6165, on Aug 15 at 0103 UT, RHC English is AWOL until *0106 UT
which is handy for a bit of CKZN in the clear, on 6160. see Canada.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Aug 15)

5955  A spurious signal of RHC English service in // 6000 6060 6100 6165

5855 CUB spy woman in Spanish at 0545 UT, S=9+55dB tremendous signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 15)

FRANCE   17850  Oromo Voice Radio via Issoudun TDF France site, scheduled
Mon, Wed, and Sats at 1600-1630 UT. Noted at 1605 UT on Monday Aug 18. But
covered also by 20 kHz WIDE BAND 17840 to 17860 kHz White Noise jamming by
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 18)

GERMANY   15785drm   "bit eXpress" from Erlangen Germany in DRM mode
propagate strongly into Sven's SDR receiver unit in mid Norway. At 0600 UT
on Aug 9.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 9)

GERMANY   6150 AM Europe 24 tests.
I think they must have turned the power up, very good signal at 0635 UT on
6150 kHz, however just as I type this the signal has gone in mid song.
At 0754 UT S=7 signal Aug 17.
(Russ Cummings-UK, BrDXC-UK Aug 17)

re 6150 AM Europe 24 tests.

6149.996  Die Teststation Datteln ist wieder in der Luft, schwaecher als
das R700 Kall 6005 kHz Signal oder gar 6095 kHz Nauen Dutch Transport
Radio/Mighty KBC Radio, aber immerhin ein schoenes Signal in
Norddeutschland in der Luft.

Gemessen 4 Hertz weniger auf der lsb Seite.

Auch die neue A-14 sowie die pre-Konferenztabelle in B-14 Saison zeigt
noch tent. KLL-Kall Eintrag an, aber laut Christian Milling von R 700 aus
Euskirchen haben die rein gar nichts damit zu tun.

In B-14 wurde der 0200-2100 UT Zeitraum ab Ende Oktober 2014 fuer den
Winter eingetragen. Tests auf 6150 kHz laufen vorzugsweise als Feierabend
Schedule, also abends/nachts sowie Samstag/Sonntag.

ps. die Hobbyleute verbrennen ihr Spielgeld mit Herzblut in der Szene,
die BNA Bescheinigung/Pruefung kostet ja auch Geld,
neben der Hardware TX / Antennenausruestung.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 17)

GREECE   This afternoon Aug 9th, checked ERT-open Avlis program,
noted ON AIR ! in 1700-1800 UT slot on 9420, 9935, and 15650 kHz with
international pop mx song. Flute pause signal identification on 1801 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 9)

At 2000 UT onwards on UT Aug 12, ON AIR with mx program at 2035 UT,
on all three transmitters, on 9420, 9935, and 15650 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 12)

GUAM   15525.037  KSDA AWR Guam in Gujarati language, S=8-9, -79dBm in
southern Germany. Scheduled 1530-1600 UT, final IS trumpet fanfare at
1558 to 1559:45 TX off, ID by Mr. Reg Scott reader.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 18)

INDIA   Eve of Independence Day

4970, AIR Shillong, at 1329 UT on August 14. As usual on the eve of
India's Independence Day, the President of India addresses the nation;
local ID ("This is the North Eastern Service of All India Radio
broadcasting from Shillong on shortwave 60.36 meters, corresponding to
4,970 kHz."); "stand by now for Delhi," National Anthem; President's
address in English till National Anthem again at 1346 UT, followed by same
address given in Hindi.

Checking for // of President's address:

4660 Leh - not heard.
4760 Port Blair - weak.
4775 Imphal - off the air, as it has been for quite a while now.
4800 Hyderabad - too much QRM (CNR1) to hear.
4810 Bhopal - not heard.
4820 Kolkata - nice signal in the clear, as Tibet is currently
     off the air.
4830 Jammu - off the air for some time now.
4835 Gangtok - too much ABC QRM.
4840 Mumbai - weak.
4850 Kohima - disappointed, not broadcasting today.
4860 Shimla - covered by strong OTH radar.
4880 Lucknow - covered by strong OTH radar.
4895 Kurseong - covered by strong OTH radar.
4910 Jaipur - covered by strong OTH radar.
4920 Chennai - OTHR, but able to confirm //;
     also helped with Tibet off the air.
4940 Guwahati - off the air for a long time now.
4960 Ranchi - long off the air.
4970 Shillong - this was the best of all the AIR stations!
4990 Itanagar - heard.
5010 Thiruvananthapuram - heard.
5040 Jeypore - heard.
5050 Aizawl - heard; one of their better days;
     holding up against BBR (China).
9425 Delhi - heard poorly.
9380 Aligarh - not checked.
9870 Bangalore - heard.

4950 Srinagar - frustrating! Nothing heard at 1331 UT, but by 1336 UT had
decent signal with just open carrier; 1347 UT off the air for short time;
still just open carrier by 1357 UT; never with any audio. I often check
this frequency looking for them and never hear anything, so I strongly
suspect the carrier was AIR Srinagar. Too bad they were not able to put
out any audio!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXindia Aug 14)

Here my log on Tokyo and Sydney remote units post, Aug 15, 1130-1225 UT

4660     Leh - not heard.
4760.008 only weak string visible, no audio heard so far, Port Blair.
4800.0   AIR Hyderabad underneath - much stronger of CNR1 S=9+15dB
4809.997 Bhopal ? - just on thershold level.
4819.992 at 1209 UT probably AIR Kolkata.
4830.0   Mongolian R1 ?
4839.997 AIR Mumbai - tiny.
4879.994 Very weak signal, AIR Lucknow // 4970.015 program
4894.995 could not traced - Kurseong, but seemingly rather Mongolian R2.
4910.0   AIR Jaipur, seemingly covered by nearby RTTY 4911.0 kHz.
4920.0   Probably AIR Chennai, S=7
4940     AIR Guwahati - off the air, but
4939.968 very  o d d  frequency of VoStrait CHN S=9+15dB -62dBm strong.
4960     nothing on air (Ranchi not).
4970     Shillong - this was the best of all the AIR stations!
         yes, is the strongest AIR station on 60mb at this time slot.
4970.015 AIR Shillong, always used as Hindi sce rx reference signal.
4989.996 AIR Itanagar - heard. // 4970.015 progr.
5010.006 Probably AIR Thiruvananthapuram tiny signal heard.
5040.0   AIR Jeypore heard at 1123 UT.
5050.0   Beibu Radio in Vietnamese language instead, 1150 UT at S=7-8.
9379.970 yes AIR Aligarh, checked twice, but TX OFF as scheduled 1202 UT.
9425     Delhi - nothing heard at this hour.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 15)

INDONESIA   7289.95  RRI Nabire extended broadcast.

RRI Nabire, at 1132-1218 UT on Aug 8. This exciting reception would never
have happened except for the timely tip from Dave Valko! Running well past
their normal sign off time; mostly talking; 1145 UT played patriotic song
"Bagimu Negeri" (For You Our Country); 1153 UT anthem(?) type of music;
1159 UT music leading into the Jakarta news; time pips.

Blocked at 1201 UT by sign on of strong CNR1; was able to hear RRI
underneath till completely lost after 1218 UT. News // 4869.90 kHz (RRI
Wamena), but 3325 kHz (RRI Palangkaraya) was off the air and did not start
broadcasting till later. Not sure what prompted this anomaly, but their
Independence Day is coming up later this month. Also of note is an
important ASEAN meeting being held this weekend in Myanmar. Worth checking
again to see if they run late.

<>   contains audio.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 6)

7289.99  RRI Nabire - Following up on Ron's Aug 8 late bcst for RRI
Nabire, checked on Aug 11 only to find them signing off at 0830 UT.
However tonight (Aug 12) I tuned at 0830 UT and they were still going past
0915 UT with man and woman ancrs and musical selections. Woman ancr(s)
from 0915 to tune out at 0920 UT. Hard to ID the music (even the type of
music) as the gray line did not hit Nabire until approx. 0850 UT when the
signal strength started slowly improving. S5-S6 on the Perseus S-meter
with moderate static and heavy fading. No QRM.
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Aug 13)

9525.891  Voice of Indonesia at Cimanggis, Chinese scheduled 15-16 UT,
logged at 1508 UT on Aug 18, S=9+20dB or -52dBm noted in southern Germany,
female announcer.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 18)

IRAN   13650  IRIB Italian sce from Kamalabad has a similar bad SCRATCHY
broadband spurious signal like Spanish 15430 kHz.

Italian sce spurs on wideband 13574.7 to 13587.4 kHz and also on upper
side on 13712.8 to 13722.8 kHz. Also BBCWS En from Madagascar 13580 kHz
suffers heavily at 0640 UT, latter MDG signal rather strong here in
Germany at S=9+15dB level in mid-winter downunder.

IRIB Spanish 15430.012 kHz, ... broadband signal of IRIB on wide range
15403.8 to 15455.4 kHz range this morning.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 9)

ITALY   1386  UNID AM-1 ... ich bin gerade aus Braunschweig gekommen und
habe waehrend der Fahrt auf dem Autoradio mal die MW durchgekurbelt. Auf
1386 kHz haengengeblieben, dort dudelte ein Sender non-stop Disco-Pop, das
war mit Sicherheit keine RSL. Ich tippe auf einen Italiener. Solides O=4
ausserhalb von Ortschaften, 0005 bis etwa 0030 MESZ. Wer ist denn da
(Martin Elbe-D  DD9MW, A-DX Aug 9/10)

Ich habe, radiotechnisch aus Laos kommend, gerade auch mal reingehoert.
Das klingt doch ganz nach diesem ominoesen AM-1, ueber das schon im
vergangenen Jahr hier berichtet wurde:


Eine ID hat man sich gespart, aber die Musik stimmt im Groben doch mit dem
ueberein, was man auch in verschiedenen Youtube-Mitschnitten zu hoeren
(Daniel Kaehler-D, A-DX Aug 10)

Sowohl in den Remotegeraeten in Rimini Forli und Brescia Italien ist ein
S=9+10 -64dBm Signal zu erkennen. Saubere Modulation auf genau 1386 kHz.
Bandbreite ist 1381.2 bis 1390.8 kHz.

Da kann man sich von den taetowierten Gitarristen von Heavy Metal heute
Abend in ARTE erholen. Mir gefaellt's Programm um 0010 UT Aug 10 ... und
meine DPA Heimatzeitung Kopie Stgt.Z. daneben lesen.

1386 -  da wird sich aber Radio Moskau in Bolshakovo gar nicht freuen ;-)

Auch die EMWG <> list aus Belgien zeigt den Kenner
AM-1 an.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 10)

JAPAN   Tokyo HAM Radio Fair 2014.

This annual event is to be held on Aug 23 and 24 at Tokyo Big Site.
Japan Shortwave Club (JSWC) will open our own booth to promote short wave
radio listening. Our booth number is J-28. We will have a bi-annual
general meeting to approve the club's directors and budgets for the next

Special lecture will be given by Mr. Takahito AKABAYASHI on Tendency of
Short Wave Radio world, and Toshi Ohtake will talk about his participation
in radio meetings in foreign countries.
(Toshi Ohtake-JPN, via dswci DXW Aug 6)

KOREA D.P.R.   Kujang transmissions suffer some main power cut today ?

Many breaks occured in 08-09 UT slot on Aug 11, OFF air on these scheduled
usual Russian sce 9875 11735 13760, and 15245 kHz.
Japanese sce on 9650 and 11865 kHz,
Chinese  sce on 7220 and  9445 kHz.

But ONLY 7220.000 kHz heard with symphonic mx AT THIS HOUR, all traced on
Nagoya JPN remote unit. So, my strong guess is, that 7220 kHz originate
from Kanggye KRE transmitting center INSTEAD.

All others off air units from international service center at Kujang.

11994.978  spurious signal at 0800 UT, VoKOR Japanese from fundamental
11865 kHz Kujang site. Probably 129.978 kHz spurious too ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 11)

11995 kHz must be a mixture of 11865 and 11735 kHz, 130 kHz on the other
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld July 11)

re 11995 must be a mixture ...
yes, sure Glenn, an intermodulation product of 130 kHz at Kujang site.

I couldn't check the lower side - symmetrical - 11605 kHz channel today,
because all KUJANG outlets were OFF AIR later around at 0820 UT Aug 11,
only single 7220 kHz Chinese service on air, probably via Kanggye KRE site
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 11)

KUWAIT   5960  Seldom heard daily program start of Radio Kuwait in Arabic,
noted Kuwait's National Anthem played/sung at 0327 to 03.30:54 UT exact
Aug 17, S=9+25dB or -50dBm here in southern Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 17)

11630  HQ prayer in Arabic of Radio Kuwait from Sulaibiyah, at 1536 UT on
Aug 18, S=7 of -85dBm signal, sidelobe signal into Germany, but mainlobe
meant towards West Africa / Sahel / NoEaAF and NE.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 18)

LAOS   6129.95  Lao National Radio ?
6130  Lao National Radio, at 1359 UT on Aug 5. Usual theme music before
segment in English; heard bits & pieces of their normal ID; "This is the
Lao National Radio, broadcasting from Vientiane capital, the Lao People's
Democratic Republic. Our news in English program broadcasts at 2100 to
2130 LT hours local time daily, which is transmitted on AM 567 kHz, on
medium wave and on AM 6130 kHz, on shortwave"; poor, but pleased to find
they still have English at 1400 UT.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer Aug 6)

6130v  Lao National Radio, Vientiane, 08 Aug at 2207 UT, suspected the one
in the clear here with carrier and hints of talk. Co-channel Xizang PBS
was off, as were 6025, 6050, 6110 kHz. Remember at least some of these
were out of service too in 2nd half of August last year. Worth monitoring
in the next few days.
(Martien Groot-HOL, dxld Aug 9)

6129.978  As often noted in past months, one of two transmitters available
at Vientiane tx site is always some 22 Hertz down lower side, the other
unit is rather on even frequency, scheduled 0855-1600 UT acc Aoki Nagoya

Noted tiny signal this European afternoon around 1520 UT on Aug 8. S=7
or -82dBm, poor modulation, but could easily identify Vietnamese sce and
typical SoEaAsian Buddhist chimes music.

6129.978  Same channel of Laotian National Radio Vientiane noted Aug 8th,
English sce end at 1429 UT, followed by news in French start at 1430 UT.
S=9+5dB or -70dBm strength downunder in Queensland and Sydney AUS.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 7/8)

6129.978  Fair audio signal on Aug 12 from Perseus site in CeGermany
(seems to be best among Euro sites) from 2330 UT tune (better looking
carrier) - somewhat less QRM than what we hear in CA in the 1300-1500 UT
period, although after 2345 UT this made reception almost unusable. Some
music hrd at 2330 UT then a woman ann w/ likely news - a man ann at 2337
(perhaps a remote reporter) to 2338 UT and again at 2340 UT. Into local
music with flute, etc. at 2341 UT. Signal fading as the gray line moves
westward and co-ch QRM increases...
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer Aug 13)

I also heard National Radio Laos on 6129.99 kHz at the same time as Bruce
here Denmark near Copenhagen with 25232. No doubt it is available, because
Xizang PBS is off for maintenance on 4905, 4920, 6110, 6130, and 7385 kHz.
(Anker Petersen-DEN, DXplorer Aug 13)

LITHUANIA   Sitkunai tx center: new MW sked.

New schedule of MW transmissions from Sitkunai, Lithuania, received
directly from Rimantas Pleikys, Radio Baltic Waves International project

Kaunas / Sitkunai, 1386 kHz, 75 kW

0200-0330 Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Russian
0330-0400 NHK World, Russian
0400-0500 Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Belarusian
1730-1800 NHK World, Russian
1800-1900 Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Russian
1900-2000 Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Belarusian
2000-2100 Polish Radio, Belarusian
2100-2200 Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Russian

612 kHz isn't used any longer; this transmitter has been switched off on
17 Aug at 2100 UT. Note the shortened relay of RL Belarussian (now only
2 hours per day) and the new relay of RL Russian (3.5 hours per day).
Reception reports are welcome and will be confirmed.

E-mail: <riplei [at]>
Postal address: Rimantas Pleikys, Radio Baltic Waves International
Algirdo Str. 13-9, Vilnius, LT-03219 Lithuania.
(Dmitry Mezin-RUS, hcdx Aug 19)

MOLDOVA   11510  nothing heard of Radyoya Denge Kurdistane via Grigoriopol
at 0520 UT, but program came back on air at 0523 UT.

UNMISS R.MIRAYA FM program to Africa also from Grigoriopol site was on air
on 11560 kHz at same time.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 11)

MYANMAR   re 7200.1065 kHz, failed in past days Aug 5 to 7 - negative
couldn't trace that tip of Ron Howard.

But today Aug 8th at 1402 UT logged Myanmar R - from older Rangoon site
probably -. 7200.1065 at S=8-9 or -73dBm signal strength on empty channel,
accompanied by two spurious signals 14.8525 kHz apart, away on both sides
like centered on 7185.254 and 7214.929 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 8)

7200.09  Myanmar Radio, August 6, believe I just missed their sign on at
1340 UT; fair. August 5 from 1405-1530* UT; music show till 1430 UT; theme
music for Distance Learning Service with long lecture in vernacular;
unable to determine what the subject was, but in the past have heard
English and math lessons; lecture was // 5915 kHz; almost fair; frequency
seemed higher than first day I heard them.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, direct and dxld Aug 7)

MYANMAR   5985.00  Myanmar Radio noted Aug 15 with transmitter problems.
Tuned in at 1204 UT to find them not using the usual 5985.23 kHz
transmitter, but instead the exact frequency one that produces much better
reception for me; started with good audio; later check found only open
carrier; by 1242 UT completely off the air and by 1254 UT back again, only
to go off the air again at 1256 UT. Very erratic operation today!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 19)

5985.220 Myanmar R Rangoon old empire station, at 1240 UT on Aug 19,
         S=6-7, SoEAsian mx, Burmese female announcer, but unstable signal
         wandered up to
5985.228 at 1355 UT further check.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 19)

NIGERIA   15120  Morning programming on Voice of Nigeria (0500-1000 UT on
15120 kHz) continues to be a lottery. Will they be on-air? If they are,
will the signal be sufficient to be able to listen? If it is, will the
programmes be as scheduled, or will they be back-to-back repeats of
Nigerian Popular Music and Time for Hilife. Actually, I quite enjoy
hearing these fill-in programmes, so I'm not complaining; however you have
wonder what the problem is that's recently caused this to happen more
(Listening Post with Alan Roe-UK, Aug BrDXC-UK Communication magazine
direct and via dxld)

15120 English news at 06 UT Aug 9, read news somewhat UNDER-MODULATED but
one of the cleaner audio transmission on past days to compare.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 8)

15120  English news at 1545 UT Aug 18, Western Africa accent news reader.
S=9+10dB or -66dBm signal strength at southern Germany. But audio
accompanied by some whine pipe annoying signal. Scheduled 15-16 UT daily.
Some + 50 / 100 Hertz audio peaks visible, and also + 6 x 400 Hertz apart
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 18)

PAKISTAN   711  Radio Pakistan installs new transmitter at DI Khan.

Director General Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation Samina Parvez will
inaugurate the transmitter on Thursday, Aug 7th.

Radio Pakistan has installed a new high-power transmitter at Dera Ismail
Khan to boost reach and quality of its broadcasts.

The transmitter will be inaugurated at a ceremony at DI Khan on August
7, 2014, where Director General Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation
Samina Parvez will be the chief guest.

The new 100 kW transmitter, installed with the assistance of USAID,
replaces 10 kW low power transmitter.

The new digital transmitter is strong enough to carry broadcasts of DI
Khan Radio to a radius of 160 kilometer during day time and over
400 kilometer during night, making broadcasts audible in entire KPK,
FATA, many areas of Balochistan, Punjab, Gilgit-Baltistan and some
areas of Afghanistan.

The project is part of the plan being implemented by Radio Pakistan to
replace old transmitters with modern digital transmitters.


Dera Ismail Khan, North West Frontier Province,
newly built in 2013:
711 kHz 100 kW; former 1404 kHz 10 kW. (wb.)
31 49 38.04 N  70 50 55.80 E
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, dxsasia Aug 7)

A transmitter is shown in the original article, possibly this one does
anyone recognize the make and/or model? See also an earlier dx_sasia post
from June 29 about this.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Aug 8)

Radio Pakistan installs new transmitter at DI Khan

GatesAir Flexivia 3DX 100 kW type.


Per product details at Gates Air website...

Complete IP-based control and monitoring of Flexiva 3DX transmitters in
any location is possible by using the WEB Remote system tied to the
station's LAN or directly to the Internet. And because all Flexiva 3DX
transmitters are digitally modulated, transitioning to DRM or HD Radio is
effortless. Simply add the appropriate exciter, and Flexiva 3DX is on the
air in digital broadcast mode.

GatesAir Press Release

DI Khan Radio has new 100-kW transmitter.
The new digital transmitter will expand the network of state broadcaster
and boost reach and quality of its transmissions.


DG Radio Pakistan inaugurates new transmitter in DI Khan. Samina Parvez
says special focus is being laid on improving the network of Radio
Pakistan throughout the country.


Photo's of inauguration available at PBC DG Samina Parvez Khalid's
F_B page
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, dxsasia Aug 9)

PHILIPPINES   15110  Vatican Radio via IBB Tinang PHL relay site, nx in
English by Indian accent news reader. Only S=8 or -83dBm signal into
Germany southern Europe. Rather service meant for NE, ME and CeAsia
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 18)

SAUDI ARABIA   17739.957 / 17730.035  Wide phone interview in Arabic on
Iraqi_Syrian_Kurdistan moslem world war clashes in Mossul-Erbil Kurdistan
heard on BSKSA Riyadh's 1st Arabic program on both 17739.957 kHz S=9+20dB
into Germany, and // 17730.035 kHz in 6-7 UT slot.

Latter suffered also by a BUZZY 50 Hertz like garden fence signal, seen in
+750 Hertz wide range both sides.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 9)

9714.925  ARS BSKSA Riyadh HQ service. HQ 2/0.3 antenna used for non-
directional sce to ME/NE, scheduled 0300-0957 UT mornings, noted on low
modulation HQ prayer sce at 0540 UT on Aug 11. HFCC list and entry shows
9675 kHz still instead.

ITU #930 antenna type explained as:

4-leg quadrant antenna. The simplest form of quadrant antenna is
represented by an arrangement of two horizontal end-fed half-wave dipoles
placed at right angles.  Another form of quadrant antenna consists of four
dipole elements in the form of a square and fed at opposite corners.
Quadrant antennas may also be stacked to achieve more directive vertical
radiation pattern and consequently higher directivity gain.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 11)

7239.981  BSKSA Riyadh's Persian language service heard with HQ prayer
around 1520 UT on Aug 18, S=7-8 on sidelobe in southern Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 18)

SWAZILAND   6129.862  TWR Manzini interval signal logged at 1905 UT Aug 9,
scheduled at 1750-2005 UT, Port., now at 1905 UT in Lunyaneka Sprache, S=6
tiny signal from 'winter' season downunder, -90dBm strength only into

But at same time also heard 4949.745 kHz Angola, 4975.964 Kampala Uganda,
and CongoCOD playing very nice poppy westafrican music on 5066.373 kHz
between 1900 and 1910 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 9)

TAIWAN   11605.100  Hakka service of R Taiwan International via Pao Chung
relay site, S=6 weak signal here in southern Germany, at 1530 UT
on Aug 18.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 18)

TAIWAN/CHINA   CNR1 jammers morning of August 6

13530, August 6 at 1253 UT, CNR1 jammer, fair-good with flutter; MUF about
14 MHz, nothing audible higher at this hour. It turns out this one is
running a few seconds behind all the others then heard. 13530 kHz also at
1337 UT, good with flutter.

12560  August 6 at 1255 UT, CNR1 jammer, poor, ahead of 13530 kHz; 12560
kHz is almost synch with 11785 kHz, echo apart, and off at 1300* UT after

12980  August 6 at 1255 UT, CNR1 jammer, very poor, // 12560 12980 kHz
also at 1335 UT August 6, now good level.

13970  August 6 at 1338, CNR1 jammer, poor with het.

14870  August 6 at 1338, CNR1 jammer, good with flutter.

15115, 15195, 15265, Aug 6 at 1339 UT, CNR1 jammers, fair, but MUF is
about 16 MHz, nothing at all on 17 MHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Aug 6)

CHN jamming, TWN SOH and others, Aug 8.

Monitoring log of some SOH and others Taiwan broadcasts, and accompanied
CHN mainland jamming of CNR and Firedrake mx. Slot 0900 to 1115 UT Aug 8,
heard mainly in Australia and Japan remote SDR receiver unit posts.

0900-1115 UT Aug 8

 6869.989 SOH
 6970.048 SOH
 7280.000 unid Chinese entertainment program ...
 7310.070 SOH
 9155.000 CNR jamming S=9+10dB -68dBm strength in AUS
 9199.983 SOH
 9230.140 SOH
 9280.104 SOH
 9320.136 SOH
 9540.000 CNR jamming S=9+20dB -50dBm strength in AUS
 9634.955 SOH, but VoVietnam nat sce 9635.0 even.
 9730.057 SOH/RFA, next Myanmar 9730.0 kHz.
 9850.000 CNR jamming S=9+15dB -59dBm strength in AUS
10960.000 CNR jamming jamming S=9+5dB -74dBm strength in AUS
11100.113 SOH
11300.150 SOH
11430.019 SOH
11469.954 SOH
11580.000 CNR jamming S=9+5dB -73dBm strength in AUS, -10*UT
11580.169 SOH
11600.043 SOH
11750.076 SOH
11775.110 SOH, next to AiA Anguilla even 11775.
12190.000 CNR jamming S=9+20dB -56dBm strength in AUS
12190.238 SOH
12370.055 SOH
12499.985 SOH
12500.000 CNR jamming S=9+20dB -58dBm strength in AUS, -10*UT
          from 10 UT only tiny WHITE NOISE SCRATCHY jamming.
12560.124 SOH
12799.953 SOH
12870.048 SOH
12910.000 CNR jamming S=9+25dB -52dBm strength in AUS, -10*UT
12910.046 SOH
12980.123 SOH
13129.908 SOH
13200.132 SOH
13350.129 SOH
13530.064 SOH
13679.832 SOH
13680.000 CNR jamming S=9+10dB -64dBm strength in AUS, -10*UT
13774.970 SOH
13920.167 SOH scratching terrible distorted audio, nearby CODAR
13970.054 SOH
14369.976 SOH
14700.248 SOH
14870.035 SOH
14920.208 SOH
14980.054 SOH
15269.986 SOH
15340.168 SOH
15775.191 SOH
15800.126 SOH
15939.991 SOH
15969.885 SOH
16099.995 not SOH; rather weak CNR jamming S=6 -86dBm strength in AUS
          jammer - not even frequency !
16250.035 SOH
16360.000 CNR jamming 10-11 UT, tiny CNR jamming
16360.146 SOH
16450.029 SOH
16599.943 SOH
16750.249 SOH
16769.848 SOH
16920.164 SOH
16979.949 SOH
17169.917 SOH
18870.117 SOH
18970.021 SOH
19969.873 SOH male
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 8)

UGANDA   4750, 1848 UT, Dunamis Shortwave, Uganda (tentative) - tribal-
style songs, Closedown without announcements at 1859 UT. 242, July 8 AM

4750, 1853 UT, Dunamis Shortwave, Uganda (tentative) - lively Afro-style
songs, no announcements. Closedown at 1928 UT. 242, July 17 AM

Arthur Miller has also logged Dunamis Shortwave (tentatively) on 4750 kHz
- tentative because he heard no announcements, though the African songs
and closedown times make it the likely candidate on that frequency: "I
last heard the station a couple of years ago, when their policy seemed to
be to play soft Afro-style songs with few or no announcements. I've not
seen any recent reports. I did check on other days but heard no trace of a
(Arthur Miller-UK, Aug BrDXC-UK Communication magazine direct/dxld Aug 6)

UAE/IRAN   15420.125  BBCWS in English via Al Dhabbaya-UAE / and IRIB
Spanish 15430.012 kHz at 0610 UT Aug 9. But BBCWS UAE signal was hit
heavily by broadband signal of IRIB on wide range 15403.8 to 15455.4 kHz
range this morning.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 9)

15710.126  Odd frequency outlet from Al Dhabbaya relay site, noted BBC
Hindi sce at 1602 UT Aug 18. S=9 or -81dBm into southern Germany.
Scheduled 1600-1630 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 18)

USA  [tentativelly]  5109.750  UNID strong carrier only 'seen' in
0459-0501 UT Aug 11 slot. Could that be WBCQ The Planet tx center ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 11)

21600  English sermon of WHRI Cypress Creek, 9.4 kHz wide powerful signal
across the Atlantic into southern Germany at 1613 UT on Aug 18.
Program on "... devil, human race on universe ..."
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 18)

USA/GUAM/INDIA   Frequency change of WRMI Okeechobee from 0000 UT Aug 16

0000-2300 NF11580 YFR 100 kW 44 deg to WeEUR English BS,ex11730
2300-2400 NF11580 YFR 100 kW 44 deg to WeEUR Spanish Family Radio,ex11730

Collisions and co-channels from other really active stations:
1200-1215 11580 TWR 100 kW 285 deg to EaAS   Chinese KTWR Agana
1245-1330 11580 TWR 100 kW 278 deg to SoEaAS Vietnamese KTWR Agana
1330-1345 11580 TWR 100 kW 278 deg to SoEaAS Vietnamese Sat KTWR Agana
1345-1445 11580 TWR 100 kW 335 deg to EaAS   Korean KTWR Agana
1445-1500 11580 TWR 100 kW 335 deg to EaAS   Korean Mon-Fri KTWR Agana
1500-1600 11580 UNIDentified tx site to EaAS CNR 1 jamming

1745-1945 11580 DEL 250 kW 282 deg to NoAF   English All India Radio
1945-2030 11580 DEL 250 kW 282 deg to NoAF   French All India Radio
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 17)

USA   [and non]  North American Log between 0530 and 0630 UT Aug 15:

5829.983 WTWW, bible reading old testament scripture, 0536 UT.
5850     WRMI True News reading
5875     BBCWS ASC tiny S=7 signal
5889.995 WWCR BS Overcomer program
5910.049 CLM Alcaravan Radio nice Latin AM music, and co-channel
         hit 5910.0 by ORS/TWR Polish sce via Moosbrunn relay,
         TWR IS at 0542 UT, scheduled Mo-Fr 0544-0559 UT.
5935     WWCR2 Nashville, University? program
5980     Vatican Radio, morning prayer program 0545 UT
5995     MLI RTVM Bamako HQ prayer heard at 0630 UT, low modulation,
         S=8-9 and -71dBm signal strength.
6005     BBCWS ASC En, tiny signal.
6010.061 CLM La Voz de tu Conciencia, Spanish
6030     R Marti, and accompanied Cuban scratchy noise jamming
6080     ? probably VoA STP, poor weak signal.
6090     Caribean Beacon AIA, female prayer.
6120     nearly even SRDA BRA,
         but co-channel TWR Manzini SWZ south African morning sce on
6119.870 very odd frequency as usual.
6135     BBC ASC Hausa sce
6155     ORS/ORF Moosbrunn, morning piano concert.
6184.980 XEPPM R Educacion MEX, late on air this morning,
         cut off tx at 0537 UT, S=9+20dB signal in Florida post.

Report originate of remote SDR unit logging in NY, FL, and Alberta-CAN.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 15)

UZBEKISTAN   9390  IBRA Radio in Bengali at 1506 UT on Aug 18. Male
prayer. S=9+15dB at -55dBm strength in southern Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 18)

VATICAN STATE   11995  HFCC list of Aug 3rd shows IBB Kurdish language
entry here, via Santa Maria di Galeria. But on Aug 11 heard VoA in slow
English instead at 0530 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 11)


LW and MW log in Germany and Italy, on our morning:

GERMANY   Hier in Messstetten auf der Schwaebischen Alb sind vormittags
zwischen 9.30 und 10 Uhr MESZ folgende Sender zu hoeren (empfangen mit
einer ALA 1530 am Elad FDM-S2):

 153 DLF (Donebach)
 162 France Inter (Allouis)
 177 DKultur (Zehlendorf)
 183 Europe 1 (Saarlouis)
 198 BBC Radio 4
 207 DLF (Aholming)
 216 Radio Monte Carlo (Roumoules)
 225 Polskie Radio 1 (Solec Kujawski)
 234 RTL (Junglinster)
 270 Cesky Rozhlas 1 (Topolna)
 549 DLF (Bayreuth-Thurnau)
 603 France Info (Lyon)
 621 RTBF International (Wavre)
 639 Cesky Rozhlas 2/6 (Prag)
 756 DLF (Ravensburg)
 801 Bayern plus (Ismaning)
 900 RAI Radiouno (Mailand)
 954 Cesky Rozhlas 2/6
 999 RAI Radiouno (Volpiano)
1107 AFN (Kaiserslautern)
1179 Antenne Saar (Heusweiler)
1242 France Info (Marseille)
1278 France Bleu Radio Alsace (Strasbourg)
1422 DLF (Heusweiler)
1440 CRI (Marnach)
1467 Radio Maria France (Roumoules)
1557 France Info (Col de la Madonne)
(Reinhold Schuttkowski-D, A-DX Aug 19)

and additional on central Bavaria (Oberfranken) area too

 243 DEN Danmarks Radio interval signal at 0959 UT
 252 IRL

 540 HNG Solt
 729 D   Bayerischer Rundfunk - ? Hof / Wuerzburg low power stns.
 864 F   Paris Villebon-sur-Yvette
 972 D   NDR Hamburg Moorfleet
1062 CZE Country Music, Prague.
1107 AFN Grafenwoehr
1143 AFN where from ? - Wuerzburg ?
1233 CZE "via Condios..." Líbeznice 10, Ceske Budejovice 2,
     Ostrava 2 and Brno 0.5 kW.
     suesse Schnulze der 50ziger Jahre auf Tschechisch.
1332 CZE CR Domamil, <>
1485 AFN Hohenfels.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 19)

Heard and checked in
Southern ITALY between Napoli and Sicily at 0940 UT.

 153 ROU Brasov
 162 F   Inter Allouis
 171 MRC Nador
 183 D   Europe-1 Saarlouis !!! but no RTL LUX 234 kHz signal downunder.
 198 ALG Sahara site, very tiny.
 216 RMC Roumoules
 261 BUL Sofia

 594.0 MRC Oujda acc <> list, 1kHz offset.
 675 LBY Benghazi
 729 GRC Athens, new ERA-net program, no rebells radio.
 783 SYR Arabic ?
 810 MKD Skopje, the European Union Brussels Thomcast present ...
 864 EGY probably
 999 Malta
1062 RaI Catania site?
1584 GRC  RS Amalias from the Greek soil.

and checked also on remote net unit at Fabrizio IK4MTG in Forli,
northern Adria area in Italy.

 153 DLF Donebach ahead of Brasov-ROU !
 171 MRC
 177 DLRK Deutschland Radio Culture Oranienburg !
 198 BBC
 207 Aholming, like a local radio station.
 216 RMC
 234 LUX
 270 CZE !

 531 ALG
 540 HNG
 549 SVN
 558 ROU
 576 Vidin BUL
 585 Vatican Radio ?, tiny weak signal.
 630 TUN
 639 CZE
 648 SVN
 657 RaI
 702 RMC MCO
 783 Spanish ! - COPE Barcelona, Spain daytime signal.
 801 BR Munich Ismaning, Germany
 918 SVN
 936 RaI, but final tube had a failure, distorted audio.
 981 RaI Trieste
1017 Veneta Radio, Padua Italy.
1062 RaI Ancona ?
1170 SVN in Italien language.

1188 HNG at 1100 UT Aug 19 real POLISH language program, read on
<> list:

HNG - MR4, various (100-300kW) - 0700-1900 ethnic programs:
0700-0900 Croatian, 0900-1100 German, 1100-1200 Music, 1200-1230 Mon
Slovene, Tue Ruthenian, Wed Bulgarian, Thu Greek, Fri Ukrainian,
Sat Armenian, 1230-1300 (Mon-Fri) Gypsy/Roma, 1230-1300 (Sun)
Polish, 1300-1500 Serbian, 1500-1700 Romanian, 1700-1900 Slovak;
txs in Szolnok (non-dir 119 mtr mast - 100 kW) and Marcali
(non-dir 126 mtr mast - 300 kW).

1368 Challenger Radio, Padua Italy.
1404 Radio 106, Italy
1449 RaI
1467 MCO  Radio Maria
1494 F    Radio Corsa, Bastia.
1548 Onda Media, Bologna Italy
1575 RaI Genua ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 19)


Hi Ron, checked the WINTER time downunder Sydney remote Perseus SDR unit
at 1230-1350 UT slot today August 19.

6049.988 MLA RTM Asyik FM, Kajang site, S=6 -85dBm, at 1230 UT Aug 19.
5969.985 UNID ? Probably seemingly PBS Gannan China, S=6-7 signal at
         1245 UT but next door stronger signal
5964.704 undoubtedly Malaysian lang RTM Klasik Nasional FM program.
7284.973 Voice of Vietnam, real Cambodian lang service at 1250 UT,
         via old Hanoi downtown 'Me Tri' TX site.
9839.848 Voice of Vietnam (USSR made) Son Tay site outlet in English
         scheduled at 1230 UT til heard at transmission end annmt
         1257 UT. S=8-9 or -75dBm strength in downunder.
9734.941 R Taiwan International in Japanese lang at 1301 UT,
         S=9+5dB in remote downunder at Sydney.
9635.773 Vo Vietnam Vietnamese sce very odd frequency at 1306 UT
         S=9 -75dBm signal strength.
9525.891 Vo Indonesia's En sce via Cimanggis at 1310 UT S=7 only in AUS.
9410     Two totally different CHN services heard here around 13 UT.
         Seemingly jamming purpose of CNR5 program against Taiwanese
         "Fu Hsing BS" Kuanyin, scheduled 11-13 UT. As jamming much
         distorted audio at 11 til 13.11 UT covered 30 kHz wideband on
         9394.8 to 9426.7 kHz range.
         TX off some 60 seconds, than started again at 13.12 UT with a
         Chinese CLEAN AUDIO transmission,
         and bandwidth of approx. narrower 9.4 kHz.
9389.978 one of the Udorn Thani odd frequency transmitters, Japanese
         annouced local time 2000-2015 LT. Japanese sce of Radio Thailand
         finnished at 13.14:30 UT on 30degrees antenna, TX off some 10sec
         Opened again on slewed +24deg 54 degrees sce antenna pattern,
         in Chinese sce at 13.14:45 UT, program started at 1315 UT.
12140.037 RFA Cambodian service transmitted via Agignan Point site at
          Saipan-MRA island, scheduled 1230-1330 UT, noted S=8 backlobe
          signal in Sydney downunder. Female announcer spoke throughout.
12019.100 VoVietnam from Son Tay site noted in Indonesian service, S=7-8,
          at 1322 UT Aug 19. QRM of UTE RTTY stn on 12015.0 kHz.
          And next door properly RHC 12010 kHz in Spanish, S=8 in AUS.
12000.0   Voice of Vietnam's Chinese sce at 1327 UT like rather backlobe
          signal, poor S=6-7 strength.
11914.849 Radio Taiwan's Amoy sce with rather S=6 backlobe, and covered
11910     POWERHOUSE 500 kW service of REE Spanish relay via Beijing
          TX center, S=9+35dB -40dBm in Sydney Australia rx post.
11714.971 KJES Vado USA logged at 1338 UT, English language poet like
          text reading, ahead of very nice girl sung in background,
          not English but native Indian (?Mojave) singer?
          S=9+5dB or -72dBm signal strength at Sydney post.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 19)

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