ENIGMA AWARD - 12 - 26 September 2014

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12 - 26 September 2014


The "ENIGMA AWARD", may be earned by contacts with participating stations starting on September 12 and ending on September 26th 2014. This event recalls the use of machine generated encryption using a device invented in Poland in the 1920's for commercial purposes, then sold to Germany prior to World War II. The machine was a typewriter type device which used rotating metal disks to scramble military messages. An English team of mathematicians and linguists developed probably the world’s first "mainframe" computer, powered by vacuum tubes to attack and decipher the radio traffic, which was given the nickname of "MAGIC". Only in the 1980's was this secret war declassified.  (A personal note: in 1962, I was trained to operate the updated version of this encryption machine for the US Navy.)

1. PARTICIPATION - The Award is open to all amateur radio and SWL stations, worldwide.

2. PERIOD - The Award will begin at 00:01 UTC September 12th and will end at 23:59 UTC September 26th2014.

3. Note: From 00.01 UTC September 12th to 23.59 UTC September 26th all contacts will be in clear, without any coding/encryption of the text, in CW – SSB – DIGI modes (PSK31, RTTY, SSTV, …); From 08.00 UTC to 23.59 UTC September 26th all the stations equipped with a real, virtual or emulated Enigma machine can be allowed to exchange partially encoded messages with a clarified code in CW mode, according to the following procedure.

4. STATIONS - All amateur radio stations can participate to the event, either those equipped with a real, virtual or emulated Enigma machine, or those without it, with the exception of the activity on September 26th.
Those stations equipped with a real, virtual or emulated Enigma machine will be inserted in a special list to be published on the web site www.arilaspezia.it in order to allow all participants to earn more points for the Award.

5. The following Italian stations coupled with a real Enigma have already confirmed their participation:
     A. Museo Tecnico Navale della Marina Militare della Spezia
     B. Scuderie di Palazzo Aldobrandini, Frascati, sede scelta dal Museo Storico della Comunicazione del MiSE
     C. Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia di Milan
     D. Sezione ARI Fidenza
If possible, all above stations will operate with a special similar call sign, according to the instructions available on the web site www.arilaspezia.it .

All participating stations coupled with a real/virtual or emulated Enigma machine have to register within 24.00 UTC September 07th 2014, following the instructions published on the website www.arilaspezia.it .
The "real Enigma" stations will communicate the radio station call sign, the QTH, the name of the Museum/Association where the machine is located or the owner's name (in case private belonger), identification data of the machine (model, serial number, number of working rotors, etc.).
The "virtual/emulated Enigma" stations will communicate the radio station call sign, the QTH, the type of software used for the simulation.

7. MODES - From 12 to 26 September all following modes are allowed: CW - SSB – DIGI (all digimodes actually allowed : PSK31 – RTTY- SSTV, etc).On September 26th only CW mode will be allowed for the clarified code messages.

8. BANDS - All HF bands, according to the Band Plan IARU (WARC included).

9. QSO Following QSOs will be valid:
     A. among amateurs radio and Enigma stations (real or virtual/emulated) registered in the above mentioned list;
     B. among Enigma stations (real or virtual/emulated).
     C. SWL: HRD of QSO with at least one Enigma station are valid.

10. JOLLY (Wild Card) STATIONS - Four JOLLY Stations will be activated as follows:
     A. Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia – Milan from 12 to 15 September
     B. Rover Joe Association – ARI Fidenza from 16 to 19 September
     C. Museo della Tecnica elettrica dell’Università di Pavia – ARI Vigevano from 20 to 23 September
     D. Museo Tecnico Navale della Marina Militare- La Spezia from 24 to 26 September

QSO (HRD) amateur radio with JOLLY Station =20 points
     QSO (HRD) amateur radio with real ENIGMA Station =10 points
     QSO (HRD) amateur radio with virtual/emulated ENIGMA station =3 3 points
     QSO ENIGMA station with amateur radio ? = 1 point
Each Enigma station (real or virtual/emulated) can be conntacted only once a day for each emission mode and for each band, during the whole period of the Award.

12. MULTIPLIER - A multiplier will be applied for each different Enigma station connected.

13. SCORE - The total final score is produced by the sum of the points-QSO multiplied by the number of different Enigma stations connected (multipliers). In the count of the multipliers, each station will be considered once only.

To achieve the Award is necessary to obtain the following minimum scores:
     A. Italian Stations 30 points
     B. European Stations 20 points
     C. DX 10 Points

15. EXCHANGE - All stations will exchange reports RS(T) as usual.

16. LOG DEADLINE - The deadline to send the Logs for the classifications and for the Award is October 30th 2014. The Logs, containing the category of participation, must be sent to the address published on the website www.arilaspezia.it .

The first absolute classified of each continent (Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Oceania) will receive a special Certificate of participation.

17. AWARD REQUEST - The Award request, with the station log attached, will be sent via e-mail to the Award Manager www.arilaspezia.it . The Awards will be sent free of charge via e-mail in "pdf" format, will report a serial number and the reference category/subcategory.

Internet: www.arilaspezia.it .

Internet (2): http://www.arilaspezia.it/pages/evento-enigma/enigma-event.php

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