Special Event Station "ANCIENT AMFIPOLIS " - 4 - 30 September 2014

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4 - 30 September 2014


From 4-30 September 2014, the special event station SX7AMF (Ancient Amfipolis) will be activated to publicize the findings of the excavations of a major Macedonian tomb which came to light by Greek archaeologists in ancient Amphipolis, in August 2014, The tomb dates back to 300 years BC, and is quite sizeable, with a circumference of 497 meters. The Ancient tomb is located 40 kilometers southeast of the city of Serres in Eastern Macedonia in Greece. Excavations are still continuing and archaeologists are working on this site.

The special call will be transmitted in all bands at the following modes: CW, SSB, PSK, RTTY.

Award: For any stations that will make 5 contacts on different bands or modes, or even mixed , an award on A4 size paper in pdf format will be made available. Those stations who make 10 different band/mode contacts will earn "The Gold Paper Reward " of SX7AMF by mail at no cost. Send a list of the contacts clearly showing band and mode plus date, time information to infosz7ser(at)gmail.com and ask for the award. It will be sent to the e-mail address you supply.

Greek Partners need 2 contacts. The direct QSLs (via SZ7SER) and certificates will be sent at the end of October.

E-mail: infosz7ser(at)gmail.com
Internet: www.sx7amf.blogspot.gr
Internet: QRZ.com entry for SX7SER

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