Wireless Society of Southern Maine Series — Additional Awards

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General Requirements: Sponsored by the Wireless Society Of Southern Maines. These awards are available to all radio amateurs in the world. Each award has its own specific set of guidelines which are explained in detail under the award's name below. For every award offered by WSSM, a GCR list is accepted. We allow GCR in lieu of actually having to see your QSL cards. GCR, (General Certification Rule), means getting the signatures of two witnesses who certify that you possess the cards and that the information that you state on the application is correct.

Fee for each award is US $8.00, or 5 Euros. (All award fees are waived to WSSM members). Apply to: WSSM Awards Manager, 16 Hope Drive, Gorham, ME 04038, USA.

Maine DX Award

Maine abounds in towns having names similar to foreign countries or cities. There is a Moscow and Stockholm, as well as a Belfast and Limerick.

1. Requirement: Confirm contacts with seven (7) or more stations located in Maine towns having names similar to foreign countries or cities.

2. All bands and modes, including WARC and 60 meters. No date limits. Contacts on repeaters, IRLP, or Echolink, will count for this award. All stations contacted must be "land stations". Contacts with ships, aircraft or via satellites are not valid for this award. No SWL's.  The award is also available to activators. Those who initiate transmissions from at least seven (7) of these locations, can earn an 'Acitvator' version of this award.

3. List of towns that count for the award:

China, (also South China)
Ireland Corner
Limerick, (also New Limerick, Limerick Mills)
Lisbon, (also Lisbon Falls)

Madrid (also East Madrid)
Paris, (also West Paris, South Paris)
Peru, (also East Peru)
Poland, (also Poland Spring)
Sweden, New Sweden
Wales Center, (also Wales Corner)
Yarmouth, (also North Yarmouth)

WS1SM Area Award

This award is issued by the Wireless Society Of Southern Maine for contacting stations at the following locations in the Southern Maine region after July 4, 2012. There are no band or mode restrictions with endorsements for all AM, all CW and all Digital. The award is offered in 3 classes as follows:

Class 3 -15 points
Class 2 -20 points
Class 1 -30+ points

The award is also available to activators. Those who initiate transmissions from these locations can collect 3 points for each new location toward an 'Activator' award, with the same Class structure.

Contacts with the club station, WS1SM, operating from any of the above locations is worth 4 points. Contacts with stations activated by WSSM club members are worth 3 points. Stations located at Bradbury Mountain, Mt. Battie, Fort Gorges, Frye Island, The Gray National Weather Service, The "73" Dunkin Donuts and Wassamki Springs Campground are worth 2 points. Contacts with stations from all other locations on the list are worth 1 point.

A GCR list, or QSL cards are not required for this award. The applicant should send in a list with the names of the locations, the call signs used in the communications, as well as the date, time, bands and modes used.

" The Source " at Poland Springs
-Back Cove
-Beech Ridge Motor Speedway
-Biddeford Pool
-Bradbury Mountain
-Crescent Beach
-Cumberland Fairgrounds
-Deering Oaks Park
-Desert Of Maine
-East End Beach
-Eastern Prom
-Fort Gorges
-Frye Island
-Goose Rocks Beach General Store -Gorham Founder's Festival
-Gray National Weather Service -Hadlock Field
-Ken’s Place
--Kittery Trading Post
-L.L. Bean Boot
-Lighthouse Depot
-Lobster Shack
-Mackworth Island
-Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad
-Maine Mall
-Maine State Building (Poland
-Moody’s Diner
-Mt. Battie
-Munjoy Hill
-Ogunquit Playhouse
-Old Orchard Ocean Pier
-Pier Fries
-Pine Point Beach
-Pineland Farms
-Portland Head Light
-Portland Observatory
-Q St.
-Riverbank Park
-Scarborough Downs
-Sebago Lake State Park
-Sohier Park
-Songo Locks
-The Fryeburgh Fair
-The Goldenrod
-The Old Port
-The Maine Diner
-The "73" Dunkin Donuts
-The Wedding Cake House
-Two Lights State Park
-USS Portland Memorial
-Vallee Square
-Victoria Mansion
-Wassamki Springs Campground
-Western Prom

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