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The award is issued to radio amateurs or listeners who have had contacts with 2 stations from each of the Balkan countries according to the list shown below. (11 countries total - 22 QSOs).

1 Albania (ZA)
2 Bosnia and Herzegovina (E7)
3 Bulgaria (LZ)
4 Croatia (9A)
5 Greece (SV-SY)
6 Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Z3)
7 Montenegro (4O)
8 Romania (YO)
9 Serbia (YU)
10 Slovenia (S5)
11 Turkey (TA, TC)

Only contacts made after January 1st 1958 count as valid.

The award is available in Mixed, SSB, CW, Digital and Satellite modes.

Send GCR list showing all QSO information for the contacts. The Award Manager of the national society (an IARU member) or two licensed radio amateurs must certify it.

Diploma cost for both categories is 10 IRC’s or 10 Euro. Send all applications to: RAAG AWARD MANAGER, Po Box 3564, 10210 Athens GREECE.

Internet: http://www.raag.org/displayITM1.asp?ITMID=765&LANG=EN

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