12th Edition of the Antarctic Activity Week

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16-22 February 2015


The Antarctica Activity week for 2015 is offered by the Brave Radio Friends of Germany and other groups which follow ham radio activity on the continent of Antarctica. Here are the rules for Antarctica Activity Award February 2015. The award is open to all amateurs and SWLs.

During February 2015 work or hear as many stations with a Worldwide Antarctic Program (WAP) number as possible. For the award, a minimum of 5 WAP-stations is required. There are no band or mode restrictions. The application can be easily made by sending an e-mail with contact information from your log extract to the custodian de3ear@darc.de . (No QSLs necessary). The award is available only as a pdf document which you print on your own equipment. There is no award fee. Deadline for application is March 31, 2015.

  WAP Ref.      WAP Callsign              Operator       QSL info

001 WAP-030      II2ANT                     I2JJR         I2JJR
002 WAP-Ø11      II6ANT                     IW6NZY       IW6NZY
003 WAP-253        K4C                      K4MZU         K4MZU
004 WAP-221       PA6ANT                    PA3FOE        PA3FOE
005 WAP-232       VK2ANT                    VK2FR         VK2FR
006 WAP-198       KØANT             Kansas Antenna Club-  KB0MZF
                                     Johnson County-USA 
007 WAP-Ø25       II5ANT                    IZ5BTC        IZ5BTC
008 WAP-255       TM6ØTAAF                  F8DVD         F8DVD
009 WAP-ØØ2       IR1ANT                    I1HYW         I1HYW
010 WAP-Ø81       HB9ICE                 HB9BHY & RC      HB9BHY
011 WAP-Ø88       OE88WAP                  OE3KKA (CW & SSB)OE3KKA
012 WAP-Ø89       OE89ANT                  OE3AIS (RTTY)   OE3AIS
013 WAP-Ø9Ø       OE9ØAAW                  OE3SGA (CW)     OE3SGA
014 WAP-192       WK3N/AAW                 WK3N            WK3N
015 WAP-254       EG1LSP                   EA1GIB          EA1GIB
016 WAP-Ø6Ø       II1MNA ARI Genova                        IQ1GE
                  & Italian Antarctic Museum-Genova 
017 WAP-237       HFØA                     SP9YI           SP9YI
018 WAP-252       EH5ANT           EA5FL, EC5EA, EC5JC     EA5FL
019 WAP-256       EG5ANT       EA5DY, EA5BB, EA4GQC, EA1WX EA5DY
020 WAP-257       PF15ANT               PAØRDY           PFØRDY
021 WAP-258       TM12WAP                 F8DHE            F8DHE
022 WAP-242       AO4HAG                  EA4GKV           EA4GKV
023 WAP-111       VA3WAP                  VA3NQ            VA3NQ
024 WAP-Ø7Ø       VA7AAW                  VE7IG
025 WAP-259       II8POLE                 IK8FIQ, IZ8DFO, IZ8EDF IK8FIQ
E-,mail: de3ear@darc.de

Internet: http://www.waponline.it/Default.aspx?tabid=113

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