190th Anniversary of the birth of Alexander Fedorovich Mozhaiskogo

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6 - 9 March 2015


The award commemorates the 190th anniversary of Alexander Fedorovich Mozhaiskogo, who by 1878, well before powered flight was possible, developed and proposed the necessary structure of heavier than air craft, all the five basic elements present in all modern aircraft structures.

A free electronic award is made available for having made just one contact with station UR4NWW/p or 3 contacts with any stations in the Vinnytsia region which includes stations whose suffix begins with "N", such as UR#N, US#N, UT#N, UV#N, UW#N, UX#N, UY#N, UZ#N.  To receive the award, indicate your full name and call sign and apply by include a list of contacts to the award sponsor via e-mail no later than 31 

March 2015 to: ur4nww@ya.ru.
E-mail: ur4nww@ya.ru
Online http://ur4nww.qrz.ru
also http://ur4nww.qrz.ru/cqnews/doc/ur4nww-mozhajskij.pdf

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