Amateur Radio World Castles Award - February 21, 2015

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Hello All!

23/02/2015 - WCA& DCI pedition of IZ5GST/0 and IQ5WT/0 to Palazzo Ducale Fortificato di giovanni Patrizio Imperiale di Gaeta!
- On 23 February 2015 Stefano IZ5GST/0 and ARS Valdinievole IQ5WT/0 will activate several castle and lighthouses - starting about 0830z Palazzo Ducale Fortificato di Giovanni Patrizio Imperiale di Gaeta (DCI LT-108, WCA I-05631, DAI LZ-0158, WAIL LA-006, ARLHS ITA-105). About 1130z from Torre Cervia di San Felice Circeo (DCI LT-039, WCA I-05562, WAIL LA-003, ARLHS ITA-009). Starting 1430z from Capo d'Anzio lighthouse (WAIL LA-002, ARLHS ITA-012). QRV on 7.177 and 14.308 MHz (+/-5kHz) SSB. QSL via home calls, Bureau or direct. 73 & 11! [tnx info ICPO].
22/02/2015 - WCA & BCA pedition of ON4CRD/P to Tillier and Tronquoy Castles!
- The members of Club Radio Durnal (CRD) ON4CRD will be active on the 22nd of February 2015 from two references:
- Castle of Tillier, WCA: ON-02379, BCA: NM-339 in the morning at 07:30 UTC;
- Castle of Tronquoy, WCA: ON-01910, BCA: NM-286 in the afternoon at 11:00 UTC.
They plan to work as ON4CRD/P on all bands.QSL via Home Call, bureau or direct.
73 & 11! [tnx info ON7RN].
21/02/2015 - WCA & ZWP pedition of SP3CMA/2 and SQ3HTK/2 to Castles in North of Poland!
- Jarek SP3CMA and Waldek SQ3HTK will be active on the 21st of February 2015 from several castles located in North part of Poland:
- Bydgoszcz II Castle, WCA: SP-00884, ZWP: PMB02 from 07:40 till 08:40 UTC;
- BydgoszczI Castle, WCA: SP-00884, ZWP: PMB01 from 09:50 till 10:50 UTC;
- Pien Castle, WCA: SP-00886, ZWP: PBY02 from 12:10 till 13:10 UTC;
- Unislaw Pomorski Castle, WCA: SP-00891, ZWP: PCL05 from 14:20 till 15:20 UTC.
They plan to work as SP3CMA/2and SQ3HTK/2 mainly on 40 meters.
QSL via bureau to Home Calls. 73 & 11! [tnx info SP3CMA].
21/02/2015 - WCA & RFA & RHO pedition of YO6EX/P to Tarnava Fortified Church!
- Vasile YO6EX will be active on the 21stth of February 2015 from Tarnava Fortified Church, WCA/RFA: YO-00983, RHO: SB-F95. He plans to work as YO6EX/P only CW on freq: 7.030, 10.124, 14.040, 18.084, 21.040 and SSB: 7.131, 14.251, 18.131, 21.251 +- QRM.
QSL via Home Call, bureau or direct. 73 & 11! [tnx info YO6EX].

73 & 11! de Andrew RN1CW
WCA coordinator & award manager

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