HB125FMS - 125th Anniversary of Monte San Salvatore Funicular

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1 - 31 March 2015


On the occasion of the 125th Anniversary of the Monte San Salvatore funicular, members of the Tera Radio Club will activate the special event station HB125FMS, from 1 to 31 March, 2015,  The radio activity will be on all bands and modes. A special QSL is available.

An award is also being offered for those stations who contact HB125FMS on different bands as follows:
1. 3 Bands BRONZE
2. 4 Bands SILVER
3. 5 Bands or more GOLD

(Note, you can verify your QSO's with HB125FMS on the website http://www.hb9elk.ch/125fms/richiesta.php and proceed to the Award Request and download the award in PDF format ready to be printed.  The award will not be delivered by maill, please note the procedure for payment  in the next paragraph.  This will have to be done by mail and once completed, they will allow you to download the digital file.   (???%%%$$$###)

To download the Award please send your QSL Card with Euro/USD 5.- (only paper) to the QSL Manager: HB9OCR, Marco Hardmeier, Via Ponte Tresa 15, 6924 Sorengo (Switzerland); or send Euro/USD 5.- (transfer fee at your charge): via Paypal account [hb9ocr@hb9ocr.ch ], or for multiple OM on the Account IBAN CH19 8036 2000 0044 7901 8, SWIFT RAIFCH22362. After the incoming payment, you can download your Award, in PDF format, directly from the requesting above website. Please mention your call sign in the money transfer.

Any questions about the Award can be made by e-mail (hb9ocr@hb9ocr.ch) to the Award Manager HB9OCR Marco.

QRZ site HB125FMS

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