120 Years of Radio

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31 March to 30 April 2015


On May 7, 1895 Russian physicist and electrical engineer Alexander Popov presented a device that received signals from the Hertz spark vibrator at a meeting of the Russian Physical and Chemical Society in St. Petersburg.

This experiment demonstrated the possibility of transmitting messages over a distance without wires. In Russia and some other countries, May 7 is celebrated as the "Day of Radio". In connection with the 120th anniversary of this event the SRR (Soyuz Radiolyubitelei Rossii) organizes and conducts the Activity Days "120 Years of Radio."

The Activity period commemorating this anniversary will start at 21.00UTC UTC March, 31 and will be over at 20.59 UTC April, 30, 2015.

All the radio amateurs around the world are invited to participate in this event. There will be a number of stations on the air with special callsigns to honor the occasion: R1895R, R2015R, R120RA through R120RZ (a total of 28 stations). Any stations from other countries that will use number 120 in their prefixes will be welcome. They all will count for the award program.

All the commemorative stations in Russia have one single QSL-manager UA3DX, who is responsible for the QSL process on request OQRS and response QSL-cards (QSLL).

Diploma Rules 120 Years of Radio
1. All valid contacts must be made between 21.00UTC UTC March, 31 and 20.59 UTC April, 30, 2015.
2. Participants must earn 120 points
3. Points table:
     A. QSOs with the commemorative stations R1895R and R2015R = 10 points;
     B. QSOs with the commemorative stations R120RA through R120RZ = 5 points;
     C. QSOs with the commemorative stations from other countries with number 120 in their prefix = 5 points.
4. Multipliers table:
     A. AS ( except Asiatic Russia ) x 2
     B. NA,SA,AF,OC x 4
5. Other rules:
     A. The same station may be worked on different bands and in different modes (CW,SSB,DIGI ) for additional points.
     B. The award will be issued for modes of: MIXED, CW, SSB, DIGITAL.
     C. SWLs may obtain these awards using the same rules. They can submit their applications created in any format by e-mail directly to the manager of the diploma.
D. Online applications will be on the Web-site radio120.hamlog.ru
E. Deadline for applications is June 30, 2015
F. The award manager: UA6YW – Aliy Kuysokov, P.O.Box 45, Maykop, 385000, Russia


Requirements: Applicants must make QSOs with ALL the 28 commemorative stations (R1895R, R2015R, R120RA through R120RZ or earn 300 points.

Cost: The cost of the plaquette with shipment abroad is 1600 rubles (or the equivalent in Euro, $ at the exchange rate existing on the date of your application).

Applications and payment for the plaque will be managed by RU6AX - Efimtsov Viktor,  A / I 1534, Krasnodar-80, 350080, Russia.

His e-mail address is: e-mail: ru6ax@land.ru
E-mail: ua6yw@mail.ru (Certificate)
E-mail  ru6ax@land.ru  (Trophy)
Internet: www.qrz.com/db/R120RT


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