DD-11 Diploma of the Department of Aude

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This diploma was established by REF-11 (Aude) to develop and encourage Amateur Radio traffic with the department.

Requirements: contact or SWL radio amateurs residing in Aude. On HF and VHF, 5 are needed, and on SHF, 2 contacts.

All bands and modes OK. Special endorsements available on request if all contacts are made on HF, VHF, SSTV etc.

The exchange of the RST and QTH is mandatory.

QSOs which use any form of relay are excluded. (Repeater or internet based.)
Send a log extract (no cards needed) for those contacts in the Department with a starting date of January 1, 1983. The award fee is 10E, and should be sent to the club treasurer, Jose F5NTT.

E-mail f5ntt@orange.fr

Internet: http://www.qsl.net/ref-11/

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