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March 29 to April 4, 2015


1. PARTICIPATION: open to all OM and SWL Italian and foreign.

2. PERIOD: from 00.00 UTC on Saturday prior to Holy Week 23.59 on the Saturday of the week holy, for the year 2015, the period goes from March 29 to April 4th.

3. BANDS: HF 20, 40 and 80 meters, in the portion of band allocated to voice.

4. MODE: SSB voice

5. CALL: Contact stations calling : CQ Mysteries of Trapani

6. Each station can be connected several times in the same day, provided the QSOs are on different bands and with a time difference of at least 15 minutes.

7. REPORTS: All stations, including the station wildcard should send: RST, serial number, the time and the name of operator.

8. STATIONS ACCREDITED: Will be active during the period of the award will be accredited stations operating all over the national territory of Italy or from abroad, which will consist of previous winners that operators or Trapanesi natives who are far from their hometown. The Diploma is an opportunity to move closer to the traditions of Trapani through radio. The full list of stations credited will be published on the website of ARI Trapani http://www.aritp.it .

     1 point with OM of the ARI of Trapani,
     2 points with the accredited stations (the first OM classification of previous editions, the first and last edition YL operators Trapanesi off Trapani),
     3 points with Jolly (wildcard) station,
     5 points with the station IQ9TP in the days of the Mysteries (Friday 18 and Saturday, April 19) 10 points.

10. LOG: On the site of ARI Trapani http://www.aritp.it you may download the special
LOG Software created by Mario IT9JZK. The logs in digital format created by the software IT9JZK should be sent via E-mail to the email address: misteri@aritp.it . Paper logs, must include all the data as mentioned in #7 REPORTS.

11. SUBMITTING LOGS: Award Manager IT9WLK Leonardo Hectares - Via F.sco La Grassa # 2 - 91100 Trapani, Italy.
The logs must be received by 31 May 2015 postmark. Same date for E-mail, logs arrived after that date will not be taken into account, the same goes for stations SWL.

12. REQUEST FOR DIPLOMA: To apply for the diploma, you must earn 20 points for Italian OM, 15 points for European OM and 10 points for non-European points for OM.
The award is FREE and will be sent to you by e-mail in PDF format.

13. PAPER AWARDS: For those who wish, on request and at a cost of € 10.00, the award will be sent by mail. The Diploma will be printed in A3 format on parchment paper (specify by mail).

14. PAYMENT: The payment can be made in the following ways:
Paypal account sal.todaro@gmail.com (preferred method);
Postepay card No. 4023 6009 0905 9885 made out to Salvatore Todaro.

The applications for the diploma should be sent by e-mail to the email address : misteri@aritp.it (you must indicate in the CALL and NAME of applicant). If your payment is made through Postepay it is mandatory to attach the request by e-mail scanning of the payment with the indications of: CALL, TITLE, DATE AND POST OFFICE of payment; in the case in which no have a scanner to send a copy of the receipt via post, always: CALL, TITLE, DATE AND POST OFFICE payment. If payment will be through PAYPAL, it is mandatory in the notes you specify the CALL NAME.

E-mail: misteri@aritp.it
Internet: http://www.aritp.it.
Internet: (website) http://www.ari.it/images/stories/home/8DIPLMISTERITRAPANI.pdf

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