ON1418KNH WWI Award

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1 - 30 April 2015


The members of the VRA clubstation ON6KNH located in Knokke-Heist will be operating the special event station ON1418KNH during the month of April 2015. ON1418KNH will be on the air to commemorate the First World War, and promises to be active on all bands and all modes.

QSL via the VRA QSL Bureau.

Requirements are simple, just make 1 QSO or SWL report with ON1418KNH. To apply for the FREE award, fill in the electronic application/form found on this link: www.hamserver.eu/award
The award is free of charge, and only available in digital form. Your contact information will be compared with the data on the web site, and if the contact is found, will allow you to print the award.

Internet: http://www.qrz.com/db/on1418knh

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