World Amateur Radio Day 2015

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Every April 18, radio amateurs worldwide take to the airwaves in celebration of World Amateur Radio Day.
It was on that day in 1925 that the International Amateur Radio Union was formed in Paris

Since its founding, the IARU has worked tirelessly to defend and expand the frequency allocations for Amateur Radio.
Thanks to the support of enlightened administrations in every part of the globe, radio amateurs are now able
to experiment and communicate in frequency bands strategically located throughout the radio spectrum. 

From the 25 countries that formed the IARU in 1925, the IARU has grown to include over 160 member-societies in three regions. IARU Region 1 includes Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Northern Asia. Region 2 covers the Americas, and Region 3 is comprised of Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific island nations, and most of Asia. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has recognized the IARU as representing the interests of Amateur Radio.

Today, Amateur Radio is more popular than ever, with over 3,000,000 licensed operators!

World Amateur Radio Day is the day when IARU Member-Societies can show our capabilities to the public and enjoy global friendship with other Amateurs worldwide.

IARU has provided a downloadable poster for World Amateur Radio Day 2015. Any group may download it and have it printed locally for promoting WARD in their area. The poster comes in two sizes:

a. 61 cm x 91 cm poster which can be found at:

b. A smaller (A4 size) flyer which can be found at:

April 18 is the day for all of Amateur Radio to celebrate and tell the world about the science we can help teach, the community service we can provide and the fun we have.

We hope you will join in the fun and education that is World Amateur Radio Day!


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