WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News BC-DX 1201 20 March 2015

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ARMENIA/FRANCE   11960  DWL registration entry change, now eastwards bcast
location instead, of DWL Swahili early morning service, now via Gavar-ARM
(not westerly ISS France morning propagation!).

add 11960kHz 0300-0400 UT to EastAF/HoA at 48SW,52E,53NW zones
ERV  500kW 192degr ITUant#238  Swahili ARM DWL

del 11960kHz 0400-0500 UT to zones 37S,38,46,47,48,52,53,57N
ISS  500kW 140degr Eng  F   DWL
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 18)

BRAZIL   6180.005  RNB / RNA only very poor S=4-5, could only read music
items, tiny signal at 0732 UT on March 13.

6089.957  Radio Bandeirantes, female locutora, S=5-6 fluttery, but fair
readable. Both 6089v Kaduna-NIG (since 4 weeks now) and religious 6090
Anguilla are OFF these days.

6079.5  center, QRM heavily suffer by nearby lower side 6076.5 to 6091.4
kHz like "seaside CODAR" shrap - shrap signal, or is military ?
border radar ? sound like anvil-banging TADIL-A bonker? latter noise
often observed close to 6135 kHz channel too.

Noted on east coast remote SDR unit at Massachusetts / NY / NJ area.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 13)

BRAZIL/USA   15190 kHz, BRA  Rádio Inconfidência, 2054 UT, SIO 353
Dank Perseus excellent RX gear seit 2008y, ist das aber soeben eine
leichte Uebung,

69 Hertz Frequenz Differenz als schoener Brumm zu hoeren

Okeechobee Florida         15190.000
Rádio Inconfidência Brazil 15190.069 kHz.

zumindest in Amberg beim DARC Club 3er Perseus Installation mit
verschiedenen Antennen nehmen sich beide Signale in Signalstaerke nichts.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 16)

BRAZIL   On log March 18 at 0700-0730 UT here in southern Germany post.
Bad propagation Ssunspot figures this 24hrs.

6180.006 BRA  poor S=6-7 and -82dBm signal level strength also of
              RNA/RNB Brazil.

6119.987 BRA  odd SRDA BRA in BrasPort, 0710 UT. Much stronger than 6060v.
6089.962 BRA  Rádio Bandeirantes, at 0712 UT,
              nothing seen on Kaduna Nigeria 6089.8v again.
6080.039 BRA  Rádio Marumby, QRM scratching shrap,shrap signal, or is
              military ? US border radar ? sound like anvil-banging
              TADIL-A bonker? latter noise often observed close to
              6135 kHz channel too.
5939.719 BRA  Rádio Voz Missionaria, BrasPort, and nice Latin American
              music, at 0714 UT.
5964.963 BRA  Rádio Transmundial, threshold tiny at 0716 UT.
5970.002 BRA  Rádio Itatiaia, BrazPort canzones .... 0719 UT.
6010.037 BRA  likely Rádio Inconfidência, Belo Horizonte MG stn.
6059.780 BRA  SRDA at 0720 UT, on threshold level.
              Much stronger on 6120v kHz.
6135.249 BRA  Rádio Aparecida, "Ave Maria" over and over again,
              longtime prayer.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 18)

BRAZIL   Log March 18, at 2022 UT at Dresden, eastern Germany
9529.9   Rádio Transmundial, SNR -100/-130dBm, SIO322

9629.94  Rádio Aparecida, SNR -86/-128dBm, SIO533

9645.366 Rádio Bandeirantes -94/-128dBm, SIO 422

9664.63  Rádio Voz Missionaria, SNR -94/-128dBm, SIO 422

9694.84  Rádio Rio Mar ???, sehr leise Modulation, -105/-133dBm,
         heftiges QRM SIO 211

9819.7   Rádio 9 de Julho, SNR -89/-129dBm, SIO 443

11780    Rádio Nacional Amazonia, SNR -89/-133dBm SIO 433
11765    Super Rádio Deus e Amor, SNR -89/-132dBm, SIO 444
11855    Rádio Aparecida, SNR -94/-131dBm, SIO 343
11894.88 Rádio Boa Vontade, SNR -103/-129dBm, SIO 252
15190    Rádio Inconfidência, Musik & ID, SNR -102/-135dBm, SIO 232
(Frank Dziock-D_DD4WH, A-DX March 18)

BULGARIA/FRANCE/GERMANY  A-15 TOM Brother Stair relay registration.
13810 1400-1600 28,29W,38E,39 NAU  100kW 130deg Mon-Fri   Mul D   TOM MBR
13810 1400-1600 28,29W,38E,39 ISS  100   120    Sat/Sun   Mul F   TOM MBR

A-15 BVB registration:
13810 1700-1715 38E,39,40W    NAU  125   125    Sat/Sun   Mul D   MBR MBR
13810 1700-1715 38E,39,40W    SOF  150   141    daily     Mul BUL MBR MBR
13810 1715-1745 38E,39,40W    SOF  100   141    Tue       Mul BUL MBR MBR
13810 1715-1800 38E,39,40W    SOF  100   141    Mon/We/Fr     BUL MBR MBR
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 18)

CANADA   6069.996  CFRX Toronto, English male and female talk about
partnership and sexual life, talk and phone-in at 0726 UT on March 13.

6159.9825  CKZN St. Johns, English program, seemed like a relay of
all-African and south-African magazine items. At 0729 UT heard ID of
"African radio" a program of DWL Deutsche Welle Radio, seems a weekly
magazine report ... S=8-9 only in MA/NY/NJ. Noted on east coast remote SDR
unit at Massachusetts / NY / NJ area.

6159.975  CKZU Vancouver island signal seems on low power level these
days, noted in Edmonton Alberta, magazine report from Aliss Springs in
Australia, S=8-9 fair signal. At 0758 UT on March 13. Noted on west
coast remote SDR units at Vancouver and Edmonton-Alberta area.

3330.0   Ottawa time signal and standard frequency station CHU, morse code
pips, and stn ID CHU. S=9+20dB strength, noted on west coast remote SDR
units at Vancouver and Edmonton-Alberta area. At 0750 UT on March 13.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 13)

CANADA   6069.9985  CFRX on log March 18 at 0700-0730 UT here in southern
Germany post. 6069.9985 kHz at 0722 UT, footprint talk by male and female
at rather poor S=6-7 and -82dBm signal level.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 18)

CONGO   5066.3  Radio Candip, Bunia-COD, SNR -95dBm/-126dBm, SIO 232, ab
und zu QRM durch utility, Musik, 2018 UT Ansage und sign off.

NICHT geloggt (nicht die kleinste Spur von Traeger an der K9AY-Antenne)
3905 NBC PNG
3945 Radio Vanuatu
5020 Solomonen Inseln
Vielleicht sind alle wegen des Wirbelsturms abgeschaltet / zerstoert ?

Aber ganz duenne Traeger auf
4755.578 PMA  Pacific Missionary Aviati, The Cross Radio - Pohnpei ?
4869.924 Indonesia Wamena ?
(Frank Dziock-D_DD4WH, A-DX March 15)

CUBA   5025  Radio Rebelde program heard in 07-08 UT slot, S=9+25dB
strength this morning. Nice JOYFUL program with exciting Latin American
music pieces. Wide signal in 5014.8 - 5035.3 kHz frequency range.
Noted on east coast remote SDR unit at Massachusetts / NY / NJ area.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 13)

EGYPT   15710  Radio Cairo, pre-transmission at 1220-1229 UT test tone
from Abis site. Indonesian service at 1230-1400 UT, 250 kW 106degr.
4 x peaks of 1001 Hertz audio test tone heard either side, up to
4004 Hertz. Noted here in southern Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 11)

FRANCE   A-15 registration via MBR Cologne FMO brokery, tentatively like
in A-14 season, World Radio Network with veiled radio "Radio Mehr
Iranian", Mon/Fri only.

15670kHz 1630-1700UT to zone 40 ISS  500kW 91degr Mon/Fri
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 18)

GERMANY   B-14 season, MBR Cologne registration entry of 21 Febr - and
March 8 repeat on 15215 kHz of Radio Oeoemrang, Amrum islands festivity
radio, single hour towards immigrants in NY/NJ/MA north American target,
big ITU #218 curtain type.

15215 kHz 1600-1700UT to zones 4,8,9 ISS  500kW 300degr ITU_ant#218
210215 / 080315, Mul  F   MBR

A-15 season, MBR Cologne various registration entries on 7375 at Nauen
site, #216 Alliss curtain at 125/100kW at 300/315/325 degrees azimuth.
Wooden entry of Croatian Radio relay towards North America at 1-5 UT?

7375 0000-0200 2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10 NAU 125 300 Sun   NldEng  D MBR
7375 0100-0300 2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10 NAU 100 315 Daily Hrv     D MBR
7375 0300-0500 2,3,6,7W,10      NAU 100 325 Daily Hrv     D MBR

Unidentified bcast towards Japan, Korea, EaAsia target {BVB??}
15320kHz 1200-1230UT 19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26 NAU  250kW 60degr Sats only


A-15 DWL Cologne registrations.
 6125 0300 0400 48SW,52E,53NW   ex 15275 TRM   MEY 250 19  Swa AFS DWL
 7425 0500 0600 48SW,52NE,52S,53,57  ex 4-5 UT MEY 250 19  Eng AFS DWL
 9800 0400 0500 46SE,47,48W,52,53NW,53S,57N    MDC 250 265 Eng MDG DWL
 9830 0630 0700 46,47W               ex 9800   SAO 100 20  Hau STP DWL
 9830 1300 1400 46,47W               ex 9800   SAO 100 20  Hau STP DWL
 9830 1800 1900 46,47W                         SAO 100 20  Hau STP DWL
11960 0300 0400 48SW,52E,53NW        ex ISS    ERV 500 192 Swa ARM DWL
del 11960 0400-0500 to zones 37S,38,46,47,48,52,53,57N English via ISS
del 13610 0400-0500 to zones 37S,38,46,47,48,52,53,57N English via ISS
13610 0630 0700 46,47W                         ISS 500 170 Hau F   DWL
del 15215 0800 0830 40E,41NW       see 17800   TRM 250 335 Pus CLN DWL
del 15215 0830 0900 40E,41NW       see 17800   TRM 250 335 Per CLN DWL
15215 1330 1400 40E,41NW                       TRM 250 335 Per CLN DWL
15215 1400 1430 40E,41NW                       TRM 250 335 Pus CLN DWL
del 15275 0300-0400 48SW,52E,53NW   see 6125   TRM 250 255 Swa CLN DWL
15275 0400 0500 46,47,48,52,53,57              DHA 250 225 Eng UAE DWL
15275 0500 0600 46E,47,48,52,53,57N            MDC 250 245 Eng MDG DWL
15275 0630 0700 46,47W                         ISS 500 165 Hau F   DWL
15275 0700 0800 37,38,39,46,47,48,52,53,57     ISS 500 172 Eng F   DWL
15275 1000 1100 48SW,52E,53NW      see 17800   MDC 250 300 Swa MDG DWL
del 15275 1300-1400 46,47W         see 17800   ISS 500 165 Hau F   DWL
15275 1500 1600 48SW,52E,53NW                  TRM 250 255 Swa CLN DWL
15275 1600 1700 48                             TRM 250 270 Amh CLN DWL
15275 1700 1800 37,38,46,47,52,53SW            ISS 500 165 Fra F   DWL
15275 1800 1900 46,47W                         MDC 250 305 Hau MDG DWL
del 15410 1700-1800 37,38,46,47,52,53 see15560 ISS 500 194 Fra F   DWL
15560 0630 0700 46,47W           ex17800 TRM   MEY 250 330 Hau AFS DWL
15560 0700 0800 37,38,46,47,52   ex 9830 SAO   ASC 250 65  Eng G   DWL
del 15560 1000-1100 48SW,52E,53  ex15275 MDG   MDC 250 300 Swa MDG DWL
15560 1600 1700 48                             DHA 250 225 Amh UAE DWL
15560 1700 1800 37,38,46,47,52,53SW  ex 15410  ISS 500 194 Fra F   DWL
del 15560 1800-1900 46,47W         see 17800   ISS 500 170 Hau F   DWL
15640 0800 0830 40E,41NW                       DHA 250 45  Pus UAE DWL
15640 0830 0900 40E,41NW                       DHA 250 45  Per UAE DWL
15640 1330 1400 40E,41NW                       DHA 250 45  Per UAE DWL
15640 1400 1430 40E,41NW                       DHA 250 45  Pus UAE DWL
17710 1000 1100 48SW,52E,53NW                  MEY 250 19  Swa AFS DWL
17710 1500 1600 48SW,52E,53NW                  DHA 250 215 Swa UAE DWL
del 17800 0300 0500 48SW,52E,53NW              TRM 250 255 Swa CLN DWL
del 17800 0500 0600 46E,47,48W,52,53,57N       TRM 250 245 Eng CLN DWL
del 17800 0630 0700 46,47W                     TRM 250 260 Hau CLN DWL
del 17800 0700 0800 37,38,39,46,47,48,52,53,57 ISS 500 172 Eng F   DWL
17800 0800 0830 40E,41NW                       TRM 250 335 Pus CLN DWL
17800 0830 0900 40E,41NW                       TRM 250 335 Per CLN DWL
17800 1300 1400 46,47W              ex 15275   ISS 500 170 Hau F   DWL
del 17800 1500 1600 48SW,52E,53NW  see 17710   DHA 250 215 Swa UAE DWL
17800 1700 1800 37,38,46,47,52,53SW            ASC 250 65  Fra UAE DWL
17800 1800 1900 46,47W                         ISS 500 170 Hau F   DWL
del 21780 0630 0700 46,47W      see 15275 ISS  DHA 250 260 Hau UAE DWL
21780 1300 1400 46,47W                         DHA 250 260 Hau UAE DWL
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 18)

GERMANY   LOG: 6095 kHz KBC at 12.59 UT on March 14, O=5

Einschraenkung der Sendungen auf 6095 kHz


<STUDIO1_2015-03-14_6095_kHz_KBC12.59z_KBC-annoucement.m4a>  (ca. 2 MB)

(Roger Thauer-D, A-DX March 14)

GERMANY   "Der Hessische Rundfunk hat seinen 100 Meter hohen Sendemast
fuer den Mittelwellen-Rundfunk auf dem Hohen Meissner Gestern kontrolliert
fallen lassen."

(Christoph Ratzer-AUT  OE2CRM  <>
<>  A-DX March 17)

593 / 594  Little 110 meters tall Hessischer Rundfunk MW mast blown up at
Hoher Meissner tx and FM/TV site, the little MW mast on westerly
directions towards Naturfreunde-Haus. Inaugurated 110 m tall mast
installation of 1st June 1952.

Despite co-channel HR Frankfurt Heiligenstock/Bonames 4-mast array started
on 23 August 1947 as American occupied "Radio Frankfurt" station

51 12 29.32 N  09 50 42.48 E

Heard this 593 kHz then HR Hoher Meissner mediumwave first in about
1952year when I was a pupil ... on Grandma's kitchen radio.

ps. die Mittelwelle des HR habe ich immer in Oma's Kueche ab 1952 gehoert,
auch die Reportage von Herbert Zimmermann vom NDR von der WM Bern 1954.
Wobei ein leichter Interference-Brumm mit 'drauf war, die beiden HR Sender
Heiligenstock / Meissner waren nicht synchronisiert.

Der HR MW mast blown up Meissner Bericht in der Hessenschau vom 16.3.
laeuft in dem jetzt neu installierten Programm
"MediathekView" Programm Software,
auch laufen alle anderen HR Mediathek Dateien Videos im Fullscreen
klaglos. Schoene Software für alle öffentlichen ARD/ZDF, Arte, 3sat, SR,
ORF ... nicht schlecht.

video of Blown Up the MW mast in HR Hessenschau TV of March 16:

(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 17)

GREECE   9420  Greek soccer live coverage Saturday March 14 at 16 UT.

Greek National Anthem

Man spart jetzt deftig bei den Avlis Stromkosten, In den letzten 2 Wochen
nur noch sporadisch auf einer einzelnen Frequenz 9420 kHz in der Luft,
auch nur wenige Stunden, an manchen Tagen ueberhaupt nicht mehr. Und die
anderen Frequenzen 9935 11645 15630, und 15650 kHz sind ueberhaupt nicht
mehr gehoert.

Die Aufschaltung der Station an der Steiermark-Ungarn Grenze koennte aber
heute Abend zu einigen griech. Piraten im 1602 bis 1800 kHz Bereich
fuehren, see below
(nach der Bundesliga muss ich mal reinhoeren).
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 14)

Re: 9420 Greek footbal live coverage from 16 UT
had this log of 1600-1700 kHz upper mediumwave band, at 2005-2100 UT on

1602 kHz GRC - ERA NET, Samos (1) ?; jedenfalls Greek singer.
1611 Greek mx
1619 Greek singer
1621.1 Schnulzen
1629 Greek singer, mittelpraechtiges Signal
1636.6 HOL  Schnulze 'Meloditje', suess, mittelpraechtiges Signal
1640 Greek singer
1645.3 Greek ?
1648 HOL  Dutch Schnulze, mittelpraechtiges Signal.
1662 YUG (mit Anklang an Schwyzer Fiddler), schoene Effekte
     nach S-OFF wieder on air 1660 kHz, uebersteuert Serbia-Balkan.
1665 HOL  Dutch Schnulze
1670 Greek, eher Telefonanruf, keine Musik.
1680 Greek, eher Talk / Kommentar, wenig Musik, faires Signal.
1690 Greek, auch Greek mx, mittelpraechtiges Signal.
1709.8 / 1710 Greek Coastal Radio ?
1719.4 Coastal Radio.
1721.6 YUG Serbian-Balkan song, mittelpraechtiges Signal.
1730 Greek folk music, mittelpraechtiges Signal.
1740.2 Slawic Coastal Radio.
1750 Greek music, rather hard pop.
1761.6 Slawic Coastal Radio to ship.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 14)

HONDURAS/USA   [Swan Island]  c.f. BC-DX #1199 / #1200.


Date 19600926 Year 1960
Document-Type - Speech-Author - Dr. Fidel CASTRO,
No. 4 - Issued by the Embassy of Cuba, COLOMBO.

In the first place, the Government of the United States considers it has
the right to promote and encourage subversion in our country. The
Government of the United States is promoting the organization of
subversive movements against the Revolutionary Government of Cuba, and we
wish to denounce this fact in this General Assembly; we also wish to
denounce specifically the fact that, for instance, a territory which
belongs to Honduras, known as Islas Cisnes, the Swan Islands, has been
seized "manu militari" by the Government of the United States and that
American marines are there, despite the fact that this territory belongs
to Honduras. Thus, violating international law and despoiling a friendly
people of a part of its territory, the United States has established a
powerful radio station on one of those Islands, in violation of
international radio agreements, and has placed it at the disposal of the
war criminals and subversive groups supported in this country;
furthermore, military training is being conducted on that island, in order
to promote subversion and the landing of armed forces in our country.

Does the Government of the United States feel it has the right to promote
subversion on our country, violating all international treaties, including
those relating to radio frequency? Does this mean, by chance, that the
Cuban Government has the right to promote subversion in the United States?
Does the Government of the United States believe it has the right to
violate radio frequency agreements? Does this mean, by chance, that the
Cuban Government has the right to violate radio frequency agreements also?
What right can the Government of the United States have over us over our
island that permits it to act towards other nations in such a manner? Let
the United States return the Swan Islands to Honduras, since it never had
any jurisdiction over those Islands (APPLAUSE).

(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 19)

INDONESIA   3324.885  RRI Palangkaraya, at 1202 UT on March 11. Thanks to
Dave Valko for the frequency measurement; positive confirmation it's them;
Jakarta news ending at 1222 UT with usual patriotic song "Bagimu Negeri";
news // RRI Ternate (3344.85 kHz) // RRI Wamena (4869.90 kHz). Later much
stronger; at 1434 UT local "RRI Palangkaraya" ID and again played the
patriotic song "Bagimu Negeri"; indigenous chanting/singing; 1502* UT.
Great to have them back again and to confirm it's them!

[later]  RRI Palangkaraya (3324.886 kHz) was last heard on March 11, but
today noted again with just an open carrier from 1138 to past 1402 UT.
Never any audio. Thanks again to Dave Valko for the exact frequency today,
as he "saw" the carrier on his Perseus at 1031 UT.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld March 11/17)


BBC World Service channel would counter Pyongyang regime propaganda -
but could cause run-ins with Kim Jong-un.

By Colin_Freeman, Chief foreign correspondent

The BBC is planning a new North Korea service to give the totalitarian
state's 25 million people an alternative to Kim Jong-un's propaganda.

In a move that could plunge the corporation into confrontation with the
North Korean dictator, the World Service is examining how to set up a
special news channel that will get around Pyongyang's ban on foreign media

The plan has echoes of Western broadcasts into the Soviet Union and Warsaw
Pact countries during the Cold War, when the BBC, Radio Free Europe and
Voice of America all broadcasted to listeners behind the Iron Curtain.

However, it is likely to spark fury from Pyongyang's volatile leadership,
and could lead to the British embassy in Pyongyang being targeted for
protests or being shut down altogether.

It could also put Britain in the firing line for North Korean-led
cyberattacks, such as the one that targeted Sony Pictures last year over
its film "The Interview", which lampooned Kim Jong-un.

Such is the sensitivity around the issue that the BBC had previously ruled
out a North Korea service, saying a year ago that it did "not believe it
would be cost effective and viable."

A number of senior figures within the Foreign Office were understood to
have objected to the proposal, fearing that Britain's ambassador to
Pyongyang could be constantly hauled in for dressing downs by his North
Korean hosts.

But pressure in Parliament and the Lords, combined with growing
international concern at the extent of Pyongyang's human rights abuses, is
understood to have led to a recent change of heart at the BBC.

A BBC spokesman told The Telegraph: "One of the World Service's key
principles is to serve audiences in countries lacking media freedom. We
are considering if we can develop a viable news service for the people of
North Korea, although there are significant barriers, such as the lack of
internet access and the strict controls on what people are allowed to
watch or listen to."

A number of foreign broadcasters already target North Korea, including
South Korea's KBS and the US-funded Voice of America and Radio Free Asia.

The BBC could be an influential addition to that list, as the UK is
historically regarded by North Korea as a more "impartial" nation than
America and South Korea, neither of which have diplomatic missions to

The UK mission to Pyongyang opened in 2001, and is one of the few Western
embassies present there. While the start of a BBC North Korea service
could compromise the embassy's position, supporters of the plan point out
that western ambassadors to Pyongyang get virtually no access to the
regime's inner circle anyway, and so there would be only a limited loss.

Any BBC service to North Korea would probably be broadcast in Korean
rather than in English, and also cover South Korea as well.

It would most likely rely on shortwave radio as ordinary North Koreans are
unable to access the internet or satellite television. Many buy cheap
hand-held miniature radios smuggled in from China, which are easily hidden
and can last for several months on one set of batteries. Pyongyang would
also try to jam the signal.

The BBC World Service has been cutting foreign language services in recent
years due to ongoing budget reductions. However, many MPs believe that it
can act as an important source of so-called "soft power", especially in
countries where democracy has not taken root. Previous champions of BBC
overseas broadcasts include the Burmese opposition politician, Aung San
Suu Kyi, who listened to them while placed under house arrest by the
country's military junta, and the late Nelson Mandela, who listened to
them while in jail in South Africa.

A BBC source told The Telegraph that plans for the service were still at
an early stage, and that it could be several years before any service was
up and running.

However, Lord Alton of Liverpool, who chairs Britain's All-Party
Parliamentary Group on North Korea, said: "This is a welcome step in the
right direction. The proposal has been welcomed by many who have escaped
from North Korea and will enjoy widespread parliamentary support. I hope
the BBC will now make it happen and that the FCO will put no barriers in
their way."


(via David Bowen-MI-USA, dxld March 11)

MADAGASCAR   A-15 season RTE Dublin registration via Talata-Volondry
Madagascar site
5820kHz 1930-2000UT to 46,47,48,52,53 all Africa, MDC  125kW 315deg
Mon-Fri only. English  MDG  RTE
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 18)

MARIANA ISLS   A-15 season T8WH Angel-4 bcasts in English and Vietnamese,
entries via Palau site:

15610 0000-0100 41,49,50,54 HBN  100 270  Eng Vie
ex17640 0100-0200 41,49,50,54 HBN  100 270  Eng Vie
ex17650 0200-0500 41,49,50,54 HBN  100 270  Eng Vie
17750 0100-0500 41,49,50,54 HBN  100 270  Eng Vie
15660 0500-1100 41,49,50,54 HBN  100 270  Eng Vie
15640 1200-1300 41,49       HBN  100 270  Eng      Mon-Sat only.
 9930 1500-1800 43-45       HBN  100 318  Eng Vie
11955 1430-1500 41          HBN  100 270  Eng Vie
15660 2200-2300 41,49,50,54 HBN  100 270  Eng Vie
15690 2300-2400 41,49,50,54 HBN  100 270  Eng Vie
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 18)

NIGERIA   6089.87  Radio Nigeria Kaduna in the clear at 0541 UT on March
13 w/news report, later commercials. Followed past 0620 UT with no
Caribbean Beacon. Slight interference from second very weak station on
6089.97 {mostly 6089.949v} kHz which I was later able to confirm as Radio
Bandeirantes Brazil.// to 9645.4 kHz {9645.385v}
(Bryan Clark-NZL, dxld March 16)

NIGERIA   9689.895  Only very weak S=4 under threshold - sidelobe rest -
signal heard here in Germany at 0845 UT on Tuesday March 17. VoNigeria
true west at 270 degr direction signal from Ikorodu towards west African
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 17)

Kaduna not heard here in Germany in past 2-3 weeks. I hear only Radio
Bandeirantes from Brazil on 6089.962 kHz. Kaduna was always 120 Hertz
lower frequency approximat. 6089.854 kHz NIG.

Sehr sehr selten Kaduna Nigeria dieser Tage im 49mb zu hoeren. Bryan ist
ein Durchblicker. Ich zweifle den Empfang nicht an. Es muss also zum
Sonnengleichstand Mitte Maerz an den Ausbreitungsbedingungen dieser langen
49mb Kurzwelle in Richtung Europa liegen. Ich habe aber gefuehlte 6 Wochen
nichts mehr aus Kaduna beobachten koennen, -- immer nur Bandeirantes
Brazil 6089.949 und Anguilla 6090 kHz auf dieser Schwingung.

NUMBER STATION   9401.5  Broadband UNIDENTIFIED  Slavic number station -
ahead of Denge Kurdistana bcaster program, at 0902 - 0903 UT March 16.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 16)

OMAN   Youtube Video; 1989 at Masirah Island.
Just spotted this video on Youtube. From: Russell W. Barnes



Video focuses more on the living environment of an engineer at BBC Masirah
Island in 1989 which is interesting. There's just a brief view of antennas
& tx building & staff from around the 7 minute mark of the video. Dialogue
is a bit hard to follow at times, I'm sure the Brits will have an easier
time following ;-)
(Ian Baxter, SW TXsite March 15)

SOLOMON ISLANDS   9545  SIBC extended schedule on 9545 kHz. March 16, not
surprisingly they continued on after their normal 0501 UT sign off; 0519-
0539 UT with relay of R. Australia, with extensive reporting from Vanuatu
and all that Australia is doing to help; slightly delayed from RA on //
15240 // 15415 // 17840 kHz; 0539 UT cut away to local SIBC programs;
phone ad for international calling, medical PSA for leprosy, SIBC
employment; 0556 UT weather, with "heavy rain warnings for most of the
provinces," with talk of Cyclone Nathan in the Coral Sea; started poor and
improved to fairly readable.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, March 16)

9545  "Radio Happy Isles" heard this morning on 9545 kHz with fair
strength clear reception from 0751 UT tune-in. Still audible at 0840 UT.
ID at 0800 UT as "Radio Happy Isles, the Voice of the Nation" and time
check for 7 o'clock before news.

Is now using 9545 kHz 24-hrs - 5020 kHz has been replaced. This is to
provide radio coverage about the cyclone disaster which has caused loss of
life and huge damage in Vanuatu. Well heard here in Melbourne 1900-2000 UT
on March 15. (BP)
(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK March 16)

Wer mal den spaeten Nachmittag Richtung Asien hinein hoeren will:
Ich 'sehe' Honiara heute morgen 16. Maerz in den units in Kalifornien und
Japan mit dem genauen Fussprint

9544.997 kHz - so um die 2-3 Hertz tiefer Channel, jetzt durchgehend
24 hrs on air im 31mb.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 16)

SOUTH AFRICA   A-15 season, DWL via Sentec Meyerton relay site, one hour
later towards Africa target
del 7425 0400-0500UT to 46SE,47,48W,52,53NW,53S,57N            Eng AFS DWL
add 7425 0500-0600UT to 48SW,52NE,52S,53,57N  MEY 250kW 19degr Eng AFS DWL
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 18)

SPAIN   REE Noblejas on shortwave tonight March 18.
Tonight til 22 UT again Champions League matches live coverage on Spanish
shortwaves, noted via REE Noblejas shortwave bcasts at 1945 UT on

 9620  S=9+30dB -44dBm, and heavy QRM by AIR co-channel, see below.
11940  S=9+15dB -59dBm
15490  S=8-9    -76dBm
17755  S=6-7    -92dBm.

and on Thursday March 19 at 2140 UT too:
 9620  S=9+10dB -66dBm
11940  S=9      -72dBm
15490  S=7      -84dBm
17755  S=5-6    -95dBm.
wb in southern Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 18/19)

SPAIN   A-15 season, REE Noblejas registration entry change.
New 9690 kHz REE Noblejas
(to be replaced delete 9620 kHz due of heavy QRM by AIR co-channel).

 9690 1600-2400 4,6-11          NOB 200kW 290deg ant#212 Sat/Sun Spa  REE
 9690 1900-2400 4,6-11          NOB 200kW 290deg ant#212 Mon-Fri Spa  REE
11685 1500-2400 46,47,52,57     NOB 200kW 161deg ant#212 Sat/Sun Spa  REE
11685 1900-2400 46,47,52,57     NOB 200kW 161deg ant#212 Mon-Fri Spa  REE
11940 1500-2400 12-16           NOB 200kW 230deg ant#218 Sat/Sun Spa  REE
11940 1900-2400 12-16           NOB 200kW 230deg ant#218 Mon-Fri Spa  REE
12030 1500-2400 38,39,47,48     NOB 200kW 110deg ant#218 Sat/Sun Spa  REE
12030 1900-2400 38,39,47,48     NOB 200kW 110deg ant#218 Mon-Fri Spa  REE
15110 2000-2400 4,7-11          NOB 200kW 302deg ant#218 Daily   Spa  REE
15490 1600-2400 38,39,47,48     NOB 200kW 110deg ant#212 Sat/Sun Spa  REE
12490 1900-2400 38,39,47,48     NOB 200kW 110deg ant#212 Mon-Fri Spa  REE
17715 1600-2400 12-16           NOB 200kW 230deg ant#218 Sat/Sun Spa  REE
17715 2000-2400 12-16           NOB 200kW 230deg ant#218 Mon-Fri Spa  REE

new time:
17755 2000-2400 46,47,52,57     NOB 200kW 161deg ant#212 Daily   Spa  REE

17855 1600-2400 4,6-11          NOB 200kW 290deg ant#218 Sat/Sun Spa  REE
17855 2000-2400 4,6-11          NOB 200kW 290deg ant#218 Mon-Fri Spa  REE

del 21610 1800-2400 38,39,47,48 NOB 200kW 110deg ant#212 Mon-Fri Spa  REE
21620 1600-2000 46,47,52,57     NOB 200kW 161deg ant#212 Sat/Sun Spa  REE
21620 2000-2400 46,47,52,57     NOB 200kW 161deg ant#212 Mon-Fri Spa  REE
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 18)

SURINAME   4989.988  Only threshold level noted at 0738 UT on March 13.
Carrier seen, and few fragments of music items.
Noted on east coast remote SDR unit at Massachusetts / NY / NJ area.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 13)

TAJIKISTAN   Korean Target Radio bcast registration in A-15 season
add 15590kHz at 1230-1330 UT to Koreas at 44NE Dushanbe Yangi-Yul
100kW 71degr
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 18)

UKRAINE   Power lock at Mykolaiev Luch in Ukraine.

On the Mediumwave transmitting station Luch (549 + 1431 kHz), the power is
turned off due to unpaid bills last week (March 5):


On 5 March Luchivska former affiliate of Concern BRT and settlement Ray
that in Mykolaiv region blackouts due to debt. So there is no broadcasting
a low-power transmitter channel "Inter" 27 TEC and powerful national
broadcasting station "1st channel ANR" at 549 kHz and "RUI" on 1431 kHz.

Z 5-ho bereznya kolyshnya Luchivs?ka filiya Kontsernu RRT, a takozh
selyshche Luch, shcho u Mykolayivs?kiy oblasti znestrumleno cherez
zaborhovanist?. Takym chynom vidsutnye movlennya malopotuzhnoho
peredavacha telekanalu "Inter" na 27 TVK, a takozh potuzhne
zahal?nonatsional?ne movlennya radiostantsiy "1-yy kanal NRU" na 549 kHts
ta "VSRU" na 1431 kHts.

wb: nothing from UR heard on these channels on March 9. But heard
- probably - 0400-2200 UT of strong 837 kHz Kharkiv Taranivka,
on March 9 to 12.

Their brother from Grigoriopol Maiac POWERHOUSE on 1413 kHz also on air.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 9)

UKRAINE   1431  Radio Ukraine International is back today with Russian
programs in the early evening. Perhaps they have paid the electricity
(Bengt Ericson-SWE, A-DX March 14)


Auto translate, not easy to read in English

Mykolaiv region (all broadcast area)

Valery Yurchenko: coming days Nikolaev speech radio center to be restored


Deputy Director General of the National Radio Company of Ukraine - the
consequences Nikolaev off radio center, causes reduction in radio
broadcasting "Ray", the development of FM network NRCU and appropriateness
of speech in MW

March 5 "Khersonoblenergo" for the debts disabled
<Http://> Nicholas

the radio beam in the village of Mykolayiv region, so that stopped

broadcasting on medium Waves National Radio Company of Ukraine. However,
March 6 staff radio "Ray" (second program NRCU) extended open letter
which called for stop spending cuts to broadcast "Ray." In essence,
of two separate stories that coincided in time - off objects
BRT Concern over debt and reduce electricity government expenses
to broadcast different programs Radio Company. The fact what
happens to the Ukrainian radio broadcast, "Telekritika" spoke
with Deputy Director General for Development NRCU radio
networks Valery Yurchenko.

Valery Vladimirovich is happening now with Nicholas the radio?

- I think that the coming days will broadcast radio center Mykolayiv
restored. National Radio Today / 11 March.

TC / Treasury brought a payment order for services Concern BRT. And the
money should be enough BRT Concern on payments to power companies.

That was in debt to NRCU Concern for propagation from Nikolaev radio

- Yes. The order of state funding is such that the first quarter of the
budget does not come as issued documents. So every year we start financed
from about March. And this the situation is repeated from year to year. It
knew and energy. Typically, they were given letters of guarantee that they
are not turned radio centers. I do not know whether such arrangements this
year and why they did not work. You could not wait a week off and they'd
got the money.

- It is about your debt to BRT Concern for the first month this year?

- No, it's payable for 2014. Overall we owe Concern about 5 million. Today
we have listed them 2 million USD. In the Concern RRT debt to power
companies for Nicholas radio center is 1.5 million. That is our money
should be enough to pay off bills before energy in Ray. Now the question -
how treasury work quickly. I think a day or two - and the money is to be

Now we repay the debt over the past year not only BRT Concern, but also
our other operators - radio television transmitting center of Odessa,
Kharkiv radio television transmitting center. I think In April we
completely; pay all last year and will be able to go to the payment for

But to begin payments for 2015, we first have to go through tenders from
operators (BRT Concern, Kharkov and Odessa radio television transmitting
center) on for broadcasting the signal. Tenders still last about a month.
I think in May we will have to start payments for 2015. We repeatedly
drawn attention to the fact that it is expedient to release us from these
lengthy tendering procedures, because it only wastes time and operators
are losses.

- Which program NRCU spread of Nikolaev and radio center suffered because
of his off power? *

- This is the first Ukrainian radio program at a frequency of 549 kHz
(average waves). She Ray covers the territory of Crimea and southern
Ukraine (Odessa, Nikolaev, Kirovograd, Kherson, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia
region), the signal gets even Donetsk and Lugansk regions (although poor

As well as a program broadcasted

"World Service Broadcasting of Ukraine" at a frequency of 1431 kHz (also
medium wave), which broadcast to the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus
and other countries. It is broadcasted in Russian, which is accepted in
good as in Moscow, St. Petersburg, gets to the Urals and Novosibirsk
Tyumen. Even with Bulgaria, Norway and Finland we get reviews or
complaints off. People really listen to these programs is broadcasted now
works for the state Ukraine. So this off transmitters, as was the case,
should not be allowed.

- Last week was also information on off power engineering because of debts
against 'BRT Concern objects in other areas. NRCU suffered from this?

- No, we are not concerned. It was off
in the region, but there is only concerned television.

- What happened to "Ray"? Why staff "Ray" complains that they turn off the

- "Ray" as "culture" applies to broadcasting method VHF range. Frequency
in the FM band for these channels Ukrainian radio no.

This year we received 35 million USD to broadcast all of the programs
Radio Company. This amount is not enough, so we had to cut the broadcast,
compared to last year, as the First Ukrainian radio program, so and second
("Ray") and third ("Culture").

We reduced the broadcast of the first program (UR-1) MW of 18 hours to 14
hours. Also short speech First Program VHF range from 18 hours to 16 hours
a day. And besides, we stopped First broadcast programs in the UHF band in
those localities where licensed to broadcast in FM band (we are the law of
Television and radio must not duplicate the program in one actually range
at different frequencies). The only thing we did not cut - First broadcast
this program in FM range (depending on the volume of speech licenses range
from 20 to 24 hours a day).

We also have to reduce broadcasting in the VHF band two and three program.
We have reduced broadcasting "Ray" from 18 hours to 11 hours day, and from
March 12 we will cut and 'culture' to 11 hours day. In fact, against this
reduction and wrote his open letter staff "Ray." But a complete shutdown
"Ray" and "Culture" is not question.

Today we received an order from the Ministry of Finance and the State
Committee on reduce spending on broadcast for 1 million - to 34 million
per year the entire broadcast. And that is cut - we just do not know.
Obviously, this will affect the first channel in the VHF range.

We have already sent a letter to the government that is reduction is
unacceptable. There is information that we have some promise increasing
costs. If the increase happens, we will return Speech to the previous

I hope that the decline in temporary broadcast. Because we get a lot of
complaints about off broadcast on medium wave from students from the
Crimea, Sevastopol, Odessa region. In humans, there is nothing No - no FM
or FM. This rural people, and they really listen to the mediumwaves.

 - It is my memory 'yatayu, NRCU resumed broadcasting on medium wave
<Http://>  last year?

- Yes. Last year we resumed broadcasting on mediumwave on transmitters in
Taranivka (Kharkiv region) and Ray (Nicholas region{rather Mykolaiev Luch
/ Nikolaev site}). And then there are powerful radio center in Krasne near
Lviv, which covers the entire western region, but it is not working - it
money not enough.

Disabling broadcast on medium wave through disconnection Nikolaev
radio center gave us the audience reaction, which we found out where we
are listen. It turned out that people have moved to the reception MW,
although we become estranged from it and did not efficacy MW. This speech
primarily for the village, to the places where people do not broadcast any
other have. For urban stations are 20-30 in the FM band, and the village
we completely forgotten.

If we now shifted to welcome MW, we would spread throughout Ukraine and
solved the problem of accessibility Ukrainian Radio issues warning to the
population, as well as the speech in the occupied area and in the area of
??TU. After all, there's no FM lacks, maximum - a 40-50 kilometers. A MW
even hear from Nikolaev program in Donetsk. And Kharkiv Taranivky signal
gets to Lugansk. We now plan increase the power of Kharkiv transmitter
(in Taranivka) to be completely covered Lugansk and Donetsk.

We also have achievements of modernization of transmitters on MW, which
will help cover the Ukrainian radio broadcasting all Ukraine. To reduce
the costs of broadcasting must be replaced the new transmitters (for old
Soviet-tube transmitters

- A low quality and great cost of electricity). If you go to new
transmitter, the spread in such a network would cost much cheaper than the
FM network.

- And how many are new transmitter? How long does it on upgrades? *

- To upgrade our entire network takes approximately 8 million Euros.
German manufacturing company has appealed to our government to provide
loans through the German bank and change these transmitters. Interest was
as if, but, unfortunately, all that remained in the plans.

I think that is the question you need to re-raise and restore broadcast
medium. We are preparing a review of this issue in the National Security
Council. Not think that FM - a panacea for everything. There is no
frequency resources or money to build a network of FM band. And in the
middle waves in a year and even more possible to do so.

Russia, by the way, took a serious look on medium wave. How many radio
stations they rozkonservuvaly and specifically included in the broadcast
on Ukraine! Russia specifically bought the radio in Transnistria to speak
to Ukraine. And you can even hear in Kiev MW Russian radio "Vesti FM" of
Transnistria tx origin.

- Meanwhile, in 2014, finally budged issue of
Ukrainian FM radio frequencies. Late last year National Council took
series FM frequencies in regional public broadcasting companies, held
Competition and gave

NRCU these frequencies, leaving speech segments to 4 hours a day for
RSTBC. Or start automatically are common speech and NRCU RSTBC at these
frequencies? *

- Yes, from 1 March speech start automatically. And in those localities
where we started broadcasting in the VHF band, we switch the transmitter
lower VHF. Now the process of switching from FM to FM, and we explain the
audience that they can now listen to the radio in Ukrainian the upper

For example, in the Kiev region worked transmitter frequency 68.51 MHz
lower range, and now we have moved fully into the upper range - the
frequency of 105 MHz. The power of the transmitter even greater. And now
Kyiv region first program Ukrainian radio's FM off and instead of running
5 kilovattnyy FM transmitter range. People call - And we explain to them
that you need to tune to a new frequency.

- Broadcasting network is fully unified with RSTBC?

- Yes. All RSTBC same segments broadcasting licenses:
08: 10/09: 00, 10: 10-10: 20 12: 10-12: 20 13: 10-15: 00 16: 10-16: 2018:
10-19: 00. They should broadcast programs mainly information direction,
but actually broadcast - we are in NRCU can hear only Kyiv.
(via  <>  news </novini.html> March 19)

Yes, in Warsaw Poland remote post:

1431 kHz S=9+10dB Ukraine Luch Mykolaiev,
Russian 1413 kHz from Grigoriopol Maiac Pridnestrovie powerhouse S=9+30dB
and Ukraine Luch Mykolaiev 549 kHz also on air again, as well
// 837 kHz Kharkiv Taranivka.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 14)

UKRAINE   549  Lvov Krasne {not, see above and below}

I am old DXer focused primarily on medium wave. Today, March 17 to 549 kHz
on 0740 UT heard reactivate Ukrainian radio. Broadcast in Russian. The
only strongest transmitter area in Lviv-Krasne, at 800 kW. SINPO 44332.
Radio Sangean ATS 909 X. Antenna Loop 63 + 63 cm. and LW 35 m. ATU.
QTH Orechov, Brno, Czech Republic.
(Vlastimil Kubicek-CZE, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 17)

Ukraine Radio ANR from Krasne or Mykolaiev Luch ?

Vlad, may you can use a MW loop to find out the direction of the powerful
Ukraine Radio ANR bcast on 549 kHz?
many thanks
vy73 de wolfy, wwdxc (March 17)

Wolfy, it's 100% Lutch (Mykolaiev), straight Southwards and seemingly the
same dB (i.e. kW) as before. 73, Vlad in Ukraine. (March 17)

"re Ukraine 549 kHz MW

Dear Vlastimil,
Ukrainian DXer confirmed, that is in reality Mykolaiev Luch site instead,


some more 655 kilometers distance easterly, towards Cherson Mykolaiev Luch

many thanks
vy73 de wolfy, wwdxc (wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 17)

UNIDENTIFIED   9600.003 - footprint - Egyptian singer/music test.

Unidentified Arabic music station noted again Tuesday March 17, when
tuned-in at 0854 UT, carrier only at S=7 or -82dBm in peaks in Germany. At
0857 UT heard tiny weak 1001 (! yes +1 Hz above 1 kHz...) Hertz test tone.
Tone getting louder from around 0902 UT til 09.04:20 UT stop signal.
09.04:57 UT Male Arabic singer, 09.07:30 UT Arabic Orchestra music,
at 0909 UT Arabic singer performance. TX of exact at 09.15:20 UT.

I guess decades ago Libyan R Bengazi was once on 9600 kHz channel....
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 17)

U.K.   On Air - A History of BBC Transmission.
Thanks for sharing this news Alokesh. I look forward to reading the book.

The book 'On Air - A History of BBC Transmission', is now available for
free download at:


The book On Air celebrates a lifetime of achievement in the world of
broadcast transmission engineering and includes many anecdotes from the
lives of people involved. 100 hardback and 500 paperback editions of On
Air were printed in June 2003 and they were all sold by early 2004.
A re-print was made available in January 2006 and they sold out
in February 2009.
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, SW TXsite March 15)

BBC in A-15 season, a lot of additional Saturday Somali and Hausa language
bcasts, likely soccer Premier League live coverage transmissions.

12095 Somali via MDG, and 15420 via Sentec Meyerton, add Sats 14-15 UT.
17745 Somali 1130-1600 UT Sats only, OMA-1300UT, Sentec MEY 13-16.

Something wrong registration, both Seela-OMA and Ascension on same channel
at 1130-1200 UT:
Somali/Hausa/English 1130-1800 UT 17780 kHz, both Somalia OMA 1130-1200
UT, ASC Hausa 1130-1700 UT, English 17-18 UT.

21470 1130-1400 48  DHA  250kW 205 degr Somali UAE BBC BAB Sats only
21470 1400-1500 48  DHA  250kW 205 degr Somali UAE BBC BAB daily
21470 1500-1600 48  ASC  250kW  65 degr Somali G   BBC BAB Sats only

Some BBCWS English transmissions at 14-15 UT ceased now, delete
NAK-THA 5875, 2 x 125kW SNG 6195, 2 x 125kW SNG 9740 kHz.

0000-0100 UT delete 2 x 125kW SNG 9740 kHz, SNG 11750 11955 15335 kHz.
                    NAK 15755 kHz.
             This bcast is usually subject of heavy - mostly digital
             scratching jamming by mainland China security forces,
             20 kHz wide broadband jammer.

2200-2400 UT delete ASC 9915 12095 kHz, Mon-Fri.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 18)

USA   7505.362  Footprint WRNO New Orleans LA only on low power.
Standby low power level signal string visible at 0717 UT on March 13.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 13)

5829.984   WTWW - only open carrier, strong S=9+30dB signal at 0720 UT on
March 13. Nothing on other WTWW channels, all empty 5085, 9475, or 9930

3184.994   WWRB Brother Stair TOM ministry px relay, at 0745 UT March 13,
S=9+25dB strength, similar signal level heard also on WWCR Nashville on
3215 kHz S=9+35dB, but sermon is rather smooth and quiet kind ...
compared to BS.

Noted on east coast remote SDR unit at Massachusetts / NY / NJ area.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 13)

USA   HRI in A-15 season, late change
 7365 0600-0700 4,5,9       HRI  250 47 Suns only  Eng USA HRI FCC
 7365 0700-0800 4,5,9       HRI  250 47 daily      Eng USA HRI FCC

11635 0430-0600 39          HRI  250 47 daily      Eng USA HRI FCC
11635 0600-0700 46-48,52,53 HRI  250 85 Mon-Sat    Eng USA HRI FCC
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 18)

VANUATU   Text of report by Radio Australia website on 17 March

Cyclone Pam has destroyed much of Vanuatu's vital radio infrastructure.

All radio stations went off air when the cyclone hit. Most are yet to be
restored although FM in Port Vila was restored on Sunday night.

Francis Herman, the ABC's programme manager for the Pacific Media
Assistance Scheme, says many are now relying on the mobile phone networks.

[In an accompanying audio clip, Herman says there are no radio services on
the air outside Port Vila. He says the priority is to restore services
from the national broadcaster VBTC as soon as possible. Mediumwave
transmitter masts in Port Vila and Santo were wrecked in the storm. FM
antennas were "blown away". Shortwave broadcasts went off the air when a
generator ran out of fuel.]

Source: Radio_Australia website, Melbourne
(Via BBC_M via dxld March 17)

Has word from Rod Newell in Port Vila. Radio Vanuatu is currently off-air
on all SW/MW frequencies but 3945 kHz is being prioritised for repair as
it is received well on the outer islands. Rod is trying to jerry-rig a
linear amp and antenna for the job. A lot of local comms infrastructer has
been wiped out as have some of the local FMers.
(Paul Ormandy-NZL  ZL4PW, dxld March 16)

Vanuatu Capital FM107, is on the air and on the internet, asking for
donations to the Vanuatu Red Cross. Station is broadcasting live from Port
Vila, "the happiest place in the world" according to the announcer.
(Daniel L. Srebnick-NJ-USA, dxld March 17)

Capital FM107 Port Vila Vanuatu
MP3, 48 kbps. Der Stream-Server steht bei OVH in Frankreich.
(Guenter Lorenz-D, net-radio March 17)

VANUATU    Die TV Sender wie BBC, EuroNews, NHK, sowie auch deutsche
Nachrichtensender sind seit 3 Tagen voll von Wettermeldungen aus dem

Vanuatu, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Fiji, jetzt gehts auf die
australische Kueste los mit Cyclone 'Olwyn'.

Dozens feared dead after Cyclone Pam hits Vanuatu.

Capital FM107 is the only station in Vanuatu on my internet radio and it
does not seem to be online.Mike

Cyclone Pam battered Vanuatu with winds of up to 270kph (170mph).

Pictures on social media showed buildings badly damaged and trees and
power lines down.

Authorities on the islands had earlier issued a red alert to residents
after the cyclone changed direction and began moving towards populated
areas. Communications have been knocked out over a wide area and aid
agencies said on Saturday it could be several hours before a clear picture

Although thousands of people spent the night in emergency shelters, many
more were forced to ride out the storm in their own homes.

Pam had already caused major damage on other Pacific islands, including
Kiribati and the Solomon Islands.

Tuvalu, a group of nine tiny islands north-east of Vanuatu, has also
declared a state of emergency after the cyclone caused flash floods there.

"The immediate concern is for a very high death toll but also an enormous
amount of destruction and devastation," Sune Gudnitz, regional director
for the UN's Office for the Co-ordination for Humanitarian Assistance
(UNOCHA), told Reuters news agency from nearby Fiji, which is also
expecting to be hit by Pam. There were unconfirmed reports that 44 people
had died in Penama province in the north-east of Vanuatu, UNOCHA said in a
statement quoted by Reuters.

The Vanuatu Meteorological Services (VMS) said it expected torrential
rainfall, flash flooding, landslides and storm surges.

All six provinces are under red alert, meaning people are advised to
immediately head to shelter.

Vanuatu National Disaster Management Office spokesperson Mishaen Garae
Lulu told Radio New Zealand that the government had lost contact with some
parts of the northern provinces.

He said the cyclone was expected to be worse than Cyclone Uma, which
killed 50 people in 1987.

Located about a quarter of the way from Australia to Hawaii, Vanuatu has a
population of 267,000 spread over 65 islands. About 47,000 people live in
the capital, Port Vila.

On Friday, Alice Clements, an official with the UN children's agency
Unicef, told the BBC that the capital had become a ghost town as people
took shelter.

"The winds have intensified and the skies have totally clouded over, you
can't see the sea or the hills now. Foliage is thrashing around and the
wind and rain has been torrential," she said.

"People are anxious; it's been a very long time since Vanuatu has seen a
cyclone this big."

The Vanuatu country director for Save the Children, Tom Skirrow, told the
AFP news agency that he was concerned about families living in shanty town

"Thousands of families are living in makeshift, flimsy houses which will
not withstand the immense winds and rain we're expecting. Families need to
urgently evacuate to safe buildings or the results could be catastrophic."

Meanwhile, category three Cyclone Olwyn has hit the coast of Western
Australia with wind gusts of up to 195kph (120mph).

People in the state's coastal region were warned to move to higher ground
to escape dangerous flooding.

Pacific islands: Key facts
* Vanuatu: An archipelago of more than 80 islands, with a population
estimated at 267,000

* Kiribati: Population of just over 100,000 across 33 atolls. The capital,
Tarawa, is about half way between Hawaii and Australia

* Solomon Islands: One of the poorest countries in the region that
suffered from years of civil unrest. Population of around 600,000

* Tuvalu: A group of nine tiny, low-lying islands that are particularly
vulnerable to rising sea levels. Population of just over 10,000

* Fiji: Popular tourist destination with a population of around 900,000.
Made up of more than 800 volcanic and coral islands

(via Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC ng, March 14)

VATICAN STATE/MADAGASCAR   A-15 Vatican Radio Portuguese registration
entry change
11625 0530-0600 52NW,52S,53W,57N notMDC  250kW 285deg,
but instead SMG  100kW 169deg  Portuguese  MDG/CVA VAT

add 13765kHz 0530-0600UT to 52NW,52S,53W,57N MDC 250 285 daily Portug.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 18)


MW logs in about 0700-0830 UT European mornings, March 16.

Heard on Zakynthos island Greece SDR unit
 540     HNG
 729.014 GRC Athens Bogiati
1062     ITA
1313.998 GRC
1349.998 GRC
1502.996 GRC
1583.997 GRC

Heard on SDR remote unit at Hungarian-Austrian border,
antenna rather meant for SW usage, not special MW antenna anymore.

 540     HNG
 549     SVN
 558     SVN
 603     ROU
 630     ROU
 639     CZE rather very tiny weak signal these days.
 648     SVN
 747     HOL
 756     DLF
 801     BR Ismaning
 873     HNG, German px // 1188
 909     ROU
 918     SVN
 954     CZE
1098     SVK, in Hungarian language.
1116     HNG
1188     HNG, German program // 873
1233     CZE
1251     HNG, Marika Roekk Verschnitt in Ungarisch.
1332     CZE
1350     HNG
1413     MDA, Grigoriopol Pridnestrovye powerhouse
1593     ROU
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Mar 16)


Murgtaltreffen Ottenau am Samstag, 9. Mai 2015

die Einladung zum Murgtaltreffen ist da und es gibt eine Neuerung: Bernd
hat das Veranstaltungslokal gewechselt - es ist nun das Gasthaus ADLER.

34. ueberregionales DX-Treffen des Ottenauer Kurzwellenhoererklubs Murgtal
mit RTI Hoerertreffen am 9. Mai 2015

Am Samstag, 9. Mai 2015, findet ab 1300 Uhr Mitteleuropaeischer Sommerzeit
im Gasthaus Adler in der Hauptstr. 255 in D-76571 Gaggenau-Ottenau das
34. ueberregionale DX-Treffen fuer Kurzwellenhoerer und Freunde des
Rundfunkfernempfangs statt.

Verbunden wird dieses Treffen wie schon in den letzten Jahren wieder mit
dem Hoerertreffen des Radio Taiwan International Hoererklubs Ottenau.

Zu dieser Veranstaltung sind natuerlich alle Kurzwellenhoerer, DXer und
Freunde des Rundfunkfernempfangs sehr herzlich eingeladen, unabhaengig
einer Klubmitgliedschaft. Auf dem Programm des Treffens steht ein
Rueckblick ueber die hobbybezogenen Ereignisse in den letzten 12 Monaten
in unserer Region, Berichte von Stationsbesuchen einiger
Hoererklubmitglieder beim Groetbachradio und der Stimme Indonesiens, die
traditionelle Tombola, eine Vorschau auf weitere Hoerertreffen sowie das
bekannte Stationsquiz. Auch eine QSL-Karten-Schau mit aktuellen und
historischen Empfangsbestaetigungen internationaler Rundfunkstationen wird
wieder zu sehen sein.

Durch eine Telefonschaltung ist auch wieder die deutsche Redaktion in
Taiwan mit den Teilnehmern des Treffens verbunden und berichtet in ihrer
Sendung am darauffolgenden Freitag von diesem Hoerertreffen. Auch die
Mitglieder verschiedener DX-Clubs wie ADDX, AGDX, RMRC, Radio Tirana
Hoererklub, KBS Hoererklub, Radio Japan Club Brilon und CRI Club treffen
sich wieder in Ottenau.

Der RTI Hoererklub Ottenau fuehrt auch in diesem Jahr aus Anlass des
Hoerertreffens wieder eine Diplomaktion mit Radio Taiwan International, FM
Kompakt und der Stimme Indonesiens als Partnerstationen durch. Fuer Hoer-
und Empfangsberichte im Kontestzeitraum 1. bis 17. Mai 2015 gibt es wie in
den letzten Jahren aus diesem Anlass wieder ein Kontestdiplom des RTI
Hoererklubs Ottenau.

Am selben Tag findet auf dem ueberdachten Festplatz beim Sportplatz in
Baden-Baden Sandweier ein Amateurfunk-, Computer- und Elektronikflohmarkt
statt. Der Anfahrtsweg zum Flohmarkt ist ab Autobahnausfahrt A5
Raststaette Baden-Baden (von Basel kommend) bzw. Rastatt-Sued (von
Karlsruhe kommend) ausgeschildert.

Das Tagungslokal Adler
ist am einfachsten wie folgt zu erreichen: Mit dem PKW ueber die A5 bis
zur Autobahnausfahrt Rastatt. Von dort auf die Bundesstrasse 462 bis zur
Ausfahrt Gaggenau-Mitte. Nach der Ausfahrt nach links ueber die
Murgbruecke bis zur Ampel, von dort nach rechts auf die Hauptstrasse
einbiegen und weiterfahren, bis dann auf der linken Strassenseite nach der
zweiten Bruecke das Gasthaus Adler zu finden ist. Sollten dort zu wenig
Parkplaetze frei sein, kann auch gegenueber dem frueheren Gasthaus Sternen
oder auf dem oeffentlichen Parkplatz bei der Kirche geparkt werden.

Mit der Bahn anreisende Besucher fahren aus Richtung Karlsruhe mit der
Linie S 41 in Richtung Forbach-Freudenstadt bis zur Haltestelle Ottenau.
Von der Haltestelle zu Fuss in Richtung Bahnuebergang gehen, nach rechts
an der Kirche vorbei bis zur Hauptstrasse. Hier nun nach links, also
murgaufwaerts, bis zur Hausnummer 255.

Eine gute Anreise wuenscht mit freundlichen Gruessen und bestem Dank fuer
die Bekanntgabe dieser Information, Bernd Seiser.

Kurzwellenhoererklub Murgtal, Bernd Seiser
Hauptstr. 205-207, 76571 Gaggenau-Ottenau, Deutschland
Telefon (+49) 7225 981213 (March 16)
Best regards,

Michael Bethge

Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg

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