Yevpaty Kolovrat Diploma

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The diploma is issued to honor the memory of the hero of folk tales Ryazan - Evpatii Kolovrat (1200-11 January 1238) and requires QSOs with amateur radio stations Ryazan region. The diploma may be claimed by any licensed amateur, club or SWL / DMS observer.

Requirement: Make 38 QSOs with stations located in the Ryazan region (R3S). This is a permanent award. There is one required contact: QSO with at least one radio radio amateur living in the Shilovsky Municipal District of the Ryazan region (#RDA: RA-32).

Repeated contacts are permitted on different bands and modes for purposes of earning the award. During the special activity period of Ryazan radio amateurs (from October 01 to 07 October every year) each QSO counts as three (3) QSOs. Contacts made from club or special station count for both the club and the operator. The individual operator or club can use any legal call sign. All stations must be operated in accordance with their license. Contacts may be made from any QTH within a country on the DXCC list. Confirmations from the SWL / DMS observers are accepted as confirmed QSO.

The award is issued in electronic form FREE high-quality JPG - format and sent to the applicant by e-mail. To obtain a diploma in electronic form, send a request to the Award Manager at the address:

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