Celebrating 70 Years of Freedom

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1 - 31 May 2015


70 years ago the allied forces liberated The Netherlands from Nazi rule, ending the second world war five years after it started. The southern part of The Netherlands was liberated in the autumn of 1944, while the northern part was only liberated in the spring of 1945. On May 4, 1945 the German forces formally capitulated to the British Field Marshall Montgomery. The capitulation was effective the next day. We therefore celebrate the end of WW2 for the whole of the country on May 5 every year.

YNOMY DX Group and friends want to call attention to the valuable freedom we attained and have enjoyed ever since, with a radio-activity during the month of May. We will activate 8 different special callsigns, operated by 8 different Oms: PA45FREE , PB45FREE , PC45FREE , PD45FREE , PE45FREE , PF45FREE, PG45FREE and PH45FREE.

We will also activate a special group callsign PA45FREEDOM during the weekend of May 16 & 17 - and possibly a few other moments during the month of May.

QSL: A special QSL card will be available for OMs who have contacted one or more of our stations.

We will send out cards to all contacts via the bureau approximately one month after the activity. If you want to receive your card direct, please send your QSL direct with SAE & 2$ to: Marcel Kuenen, Rijksweg Noord 12, 6661KG Elst, The Netherlands.

For those interested - both OMs and SWLS - we offer an electronic award for free. All you need to do to obtain the award is to collect 45 points.

All individual call signs worked will count for 9 points and the group call sign (PA45FREEDOM) will earn18 points towards this award. SWLs are advised that cluster spots do not constitute valid RX reports.

Your e-mail should contain a log extract showing each of the contacts and the value you are claiming towards the award. Applications for the award may be sent to: 45freedom.award@gmail.com

E-mail: 45freedom.award@gmail.com

Internet: http://ynomy-dx.blogspot.nl/

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