WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - BC-DX 1203 2 April 2015

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ALBANIA   13710  RTC CRI Cerrik relay, English program noted in 13690 to
13730 kHz broadband signal range, extreme 40 kHz broadband signal.

News via RTC European SW relay in Cerrik Chinese,
S=9+50dB -28dBm signal this morning at 0735 UT on March 30.

RTC CRI Cerrik 150 kW on March 31, at 0715 UT noted in Germany and
Switzerland remote software defined radios.

Perseus is a direct-sampling software-defined radio (SDR) receiver,


selected SDR receiver options, AM mode span 12.5 kHz, resolution bandwidth
(RBW) 15.3 Hertz.

11855 kHz Chinese, 2 x 18 kHz sidebands either side = 36 kHz wide,
13710 kHz English, 2 x 21 kHz sidebands either side = 42 kHz wide.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 30 / 31)

ALBANIA   A-15 season, morning Radio Tirana Albanian service.
Good Morning dear Drita, just arrived in our 2015 summer season DST time
reception, - and to report powerful signal of Radio Tirana channel-3
Albanian service via Shijak transmission outlet on March 30, recording in
excellent .ogg format about 07.57 til 08.03 UTC time slot.

7389.978 kHz correct exact footprint frequency, before from 07.50 UT heard
more modern pop music singer, and followed by national hymn from approx.
07.56 UT at end of the 1st Albanian morning service.

At 08.02 UT featured a review on spectacular football match of Albania vv
Armenia national soccer teams of last night, which Albania team was lucky
to win at the end, and some tall player from Cologne Germany Bundesliga
team set the ultimate football goal.

RT Shijak signal strength here in southern Germany, at central European
nations area, at S=9+30dB means -43dBm signal strength today.

BUT a little BUZZ audio covered the whole transmission,
some four (4) x 50 Hertz distance main power buzz peaks were visible on
the browser screen, each sideband.

[selected SDR software defined Radio PERSEUS - Made in Italy -
options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]

(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 30)

7464.979  Radio Tirana in German logged at 1931 UT on Tuesday March 31,
see .ogg recording as attached. Started TX at 19.29:20 UTC on March 31,
S=9+35dB  or  -39dBm.

RT interval signal from 1930 UT, then news in German language. 19:32 UTC
Human rigth featured by Mr. MP Eli Rama, Socialist Party leader, for local
elections in 2015. Communist party leader spoke also. Skodra-Skutari news
reading item.
Talk on Tirana capital mayor election soon.

[later]  9854.970 kHz  Pause audio signal of Radio Tirana noted til
23.00:13 UT March 31, followed by ID Identification of Radio Tirana
in Albanian language. From 23.00:15 UT heard R Tirana theme music,
at S=8 to S=9+5dB signal level, fluttery.

Listen to the recording of 9855v kHz transmission, taken from remote North
America site near Boston, Massachusetts, the USA North East coast location
of a SDR Perseus receiver unit.

But modulation suffered a little bit, and like previously time I mention
again, R Tirana Shijak site should use a professional OPTIMOD audio
processor unit in future.

Adjacent 9845, 9850, and 9860 kHz channels are free at least in NY, NJ, MA
states in USA.

The Chinese Mandarin station from Urumqui on 9865 kHz with 500 kW has same
signal level like Radio Tirana Shijak on 9855 kHz.

End of Radio Tirana's Albanian sce to North America on March 31, Music
heard around 23.56 UTC, and final hymn started around 23.58:50 UT, March

[later]  9849.972 kHz  Radio Tirana English at 0130-0157 UT April 1. TX at
Shijak switched on at 01.26:50 UTC on Wednesday April 1, S=9+5 dB
or -65dBm signal strength at 01.33 UTC. Listen to the recording of
9850v kHz transmission, taken from remote North America SDR site near
Boston, Massachusetts, the USA North East coast location of a
SDR Perseus receiver unit.

Screenshot in Boston, Massachusetts, the USA at exact 0100 UT, show IBB
Kuwait 9855 kHz broadcast in Tibetan end, program channel, now from
0100 UT only AIR and TRT Spanish on co-channel 9870 kHz, far, far away
channel  -- no problem for Radio Tirana on 9850 kHz.

[later]  On Wednesday April 1st I logged both Radio Tirana transmissions
of Italian and French language segments here in southern part of Germany.

7464.980 exact frequency footprint, mostly very stable S=9+35dB or -38dBm
audio signal noted here.

Listen to enclosed recording between 17.15 UTC and 17.36 UTC, April 1.

As mentioned last night on North American recording, your signal is
somewhat UNDERMODULATED via the Shijak transmitter, your signal need
a little bit more PUNCH of a professional OPTIMOD unit gear, before
leave the Shijak site to the world.

Especially all music peaces are undermodulated, when compared against
spoken parts of the broadcast.

Noted 17.15 til 17.26:20 UTC the music program, followed by Radio Tirana
pause melody theme, followed by RT interval pause signal 17.26:25 til
17.29:54 UTC.

Radio Tirana French service started with theme music from 17.30:00 UTC,
and the French identification by lady presenter til 17.30:34 UTC.

Followed by International newscast in French language from 17.31 til
17.35:20 UTC, on April 1st.

Listen to the recording, taken today April 1st
here in southern Germany Stuttgart SDR unit.

1700-1730  7465 SHI 100 kW TX2 S-10 antenna at 310 deg to We-CeEUR-Italy

1730-1800  7465 SHI 100 kW TX1 S-10 antenna at 310 deg to WeEUR-France
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 31 / April 1)

9855  Sunday March 29 at 2302 UT, something here with music and talk,
presumed Radio Tirana on new frequency for Albanian hour to NoAmerica, but
only poor vs local noise level. 9850 kHz should be the new frequency for
English at 0130 from UT Tuesday.

[later]  9855 and 9850 kHz monitoring in central North America.

9855, March 31 at 2356 UT, R. Tirana Albanian hour to North America in
closing music, 2357 UT National Anthem, 2358 UT IS and off. Fair signal,
no interference co- or adjacent. Nearest signal is Chinese on 9865 kHz,
no problem at all.

*2359 UT pops on 9850 kHz instead with carrier and then IS until 2400* UT,
i.e. setting up for the next broadcast, English at 0130 UT on 5 kHz lower.

There is a slight QRM overlap, but not a big problem. By 2357 UT or so I
am hearing something underneath 9855 kHz, clear but poor at 2359 UT, which
turns out to be VOA Tibetan via Kuwait, with a VOA jingle at 0001 UT.

9850, April 1 at 0127 UT, Radio Tirana IS, fair with flutter. On the
PL-880 with short random wire, dbu ranges 31-51, average about 46.
There are storms not far away to the south in Oklahoma, and the noise
floor level on unoccupied 9840 kHz ranges 19-23 dbu.

No adjacent or co-channel interference plus 5 or 10. In fact, the only
significants are bookends Turkey in Spanish back on same frequencies as
last A, 9770 and 9870 kHz.

0130 UT sign-on with correct times and frequencies for the two English
broadcasts starting March 29, into news.

Recheck at 0155 UT during closing music, still no QRM problem, dbu ranges
37-49; 0157 UT theme, 0158 UT IS to 0158.5* kHz. So both frequencies are
working well in the new season. However, modulation is not sufficient; as
Wolfy suggests, should add an OPTIMOD to boost it.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld March 30 / 31)

ANTARCTICA   15476  LRA 36, Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel,
at 2038-2110 UT on 26 March, comments by female in Spanish and
Latin American songs. Best in USB. 14321.
(Manuel Mendez-ESP, via PlayDX #1643, March 29)

ARGENTINA   15344.965  RAE Buenos Aires, Italian sce at 19-20 UT on Mon-
Fri schedule, logged with easy listening Latin American music at 1925 UT
April 1 on S=9+10dB level, interspersed by some political Malvinas Island
{British Falklands} question conflict matter comment, also read from
Wallstreet Journal online newspaper.

At same time noted well above threshold level, the Base Esperanza Argentine
Antarctica Radio signal of LRA 36, Radio Nacional Arcangel San Gabriel, on
15475.972 kHz at 1935 UT on Wednesday April 1st.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 31 / April 1)

ASCENSION ISL  [to NIGERIA]  7415  on March 30 at 0554 UT, good signal
with chanting & percussion, not // 11650 kHz Dabanga, so what's this?
0559 UT mentions Obama, bit of music and off 0559.5* UT. HFCC shows it's
ASCENSION, 250 kW, 55 degrees at 0500-0600 UT in "Kau" which means Kanuri

Therefore it's the new A-15 frequency for Dandal Kura to the Boko Haram
area of Nigeria (and the other broadcast at 18-19 UT is still listed on
12050 kHz).

7415 kHz AID  Dandal Kura Radio at 0500-0600 UT daily in Kanuri language
250 kW at 55degr from Babcock FMO at Ascension Isl
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld March 30)

ASCENSION ISL   12050  Follow The Bible Ministries, P.O.Box 1332, Alameda,
CA 94501, USA.

<FollowTheBibleMinistries -at->

das in den USA ueber eine Handvoll Mittelwellensender sendet, hat seit dem
8. Februar 2015 auch eine Sendung nach Westafrika. Der Sendeplan bleibt im
Sommer unveraendert:

1900-1930 UT on 12050 kHz (250 kW, 55 degr) Suns only.
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt aktuell April 2015)

ASCENSION ISL/CHINA  13660 a terrible nice mixture here on co-channel CRI
English and BBCWS Ascension 07-08 UT on March 30.

ASC at 55 degr towards West Africa target,

CRI Xian at 500 kW 200degr towards SoEaAS and Ceylon, southern
subcontinent target.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 30)

AUSTRALIA   11590  on March 29 at 1423 UT, SoAsian song, good signal. HFCC
shows this is the new English frequency from RBA, at 1325-1530 UT, 100 kW,
305 degrees from Kununurra; replaces 12115 kHz which started at 1400 UT.
In B-14, 11590 kHz was in SoAsian languages only.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld March 29)

AUSTRALIA   11590  March 30 at 1344 UT, RBA is NOT in English as
registered in HFCC for KNX HCA HCA, but SoAsian song and talk; 1357 UT YL
with a P.O.Box, namaskar; 1400 UT seems to switch language with OM
announcer, but still not English; 1415 UT SoAsian song, 1419 UT still
language. Final check at 1458 UT, now it's in English!

Seems that RBA totally jumbles scheduling from one season to the next,
becoming ever more complex, but it's all spelt out on their website,


or more conveniently reached beyond:


11590  is axually in English only at 1445-1530 UT daily while at 1330-1400
UT it's Hindi, 1400-1445 UT variety of other languages. 11590 kHz is
designated for "South Asia - South". But there is another frequency, 15340
kHz for "South Asia - North", which now ALSO has English at 1445-1530 UT,
some of it matching 11590 kHz, some of it not! This one starts at 1300 UT
in various languages, 1415-1445 UT Urdu daily. I hear it at 1458 UT check,
but very poor compared to 11590 kHz. There is only a 5-degree difference
in azimuths, 305 on 11590 kHz, 310 on 15340 kHz, per HFCC A-15. I suppose
the hymn medley runups will be heard from 1325 and 1255 UT respectively.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld March 30)

AUSTRIA   9625  In 17-19 UT slot noted VoVietnam via ORS Moosbrunn site,
at 17 UT En, 1830 UT French, and 1730-1830 UT Vietnamese to Central and
western Europe. Tonight tremendous powerhouse signal S=9+45dB -28dBm !
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 29)

AUSTRIA/GERMANY   6070  S=9+25dB signal German Ham Radio Club C-18 Munich
district initiative, "DARC Radio" single hour,
repeat of Sunday 6070 ORS Moosbrunn Austria 100 kW at 09-10 UT;
on Mondays 15-16 UT in DST, via ch292 Ingolstadt Rohrbach Waal
1510 UT on Monday March 30.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 30)

BELARUS   Radio Belarus Minsk Kalodzicy 11730 kHz once again carries
terrible  scratching audio today with of some spurious outlets, maybe
combined 15 x 5 kW former jamming units - or is it 2 x 75 kW combined

At 1718 UT on March 29 noted spurious signals again,
nominal 11725 to 11735 kHz range looks good AM-wise,

but noted also in like FM mode some scratching signals on
11678 - 11689
11699 - 11712

and upperside also
11748 - 11761
11773 - 11783 kHz

Fundamental BR Kalodzicy on 11730 kHz produces a powerful S=9+45dB signal
in southern Germany target.

Minsk Kalodzicy site, acc Google Earth historical satellite images in past
2011-2013 years, some older jamming 5 kW + antenna gear, and MW jammer
masts near the TX building scrapped now, located mostly in south-eastern
corner of the area, also on the border of the soil estate erected new

[later]  Minsk Kalodzicy warm-up tx carrier on air 1450 UT March 30,
start earlier at 1500 UT instead ??
6080 1600-2204 28E,29S,39N MNS 150 127 0 158 Belarus BLR BTC SDT
S=9+20dB -49dBm signal strength.

[later]  11730 Minsk Kalodzicy at 16-18 UT slot March 31, plus 2-3
spurious either side, reported in past weeks, also occured today, see
older TopNews files on wwdxc archive. Boring to report on this failure
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 29 / 30 / 31)

BELARUS/TURKEY/USA   Bad mixture on 11930 kHz channel at 1710-1715 UT,
when heard -
probably - ? Spanish from Radio Marti GB site ? underneath,

-- but ahead NOT Spanish service from TRT Emirler Turkey heard,

latter is in reality rather Radio Belarus Polish sce noted at 1720 UT
segment instead !!

Minsk Kalodzicy is request registered one hour later from 1800 UT in
HFCC table, March 31. Radio Belarus German service heard - UNDERMODULATED
- at 1900 UT April 1 on 11930 kHz. S=9+10dB -57dBm signal in Stuttgart
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 31 / April 1)

BRAZIL  Duas emissoras brasileiras voltam a transmitir em ondastropicais

Duas emissoras brasileiras voltam a transmitir em ondas tropicais

Após vários meses inativas, duas emissoras brasileiras regressaram às
ondas tropicais. Tratam-se das Rádios Canção Nova, de Cachoeira Paulista
(SP), em 4825 kHz, e Iguatemi, de Osasco (SP), em 4975 kHz. As informações
são de Luis Valério Valladão, que reside em Três Corações (MG). De acordo
com o Luis ambas chegam com sinal forte lá no Sul de Minas Gerais. Aqui,
na zona rural de São José de Piranhas (PB), pude constatar o retorno da
Canção Nova, hoje, por volta das 02:00 pelo Tempo Universal, e eis que a
recepção era muito boa. Vale lembrar que esse é um problema recorrente de
muitas emissoras brasileiras que transmitem em ondas curtas e tropicais,
ora estão no ar, ora estão inativas.

Two Brazilian issuers return to transmit in tropical waves

After several months inactive, two Brazilian issuers returned to tropical
waves. They are the Radio Canção Nova, Cachoeira Paulista (SP) in
4825 kHz, and Radio Iguatemi, in Osasco (SP) in 4975 kHz. The information
is of Luis Valerio Valladão, who resides in Três Corações (MG).
According to Luis both come with strong signal there in southern Minas
Gerais. Here, in the countryside of São José de Piranhas (PB), I could
see the return of the Radio Canção Nova, today, around 02:00 at UTC, and
behold, the reception was very good.

Remember that this is a recurring problem in many Brazilian stations
broadcasting on short and tropical waves, sometimes in the air, why are

Lenildo da Silva São José de Piranhas, Paraiba, Brasil via Paraiba DX
<>  No Mundo do Dexismo

Aqui eu escutei ambas no dia 27 March das 0900-1030 UT

4974.981 kHz -95dB Radio Iguatemi, Osasco, São Paulo, Brasil
4824.925 kHz -91dB Radio Canção Nova, Cachoeira Paulista, São Paulo,
(Daniel Wyllyans-PB-BRA, hcdx March 28)

BRAZIL   15190.080  Rádio Inconfidência, Belo Horizonte, MG. Guitar music
at S=6  -91dBm signal level, nice clear audio quality, at 0655 UT
on March 30.

11780.121  RNA / RNB Brasilia, noted with excellent clean audio, could be
another of their 3 ... 4 transmitters?
At 0745 UT March 30 at S=7-8 or -83dBm signal strength level.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 30)

Am 21. Februar ist David Martins Miranda (1935-2015), 1962 Gruender der
Igreja Pentecostal Deus e Amor, gestorben. Kurzwellenfreunden ist die
Pfingstkirche, die in Brasilien und anderen lateinamerikanischen Laendern
um 1 Mio. Mitglieder haben duerfte, durch verschiedene dauerhaft hoerbare
Frequenzen bekannt. Brasilianische DXer, die der Verkuendigung nicht
unbedingt nachweinen, fragen dennoch nach der Zukunft der haeufig auch in
Europa hoerbaren Kurzwellen Curitiba (Parana) 6060, 9565 und 11765 kHz und
Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo) 6120 und 9585 kHz. Die jetzt in die Leitung
aufrueckenden Personen setzten laengst auf Internet und soziale Netzwerke.
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt aktuell April 2015)

Nach rund zweieinhalb Jahren wurde Radio Integracao de Cruzeiro do Sul
(Rádio de Alagoas, 270, Barriro Escola Tecnica, Cruzeiro do Sul,
Acre 69980-000, Brazil
e-mail  <contato -at->

von Januar bis Maerz wieder vereinzelt auf 4765 kHz gemeldet. Bei Youtube
zum Beleg eingestellte Videomitschnitte erwiesen sich als untauglich, doch
ist etwa Pedro F. Arunategui ein bekannter Name als DXer. Auf der Website
wird nur Bezug auf die UKW-Frequenz 99,9 MHz genommen. Ein anderer Sender
auf 4765 kHz ist Radio Rural, Santarem PA.
(dxld, Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt aktuell April 2015)

BULGARIA   [not MOLDOVA Pridnestrovie in this time slot]  11510 regular
channel and two 11490 / 11530 kHz exact +/-20.0 kHz away, two spurious
signals each sideband.

11510 S=9+40dB
11490 S=9+ 5dB March 29
11530 S=9+10dB

Minor spurious signals also hit on 11470.0 and 11550.0 kHz too.

11510 0300-1900 39,40 KCH 300 116 218 Kurdish MDA BRB
Station ID heard at 1450 UT on March 29.

But according Ivo in Bulgaria, that two spurious outlet + harmonic in
23 MHz range too, looks like an older USSR unit in usage at Kostinbrod
Spaceline Ltd. site.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 29)

"Denge Kurdistan" via very old tx in Secrebrod, March 29:
1400-1600  11510 SCB 100 kW 90 deg to WeAS Kurdish plus 2nd hx 23020 kHz,
plus spurs 11490/11470/11530/11550 kHz, co-ch NorthKorea Reform Radio
at 1430-1530 UT.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 29)

BULGARIA   Oromo sce brokered by WRN via Spaceline Ltd. in Kostinbrod
Bulgarian heard after 1700 UT on March 31, mentioned a lot of Yemen
political news clashes and Iran/Israel atomic program presure negotiation
in Switzerland. 1710 UT - 1700-1730 UT, S=9+20 or -70dBm in Germany
backlobe signal. "Dimtse Radio Arena" program mentioned in Aoki Nagoya
Japan list.

UNID   ?? Spaceline LTD Kostinbrod Sofia FMO brokery ??
"Probably BVB" program - sure in Persian language, noted on 11600 kHz at
1616 UT on Tuesday March 31, S=9+30db or - 50dBm. 16-18 UT ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 31)

CHINA   13860  Extended schedule?
HFCC doesn't has this 16-17 UT slot request entry - at 1622 UT on March 31
- of CRI / CNR Chinese music service, probably from SZG Shijiazhuang
powerhouse, 500kW at 8 rows of dipols there, old installation of
Shijiazhuang superpower to Tirana feed monitoring in early 70ties during
US war in Vietnam era.

13860 1500-1600 29-31 SZG 500 315
Looks like a jamming program against whom ?
Or jammer parked here outside 22 mb ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 31)

CHINA/GERMANY   17570 kHz  VoA Tibetan, CNR jamming 14 kHz wide jamming
signal against Lampertheim request registration?, at 1427 UT on March 30.

17630  CRI Urumqi English 13 kHz wide broadband 1300-1457 UT,
S=9+35 -42dBm signal.

13710 kHz from Kashi / Kashgar powerhouse,
26 kHz wide broadband CRI English at 1400-1457 UT March 30 S=9+30dB -46dBm

18 kHz wide broadband signal from Kashi / Kashgar bcast center:
15410 1400-1500 UT 27-29 KAS 500 308 0 288 Chn CHN CRI RTC
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 30)

CHINA/KUWAIT   11630 co-channel mixture of Radio Kuwait Holy Quran
afternoon prayer in Arabic, and CNR Kazakh sce played violine and flute
music from Lingshi site. At 1503 UT on March 29. S=9+50dB or -59dBm here
in southern Germany.

2355-1805 42NW     LIN 100 286
1015-1600 52,47-48 KBD 200 230
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 29)

CHINA/MARIANAS {Saipan}   9355  FIREDRAKE drums Chinese music, jamming at
1736 UT March 31, against RFA Mandarin program. In music peaks 25 kHz wide
signal coverage. Same Firedrake mx jamming also noted on 9745 kHz channel.
S=9+30dB or -48dBm.

11560  in 1800-1900 same China mainland jamming music against RFA Mandarin
program heard at 1855 UT April 1.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 31 / April 1)

CHINA/SAIPAN-Mariana Isl   9745  China mainland heavy jamming by FIREDRAKE
Chinese national music against US propaganda IBB RFA Mandarin program. At
1810 UT on March 29 at S=9+35dB -41dBm signal strength here in southern
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 29)

CONGO Democratic Republic    5066v  Radio Congo was heard much better than
usual today, March 25. Sign-off was 1828 UT which seems to be the usual
time if the engineer sticks to it News has ended and audio is cut after a
short filler music, followed by dead air for a minute or so.
(Thorsten Hallmann-D, dxld March 25)

CONGO Rep.   6115  Radio Congo, Brazaville, at 1817-1830* UT on March 25,
French, news "Le journal". Interference from Voice of Turkey on adjacent
6120 kHz. 23432.
(Manuel Mendez-ESP, via PlayDX #1643, March 29)

CUBA   RHC Spanish also heard here in southern Germany Europe. In 12-16
slot ? with Spanish "Hola Amigos ..." progr S=7-8 on 17730 kHz best,
weaker on 15230 and 15370 kHz. At 1350 UT on Sun March 29.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 29)

EGYPT   9965, on March 29 at 2305 UT, open carrier with hum-whine, then
some just-barely-modulated music and talk seems like it is English, so
Radio Cairo unchanged for this so-called North American sesquihour.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld March 29)

Cairo Abis already from 14 UT on air, distorted Cairo signal, probably ?
13580 1500-1600 UT 28 ABS 250 315 0 216 Aae EGY ERU

[later]  15345  Radio Cairo, 16-18 UT, registered English lang sce, but
TOTALLY DISTORTED AUDIO content, couldn't understand anything.
S=9+20dB -53dBm here in southern Germany, at 1640 UT on March 31.

On 9280 kHz at 1650-1850 UT bad audio Radio Cairo sce noted, probably
Turkish language family sce, logged at 1734 UT on March 31.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 30 / 31)

ERITREA   Not on 7175 kHz, but on 7185 kHz instead today, March 25, with
HOA music and national anthem at 1829 UT. Fairly strong. No trace of a 2nd
transmitter so far, but its former main channel 7205 kHz is quite crowded
in late afternoons anyway.
(Thorsten Hallmann-D, dxld March 25)

Asmara Eritrea ex-7175 kHz now on 7184.987 kHz at 0420z on March 26,
S=9+15dB or -61dBm signal.

And on April 1 at 17z heard on 7184.987 kHz S=9+105dB or -65dBm signal.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
73 wolfie  df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 26 / April 1)

7174.988  Asmara Eritrea in Amharic language program back on 7174.988 kHz
channel at 0420z March 30, vy73 wolfgang df5sx
(via IARU-region 1 intruderalert, March 30)

Heard with s/on at 0255 UT: on 23 & 26 March on 7185 (!)kHz and on 24, 27,
28 March on 7175 kHz, followed by known IS & ID and prgr in Vernacular and
no jammed.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 30)

ETHIOPIA   Amhara S.R. is already daily observed (23-28 March) with s/on
at 0255 UT on 6090 kHz with IS & ID in Vernaculars. Till 0255 UT here is
dominating the voice of pastor Melissa Scott from Anguilla ( // 5935 kHz
by WWCR) and poor on odd freq Bandeirantes, Brazil ( // 9645 kHz). From
0430 UT all blocked by Nigeria.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 30)

6030  Radio Oromiya, Adama, at 1832-1855 UT on March 25, Vernacular
comments and songs. 24322.

6110  Radio Fana, Addis Ababa, at 1805-1818 UT on March 25, Vernacular,
comments. Interference from Voice of Iran, with program in Russian on the
same frequency. 22331.
(Manuel Mendez-ESP, via PlayDX #1643, March 29)

7237.239  Odd frequency of Ethiopian Radio from Addis Ababa-Gedja,
probably scheduled as in 2012 year at 0300-2100 UT in various languages
and various programs, like formerly Radio Ethiopia, VO Peace & Democracy,
and Voice Democratic ALLIANCE. Noted at 1750 UT March 31, some whistle
heterodyne QRM on 7235 and 7240 kHz even channels.

And on April 1 at 1705 UT logged Ethiopian Radio from Addis Ababa-Gedja on
7237.247 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 31 / April 1)

FRANCE   [to NIGERIA]  New transmission to Nigeria, sounds like
Radio APC / Radio Chanji - Change
0600-0630 UT 11720 kHz in Hausa, unknown tx site, first noted on March 19.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 19)
{probably via TDF Issoudun site, wb.}

Re: New transmission to Nigeria - Radio APC / Radio Chanji.

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has reportedly launched a new
international radio station.

This may be in response to the dominance of the nation's broadcasting
airwaves by elements of the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP) which
have been using the media to attack the APC. gathered that the new broadcast outfit, which broadcasts from
undisclosed locations, has started broadcasting to Hausa-speaking people
of Northern Nigeria with 500 kW transmitters on test transmission from
7:00 to 7:30 CET/am [0600-0630 UT in winter] on 11720 kHz on the 25
meterband shortwave.

The sign-call of the radio is Radio APC, Radio Chanji which according to
the party was established to contribute to the free exchange of
information in the nation in order not to lose the information war which
could change people's minds and attitudes towards the party.

The broadcast which was received and monitored in Kano, Ibadan, Port
Harcourt, Maiduguri, Adamawa, Birnin-Kebbi and Niamey, among other areas,
started transmission over the weekend.

The programmes which were largely APC musicals in the Hausa language are
in support of the party's presidential candidate, General Muhammadu
Buhari, the party's Kaduna state governorship candidate, Malam Nasir el-
Rufai, the Kano state governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, the Sokoto state
governor, Aliyu Wammako, and other party chieftains.

The unnamed female announcer said 24-hour transmission would soon begin to
cover the pre-and postelection activities of the party, including phone-in
programmes, on-the-spot assessments, and interviews with various strata of
the party's faithful.
(from  <>  via April 2015 ARDXC-ADXNews via dxld)

FRANCE   15255  New 250kW powerhouse transmission of IBB via TDF Issoudun
S=9+20 -56dBm 15255 1400-1600 30S ISS 250 90 0 226 Tuk  F  IBB
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 30)

FRANCE/ETHIOPIA  17630 kHz, from MBR Cologne A-15 schedule
17630 kHz at 1600-1630 UT 47E,48 ISS 500kW 130degr ITU ant type#217
..3...7  OGM  F   MBR  HR 4/4/0.8 antenna,  ISS  OGM
OGM  NGO [RHU Radio Huriyo Xoriyo Ogaden]

17630  S=9+10dB or -62dBm signal here in southern Germany -
on Tuesdays / Saturdays only transmission, covered by WHITE NOISE
jamming, 26 kHz wideband covered jamming.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 31)

FRANCE  [Bretagne]   1593  Der Conseil superieur de l'audiovisuel hat am
27. Februar 2015 der Association Bretagne 5 (Le Pole - Parc d'activites de
l'Esperance Ouest, 10, rue de la Doucine, 22120 Quessoy) die Mittelwelle
1593 kHz zugesprochen. Sendebeginn soll noch vor dem Sommer sein. Im
Internet findet man bei
erste Informationen und "un programme musical eclectique" (einen wirklich
eigenartigen Mix teilweise sehr eigenartiger Musik).

In den Jahren ab 1998 gab es schon eine ganze Reihe von
Mittelwellenprojekten, doch haben sie nicht zu einer dauerhaften
Wiederbelebung der franzoesischen Mittelwellenszene gefuehrt. Wie 2008 in
der Bretagne eben auf 1593 kHz durchgefuehrte DRM-Sendungen zeigen,
hofften die Anbieter seinerzeit auf eine baldige Einfuehrung der digitalen
Mittelwelle. Auch jetzt hat Bretagne 5 mittelfristig Digitalsendungen vor.
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt aktuell April 2015)

FRANCE   strike, English changes.
Sounds like there is a strike at Radio France - France Inter 162 kHz has
only mainly French pop music with ID now and again. It should be Natalie
with her classical music show. I wonder if SW transmissions are affected
too ???
(Noel Green-Blackpool-UK NW England, dxld March 19)

Brief mention was made at the end of the last hour of the RFI English
broadcast of a new "Paris Live PM." No information about this is found at
the RFI English web site or its F_B page. Sadly, the "extended info"
F_B subpage still lists the 1400 and 1700 UT English broadcasts, which
haven't existed for years.
(Mike Cooper-GA-USA, dxld March 20)

A brief announcement on RFI's English broadcast today said that as of
Sunday, March 29, there will be a "new interactive program" at 1400 UT on
Monday that will also include broadcasting the latest news from the
"France 24" television channel. Yes, the way this is worded does not make
it clear whether this starts on Sunday or Monday. No explanation was made
as to how we are supposed to hear the "new interactive program."

[later]  Unions at Radio France decided today to continue their 9-day-old
strike through Monday, even though this could interfere with coverage of
elections on Sunday.
(Mike Cooper, dxld March 26)

FRANCE   strike, English changes. From France24_website on Friday 27 March

Radio France, the country's main public radio broadcaster, has been
paralysed by a strike since March 19 in what is now the longest such
action to affect the company in a decade. Several of the stations
regrouped under Radio France, including national news networks France
Inter and France Info, have been severely disrupted by the strike, which
comes amid a heavy week in the news and ahead of key local elections


in France this weekend.

As the strike continued on Friday, Prime Minister Manuel Valls called for
it to end, urging both sides of the dispute to relaunch negotiations.

"This strike must end. Talks between unions and management need to restart
on the right foot," Valls said in an interview with the country's Radio
Classique and iTele television.

The strike began March 19 and comes amid fears that hundreds of jobs will
be cut at Radio France.

The company, which is 90 percent state funded through license fees, is in
deep financial trouble after it was forced to adopt a projected 2015
budget deficit of 21.3 million euros in January.

To make matters worse, French investigative weekly Le Canard Enchaine
published an article on March 18 revealing that Radio France's CEO Mathieu
Gallet had spent 100,000 euros renovating his office as part of broader,
long-term project to revamp the company's office building in Paris.

Gallet quickly apologised to Radio France's employees, saying that he
should have delayed the renovation, which was approved in 2013 before his
arrival at the company. He also said he would fight to ensure that there
were no layoffs.

His comments, however, did little to reassure unions organising the

"We don't trust him anymore," the SUD labour union said in a statement on
Tuesday. "It will take strong actions, a project worth the employees' and
public's expectations. Anything short of that and the conflict will

Officially, the strike is in protest against the outsourcing of jobs, and
reforms to production and cleaning services, as well as Radio France's
decision to fire one of its two orchestras as a cost-saving measure,
according to a statement


published by France Info's editorial team on the station's website.

Unions organising the work stoppage have also warned against the
possibility of mass job cuts, a fear that was exacerbated earlier this
week after the company floated the idea of a voluntary redundancy plan for
between 200 and 300 positions.

So far, negotiations between Radio France's management and unions have
achieved little, other than an agreement to abandon reforms affecting the
company's cleaning services.

Meanwhile, labour unions have announced that they plan to extend the
strike until Monday.
(France24_website, via Marty Delfin-ESP, dxld March 28)

FRANCE/MADAGASCAR   All transmissions of RFI Paris in French
via Sentec Meyerton in A-15 are cancelled now.

Transmissions in other languages are moved to Issoudun and Madagascar

0430-0500 11790 ISS 500 kW 135 deg to EaCeAF Swahili, exMEY
0530-0600 15560 ISS 500 kW 135 deg to EaCeAF Swahili, exMEY
0600-0700 11605 MEY 100 kW 345 deg to WeAF   French,  cancelled
0700-0900 15170 MEY 100 kW 345 deg to WeAF   French,  cancelled
1200-1300 17660 MDC 250 kW 305 deg to CeAF   French,  exMEY
1500-1600 21690 ISS 500 kW 135 deg to EaCeAF Swahili, exMEY
1700-1730 21690 ISS 500 kW 160 deg to SoAF   Portuguese, exMEY
1700-2000  9800 MEY 100 kW 350 deg to WeCeAF French,  cancelled
1900-1930 17660 ISS 500 kW 155 deg to SoAF   Portuguese, exMEY
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 31)

GEORGIA   [ABHAZIA, separated zone in Russia]  Surprisingly transmission
of Abhazian Radio or Avtoradio on March 27

0900-0930 9535 SUK 5 kW non-dir to CeAs Russian Mon/Wed/Fri/Sun
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx / via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews via RUSdx March 29)


A-15 period (29 March - 24 Oct, 2015)
A-15 operational MBR schedule, planned of March 26, 2015.
Times are in UTC.

 5975 0400-0430 28SE        NAU 100 140 146 1234567 AWR D   AWR
 9530 0300-0330 48          NAU 250 140 216 1234567 AWR D   AWR
 9610 1930-2000 37,38W      NAU 100 210 216 1234567 AWR D   AWR
 9610 2000-2030 37,38W      NAU 100 210 216 1234567 AWR D   AWR
 9790 0900-1000 28W         NAU 100 180 216 1...... AWR D   AWR
 9830 1600-1630 28SE        NAU 100 130 216 1234567 AWR D   AWR
11790 1900-1930 46W         NAU 250 210 216 1234567 AWR D   AWR
11790 2030-2100 46SE        NAU 250 185 216 1234567 AWR D   AWR
11840 1900-2000 37,38W      NAU 100 215 216 1234567 AWR D   AWR
11880 0700-0730 46S         ISS 250 203 196 1234567 AWR F   AWR
12035 0600-0630 46S         ISS 250 194 196 1234567 AWR F   AWR
15130 1630-1700 48          NAU 250 142 218 1234567 AWR D   AWR
15140 0800-0830 37,38W      NAU 100 205 218 1234567 AWR D   AWR
15155 1730-1800 48          ISS 250 125 216 1234567 AWR F   AWR
15170 1730-1800 37,38W      NAU 100 210 218 1234567 AWR D   AWR
15205 1930-2000 46SE,47W    NAU 250 180 218 1234567 AWR D   AWR
15225 0700-0800 37,38W      NAU 100 210 216 1234567 AWR D   AWR
15225 0800-0830 37,38W      NAU 250 210 218 1234567 AWR D   AWR
15225 0830-0900 37,38W      NAU 100 205 218 1234567 AWR D   AWR
15265 1500-1530 41N         NAU 250  90 218 1234567 AWR D   AWR
15265 1530-1600 41N         NAU 250  90 218 1234567 AWR D   AWR
15480 1900-2000 38,39,47,48 MDC 250 350 157 1234567 AWR MDG AWR
15640 0500-0600 38,39,47,48 NAU 250 128 218 1234567 AWR D   AWR
15640 0600-0630 46S         NAU 250 188 218 1234567 AWR D   AWR
15670 1530-1600 41N         NAU 250  75 218 1234..7 AWR D   AWR
15670 1530-1600 41N         NAU 250  75 218 ....56. AWR D   AWR
17570 1630-1700 48          NAU 250 140 218 1234567 AWR D   AWR
17570 1700-1730 48          NAU 250 142 218 1234567 AWR D   AWR
17570 2000-2030 46E,47W     ISS 250 165 217 1234567 AWR F   AWR
17570 1700-1728 48SW,53NW   MDC 250 310 158 1234567 AWR MDG AWR
17810 1300-1330 42,43W      NAU 250  70 218 1.....7 AWR D   AWR
17810 1300-1330 42,43W      NAU 250  70 218 .23456. AWR D   AWR
17810 1330-1500 42,43W      NAU 250  70 218 1234567 AWR D   AWR

 5930 2000-2015 39N         NAU 250 120 216 1234567 BVB D   MBR
 5945 0700-0730 27,28N      NAU 100 270 156 1...... BVB D   MBR
 5945 0700-0745 27,28N      NAU 100 270 156 ......7 BVB D   MBR
 6130 1730-1900 28,29       NAU 100  90 156 1...... BVB D   MBR
 6130 1800-1815 28,29       NAU 100  90 156 ....56. BVB D   MBR
 6130 1800-1830 28,29       NAU 100  90 156 ..3.... BVB D   MBR
 6130 1830-1845 28,29       NAU 100  90 156 ......7 BVB D   MBR
 7310 0300-0315 39S         NAU 250 128 216 1234567 BVB D   MBR
 9435 1815-1830 39,40       MOS 300  ND 926 1...... BVB AUT MBR
 9515 2030-2045 46,47,38,37 NAU 250 180 216 1234567 BVB D   MBR
 9550 0430-0445 39N         NAU 125 120 216 1.....7 BVB D   MBR
 9550 0430-0450 39N         NAU 125 120 216 .23456. BVB D   MBR
 9635 1830-1915 39          SOF 100 126 616 1...... BVB BUL MBR
 9735 0500-0515 39,40       NAU 250 120 216 .....6. BVB D   MBR
11655 0600-0615 46,47,38,37 NAU 125 180 146 1234567 BVB D   MBR
11660 0530-0600 38,39       NAU 125 150 146 .23456. BVB D   MBR
11855 1800-1830 39,40       NAU 100 105 216 .....6. BVB D   MBR
11855 1800-1900 39,40       NAU 100 105 216 ....5.. BVB D   MBR
11855 1815-1900 39,40       NAU 100 105 216 1...... BVB D   MBR
11855 1830-1900 39,40       NAU 100 105 216 ..3.... BVB D   MBR
11945 0200-0300 41          MDC 125  50 156 1...... BVB MDG MBR
11945 0200-0215 41          MDC 125  50 156 ..3.... BVB MDG MBR
11945 0200-0230 41          MDC 125  50 156 ....5.7 BVB MDG MBR
13580 1700-1715 39,40       NAU 250 130 218 .....6. BVB D   MBR
13580 1700-1745 39,40       NAU 250 130 218 ......7 BVB D   MBR
13810 1700-1715 38E,39,40W  SOF 150 141 616 1234567 BVB BUL MBR
13810 1715-1800 38E,39,40W  SOF 100 141 616 .2.4.6. BVB BUL MBR
13810 1715-1745 38E,39,40W  SOF 100 141 616 ..3.... BVB BUL MBR
15160 1630-1730 47,48       NAU 100 150 216 1234567 BVB D   MBR
15215 1700-1900 39          MOS 100 115 218 1.....7 BVB AUT MBR
15215 1700-1715 39          MOS 100 115 218 .....6. BVB AUT MBR
15215 1700-1730 39          MOS 100 115 218 ....5.. BVB AUT MBR
15640 1515-1545 40,41       SOF 100  90 616 ......7 BVB BUL MBR
15640 1515-1600 40,41       SOF 100  90 616 .....6. BVB BUL MBR
15640 1515-1530 40,41       SOF 100  90 616 1...... BVB BUL MBR
17515 1600-1800 38,39,47,48 ISS 100 135 216 1...... BVB F   MBR
17515 1600-1830 38,39,47,48 ISS 100 135 216 ..3.... BVB F   MBR
17515 1600-1730 38,39,47,48 ISS 100 135 216 .2..... BVB F   MBR
17515 1600-1800 38,39,47,48 ISS 100 135 216 .2.frApr6 BVB F MBR
17515 1630-1700 38,39,47,48 ISS 100 135 216 .....6. BVB F   MBR
17515 1630-1800 38,39,47,48 ISS 100 135 216 ...4... BVB F   MBR
17515 1630-1800 38,39,47,48 ISS 100 135 216 ....5.. BVB F   MBR
17515 1600-1730 38,39,47,48 ISS 100 135 216 ......7 BVB F   MBR
17515 1730-1800 38,39,47,48 ISS 250 135 216 ......7 BVB F   MBR
17535 0830-1000 38,39       NAU 125 145 218 .....6. BVB D   MBR
17535 0900-0915 38,39       NAU 125 145 218 ......7 BVB D   MBR
17650 1400-1430 41          ISS 250  83 216 ......7 BVB F   MBR
17650 1430-1500 41          ISS 250  83 216 ......7 BVB F   MBR
21480 1100-1200 43S,44S     MDC 125  45 157 ......7 BVB MDG MBR
21480 1115-1145 43S,44S     MDC 125  45 157 1...... BVB MDG MBR

11960 0300-0400 48,52,53    ERV 500 192 238 1234567 DWL ARM DWL
13610 0630-0700 46,47W      ISS 500 170 216 1234567 DWL F   DWL
15275 0630-0700 46,47W      ISS 500 165 217 1234567 DWL F   DWL
15275 0700-0800 37-57       ISS 500 172 157 1234567 DWL F   DWL
15275 1700-1800 37,38,46-53 ISS 500 165 217 1234567 DWL F   DWL
15560 1700-1800 37,38,46-53 ISS 500 194 196 1234567 DWL F   DWL
17800 1300-1400 46,47W      ISS 500 170 207 1234567 DWL F   DWL
17800 1800-1900 46,47W      ISS 500 170 207 1234567 DWL F   DWL

 6055 1030-1100 27,28       NAU 125 222 146 1.....7 EMG D   MBR
 9450 0030-0130 40E,41NW    NAU 250 100 216 1234567 GFA D   MBR
 9510 2330-0030 41,43,49    NAU 250  85 216 1234567 GFA D   MBR
15350 1230-1500 41          NAU 250  89 218 1234567 GFA D   MBR
15390 1330-1530 41,43,49    NAU 250  85 218 1234567 GFA D   MBR
15395 1530-1630 40E,41NW    NAU 250  99 218 1234567 GFA D   MBR
13800 1530-1630 29S         MOS 100  95 218 ......7 HCJ AUT MBR

 9645 1800-1830 47,48       ISS 250 160 217 1234567 IBB F   IBB
 9780 1700-1800 40E,41NW    NAU 250  99 226 1234567 IBB D   IBB
11750 0500-0530 46,47       NAU 250 185 216 1234567 IBB D   IBB
11845 1630-1700 47,48       ISS 250 135 217 .23456. IBB F   IBB
11860 2030-2100 46,47       NAU 250 190 216 .23456. IBB D   IBB
12080 1800-1900 48          ISS 250 130 217 1234567 IBB F   IBB
13700 1600-1700 29SE        NAU 250  90 216 1234567 IBB D   IBB
13870 1630-1700 47,48       NAU 250 155 218 .23456. IBB D   IBB
13870 1800-1900 48          NAU 250 140 216 1234567 IBB D   IBB
13870 1900-1930 48          NAU 250 140 216 .23456. IBB D   IBB
15255 1400-1600 30S         ISS 250  90 217 1234567 IBB F   IBB
15360 0400-0900 40E,41NW    NAU 250  90 218 1234567 IBB D   IBB
15460 1500-1600 30S         NAU 250  75 216 1234567 IBB D   IBB
15630 1730-1800 48          NAU 250 140 218 .23456. IBB D   IBB
15630 1800-1900 48          NAU 250 140 218 1234567 IBB D   IBB
15630 1900-1930 48          NAU 250 140 218 .23456. IBB D   IBB

 7330 1000-1100 27,28       MOS 100 283 805 1...... JOY AUT MBR
 6095 0800-1500 18,27,28,37 NAU 100 240 156 1...... KBC D   MBR
 7375 0000-0200 2-10        NAU 125 300 216 1...... KBC D   MBR
 7375 0000-0200 2-10        NAU 125 300 216 1...... KBC D   MBR
 9925 0000-0200 2-10        NAU 125 300 216 1...... KBC D   MBR
15315 1830-1900 46S,47SE    ISS 500 180 216 1234567 LWF F   MBR
 6140 0800-0900 27,28E      MOS 100 270 805 1...... MVB AUT MBR
13750 1600-1630 29,30       NAU 250  60 218 ......7 MWF D   MBR
15320 1200-1230 19-26       NAU 250  60 218 ......7 MWF D   MBR
 5985 0400-0430 11,12       YFR 100 222 805 1234567 NHK USA NHK
11680 0300-0500 38-40       NAU 250 140 218 1234567 NHK D   NHK
15445 1700-1900 38-40       NAU 250 140 218 1234567 NHK D   NHK
17630 1600-1630 47E,48      ISS 500 130 217 ..3...7 OGM F   MBR
 9515 1930-2000 37,38       NAU 250 155 146 1...... PAB D   MBR
15205 1400-1430 41          ISS 100  90 216 1...... PAB F   MBR
15205 1415-1430 41          ISS 100  90 216 .234567 PAB F   MBR
15205 1430-1445 41          ISS 250  90 216 1...... PAB F   MBR
21480 1600-1700 48SW,58NW   ISS 100 144 207 ......7 RIY F   MBR
11740 0530-0600 46SE        NAU 125 185 216 1234567 RMI D   MBR/
17630 1700-1800 38E,39S,48  NAU 100 145 218 1..4... SBO D   MBR
 6095 0800-1000 18,27,28,37 NAU 100 230 156 .2..56. TRS D   MBR
 7215 0830-0900 28          NAU 100 135 146 1234567 TWR D   TWR
 7300 1400-1428 28,29,30    NAU 100  65 146 1234567 TWR D   TWR
17580 1700-1730 48E         ISS 250 120 216 ..345.. VOK F   MBR

Day 1 Sunday ... Day 7 Saturday

List of Broadcasters which are using MEDIA BROADCAST technical equipment:

AWR Adventist World Radio
BVB High Adventure Gospel - Bible Voice Broadcasting
DWL Deutsche Welle Bonn / Berlin, Germany
EMG Evangelische Missionsgemeinden in Deutschland
GFA Gospel for Asia
HCJ Voice of the Andes, Sats only, 1530 UT Russian, 1600 UT Chechen
IBB International Broadcasting Bureau, USA
JOY Joystick, 1st Sun
KBC Mighty KBC Radio, Sat/Sun. Sun to Americas.
LWF Lutheran World Federation
MWF Missionswerk Friedensstimme, Gummersbach - Germany
NHK Nippon Hoso Kyokai, Radio Japan World, Tokyo, Japan.
OGM NGO [RHU Radio Huriyo Xoriyo Ogaden]
PAB Pan Am Broadcasting
RIY RPRK Radio Inyabutatu, in Kinyarwanda to Ce/EaAfrica.
    ex 17500, ex17870 kHz.
RMI Radio Miami International, FMO brokery.
    / Hamada Radio International in Hausa.
SBO Sagalee Bilisummaa Oromoo, Voice of Oromo Liberation.
TRS Transport Radio on Mon/Thu/Fri.
TWR Trans World Radio
VOK Target Region Khaatumo in central Somaliland.

&) For reception reports please mail to: <KBC531 -at->
or write to:
The Mighty KBC
Argonstraat 6
6718 WT Ede
The Netherlands, Europe
Website: <>

Order Management & Backoffice
Erna-Scheffler-Strasse 1
D-51103 Cologne, Germany

Please send your inquiries and reception reports to:
E-Mail: <QSL-Shortwave -at->
E-Mail: <info -at->
Internet: <>

Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg
E-Mail:   <mail -at->
Internet: <>
(MBR Cologne Germany, March 26, 2015, .PDF format,
via Michael Bethge-D  wwdxc - Germany;
extracted & reformatted by wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 27, 2015)

GERMANY   Re: Kall A-15: 9560 kHz
Christian, welche Sender habt Ihr zur Verfuegung,
bzw. bleibt es bei dem 1 kW Sender im 31 Meterband auch in Zukunft?
Oder legt Ihr noch eine Schippe Steinkohle 'drauf ?
(73 wolfgang df5sx wwdxc, March 26)

Kall A-15: 9560 kHz, Sendeplan Kall  A-15  Alle Zeiten in MESZ / CEST

Montag-Freitag / Mon-Fri

0929 Sendebeginn
0930 DP07 Seewetterdienst (ab 01.04.2014)
1001 Sendeschluss
1359 Sendebeginn
1400 DP07 Seewetterdienst (ab 01.04.2014)
1431 Sendeschluss

Samstag / Saturday

0929 Sendebeginn
0930 DP07 Seewetterdienst (ab 01.04.2014)
1000 Radio MiAmigo        (ab 11.04.2014)
1400 DP07 Seewetterdienst (ab 01.04.2014)
1431 Sendeschluss

Sonntag / Sunday

0929 Sendebeginn
0930 DP07 Seewetterdienst (ab 01.04.2014)
1000 Radio MiAmigo        (ab 11.04.2014)
1400 DP07 Seewetterdienst (ab 01.04.2014)
1431 Sendeschluss

[later] Hallo Wolfgang,
6005 => Rohde und Schwarz SK 1 an Dipol
7310 => Rohde und Schwarz SK 1 an Dipol
3985 => Rohde und Schwarz SK 1 an Delta Loop Antenne
9560 => Rohde und Schwarz SK 1 an Dipol

Optional steht noch ein R&S SK 20 (20 kW) Sender zur Verfuegung.

Das ist aber ein linearer Class A Verstaerker, der sich samt Lueftung
ungefaehr 100 kW/h Power reinpfeift. Einerseits finanziell momentan nicht
machbar ... und andererseits muessten die Antennen neu dimensioniert
werden und soviel Leistung schaltet man besser nicht unbewacht
automatisiert auf ... March 27
(Christian Milling-D, March 26 /27)

GERMANY    HCJB Deutschland. Postfach 8025, 32736 Detmold, Germany
hat im Sommer 2015 folgenden Sendeplan auf den Kurzwelle

Weenermoor 3995 und 7365 kHz:
03.00 Russisch (Golos And)

03.30-16.00 Deutsch

03.30 Bibellese.
04.00/13.00 Idea-Nachrichten.
04.05/13.05 Lieblingslieder.
04.30/06.30/9.30/15.00 Radio HCJB Quito.
05.00/15.30 Missionswerk Werner Heukelbach.
05.30/13.30 Durch die Bibel.
06.00 Info-G.
06.25 Lutherische Stunde.
07.00/14.00 Fuer Sie gelesen.
08.00 Familienalltag mit Gott.
08.30/10.00 SW-Radio.
11.00 Ichtys Radio.

Sa So
03.30 Bibellese.
04.00/13.00 Idea: Die Woche.
04.30/06.30/9.30/15.00 Radio HCJB Quito.
05.00/15.30 Missionswerk Werner Heukelbach.
05.30/13.30 Durch die Bibel.
06.00 Neues Leben Impuls.
06.25 Lutherische Stunde.
07.00/14.00 Sa Missionswerk Voice of Hope/So Wunschbox.
08.00 Familienalltag mit Gott.
08.30/10.00 SW-Radio.
11.00 Ichtys Radio
16.00 Plautdietsch

16.30-19.00 Deutsch
16.30 Geschichten fuer jung und alt, Mo Missionswerk Voice of Hope.
17.00 Licht des Evangeliums, Mo Missionswerk Voice of Hope,
      Do Stimme des Trostes.
17.30 Info-G, SaSo NL-Impuls.
17.55 Lutherische Stunde,
18.00 Radio HCJB Quito.
18.30 Idea-Nachrichten.
18.35 Lieblingslieder
19.00 Plautdietsch
19.30 Deutsch
19.30 Bibellese.
20.00 Radio HCJB Quito.
20.30 Durch die Bibel.
21.00 Ichthys Live
22.00-03.00 internationales Nachtprogramm
Uhr UTC (+2hrs=MESZ) Frequenz (Sender) Programm

Geplant ist auch die Satellitenausstrahlung bei
Astra 19.2 East 12.633,25 MHz hor, Symbolrate 22000, Fec 5/6.
(HCJB via Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 28)

GERMANY   Das Sendezentrum Kall, Funkhaus Euskirchen e.V.,
Kuchenheimer Str. 155, 53881 Euskirchen, Germany
<info -at->

hat mit dem 29. Maerz 2015 zahlreiche Neuerungen und im Fruehling erst
einmal folgenden Programmplan

00.00-24.00 3985 (1 kW) Radio 700 - Schlager & Oldies, darin:

            06.00-08.00 So Radio Belarus in Deutsch
            18.00-19.00 Radio Slowakei International in Deutsch
                        und 18.30 Franzoesisch
            19.00-19.30 Mo-Fr Voice of Mongolia in Englisch
            19.00-20.00 Sa Radio Wanderbuehne
            20.00-00.00 Radio Belarus (Deutsch)

06.00-20.00 6005 (1 kW), Radio 700, darin:

            06.00-08.00 Mo-Sa Radio Belarus in Deutsch
            06.00-10.00 So Radio Mi Amigo (Avda. de Europa 85,
                        Urb. La Marina, 03177 San Fulgencio,
                        Alicante, Spanien, <>
                        <info -at->
            08.00-12.00 ab 11.4. Sa Radio Mi Amigo
            12.00-13.30 3. Sa Welle 370
            13.00-14.00 4. So Radio Gloria International
            15.00-16.00 Radio Slowakei International in Deutsch
                        und 15.30 Franzoesisch
            16.00-16.30 Voice of Mongolia in Englisch
            17.00-17.05 ab 1.4. DX-News in Englisch/Niederlaendisch

06.00-18.00 7310 (1 kW), Radio 700, darin:

            07.30-08.00 ab 1.4. DP+7 Seewetterbericht
                        (DP+7 Seefunk, Estedeich 84, 21129 Hamburg-Cranz,
                        <>  <info -at->
            08.00-08.05 ab 1.4. DX-News in Englisch/Niederlaendisch
            09.00-10.00 4. So Radio Gloria International
            12.00-12.30 ab 1.4. Mo-Sa DP+7 Seewetterbericht
            10.00-14.00 Radio Mi Amigo
            14.00-15.00 Radio Slowakei International in Deutsch
                        und 15.30 Franzoesisch
            15.00-15.30 Voice of Mongolia in Englisch

various test times 9560 (1 kW) (Testsendungen am 19., 21., 22. March)
            07.30-08.00 ab 01.4. DP+7 Seewetterbericht
            08.00-12.00 ab 11.4. Sa So Radio Mi  Amigo
            12.00-12.30 ab 01.4. DP+7 Seewetterbericht
Uhr UTC (+2hrs=MESZ) Frequenz (Sender) Programm

Ausserplanmaessige Programmeinschuebe oder weitere Aenderungen sind
jederzeit moeglich.
(Radio 700, March 27, 2015
via Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 28)

GERMANY   Kall-ing all SWLs and DXer.

Hallo Christian, sollen wir von der ADDX diesen Text auch in den Radio-
Kurier aufnehmen? Dann gib uns bitte eine Nachricht. Hier in der Liste
kann ich nur jeden ermuntern, dieses ambitionierte KW-Projekt von
Christian und seinem Team nach Moeglichkeit finanziell zu unterstuetzen
Danke und beste DX-Gruesse, Uwe Braeutigam

Liebe Freunde der Kurzwelle,

Seit 8 Jahren senden wir mit unseren im Vergleich zu den (ex)-staatlichen
Grosssendeanlagen bescheidenen Mitteln auf Kurzwelle.

Was anfangs mit ein paar Stunden taeglich auf einer Frequenz begann hat
sich mittlerweile zu einer "oppulenteren Angelegenheit" gemausert. Ab
April 2015 strahlen wir woechentlich 365 Stunden (gut 52 Stunden am Tag)
verschiedene Programme auf bis zu 4 Frequenzen gleichzeitig aus. Von
Musik- bis Infoprogrammen in verschiedenen Sprachen haben wir verschiedene
Partner gewinnen koennen, die ein fuer Euch hoffentlich genehmes Programm

Als eingetragener Verein verrichten wir alle Arbeiten rund um den
Sendebetrieb ehrenamtlich. Sender- und Antennenwartung,
Programmerstellung, Sendeplanprogrammierung, QSL Karten ausfuellen und
verschicken - alles wird liebevoll von einem kleinen, aber feinen Team am
Laufen gehalten, damit wir alle unser gemeinsames Hobby, die Kurzwelle
noch moeglichst lange am Leben halten.

Gerne moechten wir unser Engagement auf dem jetzigen Niveau halten und
ggf. noch weiter ausbauen. Die rechtlichen Grundlagen sind da:
Die Kurzwellenfrequenzen duerfen aktuell noch bis mindestens Ende 2025
genutzt werden.

Aber: jedes Hobby kostet Geld. Das weiss jeder, der eine Modelleisenbahn,
eine Yacht oder einen Fable fuer Schallplatten hat. Bei der Kurzwelle ist
es nicht anders. jedes kW Sendeleistung kostet Geld, auch die Senderoehren
wollen alle Jahre mal getauscht werden, das Programmsignal muss zum Sender
kommen, hierfuer braucht es Tonleitungen... und... und... und...

Die Einnahmen durch die Vermietung von Sendezeit fliessen zu 100% wieder
direkt in das Kurzwellenprojekt und die Programmerstellung.

Dennoch: nicht alles kann vollstaendig durch Relaysendungen refinanziert
werden. Viele ? steuern unsere Foerderer aus privater Tasche bei: QSL
Karten, Portokosten, Infrastrukturkosten etc. Wir wuerden uns daher sehr
freuen, wenn es in dieser Runde den ein oder anderen gibt, der sich am
gemeinsamen Hobby eventuell beteiligen moechte. Sei es durch gute Ideen,
aktive Mitarbeit oder einen kleinen Obulus fuer die Vereinskasse.

Unter  <>  findet Ihr unsere
Projektseite zur Foerderung und Unterstuetzung unserer kleinen Eifeler

Vielen Dank fuer die Aufmerksamkeit und allzeit guten Empfang!
Christian Milling.
(via Uwe Braeutigam-D, A-DX March 27)

GERMANY   Die zeitweise durch eine 2001 gegruendete Buergerinitiative
gegen Elektrosmog in den Medien bekannt gewordene Mittelwellenanlage
Mainflingen-Zellhausen ist inzwischen weitgehend rueckgebaut.

Von 1962 bis 1994 sendete hier der Deutschlandfunk auf 1538 kHz bzw. ab
1978 1539 kHz tagsueber in Deutsch und abends in Fremdsprachen. Von 1996
bis 2011 brachte die Mittelwelle Mainflingen ein Programm des Evangeliums-
Rundfunks, der als erster deutscher Anbieter fuer ein privates
Spartenprogramm Religion lizenziert worden war.

Abgerissen sind sowohl der Rundstrahler als auch die relativ neue
Steilstrahlantenne. Darueber hinaus wurden unterirdisch verlegte
Kabelstraenge sowie die Betonfundamente ehemaliger Sendemasten entfernt.
Rueckgebaut wurde auch die Umzaeunung, wobei Zaeune in Richtung Autobahn
auf Veranlassung der Naturschutzbehoerde bleiben. Hier geht die
Unterhaltsverpflichtung an das Regierungspraesidium Darmstadt ueber.

Aktuell bemueht sich die Gemeinde Mainhausen, Media Broadcast zur
Beseitigung der Gebaeude und ihrer Infrastruktur zu bewegen. Diese sind
Teil eines Erbbaupachtvertrags aus dem Jahr 1962 mit der damaligen
Deutschen Bundespost, der bis 2065 laeuft, aber keine Abbruchverpflichtung

Die Gemeinde schaetzt die Abbruchkosten auf 80.000 Euro, sieht aber bei
1100 Euro Pachteinnahmen aus dem Gebiet keine Moeglichkeit, sich auf die
in 50 Jahren anfallenden Kosten vorzubereiten. Die Gemeinde hofft auf
einen einvernehmlichen Aufhebungsvertrag zum 31. Dezember 2016.

(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener. Aktueller Stand nach Oliver Signus:
Sendeanlage stillgelegt und abgebaut 13.3.2015

(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt aktuell April 2015)

GERMANY   Der Hessische Rundfunk hat einen nach dem Sendeende der HR-
Gleichwelle 594 kHz am Standort Hoher Meissner funktionslosen Sendemasten
abgerissen. Das Unterfangen war insofern nicht ganz einfach, da Gebaeude
und andere Sendemasten des Hessischen Rundfunks nicht beschaedigt werden

In einem Synchronschnitt wurden am 16. Maerz 2015 mittags zwei 60 Jahre
alte Halteseile des frueheren Reservemasten gekappt. Durch Windeinfluss
fielen die 38 Tonnen Stahl des 99-m-Masten nicht ganz in die geplante
Richtung; trotzdem wurde ausser einem Zaun nichts beschaedigt.

Ein Videobericht findet sich bei

Der Hessische Rundfunk hatte seine Mittelwellensendungen zum 31. Dezember
2009 bzw. wenige Minuten nach Neujahr 2010 eingestellt. Die Masten der
anderen Sendeanlage Weiskirchen wurden bereits 2012 abgerissen.
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt aktuell April 2015)

GERMANY   6095  The Mighty KBC program via MBR Nauen, at 1510-1523 UT on
March 28, pop music, English, comments. 24322.
(Manuel Mendez-ESP, via PlayDX #1643, March 29)

GERMANY    Nach erfolgversprechenden Testsendungen am 21. und 22. Maerz
beginnt DP07 Seefunk (Reiner Dietzel, Estedeich 84, 21129 Hamburg,
<>  <info -at->
am 1. April mit regulaeren Sendungen ueber das Kurzwellenzentrum Kall

Ausgestrahlt wird der "grosse" Seewetterbericht mit den Seegebieten vom
Eingang Aermelkanal bis Suednorwegen in die Nordsee, ueber die Seegebiete
Kattegat, Skagerrak in die Ostsee, bis hinauf zum Finnischen Meerbusen.
Die Kurzwellensendungen sollen den Betrieb der UKW- Kuestenfunkstellen
ueber die Nord- und Ostseekueste hinaus nach Skandinavien erweitern.

Die Idee zur Zusammenarbeit mit dem Funkhaus Euskirchen wurde 2014
geboren, als die Kooperation DP07 Seefunk mit der Kuestenfunkstelle Monaco
Radio keine zufriedenstellenden Ergebnisse mehr brachte. Die fuer den
Norden bevorzugte Sendeanlage von Monaco Radio auf 13146 kHz war im
Fruehjahr 2014 durch Blitzschlag zerstoert und anschliessend nicht ersetzt
worden. Die Ausstrahlungen von DP07 Seefunk auf der Ersatzfrequenz
8728 kHz brachten keine oder nur wenig zufriedenstellende QSL's aus
Schweden, Norwegen und Finnland.

Deshalb wurde diese Kooperation, sehr zum Bedauern von beiden Seiten,

Seit April 2000 bietet DP+7 Seefunk als unternehmergefuehrtes
Dienstleistungsunternehmen den Wassersportlern an der deutschen Nord- und
Ostseekueste einen Rundum-Service, der, wie Kapitaen Reiner Dietzel
behauptet, wohl weltweit einmalig ist. Zum Leistungsspektrum gehoeren
zunaechst fuenf Mal taeglich der Wetterbericht zum Mitschreiben, aber auch
Revier-Informationen rund um den Wassersport, Kundenberatung und
-betreuung zu allen "Problemen" an Bord bis hin zur Vermittlung
funkaerztlicher Beratung und alle moeglichen Kommunikationsformen Schiff-
Schiff oder Schiff-Land. Der private Dienst entstand nach dem Ende der
Angebote von Norddeich Radio und aehnlich wird auch jetzt der
Kurzwellendienst auch mit dem Hinweis auf das Ende der Seewetterberichte
der oeffentlich-rechtlichen Sender verbunden, die durch KEF-Auflage ihre
AM-Sender abgeschaltet haben.
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt aktuell April 2015)

GREECE   Rumen in Bulgaria reported ERT-open 1404 kHz last on January 8th,

ERT_open back to mediumwave 1404 kHz.
Today March 28 ET open seems back in the MW on 1404 kHz. Heard this
morning with S7 signal in the 16 H antenna
(Zacharias Liangas-GRC, hcdx March 28)

ERT open back to 1404 kHz, at 0122 UT on March 29
noted on various all European remote units

1403.947  far away NE / AF ?
1404.000  France, echo of both French stns.
1404.008  Komotini, Rodopi, GRC
1404.017  UNID

And two Greek mx stations more around 0205 UT, March 29
 963.004  Cyprus Nicosia, Greek music {603 kHz disturbed so far...}
 729.012  GRC Athens Boyati, Attica
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 29)

GREECE   ERT-open 9420 kHz at 1700 UT on air, BUT FIGHT HEFTY AGAINST co-
channel Iran Arabic schedule the whole day / night til scheduled 0030 UT,
and also 3rd stn of CNR Uighur sce til 1805 UT. // 15650 kHz S=9+40dB or
-37dBm at 1740 UT. 9935 kHz was not on air tonight on March 31.

Due of absence of Greek engineer on February HFCC conference, they lost
registration request entries in the frequency table. So, some move of
10-15 kHz down-/upwards on their channels may be expected in future soon,
during summer schedule.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 31)

GREECE   15650, on March 31 at 1939 UT, dbu range 25-44, poor signal in
music, sounds ME or Greek, 1943 Greekish W&M talk; 1957 UT Greek music,
plays past 2000 UT, but their clock is slow since a timesignal ends at
2000:49 UT! Then surprise ID for "Radiophonikos Stathmos Makedonias",
theme, a bit of open carrier, and cut off at 2001:41* UT. Maybe moved to
9420 kHz but would not propagate now, and I've not heard that for at least
a week at night when it would.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld March 25)

GUAM   BBC WS via KTWR Guam bcast center site. BBC WS special service for
Vanuatu. At 0900-1000 UT on 11695 kHz on Mon-Fri via KTWR Guam. Good
signal in Japan.
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, dxld March 31)

INDIA   Changes to All India Radio in A-15
0130-0230 Nepali 7420 (ex 7520)
0230-0300 HomeService News 7420 (ex 7520)
0300-0430 Nepali 7420 (ex 7520)
1145-1315 Chinese 17705 kHz.

Dear Wolfgang, Thanks for your observations.
Our local station AIR Hyderabad on 7420 was today off air from around
0230 UTC. No changes for them, Will check tomorrow.
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, DXindia March 30)

Jose, please, - what's on Hyderabad co-channel registration 7420 kHz
from 0215 UT instead ?,
move to different channel ?,
or off air til 0430 UT ?

7420 0115-0430 41NE DEL 100  65 0 700 MUL IND AIR / ex7520
7420 0215-1145 41S  HYD  50 125 0 700 MUL IND AIR

AIR Delhi Chinese registration in A-15 yet:
11840 1130-1315 43,44 DEL 250 65   0 216 Zho IND AIR
13605 1130-1315 43-45 BGL 500 58  20 216 Zho IND AIR
15795 1130-1315 43,44 BGL 500 35 -25 216 Zho IND AIR

Noted at 1300 UT today March 30

11840 CNR China mainland jamming S=9+40dB strong signal.
13605-empty, probably replaced by 17705 kHz ?
15795 DRM mode weak here in Germany.
17705 CNR China mainland jamming S=9+45dB powerhouse,

- so assumed probably this usage now:

17705 kHz 1130-1315 UT 43-45 BGL 500kW 58degr 20 216 Mandarin IND AIR
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 30)

INDIA   For friends of exciting 'DRM Mode' AIR Sinhala? outlet on
15050 kHz Khampur? site, S=9 before 14 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 29)

INDONESIA   3 x RRI reception, SouthEast Asian Tropical band transmitter
heard between 1300 and 1330 UT.

3324.9 kHz  Palangkaraya O=3+ (excellent, not before heard on this level)
            1334 UT March 30, s/off
3344.9 kHz  Ternate O=2-3 (for very first time on this installation)
4869.9 kHz  Wamena O=2 (from 1320 UT I= AIR in Nepali language)
(Uwe Volk-Tha Mai, Provinz Chanthaburi-THA, A-DX March 30)

INTERNATIONAL WATERS   ? 1st April fool ?

Tests on 9805 kHz, it's a April Fool's trick?

EuroRadio announced tests on 9805 kHz, Hello, a group of Algerian radio
enthusiasts is planning five days of tests from March 31st to April 4th,

Programmes will go out daily on a frequency of 9805 (+/- 5 kHz) from
1230 to 1300 UT. They will be broadcast from a troller in the
Mediterranean. There will be music and speech in Kabyl (Berber)
and in French.

The station calls itself Radio Amazigh (meaning Berber in the Kabyl
The power is 5 kW and the antenna is a dipole.
The first three days transmissions will be in NBFM mode.
On day four and five conventional AM mode will be used.

Reception reports are welcome to
<amazigh -at->
and will be confirmed with a QSL-card. Reports should be written
preferably in French.
(Claude Guerrero-Marseille-France, <gitano -at->
EuroRadio mail reflector to: <euroradio -at->   March 29)

IRAN  ?  17550 kHz  UNID Arabic stn, S=9+10dB or -59dBm logged here in
southern Germany. Mentioned Iran, Somalia, Kenya at 1627 UT. Only
scheduled 0530-1430 UT 17550 kHz from Kamalabad Iran sitekam,
but worked overtime? Need more observation.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 31)

JAPAN   6020  on March 30 at 1332 UT, very poor signal in Japanese(?) with
piano, believed to be Shiokaze having made another periodic frequency
jump, as no longer traced on 5985 kHz. 6020 kHz is among the "JIC" Yamata
290-degree alternative frequencies registered, at 1330-1430 UT. Whatever,
6 MHz band is no use this far east during the summer daytime.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld March 30)

LAOS/CHINA   6130  PBS Xizang, in Tibetan national service at 15 UT,
and co-channel underneath Lao National Radio Vientiane odd 6129.983 kHz
at S=7 or -83dBm level.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 30)

MADAGASCAR   The unstable transmitter is active most evenings, sometimes
slightly below 5010 kHz, often around 5011v kHz, varying some decahertz up
and down in short intervals but not significantly moving up or down
throughout the evening. Modulation is low and there seems to be absolutely
no regular sign-off time. May switch off in early evening or continue till
after 2300 UT or probably all night.
(Thorsten Hallmann-D, dxld March 25)

MADAGASCAR   [to SUDAN]   13800  on March 31 at 0535 UT, talk in Arabish
with heavy tone jamming; in fact, one loud hi-pitched tone, and another
weaker low-pitched. So the Dentro-Sudanese Jamming Command has found the
new A-15 frequency for Radio Dabanga. However, HFCC shows PNW via
MADAGASCAR on 13800 kHz at 0400-0530 UT only, strange. In B-14 season,
Radio Farda was on 13800 kHz during this period. Meanwhile // Dabanga
11650 kHz via Vatican Radio facility is not jammed at all.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld March 31)

MOLDOVA   [PRIDNESTROVYE to KURDISTAN]   11510  on March 30 at 1345 UT,
very poor signal, presumed Denge Kurdistane, back on summer frequency
ex-9400 kHz in B-14. 11510 kHz is HFCC-registered all the way
from 03 to 19 UT via KCH PRIDNESTROVYE, but one can never be sure what
other sites will really be switched around for it.

Last A-season, 11510 kHz was often sufficiently good during this enjoyable
mostly-music hour, still so anticipated. But remains very poor at 1418 UT
recheck with talk.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld March 30)

NETHERLANDS   Nach zehn Jahren Radio Waddenzee auf 1602 kHz kommt das
Tagesprogramm 7.00-19.00 Uhr Ortszeit auf dieser Mittelwelle ab dem 1.
Juni 2015 von Mighty KBC Radio. Dies gaben die beiden Anbieter zeitgleich
am 16. Maerz auf ihren Homepages

<>  und
<>  bekannt.

Unveraendert bleibt das Abend- und Nachtprogramm, das von Radio Seagull
kommt. Diese Station definiert sich als "Home of Progressive Rock and
Alternative Music": "There Is More To Music Than Hits Alone". Juengst
freute man sich auf der Website ueber folgende Wuerdigung durch den
Telegraph als "Internetsender des Monats": "As if to prove that the spirit
of Sixties-style pirate broadcasting never really died, this charming
music station broadcasts from a ship moored in Harlingen Harbour in the
Netherlands. Prog rock is the predominant flavour, with plenty of Genesis,
Pink Floyd and the like; but genres as diverse as UK blues, world music
and jazz also get a look in."

Letztlich sind die Sendungen von der Jenny Bainton im Hafen von Harlingen
eine Liebhaberei, denn Radio Seagull und mittelfristig KBC Radio sind rund
um die Uhr bei
<>  und  <>

im Internet zu empfangen. Das Gemeinschaftsprogramm wird ab September auch
regional ueber DAB+ zu hoeren sein.
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt aktuell April 2015)

NEW ZEALAND   Radio New Zealand - International A-15 schedule
(John Hoad-UK, BrDXC-UK March 27)

7330 kHz very tiny DRM mode signal from Rangitaiki downunder RNZi site
noted here in southern Germany, at 1715 UT on April 1.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 1)

NIGERIA   Voice of Nigeria in Arabic on 15120 kHz with fairly good audio
from 1730-1758 UT. At 1758 UT already 15120-DRM kHz rashed into ongoing
Arabic service. In the late morning, 15120-English kHz however was useless
again, almost no audio. All noted on March 25.
(Thorsten Hallmann-D, dxld March 25)

Till March 9 no mentioned in the morning but on March 23rd re-activated on
6090v kHz covering all other stations here (see also under Ethiopia).
Heard with Sony ICF2001D & rod antenna on MW 594 // 6090 kHz (observed on
VEF201): s/on at 0425 UT with carrier; drums tam-tam as IS from 0431 UT,
at 0433 UT choir singing song "My Country", followed with muslim talk
"Salom Aleikum ... la bereketu" in Arabic and sermon; at 0440 UT ID in
English "Radio Kaduna Nigeria". Poor signal on MW 594 kHz but strong on
6090 kHz.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 30)

NIGERIA/ANGUILLA   6089.859  for the first time March 31, since some few
days again heard in southern Germany.

Heute Morgen aus Afrika erstmals wieder gehoert, Kaduna Nigeria um 0550 UT
auf 6089.859 kHz und die liebe Pastorin Melissa Scott aus Anguilla auf
6090 kHz war sehr sanftmuetig in ihrem Saeuseln und stoerte nicht weiter,
verglichen mit dem BS Brueller TOM Aussendungen.

Auch 7254.9v Ikorodu habe ich kurz 'gesehen', als ich die Parameter und
die Options optimieren wollte, war Nigeria aber um 0559 UT wieder
verschwunden, danach kam Belarus Radio aus Minsk Kalodzicy auf die 7255.0

15120  VoNigeria und der Chinese in Mandarin zugleich um 06 UT auf der
Schwingung. Nicht nur Gleichkanal, auch brachte Nigeria ein Audio Weinen-
Geraeusch mit, im Browser mit einigen 10 Spurs von 398(!) Hertz
aufzuloesen !

Auf jedem Seitenband 10 x 398 Hertz Spurious Strings schoen zu sehen.

15120 DRM mode transmission of Voice of Nigeria noted on Wednesday
April 1 at 19-20 UTC.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 31 / April 1)

OMAN   15310 BBCWS London in English from Oman relay site, and covered by
WHITE NOISE local CHN mainland jamming, covered nearly wide 12 kHz
bandwidth at 1359 UT March 29.  And nearby too

STANAG Strange - seemingly NATO army digital signal inside 19 mb on
15377 to 15380 digital mode radio at 1407 UT at S=9+10dB level in Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 29)

OMAN/SINGAPORE   11675  punchy signal of BBCWS from A'Seela Oman site
11675 1500-1600 30S,39NE,40 SLA 250kW 320degr English OMA BBC BAB
some live sports transmission, Kricket ball game transmission in front of
some 93.000 people audience in downunder Australia.

and now at 1525 UT also 11890 kHz BBCWS from Singapore Kranji site
1400-1700 41,42SW SNG 250kW 315degr

[and SRI LANKA too]  11975  AWR Hindi program from SLBC Trincomalee CLN
relay site also at 1530-1600 UT S=9 -73dBm signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 29)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA  [Bougainville Province]   Die Autonome Provinz
Bougainville hat die Zeitzone gewechselt und damit ein wichtiges
politisches Signal gesetzt. Statt der Zeit von Papua Neuguinea (UTC+10hrs)
ist die Bougainville Standard Time (UTC+11hrs) jetzt identisch mit der
Zeit des wichtigsten Handelspartners Solomon Islands.

6 km von den Solomon Islands, aber 1000 km von Papua-Neuguinea entfernt
ist Bougainville ohnehin Teil dieser Inselgruppe und nur durch
geschichtliche Umstaende nicht deren politischer Bestandteil.

In Bougainville herrschte ab 1988 Buergerkrieg sowohl zwischen oertlichen
Bewegungen und der Armee PNG als auch spaeter zwischen Rebellengruppen.
Erst 1998 gab es ein vorlaeufiges und 2001 ein "endgueltiges"
Friedensabkommen, das Bougainville im Jahr 2005 zur autonomen Provinz
innerhalb Papua-Neuguineas machte und fuer "spaetestens" 2015 ein
Unabhaengigkeitsreferendum vorsah. Die Kupfer-Mine, deren Ausbeutung
Anlass zum Aufstand war, ist seit 1989 stillgelegt.

Aktuell sind auf Bougainville nur zwei Stationen aktiv: NBC Buka auf
100 MHz und das freie Nachbarschaftsradio New Dawn FM auf 95,3 MHz.

Die Kurzwelle 3325 kHz des Regierungssenders ist bis 2013 immer wieder
einmal international gehoert worden, nicht aber die Frequenzalternative
5985 kHz. 2014 gab es einen lokalen Medienbericht, nach dem die
Autonomiebehoerde einige Mio. Kina fuer die Wiederherstellung der
Flaechendeckung auf Kurzwelle vorgesehen habe.
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt aktuell April 2015)

PHILIPPINES   12120  Radio Filipinas from Tinang site, noted with 1000 Hz
test tone before 1730 UT on March 31, then started with rather funny
national hymn sung by chorus ? S=9+5dB signal. Registered 1730-1930 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 31)

ROMANIA   7290am / 7300drm  Bad frequency selection of Romania's FMO
Radio.Com at same time, especially on weekends, both frequencies are too
close to same audience target.

7290 am mode  by IRRS Milano in English, on Suns religious singer at
1816 UT on March 29. Relayed via Radio.Com's 2nd row older broadcast
100 kW site Saftica, using the revolving horizontal log-periodic antenna
#ITU#812 type, with 13 elements. Little BUZZY audio signal of two peaks
of 120 Hertz visible, either sideband.

And Splash over signal of

7300 drm mode  RRI DRM transmission in German at 18-19 UT via Radio.Com
facility RRO RRI main site Tiganesti 300kW and totally dipole curtain
antennas, tremendous signal tonight S=9+60dB or -18dBm in southern
Germany, central area of Europe.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 29)

ROMANIA   9510  Radio Rasant, instead of Radio City prorgram via IRRS SW
on March 28. Wie seit vielen Jahren diese Phantasie Verschleierungs
Parameter von MIL IRRS Milano, also in A-15 season again.

0900-1000 9510 TIG 150 kW 290 deg to WeEUR German/English Sat.
150 kW mit Quadrant antenna #ITU 925,
diese Antennentype gibt es nicht in der Radio.Com Tiganesti Anlage,
auch nicht bei Radio.Com Saftica site, im alten Sendezentrum von
Radio Espana Independente (Spanish Communist Party Komintern Sender).

G.E. zeigt in Radiocomunicatii Radio.Com Saftica nur die drehbaren
log-periodischen horizontals mit 13 Elementen;

als Typ scheint diese bei der HFCC/Radio.Com Dateianmeldung
als ITU#812 Typ auch fuer die RRI Programme Ukrainisch, Italienisch usw.
mit 100 kW Leistung auf.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 28)

RUSSIA   Receptions of Adygeyan Radio on Monday March 23

1800-1900 6000 ARM 100 kW 190 deg to CeAS Ad/Ar/Tu Mon
1800-1900 6000 ARM 100 kW 190 deg to CeAS Adygeyan Fri
1900-2000 6000 ARM 100 kW 190 deg to CeAS Adygeyan Sun

Summer A-15 of Adygeyan Radio from Sunday, March 29 will be

7325 1800-2000 29SE ARM  100kW 190deg 218 Adygeyan RUS RRS GFC
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 29)

RWANDA   Goodbye, Kigali - Abschied von der letzten DW-Relaisstation.

Die DW schaltet ihre letzte selbst betriebene Relaisstation in Ruanda ab.

50 Jahre lang wurden die Radioprogramme von den Huegeln Kigalis per
Kurzwelle nach Afrika und Europa gesendet - mit wechselvoller Geschichte.

Mehr unter
73 Tom DF5JL - A-DX  March 28

The DW switched their latest self-powered shortwave relay station in
Kigali Rwanda tonight.
{see also Victor's comment under SRI LANKA, wb.}

For 50 years the radio programs from the hills of Kigali sent via
shortwave to Africa and Europe - with an eventful history.

There are financial reasons for Deutsche Welle's departure. The annual
cost of running the station totals three million euros ($3.3 million).
{nothing, - compared to 385 billion debts by Greece, wb.}



DW French - Afrique - L'adieu à Kigali.
Depuis 1965, la station-relais DW de Kigali relayait les émissions en
ondes courtes de notre radio en plusieurs langues sur le continent

Le samedi 28 mars, une page de l'histoire de notre radio se tourne:
c'est la date à laquelle la station-relais de la Deutsche Welle à Kigali
ferme ses portes. Elle existait depuis 1965. Souvenirs, souvenirs...







some foto images of DWL Kigali site 1965 - 2015


first general director of DWL in Kigali in 1965


built up Kigali relay masts in 1965


DWL Kigali antenna matrix switch

Germany's Foreign Minister Genscher on DWL relay site Kigali

Young DWL engineering staff

German President Koehler visit

DWL Kigali transmitter hall


1965 year built-up at Kigali site


DWL staff 4 Germans, 60 local technical people, some 60 Secret Service

DW Kigali seven engineering staff members and 4 families rescued by
Belgium Air Forces on 13 April 1994, some 60 local relay site people
killed in the Hutu vv Tutsi genocide clashes:


Around 80 of the 100 Rwandan staff at Deutsche Welle's Kigali relay
station were killed in the genocide. Walter Berger and his colleagues
returned to the station in August 1994 and it was a ghastly sight that
awaited them. They found body parts of their dead Rwandan colleagues in
the rooms. They were able to identify them by their clothing.


Rwanda Genocide from April 1994

DW Portuguese - Mais -frica

O centro retransmissor de onda curta da DW em Kigali fecha este sábado
(28.03). Dois ex-funcionários falam sobre os 50 anos de história da
estação, incluindo os momentos terríveis que viveram durante o
genocídio de 1994.

Adeus Kigali! Deutsche Welle fecha retransmissor na capital ruandesa
O centro retransmissor de onda curta da DW em Kigali fecha este sábado
(28.03). Dois ex-funcionários falam sobre os 50 anos de história da
incluindo os momentos terríveis que viveram durante o genocídio de 1994.






and close Sines Portugal too
A DW construiu a estação no ano de 1970. Teve muita importância
estratégica durante décadas, mas vai deixar de transmitir a partir do dia
30 de outubro de 2011. Saiba mais sobre a história de Sines.


História dos programas em português da DW.
Quem somos - Português para -frica - DW - Voz da Alemanha 03 Oct 2014


As emissões da Deutsche Welle em português têm uma longa história, desde o
início do primeiro programa em 1954. Confira algumas das datas mais
marcantes das mais de 60 anos de história da Voz da Alemanha.


and 15 more photo images on slideshow

Adeus Sines! O centro emissor da DW em Portugal encerra. DW.DE 25.10.2011

50 years DWL Amharic sce

11 photo images seen at slideshow

(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 28)

re DW Kigali Rwanda

Heard the last DW transmissions from Kigali Rwanda relay today March 28th
from 1700-1800 UT in French, 1800-1900 UT in Hausa on 17800 kHz. Nice and
strong. Nothing special for ending announcement, just African tune to fade
1859:55 UT then pulled the plug. Now on with AWR Fulfulde program
at 1900 UT. Very strong also on 17800 kHz. --  Goodbye old friend.
(Mick Delmage-AB-CAN, DXplorer March 28)

Log AWR 15275 kHz via Kigali Rwanda DWL relay station, 1940 UT.

Auf 15275 kHz laeuft ein Programm von AWR in der Sprache Yoruba ueber die
Sendeanlage in Kigali. Ich hoere die Sendung hier in Chemnitz mit stabilen
O=4. - Ist das jetzt die letzte Ausstrahlung aus Kigali?
(Jan Balzer-D, A-DX March 28)

Re: Log AWR 15275 kHz via Kigali.
Ja, und das lokale 6055 kHz Program endet damit auch fuer immer?
Es gibt kein Erwachen landesweit morgen frueh um 0255 UT March 29 on the
airwaves of Kigali SW site; laut Sendeplan:

6055 kHz Radio Rwanda, Kigali at 0255-0600 UT French 100 ND Kigali RRW

Diese Aussendung ist bestimmt im DWL Etat von zuletzt 3 Millionen EURo
jaehrlich enthalten, ein Nasenwasser fuer 4 deutsche Techniker,
60 lokale Angestellte und 20 Sicherheits Bewachungskraefte vor Ort.

ps. gibt es noch einen Schwanengesang auf der Funkamateur Station unter
dem DW Kigali call 9X5.. ?  - DWL Ham Activities in 9X5 were in past

9X5AB/DF3ZJ, 9X5BH, 9X5BW, 9X5BZ/DK0PM/DH2PC, 9X5HG/DK2SC/4S7.. -
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 28)

Ich weiss nicht, ob da unten noch einer QRV unter call 9X5?? in der Luft
ist. SP ist wieder in DL, NH soll sk sein und HG war 2006 mal QRV.
Vor 20 Jahren gab es 'mal richtige Runden zwischen den OMs der DW-
(73 Jan Balzer  DG+JBA, A-DX March 28)

RWANDA   The Deutsche Welle relay station in Kigali was scheduled to be
closed on March 28, 2015. In connection with that event, Bob LaRose of
California has sent us a page from a 1964 edition of DW's "Hallo, Friends"
where the "new" Kigali station is described. It is under "DX

Bob has also sent us a DW-Kigali QSL from 1965, the year they officially
commenced transmissions. Both the front and the back bear a special
"Initiation of Relay Station" handstamp. The QSL can be found in "CPRV/The
CPRV Gallery/SWBC." Many thanks for these items, Bob. Also in "The CPRV
Gallery," under "Amateur Radio," we have posted a 1970 QSL from the
DW-Kigali ham station, 9X5. And Adrian Peterson has authored an issue of
"Wavescan" (No. 317, March 22, 2015) presenting the history of the Kigali
(Jerry Berg-MA-USA, DXplorer March 29)

SOMALILAND   Reported on 23 March 2015 with muslim sermon at 0255-0305 UT
on 7130 (!) kHz, later switched to 7120 kHz and on 26 and 27 March with
s/on at 0222 and 0228 UT resp on 7120 kHz.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 30)

SPAIN   REE Noblejas has a knot in their feeder line.
REE in A-15 season, now at 1410 UT, Sunday March 29:

REE Spanish on air on 21620 kHz, heard since 1345 UT only carrier. But
remaining Spanish service occured with an Armenia country and culture,
composer, music feature report.
Noted on 15490, 17715, 17855{now replaced by famous 15450 kHz},
(and carrier on 21620) kHz.

Carrier on 21620 kHz channel was disappeared, when checked at 1422 UT
Seemingly antenna matrix program error occured or feed doesn't match?

 9690 1600 2400 4,6-11      NOB 200 290  0 212 1.....7 Spa REE
 9690 1900 2400 4,6-11      NOB 200 290  0 212 .23456. Spa REE
11685 1500 2400 46,47,52,57 NOB 200 161  0 212 1.....7 Spa REE
11685 1900 2400 46,47,52,57 NOB 200 161  0 212 .23456. Spa REE
11940 1500 2400 12-16       NOB 200 230  0 218 1.....7 Spa REE
11940 1900 2400 12-16       NOB 200 230  0 218 .23456. Spa REE
12030 1500 2400 38,39,47,48 NOB 200 110  0 218 1.....7 Spa REE
12030 1900 2400 38,39,47,48 NOB 200 110  0 218 .23456. Spa REE
15110 2000 2400 4,7-11      NOB 200 302 12 218 1234567 Spa REE
15450 1600 2400 4,6-11      NOB 200 290  0 218 1.....7 Spa REE ex17855
15450 2000 2400 4,6-11      NOB 200 290  0 218 .23456. Spa REE ex17855
15490 1600 2400 38,39,47,48 NOB 200 110  0 212 1.....7 Spa REE
15490 1900 2400 38,39,47,48 NOB 200 110  0 212 .23456. Spa REE
17715 1600 2400 12-16       NOB 200 230  0 218 1.....7 Spa REE
17715 2000 2400 12-16       NOB 200 230  0 218 .23456. Spa REE
17755 2000 2400 46,47,52,57 NOB 200 161  0 212 1234567 Spa REE
21620 1600 2000 46,47,52,57 NOB 200 161  0 212 1.....7 Spa REE
21620 2000 2400 46,47,52,57 NOB 200 161  0 212 .23456. Spa REE

some are only WOODEN bureaucratic request registrations ...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 29)

and on April 1 REE Noblejas heard with soccer sports report of Atletico
Madrid soccer team at 1925 UT April 1st on

15450  S=9+25dB or -52dBm signal here in southern Germany.
15490  S=9+35dB or -41dBm signal.
17715  S=9+10dB or -64dBm signal. {next door 17730 RHC S=9 signal...}
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 1)

SPAIN   Nuevas Freqencias Radio Exterior de Espana, 29 March 2015.

Buenos dias, les adjunto el listado de nuevas frecuencias facilitadas ayer
por Antonio Szigriszt, director de Radio Exterior de Espana. Como de
costumbre, haremos seguimiento de la calidad de la escucha que iremos
difundiendo entre todos vosotros y de ser necesario tambien en medios de
comunicacion. Estas frecuencias seran vigentes hasta finales de octubre,
para entonces deberemos facilitarles un listado de las que deberian
utilizarse. Muchas gracias por todo vuestro apoyo y trabajo, un saludo
Amparo Rodriguez


SPAIN   REE Noblejas, mal mit drei oder zwei Sendern on air, niemals mit
allen 4x Kanaelen gleichzeitig zu hoeren.

Die verkuerzte Montag-Freitag REE Sendung gestern Abend konnte ich nur auf
15490 und 17715 hoeren. Nix auf 9690, 17855 oder 21620 kHz. Die 15450 kHz
Frequenz habe ich nicht beobachtet, ist aber regelmaessiger Ersatz für
die 17855 kHz, - next door 17850 kHz ist RFI zugange...

Die Ingenieure in Noblejas haben wohl einige ihrer Sender nach den USA zur
dringend notwendigen Reparatur geschickt.

In Dario's Liste scheinen nur die Sender #02, 03, 07, 08, und #13 auf.

Am Sonntag brachte man das #08 Signal auf 21620 kHz nicht dazu,
die REE Audio aufzumodulieren.

Von Dario aus Italien geliefert:

De lunes a viernes, de 20 a 24 HOE, 18-22 UT
Africa occidental y Atlantico sur 15450 kHz 03-402-161deg
America del sur                   17715 kHz 13-101-230deg
America del norte                 15450 kHz 07-307-290deg
Indico, Oriente Medio, Gran Sol   15490 kHz 02-303-110deg

Fines de semana, de 16 a 24 HOE, 14-22 UT
Africa Occidental y Atlantico sur 21620 kHz 08-401-161deg (de 14 a 18hr)
                                  15450 kHz 03-402-161deg (de 18 a 22hr)
America del sur                   15450 kHz 13-101-230deg
America del norte                 17855 kHz 07-307-290deg
Indico, Oriente Medio, Gran Sol   15490 kHz 02-303-110deg

(via PlayDX #1643, Dario Monferini-ITA, March 29)

SPAIN   17855 [now replaced by 15450 kHz channel, wb.]
March 29 at 1416 UT, VG signal in Castilian about Armenia, of all things.
Obviously REE on unexpected frequency, and starting an hour earlier with
DST in Europe, *1400 UT on weekends. Surely this is on a NoAM antenna, a
great improvement over 9620 kHz which was completely non-funxional for a
midday path.

Finally they have studied a bit of Propagation 101! Confirmed source by //
much weaker 15490 kHz. 17855 kHz is in fact registered in HFCC A-15, but
not at this hour: 16-24 Sat/Sun, 20-24 M-F, 200 kW(?? reduced odd power),
290 degrees to CIRAFs 4, and 6-11 all of contiguous USA, Canada east of
Manitoba, all of Mexico, Central America, Caribbean. We had suspected the
times in these Noblejas registrations were erroneous, CEST UT +2, instead
of UT, and this appears to confirm it. Transmissions should now end circa
2200 UT, not 2400 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld March 29)

SPAIN  RTVE increases shortwave frequencies.

RTVE increases shortwave frequencies and fleet values ??"optimal" level in
the Atlantic

From today, Radio Exterior be heard in West Africa eight hours promised
during the weekend - A transmitter, now in the US, ending improvement once
you return to Toledo


Spanish Radio Television Corporation (RTVE) finally improved frequencies
for shortwave Radio Exterior de Spain (REE) on weekends, as promised a
platform that defends the issue last February 3rd. The public entity and
received one of the two transmitters sent to the US for updating, which
allows one of the splits for the fleet to listen to the radio during the
eight hours promised. A fleet which, moreover, already held improving the
quality of reception of REE in the Atlantic, they call "optimal".

After the controversy generated by the silence of REE on shortwave by the
Corporation last year , advance at the time by FARO, the fleet seems to
see the light at the end of the tunnel. After complaints dropped from
offshore, which led around the issue though with a cut in hours, which
left four weekdays and weekends, eight, fleet and appreciates the service
as it claims, eg Balueiro ship that crossed the ocean from South Africa to
Argentina and said that at all times "was heard with clarity and power." A
shared view also from the Xuxo boat or Alemar, who warned already better
listen to the radio from the weekend anterior.

Esto because RTVE was already improving over recent weeks frequencies. "It
took a little due to the acquisition of frequencies, booking, we had to
ask to Geneva," said the director of REE, Antonio Szigriszt, referring to
the HFCC (High Frequency Co-ordination Conference), which manages all
frequencies used in the mundo.

Szigriszt, who believes that "the program has established", he explained
that by the time the split for the weekend only be for the zone of West
Africa, which ensures that fish 900 boats. "It implies a better quality
throughout the listening but requires a change of dial" indicó.

Respecto to future developments, RTVE will have to wait another
transmitter return the US. "While the technical arriving take 1 day or 2
in it work," specified Szigriszt.

Por Meanwhile, the Platform in Defense of shortwave specified that will
monitor the transmission quality "both from land and from offshore".

Also qualify that "reports reaching the Atlantic are favorable but not so
with the Indian and the Pacific". On this, since Balueiro warn that there
"hunger is coupled with the desire to eat" because "times are not the best
to disregard the time difference."
(Jose Miguel Romero-ESP, dxld March 30)

SRI LANKA   Re: Goodbye, Kigali - Abschied von der letzten DW-

The only death in the Trincomalee station with 27 years of civil conflict
and the station was a no mans territory, was a German engineer who took a
chance and left the station to get to Colombo (200 kms westwards away) to
catch a flight.

There was firing in the area between Tamil Tigers and the Government
forces and he was advised not to leave the station. Both the Tigers and
Govt commanders always informed the DW station if there were any
activities. He took a chance and paid the price sadly.

Trincomalee was in a safe place after the conflict, well established and
Commercial National grid power was just a few months away after the end of
the conflict on May 2010 when the decision was taken to close the station
on 30th October and hand over to SLBC on the 1st of Jan 2011. It would
have been even cheaper to run the station as the SLBC now finds it.

We all tried hard to make DW management keep Trinco as it was good to
cover Africa too and Asia compared to limited use and more expensive
Kigali. But we feel closing Trinco and keeping Kigali was a short term and
a trick to close dowe short wave in the short term as they have now done.
If the German govt can't afford 3 million Euros, I wonder who can. It is
just that there is no will. Trincomalee is running with 10% of that
budget. :)
(Victor Goonetilleke-CLN  4S7VK, DXplorer March 29)

17800  CLN  DWL Pashto / Dari language segments, 08-09 UT via Trincomalee
SLBC relay, S=9+20dB.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 29)

SWAZILAND   15360.011  TWR Africa Manzini SWZ in Urdu language towards
Indian subcontinent, heard at 1409 UT, sidelobe into Germany as S=9+10dB,
not bad signal.

[later]  11700  TWR Africa program noted with station ID at 17 UT on March
31 from Manzini Swaziland site, scheduled 1630-1800 UT, observed here in
southern Germany on S=9+20dB or -56dBm strength.

7300  TWR Africa in Vernacular and guitar mx in between at 1715 UT on
April 1, S=9+5dB or -68dBm. Speedy talk by two men.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 29 / 31 / April 1)

SWEDEN   90 years Radio in Sweden, Highlights report.
Aus Anlass von 90 Jahren Rundfunk in Schweden greift Sveriges Radio tief
ins Archiv und praesentiert bei


Hoehepunkte der schwedischen Rundfunkgeschichte.
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt aktuell April 2015)

SYRIA   Radio Damaskus scrapped SW bcast site installations.

SatelliFax berichtet in seiner gestrigen Ausgabe folgendes: RBB-
Kurzwellensender von Radio Damaskus abgerissen. Wie sich anhand des
aktuellen Bildmaterials bei Google Maps einem Bericht der Online-Version
des RBB-Medienmagazins zufolge zeigt, hat der syrische Rundfunk SRT seine
Kurzwellen-Sendeanlage bei Damaskus abgerissen. Mit einer Wiederaufnahme
des Sendebetriebs ist demnach nicht zu rechnen.

Radio Damaskus produziert allerdings bis heute Fremdsprachenprogramme
unter anderem in deutscher Sprache. diese sind nur noch via Internet zu



(Juergen Tausend-D, A-DX March 25)

TAIWAN   Summer A-15 of R Taiwan Int. Spanish, Russian, German, French

0200-0300 11920 YFR 500 kW 140 deg to SoAM   Spanish
0300-0400  7730 YFR 100 kW 222 deg to MEXICO Spanish
1100-1200 11985 TSH 300 kW 002 deg to NoEaAS Russian
1400-1500  9590 TSH 300 kW ??? deg to CeAS   Russian
1700-1800 11955 TSH 300 kW ??? deg to EaEUR  Russian
1900-2000  6185 WOF 250 kW 078 deg to WeEUR  German
1900-2000  7325 WOF 250 kW 140 deg to WeEUR  French
(via PlayDX #1643, Dario Monferini-ITA, March 29)

TAJIKISTAN/CHINA   A-15 Vo Tibet ahead of China mainland CNR jamming, at
1407 UT on 15492 kHz MDG S=9+70dBm?

and CNR Mainland jamming 15490 kHz underneath, S=7 -85dBm.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 30)

UGANDA   UBC Radio or Radio Uganda on air tonight, March 25, noted 1800+
UT. Not heard yesterday, but active on monday. Not heard the days before.

Missing today 4780 Djibouti, 11735 Zanzibar, 6089.9 Kaduna (but heard
recently), 6090 Amhara National State Radio.

(Thorsten Hallmann-D, dxld March 25)

UKRAINE   1278  Der ukrainische Rundfunk hat Ende Januar 2015 einen neuen
100 kW-Sender auf der Mittelwelle 1278 kHz in Betrieb genommen. Der
Transradio-Sender (TRAM100) steht in Petrivka, rund 60 km noerdlich von
Odessa. Die medienstrategische Bedeutung der Sendererneuerung wird
erkennbar, wenn man bedenkt, dass der von den russischen Separatisten und
auch vom Kreml neu belebte Begriff "Neurussland" historisch auch die
Suedukraine bis nach Bessarabien umfasst. Aus Moldawien hat sich ja
bereits die Region Transnistrien abgespalten.
(Bengt Ericson-SWE 29.1., wb 29.1., 18.2.2015 bcdx/dxld,
Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt aktuell April 2015)

1431  Im Versuch, die eigene Sicht der Dinge in die separatistischen
Gebiete und ins benachbarte Russland zu tragen, hat der ukrainische
Rundfunk am 1. Dezember 2014 die Grossmittelwelle Mykolayiv 1431 kHz
wieder in Betrieb genommen. In zwei Schritten wurde der Sendeplan von
urspruenglich vier Stunden 15.00-19.00 hrs Uhr in Ukrainisch auf vier
Stunden 16.00-20.00 hrs Uhr in Russisch umgestellt. Vom 5. bis 13. Maerz
waren allerdings die Mittelwellen 549 kHz (1. Programm) und 1431 kHz
(Auslandsprogramm) wieder abgeschaltet, da Stromrechnungen nicht bezahlt

Die russische Seite ist, trotz der Abschaltung zahlreicher inlaendischer
Mittelwellensender zum 1. Februar, immer noch auf der Grossmittelwelle
Grigoriopol 1413 kHz aus der nach Russland abtruennigen moldawischen
Region Transnistrien aktiv.
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt aktuell April 2015;
Bengt Ericson-SWE 14.3., Alex Fitzios und Ehard Goddijn-HOL 15.3.2015)

UAE  [VIETNAM]  Die Stimme Vietnams (45 Ba Trieu Str., Hanoi, Vietnam
<>  <deutsch_vov -at->  <german -at->
hat folgenden Sommersendeplan in Deutsch:

1930-2030 UT on 9430 (Al-Dhabiya 250 kW, 315 degr, 30 degr geschielt)
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt aktuell April 2015)

15419.980  exact footprint of BBCWS in English, requested 05-08 UT, hit at
0650 UT by R Australia from SHPon 15415 kHz channel, next door.
S=9 -74dBm signal strength on SDR unit.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 31)

U.K.   BBCWS now has the A-15 frequency schedule online:


Looks like there are a few transmitter hours cut for SoEa and EaAsia.
(Stephen Luce-TX-USA, dxld March 28)

Unidentified site? Additional
11945 BBCWS nx at 1903 UT on April 1, from which transmission site,
extended U.K. outlet towards Africa target ?

I see no request registration at the ITU/HFCC yet, after NHK Issoudun
left the channel at their 17-19 UT usage end. Any information idea ?
11945 kHz is stronger than 11810 kHz from Ascension Island outlet.
(wb, April 1)

U.K.   7325  Radio Taiwan International via Babcock FMO brokery at
Woofferton site daily at 1900-2000 UT, 250 kW at 140 degrees, heard in
French language at 19.18 UT on Tuesday March 31, S=9+35dB or -39dBm signal
strength here in southern Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 31)

U.K.   Technical BBC History book now in internet...

Ein 2003 in erster und 2006 in zweiter Auflage erschienenes Buch zur
Technikgeschichte der BBC ist seit Februar als Internetpublikation
kostenlos erhaeltlich.
On Air - A History of BBC Transmission steht bei


in zwei Dateien zur Verfuegung, da der Textteil und der Bildteil getrennt
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, via
Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt aktuell April 2015)

U.K.  [Taiwan]   Nach dem Ende des Sendezeitabkommens mit TDF/RFI
Frankreich verbleibt der deutschen Sendung von Radio Taiwan International
im Sommer 2015 nur eine Sendung via European relay site:
1900-2000 UT on: 6185 (Babcock FMO Woofferton UK 250 kW, 114 degr)
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt aktuell April 2015)

USA   21600 the only 13 mb station at 1600-1745 UT time slot coming from
WHRI Cypress Creek, English signal approx. fluttery S=8-9 strength.

17895  At 1643 UT on March 31 unid carrier on air, some IBB station ?
S=9 -68dBm strength.

17895 1700-1730 52,53,57       IRA 250 255
17895 1730-1830 46-48,52,53,57 GB  250  94
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 31)

USA   7505.3  {on March 31 on 7505.372}  WRNO, on March 22 at 1206 UT, VG
signal with gospel music, so WRNO is on at this odd hour; maybe was all-
night? I may not have checked this range around 0600 UT. Still on at 1347
UT with gospel huxter past 1400 UT and weakening, no ID. 7505 kHz has
always been registered with HFCC and FCC for much longer hours than they
ever used it, currently 22-16 UT, but until now self-restricted to prime
time only, 01v-04 UT.

Remains to be heard whether an anomaly, a Sunday-only thing or ??? Still
going at 1552 UT check. Also has an imaginary daytime frequency 15590 kHz
at 16-22 UT, both inherited from KTBN. Wonder if that will ever appear?
Not today: at 1619 UT, 7505.3 kHz is still on but unmodulated carrier. At
this hour it must still be full power, not just exciter, as often
detectable overnight.

Incomplete program schedule still limited to evenings only:
fails to mention newscasts at odd times cribbed from Deutsche Welle.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld March 22)

USA  [California]   KVOH Voice of Hope hat am 8. Maerz 2015 seinen
Sendeplan um- und am Wochenende ausgebaut:

1400-1900 17775 (50 kW, 100 degr) Mo-Fr Spanisch
0000-0700  9975 (50 kW, 100 degr) Di-Sa TruNews mit Rick Wiles.

01.00 Programme mit James und Connie Planck)
03.00 TruNews.
04.00 Faith Center Glendale mit Melissa Scott

0100-0700  9975 (50 kW, 100 degr) So Mo Englisch,
darin nicht mehr So 02.30-03.00 World of Radio,
aber noch Mo 01.30 (ex 2.30) AWR Wavescan.
Ray Robinson KVOH Febr 12, dxld.
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt aktuell April 2015)

USA   Mit dem Beginn der Sommerzeit am 8. Maerz hat WWCR World Wide
Christian Radio folgenden Fruehlingssendeplan

WWCR-1 (100 kW, 46 degr)
0000-0100   6115
0100-0900   3215
0900-1000  15795
1000-1100  15795, darin Sa Russisch
1100-1200  15795, darin Mo-Fr 1115 Arabisch, Mo-Fr 1130-1145 Russisch
1200-2100  15825
2100-2200  15825, darin Mo-Fr Spanisch
2200-2400   6115

WWCR-2 (100 kW, 85 degr)
0000-1200   5935 University Network
1200-1500   7490
1500-2000  12160
2000-2400   9350

WWCR-3 (100 kW, 40)
0000-0100  13845
0100-1300   4840
1300-2400  13845 University Network

WWCR-4 (100 kW, 90 degr)
0000-0200   7520 Di-Sa
0200-0300   5890 Di-Sa
0300-0400   5890, darin Di-Sa Brother Stair
0400-1100   5890 Brother Stair
1100-1200   5890, darin Mo-Fr Brother Stair
1200-1400   9980, darin Mo-Fr Brother Stair
1400-2200   9980 Brother Stair
2200-2300   9980, darin Mo-Fr Brother Stair
2300-2400   9980 Mo-Fr
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt aktuell April 2015)

UZBEKISTAN   Tashkent-UZB, Korean sce program, S=9 signal backlobe into
Germany, -76dBm, ITU antenna# 902 means log-periodic, not! dipole curtain
antenna ? - at 1435 UT on Monday March 30.
11570 1300-1500 44NE TAC 100 76 0 902 Kor UZB WRN
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 30)

CVC The Voice Asia and co-channel KVOH Voice of Hope, on March 28
0100-0400 9975 TAC 100 kW 186 deg to SoAS Hindi CVC The Voice Asia
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews via RUSdx March 29)

VANUATU   3945  Am 14. Maerz 2015 traf der Zyklon Pam, der als womoeglich
staerkster jemals gemessener Tropensturm gilt, auf Vanuatu und zerstoerte
den Inselstaat.

Wie Francis Herman vom Pacific Media Assistance Scheme berichtete, sind
auch die Sendeanlagen des Rundfunks weitgehend zerstoert. Die
Mittelwellenantennen in Port Vila und Santo sind zerstoert, ebenso viele

Immerhin konnte noch am 15. Maerz ein UKW-Sender in der Hauptstadt Port
Vila wieder auf Sendung gehen. Die Kurzwellenanlage wurde so lange
betrieben, wie es moeglich war, und hatte auch bei der Wiederherstellung

Tatsaechlich konnte die Kurzwelle 3945 kHz wieder ab dem 20. Maerz
international gehoert werden. Zehn Tage nach der Katastrophe waren mit
technischer Hilfe aus Australien und Neuseeland die Mittel- und Kurzwelle
(1125, 1179, 3945 kHz) wiederhergestellt.

Traurigerweise musste festgestellt werden, dass die Rundfunkversorgung der
Inselgruppe nun besser war als seit November. Aus Neuseeland sollte bis
Ende Maerz ein weiterer neuer Sender angeliefert werden.

(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt aktuell April 2015)

VATICAN STATE  [to SUDAN]   11650  on March 30 at 0547 UT, really wild
shouts and echoes, what's this? 0548 UT Radio Dabanga spoken ID, good
signal with no jamming on new frequency for A-15. HFCC shows it's via
Vatican SMG site at 0430-0600 UT, so we know it must be preceded by
companion Radio Tamazuj at 0400-0430 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld March 30)

VIETNAM   9730  Spanish program observed at 1818 UT on March 29, of
VoVietnam Hanoi from Son Tay site, scheduled at 1600-2130 UT slot.
S=9+30dB or -45dBm signal strength.

7280  VoVietnam' German sce also via Son Tay site heard at 1824 UT on
March 29 slot, a Vietnamese Hymn like played at this time.
Well propagate into Germany at S=9+40dB -32dBm signal strength level.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 29)

YEMEN   6135  Radio San'a, San'a, at 1803-1815 UT on March 22, English,
news and about Yemen, music. 23222.
(Manuel Mendez-ESP, via PlayDX #1643, March 29)

6135 to zone 39 ALH 50kW 0=non-dir 0 925 Und YEM YER
location not Sana', rather southerly Al Hiswah YEM, SW antennas at
12 49 34.32 N  44 54 27.56 E
12 49 36.68 N  44 54 51.84 E

5-mast and quadrant antenna close to
12 49 32.89 N  44 54 37.38 E   G.E. image of 1st March 2010
or bing.maps

Quadrant antenna. Type 9 (HQ): 925 - 949
Designation: HQ n/h
n : number of elements stacked above the other
h : height of dipoles above the ground in wavelength
The design frequency is entered in a separate field of the requirement.
Antenna Definition
925 HQ1/0.3  Quadrant antenna
73 wb df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 30)


DSWCI DBS Domestic Broadcasting Survey 2015, DBS-17

The new Domestic Broadcasting Survey is now available from DSWCI.
Details are at


(Jerry Berg-NY-USA, DXplorer March 21)

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