WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - BC-DX 1204 11 April 2015

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ALBANIA   9855  on April 3 at 0128 UT, R. Tirana IS, fair with flutter,
still no ACI or CCI, just storm noise to combat. All RT broadcasts are
100 kW on 310 degree azimuth from Shijak, i.e.: Bern-Paris-Cork-
St. Anthony-Gaspe-Quebec-Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto-Cincinnati-Little Rock-
San Antonio-Monterrey-Tepic, all within a degree of that.

Enid is about 5 degrees off, 315degr, but at this distance should not make
much difference in angle; our path does however go further into the sub-
auroral zone over the north Atlantic and sheer distance weakens it
compared to northeast America.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 3)

ARGENTINA   11710.73  RAE Buenos Aires at 0325 UT on April 2, surprised to
find this with good level, local music and talk by a man, best in USB mode
to escape het with weak unidentified(*) station on nominal.
(David Sharp-NSW-AUS, dxld April 8)
(*)  TWR Africa, Babcock FMO brokered at Al Dhabbaya-UAE.

ASCENSION ISL   12050  Dandal Kura, via Ascension Isl, March 29 at *1759-
1811 UT 35443 Kanuri?, 1759 sign on with announce by man. Opening music.
Opening announce, Talk.
(Kouji Hashimoto-JPN, dxld April 5)

Aoki Nagoya list request:
12050  Dandal Kura Radio, 1800-1900 UT, Kanuri language, 250 kW 65 degr
Ascension ASC, US AID organization, Babcock FMO brokery.
(Kouji Hashimoto-JPN, dxld April 5)

AUSTRALIA   Extended transmission of Reach Beyond Australia on April 3

1445-1530 15340 KNX 100 kW 310deg to SoAS English as scheduled in A-15
1530-1600 15340 KNX 100 kW 310deg to SoAS English unscheduled, videos:
// frequency 11590 KNX 100 kW 305deg to SoAS English is off from Apr 1.

Reach Beyond Australia 1330-1445 on new 12075 kHz, ex 11590 kHz,
1445-1530 UT deleted.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 3)

11590  on April 3 at 1325 UT is still missing, having initialized in the
A-15 schedule, so I go hunting for RBA elsewhere on the band and I find

On unlisted 12075 kHz, fair and flutter, with hymn medley runup and IDs
again, 1330 UT opening to South Asia on "11590"!! So now I know more and
so do you, dear reader, about what RBA is doing than RBA itself! No
obvious reason for abrupt replacement of 11590 a few days ago, no
collision noted here, but maybe there was one over there.

This and 15340 kHz are the ones scheduled to go into partially separate
English half-sesquihours at 1445 UT to conclude each transmission. 12075
kHz puts RBA right between Radio Australia and Radio Australia on 12065
and 12085 kHz, just to be neighbourly (and more noticed?). Had I known
that IBB TINIAN in Myanmarianese was already scheduled on 12075 kHz at
1430-1500 UT per HFCC A-15 lookup later, I certainly would have checked
whether it's still there with RBA colliding.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 3)

AUSTRIA/GERMANY   6070 on Suns only at 1100 CEST (09 UT) is always
via ORS Moosbrunn Austria 100 kW, non-directional Quadrant antenna.

b u t
6070 on Mons at 1700 CEST (15 UT) is via German hobby radio station
channel 292 Rohrbach Waal in Bavaria. 10 kW.

ORS Moosbrunn Austria 100 kW.
is planned only - probably - until end on Sunday 19 April.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

AUSTRIA   6155  on April 1 at 0538 UT, OE1 {via ORS Moosbrunn bcast center
site} is still playing some lite classical wake-up music which makes it
onto the token 75-minute SW broadcast, now shifted one UT hour earlier, so
a little more darkness on path and a little better reception, soon to be
lost as we progress further into summer.

Only poor signal not enough to enjoy, plus a LAH presumably from Fides,
Bolivia, always off-frequency to hi side. Yet the Moosbrunn SW
transmitters are run for many foreign clients, following in the footsteps
of Uzbekistan, dissing its own broadcasts.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 1)

BELARUS   Radio Belarus Minsk from March 29 also new frequency
11930 (ex7255) kHz.

1100-1400   11730 MNS 100 kW 246 deg to WeEUR Belarussian
1400-1600   11730 MNS 100 kW 246 deg to WeEUR Russian
1600-1800   11730 MNS 100 kW 246 deg to WeEUR Polish
1705-1800 NF11930 MNS 125 kW 252 deg to WeEUR Polish, ex7255 in A-14
1800-1940   11730 MNS 100 kW 246 deg to WeEUR German
1800-1940 NF11930 MNS 125 kW 252 deg to WeEUR German, ex7255 in A-14
1940-2000   11730 MNS 100 kW 246 deg to WeEUR German Tue/Wed/Fri
1940-2000 NF11930 MNS 125 kW 252 deg to WeEUR German Tue/Wed/Fri,
            ex7255 in A-14
1940-2000   11730 MNS 100 kW 246 deg to WeEUR French Sat-Mon/Thu
1940-2000 NF11930 MNS 125 kW 252 deg to WeEUR French Sat-Mon/Thu,
            ex7255 in A-14
2000-2020   11730 MNS 100 kW 246 deg to WeEUR Spanish Sat-Mon/Thu
2000-2020 NF11930 MNS 125 kW 252 deg to WeEUR Spanish Sat-Mon/Thu,
            ex7255 in A-14
2000-2020   11730 MNS 100 kW 246 deg to WeEUR English Tue/Wed/Fri
2000-2020 NF11930 MNS 125 kW 252 deg to WeEUR English Tue/Wed/Fri,
            ex7255 in A-14
2020-2200   11730 MNS 100 kW 246 deg to WeEUR English
2020-2200 NF11930 MNS 125 kW 252 deg to WeEUR English, ex7255 in A-14
2200-2300   11730 MNS 100 kW 246 deg to WeEUR Russian
2200-2300 NF11930 MNS 125 kW 252 deg to WeEUR Russian, ex7255 in A-14
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 4)

BULGARIA   Petition. Sofia Vakaral history.


Historical and technical information on the Vakarel transmitter.

Radio transmitter station "Vakarel" is located 2 kms from village Vakarel
(Ihtiman) and is situated at an altitude of 900 m. The station was
designed and built by the German company Telefunken specialists after long
research to find the best place for broadcast in the ranges of long and
medium waves. Very best features of the terrain and location ensuring RPS
"Vakarel" to 01.01.2015 one of the leading country and Europe places in
quality local and international broadcasting.

On November 17, 1937 were carried out the first experimental broadcasts,
and on 8 December the same year the official Launching and began regular
operation of the station. With the start of broadcasts of Vakarel in
Europe begin to clearly hear emissions Sofia Radio broadcast wave of 352.9
m / 850 kHz with power 100000 watt.

The antenna of this transmitter type Blaw-Knox, is a real technical
marvel, not only the time, but today. It has a diamond shape, high is
about 200 meters tall and weighs about 130 tons, it is reinforced with
four massive steel guyed. Of this type in Bulgaria has one antenna - Stara
Zagora - also built in 1936, but the Hungarian company Standard. In Europe
there are only two antennas - one in England and Hungary.

Transmitter's contemporary, the technician Ivan Pickles tells about the
construction of Vakarelska transmitter: "In 1936 year on a high hill near
the village began construction Vakarel ... Facing the big spindle
diversity antenna, 214 meters high, which ultimately rested on a glass
insulator stick with four strong steel ropes. Dug deep ditch, which takes
special high-frequency cable to the studio in Sofia. The construction of
the transmitter is held by the company-builder "Telefunken", but in
construction attended many of our workers, technicians and engineers,
including Eng. Martulkov, Eng. Pipev, Eng. Kolarov."

Ing. Stanislav Martulkov gives a detailed description of the facility in
1938 in year-on BIAD: "The location of the new transmitter is selected
after basic research - about 905 m. Above sea level, 37 kms from Sofia,
about 2.5 kilometers before Vakarel ... alarm antenna for airplanes going
through the revolving lights of a thousand watts, with a red light, built
15 meters high masts on both sides of the antenna."

Eng. Gregory Uzunov describes antenna Vakarel "powerful transmitter
antenna near the village Vakarel built by "Hein-Lehmann" Berlin is an iron
mast structure with fish shape (wider in the middle of its tapered at the
ends) with a height of 179 meters. At the top of the antenna is extended
by a metal rod, which rises in height and 17 meters in such a way that the
entire height of 196 meters. (In other calculations height was 199.82 m).
Conductor current serving four flange beams, power antenna becomes the
bottom of tubular wire."

Eng. K.Todorov: "From its center are tensioned steel cables (93 th meter),
four in number, in 60 mm thick, composed of 121 wires. The base of the
mast is concrete block, heavy 48 tons and blocks which are nailed ropes
are 67 tons apiece."

In the words of eyewitnesses lies only a hint of the colossal work on the
construction of a high-quality national transmitter. Work laid with love
and professionalism, sent waves of RPS "Vakarel 'homes even English.

The transmitter of Vakarel is not affected by any natural disaster - did
not hurt nor earthquake or hurricane winds. During World War II survived
the bombing because it serves as a reference to the Anglo-American airmen.
After 1944, the national transmitter end Vakarel came to be called
"Transmitter Hristo Botev". Due to lack of spare parts, the transmitter
works with half power - 50 kW. In 1950, the General Directorate for
broadcasting contract with Hungarian company "Standard" for the repair of
"Transmitter Hristo Botev". On February 24, 1954 the facility was put into
regular ekspoatatsiya with renewed power of 100 kW.

In 1984 vavveden in eksploatatatsiya Bulgarian transmitter development of
the Institute of heavy radio electronics (led by the famous engineer.
Hristo Bachvarov) with power of 40 kW, reset by means of long waves with a
frequency of 261 kHz, a frequency known to thousands of Bulgarians and
foreigners. The transmitter works until 2001, when after one month break
is replaced by a Russian type DSV-75 with power 75 kW, which is currently
unavailable. This transmitter was delivered to RPS "cape", but was never
installed there. RPS "Vakarel" is one of the 26 remaining operating
transmitters of long waves in the world. Broadcast programs can be heard
here very well throughout the country and in Europe, have a loyal
(6. Januar 2015)

NO to the destruction of RPS "Vakarel", the symbol of Bulgarian Radio.

Radio transmission station "Vakarel" - 78 year old pride of Bulgaria, was
stopped on 01.01.2015. Help save her from destruction !




Dear compatriots,

On 1 January 2015 contrary to the interests of thousands of listeners and
national security were stopped long wave transmitter 261 kHz in RPS
"Vakarel" and medium-wave frequencies in Gallikos Kilkis, Samuel,
Kardzhali, Republic and Targovishte. Despite these many listeners
medium-wave frequencies were largely local coverage predvatelyat
in Vakarel had even internationally.

Currently this site with historic and strategic importance is about to be
liquidated following the fate of the majority of suspended radio in recent
over 20 years.

History of RPS "Vakarel" stretches back to back in 1934, when specialists
from the company Telefunken visit Bulgaria in search of the most suitable
location for broadcasting. After almost a year and demand measurements,
they stop at the height above the Sofia village Vakarel. The location is
ideal for a number of natural and geographical reasons. In fact it is
the best in the country. In 1936 construction began on the first
transmitter and in nearby 1937 already made the first tests.

On 17 November 1937, the transmitter enters into operation. And from that
moment began the creation of a legend, fought their way with her
beautiful voice as hundreds of specialists, engineers and native genius
of radiodeloto and millions of listeners. A national pride. Until this
New Year's Eve, 78 long and turbulent years.

The importance of the station is beyond doubt. Through its program of
Bulgarian National Radio reach thousands of listeners outside other
coating, whether or VHF television.

Director General of BNR Mr. Radoslav Yankulov in a gust of inadequate
and incompetent fatal modernism is going to war against the
broadcasting of long and medium wave. According to his statements it
is obsolete technology, rejected all over the world, too expensive for
maintenance and generally meaningless. According to him, Bulgaria has
98% coverage of the country with the FM signal. He is even ready,
in his words, a financial scheme by which to buy the poor listeners
VHF radios. The truth, my dear compatriots, is much different.

Bulgaria is a mountainous country and a considerable part of the
population lives in the mountains. Despite the presence of several
dozens of regional and national radio stations in VHF range,
due to rough terrain their coverage of mountainous areas is very limited.
These areas are served until recently by twenty regional and 7 national
radio coverage of the SG and ST.

These transmitters broadcast programs of Radio, plus news content was
provided by the regional studios of Radio, giving listeners an
interesting, diverse and relevant information for the region.
Due to the nature of the spectrum reached their voice not only
to the most remote corners of Bulgaria, but also to our compatriots
abroad. Bulgarian speech was reaching tens of thousands from the
western suburbs, the Bulgarians southern Romania, the thousands
in Europe.

According to experts in the industry to achieve too VHF coverage
of 98% must be built between 800 and 1,000 new FM transmitter,
most of them must be located in rugged terrain. Behind the promise
of Mr. Yankulov hide millions of BGN deals for construction of road
infrastructure, grid, microwave network and radio transmission network.

And it will come to the Bulgarian taxpayer tens of times more expensive
than the maintenance of all the destroyed and scrapped transmitters
SG and ST will be the peak of stupidity and nekompetenstnostta,
wastage of precious and needed resources. The cost would be astronomical.
Then he is ready to gift VHF receivers of all poor listeners. If for
example we put average supply wholesale price of about 30 lev for
receiver and modest Suppose that in our country there are 100.000
people living in remote rural areas receive three million lev, the price
of electricity for RPS "Vakarel" for 16 years.

By what right Mr. Yankulov discriminates against those 100.000 Bulgarians
in Bulgaria and thousands abroad?

According to him, the whole civilized world refuses mass stops
transmitters ST and SG. Therefore you in central Europe evening heard
over 25 stations of the SG and 90 CB? For this reason you constantly
modernize existing and build new facilities in the EU Member States?
There are several reasons:

1) Huge coverage with lower costs

The coverage area of a modern 100-kilowatt transmitter SG, suitably
located and having a good quality antenna system is up to 2000 km.
The annual cost of electricity would be about 127 546 lev. These are
17 cents per capita per year. The coverage area of this transmitter
CB would be around 400 km. Costs 1000 VHF transmitter would be
drastically higher.

2) high security communication channel

The radio can not be easily stopped. This is extremely important in case
of war, natural disasters and accidents. This is one of the main roles
of the national radio - to reach all in such cases. In a statement
Mr Yankulov expressed the view that it is best to listen to Radio
on their mobile phones via the Internet. Due to its high complexity
and multi-layered, his proposed transmission medium is the most
vulnerable, insecure and chaotic. Radio is extremely safe, in case
of disaster, accident or war, transfers can be organized by themselves
transmitting stations protected studios, and from pre-recorded
programs and others.

3) Extremely low cost and simplicity of terminal equipment

National Radio is a public service. It must serve the people of them and
for them. Although urbanization of Bulgarian cities, thousands of
our fellow citizens live in isolated and remote areas where food
is retrieved with a daily struggle with the ground for her gifts.
Despite the proven return to rural life, most of these listeners are
elderly and low-income. But almost all have a suitable receiver.
In our country there are still thousands of fully operable tube
and transistor radios.

Despite the claims of Mr. Yankulov last repeated on 19.01.2015 in the
morning of BNT1 that broadcasts CB of RPS "Vidin" of mediumwave 576 kHz
reach all listeners in the country, this is not true. The transmitter is
located in a very inappropriate place for broadcasting. Moreover purchased
400 kilowatt transmitter Thompson is poor and causes a number of problems
in the operation, which requires to work with 200 kilowatts of power.
Despite this power coverage area and signal quality are far from
sufficient for the country.

We are all aware of the financial, organizational and resource
difficulties for the state national media. Abbreviation of regional
programs is understandable. But the exclusion of only a transmitter
having a capacity for national coverage is not.

We appeal to all of you from the ordinary listener, to the members of the
parliamentary committee on culture and media! Let us not allow mercantile
tear everything built to destroy the little left of a once proud our
national radio. Let us save RPS "Vakarel" and turn it into the main
transmitter broadcasting center of Bulgaria.

We call for:

1) Purchase of the State of RPS "Vakarel";

2) Purchase and installation of a new transmitter SG from a reputable
supplier (eg. Transradio, Gates or Nautel) with capacity of 50 kW in the
estimated annual cost of electricity by 63 773 lev or 9 cents per capita
per year;

3) Purchase and installation of new CB transmitter from a reputable
supplier (eg. Transradio, Gates or Nautel) to power 100 kilowatts,
at an estimated annual cost of electricity from 127,546 lev or 17 cents
per capita per year;

4) preserving old Dvublokov transmitter DSV-75 as a reserve power,
proven in the toughest conditions.

5) Construction of new diplexer that will allow simultaneous operation of
two transmitters with existing antenna system;

6) Restoration of broadcasting program "Horizon" Radio station SG and ST
for the country and abroad.

7) Construction of the area of one of the residential buildings in the
station of a modern museum of Bulgarian radiodelo an information center
and a library. The museum is open for organized visits of Bulgarian and
foreign citizens, students from technical schools and universities.

A good example of suitable transmitters are Nautel NX50 / NX100,
Transradio TRAM50 / TRAM100, and Gates Flexdivia 3DX50 / 3DX100.

These actions would provide not only 100% coverage for much less money
than those needed to build a grand network of VHF transmitters,
but also a safe, inexpensive and proven method to reach foreign audiences
from countries like Ukraine, Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Austria,
Czech Republic, Germany, Serbia, Albania, Belarus and others. All this
can be achieved with the vote of confidence of German experts, chosen
height of the village Vakarel as the best option for broadcasting in the
country, with the vote of confidence of the Bulgarian State again be
the master and guardian of a legendary station.

Only in this way Bulgaria's voice can be heard again from all its
podannitsi home and away.



CHINA   3900  Hulun Buir PBS, at 1134 UT on April 2, fair with talk by a
man and local music.
(David Sharp-NSW-AUS, dxld April 8)

CLANDESTINE STATIONS   Added of morning transmissions of Hamada Radio
International and Dandal Kura

Voice of Khmer M'Chas Srok
1149 17860 DB 200 kW 125 deg to SoEaAS Khmer Thu/Sun

Radio ERGO
1201 17845 DHA 250 kW 225 deg to EaAF Somali

North Korea Reform Radio
from 1430 UT 11550 PUG 125 kW 010 deg to NoEaAS Korean

Radio Tamazuj
1500 UT     15150 MDC 250 kW 340 deg to EaAF Sudanese Arabic
1500-1530   15550 SMG 250 kW 150 deg to EaAF Sudanese Arabic
1500-1530 NF17600 ISS 250 kW 138 deg to EaAF Sudanese Arabic,ex13800 SMG

Eritrean Forum
1700  15245 ISS 250 kW 130 deg to EaAF Tigrinya Tue/Fri/Sun

Voice of Oromo Liberation
1702  17630 ISS 100 kW 125 deg to EaAF Amharic Sun

Dandal Kura
1800-1900 12050 ASC 250 kW 065 deg to WeAF Kanuri.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews via RUSdx March 30)

CUBA   Change news on xls.format file arrived from Arnie Coro radio amateur
CO2KK at La Habana - host of "DXers Unlimited" program, Radio Havanna Cuba
on April 8.

A-15 schedule to start weekend 11/12 April at 1100 UT.

Dear amigo Wolfie, this is the upcoming schedule. Sorry it is in Spanish...
Hope to have it translated to English soon.
It is an .xls file that has three tables, one for each transmitter site,

{i.e. Bauta, Bejucal - the old Radio Moscow USSR relay site of 1965 era,
and powerhouse Titan site near Quivican San Felipe village.  wb.}

If you have any doubts or difficulties, do not hesitate to ask.

Did you observed the very low average sunspot count during the month of
March ?

For me it is now clear, that solar cycle's 24 second and larger amplitude
peak went by during April 2014 ... so we are now one year after it !!!

73 and DX
Your friend in sunny La Habana
73 and DX, Arnie
Prof Arnaldo Coro Antich, CO2KK

Radio Habana Cuba A-15 finally.

Radio Habana Cuba - Horarios, Bandas y Frecuencias
Periodo del 12 de Abril de 2015 a 8/15 de Noviembre de 2015.

Ba = Bauta,  Be = Bejucal,  Ti = Titan Quivican San Felipe



Zonas Geográficas
Beam to:

North and Central/Sudamérica
          tx  kW deg
11950 kHz Ba 100 n-d  1100-1500 UT, En Contacto 1335 UT Sun
11760 kHz Ba 100 n-d  2100-0200 UT, En Contacto 2235 UT Sun

Nueva York
 6060 kHz Ba 100 010  0000-0500 UT, En Contacto 0235 UT Mon
11860 kHz Ba 100 010  1100-1400 UT, En Contacto 1335 UT Sun

San Francisco
 9550 kHz Ti 250 310  1100-1300 UT
15370 kHz Ba 100 310  1300-1500 UT, En Contacto 1335 UT Sun

 9850 kHz Ba 100 340  1100-1300 UT

América Central
 9820 kHz Be 100 233  1100-1500 UT, En Contacto 1335 UT Sun
 9535 kHz Be 100 233  2100-0500 UT, En Contacto 2235 UT Sun, 0235 UT Mon

 9710 kHz Be  50 160  2100-0400 UT, En Contacto 2235 UT Sun, 0235 UT Mon
 9640 kHz Be  50 160  1100-1500 UT, En Contacto 1335 UT Sun

Río de Janeiro
11670 kHz Ba 100 130  2300-0400 UT  En Contacto 0235 UT Mon
15730 kHz Ba 100 130  1100-1500 UT, En Contacto 1335 UT Sun

Buenos Aires
15230 kHz Ti 250 160  1100-1500 UT, En Contacto 1335 UT Sun
15230 kHz Ti 250 160  2300-0500 UT  En Contacto 0235 UT Mon
13740 kHz Ba 100 160  1100-1400 UT, En Contacto 1335 UT Sun
13740 kHz Ba 100 160  2100-0400 UT, En Contacto 2235 UT Sun, 0235 UT Mon

11840 kHz Ti 250 190  2100-0500 UT, En Contacto 2235 UT Sun, 0235 UT Mon

17730 kHz Ba 100 053  2100-2300 UT, En Contacto 2235 UT Sun

{En Contacto schedule - probably - only assumed/provised -
no details given yet by RHC, wb.}

Tropical Band NVIS antenna Bauta 5040 kHz / 60 mb non-directional
2100-2300, 0100-0500 UTC, En Contacto 2235 UT Sun, 0235 UT Mon,
to Cuba, Caribe, Sur de E.U./USA, Canada, México,
América Central y Norte de Sudamérica.

Mesa Redonda Internacional [Monday-Thursday night special]
          tx  kW deg
 6000 kHz Ti 250  10  2300-2400 UT
11950 kHz Ba 100 340  2300-2400 UT

Radio Habana Cuba A-15 finally.

Radio Habana Cuba - Horarios, Bandas y Frecuencias
Periodo del 12 de Abril de 2015 a 8/15 de Noviembre de 2015.

Zonas Geográficas
Beam to:
               tx  kW deg
11760 kHz      Ba 100 340  1900-2000 UT
 DXers UL  at 1930 UT Tue, 1910 UT Sun

New York       Ba 100 010  6060 kHz 0500-0700 UT
 DXers UL  at 0510 UT Mon, 0530 UT Wed, 0610 UT Mon, 0630 UT Wed

San Francisco  Ba 100 310  6100 kHz 0500-0700 UT
 DXers UL  at 0510 UT Mon, 0530 UT Wed, 0610 UT Mon, 0630 UT Wed

Chicago        Ba 100 340       6165 kHz 0100-0700 UT
 DXers UL  at 0110 UT Mon, 0130 UT Wed, 0210 UT Mon, 0230 UT Wed
 0310 UT Mon, 0330 UT Wed, 0410 UT Mon, 0430 UT Wed, 0510 UT Mon
 0530 UT Wed, 0610 UT Mon, 0630 UT Wed

Washington     Ti 250 010  6000 kHz 0100-0500 UT
 DXers UL  at 0110 UT Mon, 0130 UT Wed, 0210 UT Mon, 0230 UT Wed
 0310 UT Mon, 0330 UT Wed, 0410 UT Mon, 0430 UT Wed

Washington     Ti 250 010  6000 kHz 0500-0700 UT
 DXers UL at 0510 UT Mon, 0530 UT Wed, 0610 UT Mon, 0630 UT Wed

Banda Tropical Ba 100 n-d  5040 kHz 2300-2400 UT
 DXers UL at 2310 UT Sun, 2330 UT Tue

Banda Tropical Ba 100 n-d  5040 kHz 0500-0600 UT
 DXers UL at 0510 UT Mon, 0530 UT Wed

Africa         Ba 100 100(-30 slewed) 11880 kHz 2300-2400 UT
 DXers UL at 2330 UT Tue, 2310 UT Sun


Europa         Ba 100 053  17730 kHz 1930-2000 UT
Chicago        Ba 100 340  11760 kHz 2000-2030 UT
Africa         Ba 100 100(-30 slewed) 11880 kHz 2200-2230 UT
Sudamérica     Be  50 130  15370 kHz 2230-2300 UT - except Sun.
Banda Tropical Ba 100 n-d   5040 kHz 0030-0100 UT

Europa         Ba 100 053  17730 kHz 2000-2030 UT
Africa         Ba 100 100(-30 slewed) 11880 kHz 2230-2300 UT
Buenos Aires   Ti 250 160  15230 kHz 2200-2300 UT
Río de Janeiro Be  50 130  15370 kHz 2330-2400 UT

Chicago        Ba 100 340  11760 kHz 1800-1830 UT
Europa         Ba 100 053  17730 kHz 2030-2100 UT

San Francisco  Ba 100 310   6100 kHz 0700-0730 UT
NoCeSudamérica Ba 100 n-d  11950 kHz 1500-1530 UT
Sudamérica     Be  50 130  15370 kHz 2230-2300 UT - see French weekdays.

Chicago        Ba 100 340  11760 kHz 1830-1900 UT
Buenos Aires   Be  50 130  15370 kHz 2300-2330 UT
Banda Tropical Ba 100 n-d   5040 kHz 0000-0030 UT

Buenos Aires   Be  50 130  15370 kHz 0000-0030 UT
(Arnie Coro-CUB  CO2KK  RHC - Radio Havana Cuba,
via / and DXers UL + En Contacto; items added by
wb df5sx, wwdxc Germany BC-DX TopNews April 8)

ERITREA   Asmara-ERI uses both - alternating  ! - 7175 or 7185 kHz now:

7175  VOBME, Asmara Selea Daro, *0255 UT on Mar 24, 27 and 28,
and 1600-1830 UT, Mar 16 and 26, IS, ID in Oromo to East Africa,
not jammed, QRM HAM.

7185  VOBME, Asmara Selea Daro, *0255 U on, Mar 23 and 26, known IS, ID
and programme in vernacular and not jammed. (Pankov). Also heard
at 1500-1600 UT in Amharic.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews, dswci DXW Apr 1)

ETHIOPIA   7237.184  Some Ethiopian Addis Ababa program of 7235 kHz,
usually 2 kHz odd frequency offset noted here at 1710 UT April 10,
equal level like BSKSA Riyadh in Persian language on even 7240 kHz,
latter 15-18 UT, S=8 strength.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 10)

FRANCE   Radio Inyabutatu on new 21480 kHz via Issoudun in A-15 season,
ex17500 in A-14, 1600-1700 UT with 100 kW via Issoudun.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 4)
RPRK via MBR Cologne FMO brokered, wb.

17850  Oromo Voice, on March 30, at *1600-1610 UT Mon, Wed, Sat, 35443-
35433 Oromo, 1600 UT sign on with opening music, ID, Opening announce,

Aoki Nagoya list request:
17850  Oromo Voice Radio, 1600-1630 UT, .2.4..7, Oromo language,
100 kW 130 degr from TDF Issoudun site, OVR organization, BRB - Broadcast
Belgium FMO, in A-15 season.

15165  R. Risala, on March 27 at *1830-1835 UT 25332-23332 Somali,
1830 UT sign on with opening music, ID, Opening announce, Talk.

17580  V. of Kaatumo, on March 24/26/31 at *1700-1710 UT, 35333 Somali,
1700 UT sign on with opening music, ID, Opening announce, Koran, Talk.

Aoki Nagoya list request:
17580  Voice of Khaatumo, 1700-1730 UT, Tue/Wed/Thur, Somali language
250 kW 120degr from TDF Issoudun France site. VOK/MBR in A-15.
(Kouji Hashimoto-JPN, dxld April 5)

GREECE   15650   April 8 at 0551 UT, poor signal in Greek // fair 9420
kHz, so ERT-Open (or whatever it's currently calling itself), with MUF
holding up late.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 8)

INDIA   7249.979  AIR Hindi sce from Goa Panaji bcast center, noted 1700
UT on April 10. S=9+10dB noted here in southern Germany today. 1615-1830
UT in Hindi and Malayalam langs.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 10)

KUWAIT   19000 / 18990 UNID. Radio Free Asia in Tibetan (bod) via IBB
Kuwait site, on its complex A-season jump around schedule between 11 and
14 UT as in HFCC, Aoki. Lucky not to hear the jammers this time.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx April 4)

19000/18990  Found a station on 19000 kHz at around 1225 UT. Not very
strong but I could tell it was NOT // CNR1. Language sounded possibly
Asian. At 1259 UT it suddenly jumped down to 18990 kHz. Then had a fanfare
that sounded familiar at 1300 UT, and into prob. nx by W. When it jumped
down to 18990 kHz, there was another signal on 19000 kHz which remained
for about 15 seconds before it went off.

Was one jamming the other?? Anyone know what these stations were??
It stayed on 18990 kHz for the next hour and went off at 1400 UT.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx April 4)

18980  April 7 at 1344 UT, JBA signal here. Try to // it with CNR1 jammer
on 15265 kHz, but not, tho it could be, merely not synch.

18990  April 7 at 1344 UT, an even weaker JBA broadcast signal, also with
some noise.

So what's the Tuesday registration for RFA Tibetan via Kuwait?
18980 kHz at 13-14 UT, 18990 kHz at 12-13 UT. So both RFA and the jammer
should be on 18980 kHz during this hour, but April 5 I did find them
uncooerdinated. By 1358 UT today, 18980 kHz is off, 18990 kHz still on.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 7)

KUWAIT/CHINA   18980  IBB Kuwait outlet, at 1115 UT on Tuesday April 7,
S=9+10dB in sidelobe target southern Germany, no - or very tine China
mainland jamming noted so far.

18990  CNR mainland jamming station logged around 1115 UT on Tuesday
April 7, only fair at S=7-8 strength.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 7)

MOLDOVA/BULGARIA   7550, R Ranginkaman, via Toshkent, Uzbekistan {sic via
Grigoriopol Maiac Pridnestrovie Moldova site, WRN London brokered, wb.},
heard at a new time of *1700-1730* UT, ex*1600-1630* UT, Mo and Fr. Male
and female announcers with Farsi talks and songs. ID at 1730 UT then
close. Kostinbrod Spaceline LTd. Bulgaria observed // on 9925 kHz.
(Michael Ford, Newcastle under Lyme-UK, dswci DXW April 1)

NIGERIA   7254.9, 1801+ UT, news in English, female, fair signal, clear
and good modulation. About Nigeria and ECOWAS mainly, style of newsreading
sounded very much like Voice of Nigeria, but certainly not the old Ikorodu
transmitter. Must have been signed off just before 1830 UT already. No DRM
on 15120 kHz so far today. No 15120.0 kHz morning programme noted the past
few days.
(Thorsten Hallmann-D, <>
March 30, dxld)

Thorsten, heute Morgen aus Afrika erstmals wieder gehoert 6089.859 kHz;
auch 7254.9v kHz Ikorodu habe ich kurz 'gesehen', als ich die Parameter
und die Options optimieren wollte, war Nigeria aber um 0559 UTC wieder
verschwunden, danach kam Belarus Radio aus Minsk Kalodzicy auf die 7255.0

15120   V of Nigeria und der Chinese in Mandarin zugleich um 06 UT auf der
Schwingung. Nicht nur Gleichkanal, auch brachte Nigeria ein Audio Weinen-
Geraeusch mit, im Browser mit einigen 10 Spurs von 398(!) Hertz
aufzuloesen! Auf jedem Seitenband 10 x 398 Hertz Spurious Strings schoen
zu sehen.
(wb, dxld March 31)

Hi Thorsten, noted the same station (7254.9) at the same time also here in
Finland. Couldn't pull out ID due to local QRM noise.
(Jari Savolainen-FIN, dxld April 4)

Hi Jari, I didn't hear it yesterday (neither DRM), and didn't check today.
But Wolfgang heard Voice of Nigeria on 7254.9 yesterday morning until 0559
UT. Today, after 1900 UT, I heard 15120 DRM again after 1900 UT, and now
9689.9 kHz which I missed for a while, with good audio. 15120.0 AM had
very low audio again yesterday as well as today. hmmm...
(Thorsten Hallmann-D, dxld April 1)

NIGERIA   7254.921 kHz from Ikorodu Nigeria 18-20 UT. Seitdem Belarus 7255
durch 11930 kHz ersetzt hat, ist um 18-20 UT Ikorodu schoen auf dem freien
Kanal zu hoeren. Heute am 10.4. um 1808 UT mit S=9+5dB hier im suedlichen
Deutschland, recht lustiges Programm.

6089.855  Radio Nigeria from Kaduna, equal level like - probably - Radio
Amhara from Ethiopia, S=7 in southern Germany at 1720 UT April 10.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 10)

OMAN   9500  on April 4 at 0124 UT, fair signal with Qur'an, i.e. RSO, as
now registered for 00-02 UT on 315 degree antenna for WeEurope{rather
Turkey to Yemen/UAE HQ audience target, wb.}, but easily carrying on to
NoAmerica. How many Europeans are up in the middle of the night to listen
to this?? It isn't even Ramadan yet. {we usually sleep deep in this mid
night hour, wb.}

Stronger than 9510 kHz Iran, which we heard Qur'aning 24.5 hours earlier,
but no 9500 kHz then. Currently registered alternatives for the 00-02 UT
period from RSO are 9650, 12015 kHz. Of course, from previous behavior,
they could also show up on earlier frequencies supposed to end at 2400 or
even 2200 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 4)

PAKISTAN   Surprisingly broadcast of Radio Pakistan in Chinese on April 8
1200-1300 15700 ISL 250 kW 70 deg to EaAS, QRM powerful R. Farda 15690 kHz
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 8)

PHILIPPINES   11990, April 8 at 1405 UT, VOA Korean is overmodulated and
distorted from Tinang transmitter, a recurrent problem on this and other /
previous frequencies; also splattering plus/minus 10. This is on the 21-
degree antenna. Usual strong signal since that azimuth crosses: Pusan
(slightly off North Korea), Barrow, Sioux Lookout, Ann Arbor, Myrtle
Beach, ergo, also a North American service.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 8)

RUSSIA   7325 kHz from Armavir Tbilisskaya, Adygeyan Radio, on Mon/Fri at
17-19 UT, very nice more than fair signal today fridays,
S=9+15dB or -58dBm signal in southern Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 10)

SPAIN   17855  on April 2 at 2033 UT, REE is still missing from what had
been its strongest frequency, on 290-degree NoAmerican beam, but audible
on 17715 kHz poor, 15490 kHz fair, 15450 kHz poor. Maybe it'll be back if
they get a fourth transmitter operational again. Supposedly some of the
several units are back in Spain after a visit to America for repairs still
find it hard to believe they shipped the entire transmitters back and
forth rather than components such as exciters.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 3)

Transmitter and Antenna azimuth and call# of 17855 kHz tx07-ant307-290deg,
but despite 15450 kHz is MUCH different.

De lunes a viernes, de 20 a 24 HOE, 18-22 UT
Africa occidental y Atlantico sur 15450 kHz 03-402-161deg
America del sur                   17715 kHz 13-101-230deg
America del norte                 17855 kHz 07-307-290deg
Indico, Oriente Medio, Gran Sol   15490 kHz 02-303-110deg

Fines de semana, de 16 a 24 HOE, 14-22 UT
Africa Occidental y Atlantico sur 21620 kHz 08-401-161deg (de 16 a 20 HOE)
                                  15450 kHz 03-402-161deg (de 20 a 24 hrs)
America del sur                   17715 kHz 13-101-230deg
America del norte                 17855 kHz 07-307-290deg
Indico, Oriente Medio, Gran Sol   15490 kHz 02-303-110deg

SPAIN   17855  on April 7 at 1912 UT, REE reactivated here with SBG in
Castilian; first time heard since the early few days of A-15. VG signal on
the N American beam, much stronger than // 17715 kHZ, and also stronger
than // 15490 kHz which is second best (and which had been first-best
during 17855' absence). Also JBA on // 15450 kHz, so congrats, four
transmitters running at once. This time, no France adjacent on 17850 kHz,
or is there a JBA carrier there? HFCC does have RFI registered 19-20 UT
from ISSoudun from 29 March to 29 August only.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 8)

UKRAINE   1277.994+ kHz  odd frequency, R. Ukraine International is heard
via Odessa Petrivka, at 1500-1900 UT // MW Mykolaiev Luch 1431 kHz.

see schedule of RUI mediumwave, both at 15-19 UT time segment.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, mwoffsets yg, April 4)

UKRAINE   Petrivka 1278 kHz with new tx on the air -
at present RUI // MW Mykolaiev Luch 1431 kHz.

Ostanni novyny
02 kvitnya 2015

Z+hidno z informatsiyeyu nashykh vidviduvachiv, vidnovylosya movlennya
NRKU na chastoti 1278 kHts u s. Petrivka Odes?koyi oblasti.

Na danyy moment translyuyet?sya prohrama "VSRU" (spivpadaye z chastotoyu
1431 kHts).

Zvuk shche ne zovsim yakisnyy, peredavach u Petrivtsi potrebuye
nalashtuvannya. Takozh utochnyuyet?sya rozklad movlennya, ale skhozhe
shcho rozklad movlennya takozh spivpadaye z chastotoyu 1431 kHts.

Nahadayemo, shcho naprykintsi sichnya na tsiy chastoti u testovomu rezhymi
movyv "1-yy kanal NRU" (yakomu i nalezhyt? litsenziya na dane chastotne

According to our visitors resumed broadcasting NRCU frequency MW 1278 kHz
in the village Petrovka Odessa region.

Currently broadcast program "RUI" (the same as the frequency of 1431 kHz
from Mykolaiev Luch site).

The sound is not quite enough, the transmitter needs to Petrovka settings.
Also specified broadcast schedule, but it seems that the broadcast
schedule also coincides with a frequency of 1431 kHz.

Recall that in late January at this frequency in said test mode "1st
channel Rukh" (which it should license this frequency assignment)

(, April 2)

UNIDENTIFIED STATION SITE.  -  Radio Miraya Transmitter Site?

{Comic FMO broker company policy?
? BRB Broadcast Belgium by Ludo Maes, requires the directors in Moldova,
a denial of the Broadcast via Grigoriopol-MDA?  wb.}

RADIO MIRAYA via UNKNOWN SITE  11560 kHz. April 9 at 0300 UT opening. Good
signal on its new frequency, while 9940 kHz was usually poor at best. So I
thought possibly now from a different transmitter site-maybe Moldova /
Pridnestrovia, at Grigoriopol Maiac.

But e-mail from Sergey Omelchenko, Pridnestrovsky Radiotelecentr Technical
Director, says, like 9940 kHz, it's not from their site. Mr. Omelchenko
responded to my inquiry in just 2 hours. Of course broadcasters and
transmitter operators have sometimes been known to deny certain relays.
Mr. Omelchenko has been very good about responding promptly to reception
reports and inquiries.

As I previously reported, he responded to my reports of Radio Payam-e-
Doost in 16 hours and Denge Kurdistane in less than 5 hours. And the very
nice full-data e-cards were different but both depicted antennas. This
allows QSLing 2 broadcasters that are difficult to verify directly. Of
course Miraya can easily be verified via Fondation Hirondelle; last year
they responded to my postal report with a QSL card in 9 days.
(Wendel Craighead-KS-USA, DXplorer April 10)

UAE   17845  R. Ergo, on March 28/29, at *1159-1225 UT. 25332 Somali, 1159
UT sign on with announce by woman, Talk and Somali pop, ID at 1223 UT.

Aoki Nagoya list request:
17845  Radio Ergo (IRIN Radio), 1200-1300 UT, daily, Somali,
250 kW 225 degr via Al Dhabbaya-UAE, IRIN A-15 BAB Babcock FMO brokered.
(Kouji Hashimoto-JPN, dxld April 5)

6180.097  Much ODD frequency bcast from Al Dhabbaya site at 1715 UT April
10, IBRA Radio requested in Somali language at 1700-1730 UT, S=8 in
southern Germany sidelobe azimuth...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 10)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 2:05 PM Glenn, FYI

(Ben Dawson-WA-USA, dxld April 2)

This is extremely tough reading, full of legalese governmental
requirements. You need to link to the second document at the bottom for
more specifix, Shortwave Addendum, which contains times, frequencies and
targets to be fulfilled. This is to start June 1, 2015.


One can't help but wonder whether this solicitation is routine, or
presages closure of more and more of IBB's own relay sites!
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 2)

Just refer to pages 24 to 27 of the


file. Routinely renewal of the existing transmission contracts with Media
Broadcast, Babcock and Sentech. Just the specific providers may change.
Or, perhaps, one of them no longer wants to provide this service. I.e.:
What's up with Sentech, why came the use of their transmitters by RFI to
an end now?

And if you ever wondered why additional BBG transmissions, started at
short notice, always go out via own IBB facilities: This is the answer as
well. They're simply unable to book airtime from third parties so quickly.

Their strategy is not to replace own facilities by leased ones, rather the
other way round: It is planned to further expand the Kuwait site to up to
ten transmitters to replace more of these external leases.
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld April 2)

USA   9265 kHz  WINB - Shortwave Red Lion, Pennsylvania.

Full Data QSL CARD received in almost 2 months for an E-mailed Report.
Card is signed by Fred W. Wise. Says Power is 50 kW into a RHOMBIC

The Last QSL Card I received from WINB was almost 40 Years Ago!!
Glad to see they are still Verifying Reception Reports!!
(Robert S. Ross-CAN, DXplorer April 3)

USA/PALAU  Brother Stair via World Harvest Radio, acc to program schedule

0700-0900  7315 HRI 250 kW 152 deg to SoAM WHRI Angel 1 Daily, confirmed
1000-1100  9610 HRI 250 kW 152 deg to SoAM WHRI Angel 1 Sun
1100-1200 11700*HRI 250 kW 152 deg to SoAM WHRI Angel 1 Daily, confirmed
1200-1300 11700*HRI 250 kW 152 deg to SoAM WHRI Angel 1 Mon-Sat,confirmed
1300-1400 21600 HRI 250 kW 085 deg to CeAF   WHRI Angel 1 Sat/Sun
1400-1500 21600 HRI 250 kW 085 deg to CeAF   WHRI Angel 1 Sat
1800-1900 21600 HRI 250 kW 085 deg to CeAF   WHRI Angel 1 Mon-Fri
1900-2000 17610 HRI 250 kW 085 deg to CeAF   WHRI Angel 1 Mon-Fri
2300-2400 11775 HRI 250 kW 047 deg to WeEUR  WHRI Angel 1 Mon-Fri
0000-0100  5920 HRI 250 kW 047 deg to WeEUR  WHRI Angel 2 Mon
0200-0300  5920 HRI 250 kW 047 deg to WeEUR  WHRI Angel 2 Daily
1600-1800  9840 HRI 250 kW 025 deg to EaNoAM WHRI Angel 2 Daily,confirmed
1900-2000  9840 HRI 250 kW 025 deg to EaNoAM WHRI Angel 2 Sun
2000-2100 11670 HRI 250 kW 173 deg to CeAM   WHRI Angel 2 Mon-Sat
2000-2100 11670 HRI 250 kW 173 deg to CeAM   WHRI Angel 2 Mon-Sat
2200-2300 11670 HRI 250 kW 173 deg to CeAM   WHRI Angel 2 Sat/Sun
2300-2400  7315 HRI 250 kW 173 deg to CeAM   WHRI Angel 2 Sat.

1600-1700  9930 HBN 100 kW 270 deg to SoEaAS T8WH Angel 4
daily, confirmed will be changed to new frequency 15320 kHz,
registered in HFCC list before few minutes.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 7)

VATICAN STATE   8 Special Radio Programmes on MW and SW this Easter week:


Channel RV3: - International Sound for Central Europe on kHz 7.250 SW and
kHz 11.740 SW, for Western Europe on kHz 11.740 SW and kHz 15.595 SW, for
the Middle East, West Africa, Central Africa and Southern Africa on kHz
21.560 SW, for the Rome area on kHz 585 MW, MHz 105,0 FM and via Internet
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 5)

Best regards,

Michael Bethge

Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg

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