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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ALBANIA   9850  Radio Tirana from Shijak, at 0132-0200* UT on Apr 25, news
program in English followed by Albania songs, weekly feature called
Profile and more music until closedown and IS until carrier terminated.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer April 26)

ALGERIA  [border to West Sahara]  1550  Nach eigenen Angaben seit Dezember
1975 sendet die POLISARIO fuer das fruehere spanische Kolonialgebiet
Westsahara, das spaeter von seinen Nachbarn bzw. jetzt nur noch Marokko
annektiert worden ist.

Aktuell scheint der Mittelwellensender des Nationalen Rundfunks der
arabischen Sahara-Republik aber Probleme zu haben. Jedenfalls fielen Mitte
April die Morgen- und Abendsendungen auf 1550 kHz aus und waren auch nicht
auf der Alternativwelle 700 kHz zu finden. Am 24. April war die
Mittelwelle wieder zu hoeren, aber bedeutend schwaecher als zuvor.

Bereits seit einigen Jahren wird nicht mehr auch auf Kurzwelle gesendet.
Es gibt auch eine Website
mit Hoermoeglichkeit, vor deren Besuch McAfee allerdings warnt.
(Sergio Sarabia 21., 24.4., Carlos Goncalves 22.4.2015,
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

AUSTRALIA   Upcoming frequency change of Reach Beyond Australia

1100-1115 NF11990 KNX 100 kW 320 deg to SoEaAS Tibetan Sun,        ex9900
1100-1115 NF11990 KNX 100 kW 320 deg to SoEaAS Vietnamese Tue/Fri, ex9900
1115-1130 NF11990 KNX 100 kW 320 deg to SoEaAS Chinese Hakka Wed,  ex9900
1115-1130 NF11990 KNX 100 kW 320 deg to SoEaAS Chinese Falam Fri,  ex9900
1115-1130 NF11990 KNX 100 kW 320 deg to SoEaAS Burmese Sat,        ex9900
1115-1130 NF11990 KNX 100 kW 320 deg to SoEaAS English Sun-Tue/Thu,ex9900
1130-1145 NF11990 KNX 100 kW 320 deg to SoEaAS Ch Falam Sun/Wed,   ex9900
1130-1145 NF11990 KNX 100 kW 320 deg to SoEaAS Ch Hakka Mon/Fri,   ex9900
1130-1145 NF11990 KNX 100 kW 320 deg to SoEaAS Burmese Tue/Thu,    ex9900
1130-1145 NF11990 KNX 100 kW 320 deg to SoEaAS English Sat,        ex9900
1145-1215  9900 KNX 100 kW 320 deg to SoEaAS Rawang, cancelled
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 27)

AUSTRIA   15260  AWR in Urdu via ORS Moosbrunn center with 300 kW on
curtain revolving beast antenna towards South Asia, S=7 in nearby Germany
at 1608 UT on April 27.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 27)

AUSTRIA   90 Jahre Radio - Vortrag von Prof. Wolf Harranth OE1WHC
(Paul Reinersch-D, A-DX May 8)

BELARUS   7255  Radio Belarus Minsk Kalodzicy was heard here in Sofia at
0647 UT on May 6.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 6)

BRAZIL   Radio Brasil Central reaktiviert auf 11815 kHz im 25 mb.
Ueberraschung heute morgen. Der seit einigen Monaten schweigende Sender
von Radio Brasil Central auf 11815 kHz konnte gegen 0350z mit
brasilianischer Pop Mx, IDs sowie jingle mit O=2-3 geloggt werden.
(Hans Pammer-AUT, A-DX April 28)

11815.023  Rádio Brasil Central, Goiânia, GO 24 hrs P // 4985 kHz. Out for
maintenance. - mentions Anker Petersen's DBS-17 file.

But thanks to Hans tip of yesterday night:
25mb tx is back on air. Heard tonight in 0105-0120 UT slot April 29, on
both 4985.010 and 11815.023 kHz, both poor S=6 or -88dBm signals on
various remote SDR units. Nice female singer canciones.

Better signal in 25mb, in Madrid S=8-9 fluttery, as well as same figures
in > DARC Amberg Beverage ant, and St. Gallen Switzerland.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 29)

BULGARIA/MOLDOVA   {Clandestine}  Radio Ranginkaman-Rainbow again was on
two frequencies on May 1

1600-1630 Mon&Fri only, 7575 secret / hidden site {Grigoriopol Maiac}
to WeAS Farsi

// freq was with 45 sec delay 15630 SCB 050 kW  090 deg to WeAS Farsi
Mon/Fri, mixing with BVB.

At same time 11600 SCB 100 kW  090 deg to WeAS Farsi Daily BVB
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 1)

CANADA   Just got a phone call from Wojtek Gwiazda. He is retiring from
RCI after 35 years of service. He has posted a message confirming this on
his F_B page. He will be wrapping up next week. More details to come.
(Sheldon Harvey, dxld April 26)

Wojtek was the driving force behind 'saving' RCI, with the RCI Action
Committee, and that website occasionally updated since. In case you've
forgotten, RCI has continued to exist as a webcast.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 26)

CHINA   A powerful new Chinese station showed up on 1566 kHz during the
week of April 8th, noted first of all by Japanese DXers (Hiroyuki Okamura
and others). Mauno Ritola also heard the 1566 Chinese signal via a remote
Perseus receiver in Japan, and thought that the new Chinese station's
power should at least be 100 kW. By coincidence, I was in Ocean Shores, WA
during that week for a 2 day trip, and noticed the new Chinese station
interfering with HLAZ's Japanese service signal at times.

As for the identity of the powerful new Chinese station and the bizarre
choice of 1566 kHz as its frequency (which is one of the most "occupied"
frequencies in east Asia, with HLAZ's 250 kW transmitter), there are
differences of opinion. HLAZ broadcasts Chinese Christian programs in
Mandarin to China, which the Beijing government probably doesn't feel very
happy about.
(Gary DeBock-WA-USA, IRCA via dxld April 24)

On shortwave, Chinese jamming is a lot more sophisticated these days. Gone
are the days of loud rackets on shortwave caused by firedrake. For quite
awhile the Chinese have been merely "co-channeling" with multiple
transmitters and out-of-time [on purpose] transmissions to interfere with
western broadcasts.

We poor western international broadcasters have taken so much "stuff" off
the air though that the Chinese have surplus facilities and for the past
few years have been jamming [co-channeling] English from VOA, BBC and
others. Years and years of official complaining have had no effect and
even direct negotiations during the early 90's while working towards
a[nother] "most favored nation" trade agreement led to naught when talks
broke off immediately upon Clinton signing the MFN agreement.

When we "test" to see how serious the Chinese are about jamming a
particular frequency used for Mandarin or Tibetan by moving the new
frequency is found and jammed within 4 minutes. That's one helluva of a
monitoring network and rivals what the Russians could do in the depth of
the cold war.

Beijing is also known to "go after" some religious broadcasters and as
Gary points out they are notoriously paranoid about any "movement" that
puts anything above the State.
(Bill Whitacre-DC-USA  IBB, IRCA via dxld)

CHINA/TAIWAN/VIETNAM   9729.949 / 9730  Terrible mixture co-channel of few
signals on this channel at 1650 UT on April 27.

Vo Vietnam in Russian language from Son Tay site in Vietnam - on even
channel; maybe the Vietnamese ditter jamming signal appeared also
on 9731 kHz.

Odd signal SOH Sound of Hope from Taiwan on odd 9729.949 kHz, as like
WHITE NOISE broadband jamming signal from mainland China underneath, in
range 9724 to 9736 kHz !
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 27)

CHINA [non?]/MARIANA ISL - Saipan]  17790, April 28 at 0607 UT, poor
signal in Chinese, the only signal on 16m besides VG RA on 17840 kHz.
During this hour only, RFA Chinese is scheduled via SAIPAN; in this case,
I can't be sure whether it's that or a CNR1 jammer. On the IRCA list, Bill
Whitacre, a MW DXer and also in IBB Monitoring and frequency management,

"On shortwave, Chinese jamming is a lot more sophisticated these days.
Gone are the days of loud rackets on shortwave caused by firedrake. For
quite a while, the Chinese have been merely 'co-channeling' with multiple
transmitters and out-of-time [on purpose] transmissions to interfere with
western broadcasts.

We poor western international broadcasters have taken so much 'stuff' off
the air, though, that the Chinese have surplus facilities and for the past
few years have been jamming [co-channeling] English from VOA, BBC and
others. Years and years of official complaining have had no effect and
even direct negotiations during the early 90's while working towards
a[nother] 'most favored nation' trade agreement led to naught, when talks
broke off immediately upon Clinton signing the MFN agreement.

When we 'test' to see how serious the Chinese are about jamming a
particular frequency used for Mandarin or Tibetan by moving, the new
frequency is found and jammed within 4 minutes. That's one helluva
monitoring network and rivals what the Russians could do in the depth of
the cold war.

Beijing is also known to 'go after' some religious broadcasters, and as
Gary points out, they are notoriously paranoid about any 'movement' that
puts anything above the State".
(via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 28)

CLANDESTINE   Observations of several clandestine broadcasts
to North Korea

Radio Free North Korea:
1230-1330 15590 DB  100 kW 071 deg to NoEaAS Korean

Nippon no Kaze:
1500-1530  9975 HBN 100 kW 345 deg to NoEaAS Korean
1530-1600  9965 HBN 100 kW 345 deg to NoEaAS Korean

Voice of Wilderness (BVB):
1300-1400 11860 PUG 125 kW 010 deg to NoEaAS Korean
1400-1430 11860 PUG 125 kW 010 deg to NoEaAS Korean Sun
1900-2000  7375 DB  100 kW 071 deg to NoEaAS Korean
2000-2030  7375 DB  100 kW 071 deg to NoEaAS Korean Sat

Radio Free Chosun:
1300-1500 11570 TAC 100 kW 070 deg to NoEaAS Korean

Furusato no Kaze:
1430-1500  9960 HBN 100 kW 345 deg to NoEaAS Japanese
1600-1630  9960 HBN 100 kW 345 deg to NoEaAS Japanese

North Korea Reform Radio:
1430-1530 11550 PUG 125 kW 010 deg to NoEaAS Korean

Voice of Martyrs:
1600-1730  7510 TAC 100 kW 070 deg to NoEaAS Korean
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 7)

EGYPT   15345.271  Radio Cairo distorted signal. Couldn't even recognize
the language, at 1612 UT on April 27.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 27)

FRANCE   Radio France International instead of Radio Miraya progr May 1

0530-0550 11560 ISS 250 kW 130 deg to EaAF Ar/En, open carrier/dead air
0550-0559 11560 ISS 250 kW 130 deg to EaAF French Radio France Inter.
but not // on 11700 ISS 500 kW 160 deg to CeAF French different px of RFI
but not // on 13695 ISS 500 kW 155 deg to CeAF French different px of RFI
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 1)

FRANCE   Bretagne 5 hat mit Testsendungen auf der Mittelwelle 1593 kHz
begonnen. Das Musikprogramm laeuft // zum schon laenger praesentierten
Internetstream, wobei der eingestreute Claim "Bretagne Cinq - la Radio
Regionale" offenbar neu ist. Bei
wird von einem Sendebeginn im Juni geschrieben.

Interessanterweise gibt es ueber die in der Website verwendete regulaere
Internetendung .fr hinaus auch eine Einstiegsseite

Jedenfalls in den Stunden der Dunkelheit reicht der Empfang deutlich ueber
die Bretagne hinaus (Empfangsbeobachtung via web-sdr in Enschede).
(Alan Pennington 18.4.2015 BCDX,
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

Bretagne 5 hat am 21. April 2015 sein offizielles Senderecht fuer die
Mittelwelle 1593 kHz erhalten. Man darf 0900-1700 Uhr Ortszeit mit 10 kW
und 1700-0900 Uhr mit 5 kW senden. Genutzt wird eine 45 m hohe Antenne
307m ueber Meereshoehe mit (Abschwaechung in den Richtungen 350-90 degr
und 160-220 degr). (Remy Friess-F,
via Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

GERMANY   Bayern knippst die Mittelwelle aus.

Damit ist dann wohl die letzte ARD Anstalt im AM Bereich in Bayern noch
DLF Kulmbach Thurnau 549 kHz sowie einige AFN Senderchen in
Hohenfels/Grafenwoehr/Vilseck 1107 kHz und Ansbach 1485 kHz
(Christian Milling-D, Radio 700, A-DX April 28)

WDR schaltet ebenfalls ab.

Damit ist dann wohl die alte Tante aus Koeln die letzte ARD Anstalt im AM

Nein, wohl die vorletzte:

Abschaltung "Anfang Juli".
(Christof Proft-D, A-DX April 29)

Der Bayerische Rundfunk stellt den aeltesten analogen Uebertragungsweg
fuer Radioprogramme zum 30. September 2015 ein. Das letzte noch ueber die
BR-Mittelwelle verbreitete Hoerfunkprogramm, die Schlagerwelle Bayern
plus, ist aber weiter zu hoeren. Wie bisher laesst sie sich alternativ im
Digitalradio DAB+ (Kanal 11D in Bayern), per Satellit, Digitalkabel und
als Livestream im Internet empfangen.


Stand: 29.04.2015
Die meisten anderen ARD-Landesrundfunkanstalten haben den Hoerfunk per
Mittelwelle bereits eingestellt. Nun verabschiedet sich auch der BR von
der technisch ueberholten, dabei verhaeltnismaessig teuren
Uebertragungsmethode. Durch die Abschaltung lassen sich jaehrliche
Stromkosten von rund 300.000 EURo einsparen. In Bayern ist die Versorgung
mit dem Programm Bayern plus inzwischen ohnehin ueber Digitalradio DAB+
erheblich besser als ueber die BR-Mittelwelle.

Zudem bietet Digitalradio stoerungsfreies Radio ohne Rauschen, in
kristallklarer Klangqualitaet sowiezeitgemaesse Extras, wie multimediale
Zusatzinformationen und programmbegleitende Dienste, die ueber Mittelwelle
nicht moeglich sind.

Die Mittelwellen-Abschaltung folgt einer Entscheidung der Kommission zur
Ermittlung des Finanzbedarfs (KEF). Diese hat den ARD-
Landesrundfunkanstalten die finanziellen Mittel fuer das moderne
Digitalradio DAB+ genehmigt, dafuer aber ein Abschaltkonzept fuer die
Mittelwelle gefordert. Nahezu alle ARD-Anstalten haben die Verbreitung auf
diesem Wege schon eingestellt. Der BR folgt am 30. September mit der
Abschaltung seiner vier Mittelwellensender in Muenchen-Ismaning und
Dillberg (beide auf 801 kHz), sowie Wuerzburg und Hof (beide auf 729 kHz).

In Zukunft setzt der BR beim Hoerfunk forciert auf das moderne
Digitalradio DAB+, ueber das alle BR-Hoerfunkprogramme in exzellenter
digitaler Tonqualitaet zu empfangen sind. Das Sendernetz in Bayern umfasst
bereits 36 Standorte, zuletzt ging Ende Maerz ein neuer Sender in
Ingolstadt in Betrieb. 95,9 Prozent der Einwohner koennen DAB+ mobil im
Auto sowie ausserhalb von Gebaeuden empfangen. Die bayerischen Autobahnen
als Hauptverkehrsadern sind schon zu 98,8 Prozent versorgt. 79,6 Prozent
der bayerischen Einwohner koennen die BR-Programme auch zuhause mit einem
DAB+ Radio empfangen. Am weiteren Netzausbau arbeitet der BR mit
Hochdruck. So sollen bis Jahresende bis zu zehn weitere neue Sender
folgen, u.a. im Allgaeu, im westlichen Mittelfranken sowie in
oberbayerischen und oberpfaelzischen Gebieten.
(Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

GERMANY   Deutschlandradio verbessert Digitalradio-Empfang DAB+

Weitere 24 Sendestandorte noch in 2015

Ab dem 5. Mai erhoeht Deutschlandradio seine Uebertragungskapazitaeten im
bundesweiten Multiplex. Die Empfangsqualitaet der Programme
Deutschlandradio Kultur und DRadio Wissen wird damit ebenso verbessert wie
der Fehlerschutz bei der terrestrischen Ausstrahlung. Zugleich werden die
Voraussetzungen dafuer geschaffen, Deutschlandradio Kultur auch im
Surroundton (5.1) auszustrahlen.

Die Audiouebertragungsrate erhoeht sich fuer Deutschlandradio Kultur von
96 kbit/s auf 112 kbit/s, fuer DRadio Wissen von 88 kbit/s auf 96 kbit/s.
Durch den hocheffizienten Codec von DAB+ werden Uebertragungsqualitaeten
erreicht, die weit ueber einer entsprechenden mp3-Datenrate liegen. Die
Verbesserungen bei Uebertragungskapazitaeten und Fehlerschutz fuehren zu
einer virtuellen Erhoehung der Senderleistung um mehr als 33 Prozent. Der
Empfang innerhalb von Gebaeuden und in Randgebieten des
Versorgungsbereichs wird damit deutlich attraktiver. An Orten, wo bisher
Aussetzer den Empfang beeintraechtigten, kann zukuenftig mit dauerhaftem
Empfang gerechnet werden. Die sogenannten Capacity Units (CU) erhoehen
sich ab 5. Mai von 288 auf 396, der Fehlerschutz liegt bei einer Rate von
3/8 statt bisher 1/2.

Die Erhoehung des Fehlerschutzes markiert den Auftakt fuer weitere
Massnahmen von Deutschlandradio zur Verbesserung der Flaechenversorgung
mit Digitalradio. 24 Senderstandorte fuer den bundesweiten
Digitalradiomultiplex sollen noch in diesem Jahr hinzukommen, 25 im
kommenden Jahr, mindestens zehn weitere im Jahr 2017.

Der beschleunigte Netzausbau bei DAB+ ist fuer Deutschlandradio eine
wichtige Voraussetzung zur Erfuellung des gesetzlichen
Versorgungsauftrags, der eine bundesweite und flaechendeckende
terrestrische Verbreitung vorsieht. Mit dem zukuenftigen Vollausbau des
Digitalradios soll zudem die mittel- und langfristig geplante Abloesung
der analogen UKW-Ausstrahlung vorbereitet werden.
<> May 4

GERMANY   Knapp zwei Jahre nach der Einstellung des Sendebetriebs (Jahre
1951-2013) sind die drei Antennenmasten des Mittelwellensenders
Weisskirchen bei Oberursel gesprengt worden. Bilder finden sich bei


Die Frequenz 872 / 873 kHz war bis 31. Mai 2013 die Hauptwelle des
American Forces' Network in Deutschland und insbesondere in den Zeiten
hoeherer Sendeleistung in den Nachtstunden ueber einen viel weiteren
Bereich hoerbar.

Die Sprengung der Masten erfolgte am 23. April 2015 kurz vor dem
angekuendigten Termin 13.00 Uhr und 12.56 Uhr. Im Mai sollen die Masten
zerlegt und der Schrott abtransportiert werden. Im September sollen die
Gebaeude und Fundamente sowie Stromleitungen abgebrochen beziehungsweise
entfernt werden. Damit verschwindet auch die letzte Mittelwellenanlage in
Hessen zuzueglich des in Rheinland-Pfalz liegenden Teils des Rhein-Main-
Gebiets. Alle anderen, einst fuer die Frequenzen 594 kHz (Rodgau-
Weiskirchen und Hoher Meissner), 1017 kHz (Wolfsheim bei Mainz) und 1539
kHz ("Mainflingen", eigentlich Zellhausen) genutzten Sendeantennen sind
seit 2012 bereits abgerissen worden.
(Kai Ludwig 16.4.2015 RBB,
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

GERMANY   More German MW closures. It seems Germany will have no more MW
tx by the end of 2015, with the exception of AFN, unless they close also
for other reasons.


It was reported in 'Communication' (February 2015, page 28) that:

"Another German medium wave site Heusweiler, in Saarland is to close. Both
Deutschlandfunk 1422 kHz and Antenne Saar 1179 kHz will close on 31
December 2015."

This report in January 2015 in newspaper Saarbruecker Zeitung is about the
closure of 1179 kHz by 31st December 2015:


However a report in the same newspaper today (5 May) says there are
rumours 'Broadcasting Center Europe' (BCE) (a subsidiary of RTL) wants to
take over the medium wave site of Saarland Radio (SR) in Heusweiler to use
instead of Marnach, Luxembourg (1440 kHz):

RTL-Radio vom SR Heusweiler Standort ? - SZ newspaper vom 5 May 2015

(Paul Reinersch-D, A-DX May 6 / Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK ng May 3)

I can confirm that AFN Moenchengladbach 1143 kHz is still in use with
brilliant 10 kHz audio bandwidth.
(Walter Maus-D, mwmasts May 2)

Abschaltung bayerischer Rundfunk auf Mittelwelle > AFN

AFN in Germany on mediumwave:
1107 Vilseck/Rose Barracks (Bayern)
1143 Bitburg/Am Tower (Rheinland-Pfalz)
1143 Moenchengladbach/Pongser Kamp (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
1143 Schweinfurt/Heerstr. Yorktown Drive (Bayern), ceased 19-Nov-2014
1485 Ansbach/Katterbach-Kammerforst (Bayern)
1485 Garmisch-Partenkirchen (Bayern)
1485 Hohenfels-Nainhof/General Patton Road (Bayern)

Auf der mwmasts-Yahoogruppe wurde berichtet, dass Schweinfurt am 19.
November 2014 abgeschaltet wurde. Gibt es zu den anderen Frequenzen /
Standorten aktuelle, lokale Beobachtungen?

Fuer 1143 Moenchengladbach liegt mir eine aktuelle Meldung eines OMs vor,
der Sender laeuft noch.

(Guenter Lorenz-D, A-DX May 5)

re AFN Schweinfurt 1143 kHz.

See Posting on F_B

Ledward-Kaserne - Stadt uebernimmt US-Kaserne.
Report by BR Rundschau, February 26th, 2015.

<>  (May 6)

GERMANY/PORTUGAL   Re: Video Stream format access to DWL videos of 1992

vor einigen Tagen in VLC gestartet

negative, lief wegen dem eingebetteten exotischen Datenformat nicht ?

How to get free access to these videos at ?
Via VLC media player

DWL Receiving Monitoring station Bockhacken Germany.
Norden-Osterloog station, ex DWL stn in 1953  - Maritime radio station
ex Juelich station,
ex Wertachtal station,
satellite station Raisting, south of Munich.

(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 26)

GERMANY   2 part video about the history of the German transmitter
manufacturer AEG Telefunken.

Some time ago a came across this video about the history of Telefunken.
It's history started in Nauen in the early 1900's. The video tell the
story of Telefunken Employee Helmut Jordan. The video is made by Uwe

In the video lots of very nice footage of Nauen when it was the main
transmitter site for Radio Berlin International from 1964-1991. Also
footage showing the construction of the 4 Alliss antenna's in Nauen in
1996-1997 and the refurbishing of the Steerable antenna made by Funkwerk
Koepenick GDR, in 1964.


Telefunken Ein Rueckblick Part 1

Telefunken Ein Rueckblick Part 2
(Jan Oosterveen-HOL, SW TXsite April 28)

Re: 2 part video aubout the history of the German transmitter manufacturer

So Continental is "a small transmitter company in the USA" oh-oh ...

Of course the documentary reflects subjective views, even old ones related
to the attitude coined "we're the biggest GDR of the world" when claiming
that Nauen was "the second largest East Bloc transmitter". Probably Radio
Berlin International was indeed the second largest foreign service (still
I would claim this only after further checks), but only with the further
transmission capacity at Koenigs Wusterhausen and Wiederau.

I was told that Telefunken could thank only the portrayed Mr. Kraemer that
they have been allowed to at least deliver the transmitters after their
concept for a complete transmission facility (it called for a classic,
flexible solution with centralized installation of the transmitters, using
the large hall that is now useless) had been rejected or rather outbidden
by the competition.

Otherwise it would have been Thomcast at Nauen, the same equipment as
installed at Issoudun. And as well known only one further transmitter of
the last Telefunken shortwave design has ever been sold, for the Sveio

Btw, not featured is the former fifth broadcasting transmitter at Nauen, a
50 kW Funkwerk Koepenick which was the first broadcasting transmitter
there at all. It sat in a small shack on the old site, quite well hidden
it seems, so well that it escaped the scrapping squad and could be kept as
museum piece.
(Kai Ludwig-D, SW TXsite / wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 5)

GREECE   15650  on April 28 at 2236 UT tune-in, immediately ID for
"Radiophonikós Stathmós Makedonías", not Athinai. This service seems to be
occupying more and more of the sporadic SW airtime. Fair-good here, and
almost as good as // 9420 kHz. Still no third transmitter to be heard on
9935 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 29)

Greek parliament votes to re-open ERT public broadcaster.


The law states that ERT will cost 60 million EURos ($66 million) a year
and be covered by fees set at 3 EURos per month.

As part of the re-launch, some 1,550 former employees will have the
opportunity to reintegrate into the company if they wish. Hundreds of
workers retired after its closure, however, while others were hired by
NERIT. According to media reports, 2,300 people would form the new ERT.
(DWL Bonn - Berlin, Aug 29)

GUYANA   3290.0  Voice of Guyana. Good signal into Maryland tonight. Lots
of QRN, but the utes that usually plague this frequency are absent.
Sounded like music of the Indian subcontinent until 02:02 UT, then
announcement by female, including FM frequencies and "Voice of Guyana."
Music then took on a more Caribbean sound. At this writing (02:13 UT),
signal is improving.
(Arthur Delibert-ML-USA, hcdx May 2)

INDIA   All India Radio in DRM mode in two frequencies in parallel
1945-2045  7550 BGL 500 kW 320 deg to WeEUR Hindi DRM test, instead of AM
1945-2045  9950 ALG 250 kW 312 deg to WeEUR Hindi DRM
1945-2045 11670 BGL 500 kW 325 deg to WeEUR Hindi
2045-2230  7550 BGL 500 kW 320 deg to WeEUR English DRM testinstead of AM
2045-2230  9950 ALG 250 kW 312 deg to WeEUR English DRM
2045-2230 11670 BGL 500 kW 325 deg to WeEUR English
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 27)

KAZAKHSTAN   KAZ Qaraturiq Image Yesterday I brought to the attention of
members the extra photo imagery possible from within Google Maps as
opposed to Google Earth.

There's never been any photo imagery (Panoramio) available within GE of
the former Kazakstan SW site of Qaraturiq/Tolqin. Today with a quick
search of Google Maps & Google Plus I found this rare & seemingly recent
pic (posted January 2014) of the former SW TX site:

Views - Google Maps

There's also another more distant colour pic of the site with snow vehicle
in foreground. I don't have any close-up pics of this former TX site on
file. Does anyone have any pics or links to pics of this site to share
with the group?

On the subject of imagery. I believe BING MAPS have released further
satellite & aerial images this month.
(Ian, SW TXsites yg via dxld April 26)

KUWAIT/CHINA   re Radio Puntland on 13800 kHz.
At 10.34 UT April 28 heard 13800 kHz RFA Kuwait in Tibetan, S=8-9 signal
in Germany sidelobe sector, and very poor and weak - Lhasa local? - white
noise jamming underneath. But RFA signal well ahead.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 28)

KYRGYZ REPUBLIC   1287  Trans World Radio Broadcasting "Trans World Radio"
for Central Asia at a frequency of 1287 kHz transmitter is translated into
"Storm" (previously used "Buran") - both Soviet production.

Power of 150kW. If someone expresses a wish to spend their time listening
to broadcasts and provide feedback on their quality and sound (with the
location of reception, brand receiver and antenna), I will be very
grateful. Even better, would be attached audio files.

Broadcasting TSR at this frequency is a 1445 to 1745 UT in various
languages, including in Russian: from 1630 to 1700 and from 1715 to 1730
UT daily.
{registered for Kyrgyz Radio (KGR-1, Kyrgyz Radiosu) from Krasnaya Rechka,
Bishkek site, wb.}
(Vasily Gulyaev, Trans World Radio / "deneb-radio-dx" RUSdx Apr 26)

KYRGYZ REPUBLIC   4009.973  Kyrgyz Radio from Bishkek SW Relay Service at
Krasnaya Rechka, Kyrgyzstan, reported at 1730 UT on April 27, onwards with
political and economical news in propper modulation sounded Russian
language. S=9+30dB well propagation during nighthours in Eastern Europe
and Central Asia.

// 4819.779 kHz channel from Krasnaya Rechka too, but with lower power -
or different antenna construction and performance.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 27)

LUXEMBOURG   Die Luxemburger Mittelwelle 1439 / 1440 kHz, die einst ein
Stelldichein der verschiedensten religioesen Anbieter war, hat nur noch

03.30-04.00: 1440 Mo-Sa Missionswerk und Hilfswerk Freundesdienst
(Quellmattweg 2, CH-5023 Biberstein).
05.00-05.30: 1440 So Mw. Freundesdienst
17.25-17.30: 1440 Mi Lutherische Stunde (An der Bahn 51, D-27367 Sottrum)
17.30-18.00: 1440 Mo-So Mw. Freundesdienst

Besonders bemerkenswert ist der Abgang des Missionswerks Werner
Heukelbach, das seit 1958 ueber Radio Luxemburg sendete und sich jetzt auf
das Internetradio
<>  (Heukelbach Bibel Radio) konzentriert.

Den freigewordenen Sendeplatz hat das Missionswerk Freundesdienst aus der
Schweiz uebernommen, das freilich auch ein Internetradio
<>  betreibt.

Der Satellitenkanal RTL1440 mit RTL-Radioprogramm und den religioesen
Sendungen ist jetzt in Mono, den anderen Kanal hat Radio Freundesdienst
fuer sein Programm uebernommen.
(Nico Scheer 25.4.2015,
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

MALAYSIA   And under "Specialized Resources/Wavescan" you'll find the
latest part of Adrian Peterson's telling of the BBC Far Eastern Station

"Amidst the Rubber Plantations in Malaysia: The BBC Tebrau"
(Wavescan N322, April 26, 2015).

Wavescan 305, October 29, 2000
BBC Malaysia
Back in the year 1976, I took a two week vacation in Singapore to spend
time with my schoolboy son who was attending an academy located on the
edge of the populated areas. Quite early one Sunday morning, we took a bus
and a taxi out from suburban Singapore along the well paved highway that
runs north across the island.

At the border check post, our travel documents were examined briefly and
we walked across the wooden causeway that leads to the Malaysian city of
Johore Bahru. Surprisingly, there was no second check of our documents on
the Malay side, so we continued our walk into the center of the first town
on the Malay peninsula. Here it was that we caught another taxi and asked
the driver to take us to the BBC relay station out in the nearby
countryside at Tebrau.

The modern Japanese taxi whisked us quickly through the lush, verdant
Malaysian countryside with its palm trees, green fields, and plantations
of rubber trees. We soon found ourselves at the huge radio station, with
its mass of tall antennas, miles of long, long feed lines, and an
immaculate white building surrounded by green lawns and tropical gardens.

The BBC relay station located at Tebrau, out from the city of Johore
Bahru, was constructed on a huge, rolling estate of several hundred acres
in the year 1953. The original transmitters were six in number; four new
units at 7.5 kw. and two 100 kw. units transferred from the old BFBS base
at Jurong on Singapore island.

In the early 1960s, a modernization plan was implemented at Tebrau. The
low powered 7.5 kw. units were removed and six more transmitters were
installed, making a total of six at 100 kw. and four at 250 kW.

When the lease at Tebrau expired, the Malaysian authorities gave approval
for the BBC to continue on air until a new station was erected at Kranji
on the northern edge of the island of Singapore. The final broadcast from
the BBC Tebrau took place on March 18, 1979, and the two BBC relay
stations located at Kranji on Singapore and at Masirah in Oman took over.

At the height of it power, BBC Tebrau was on the air with a total output
of 1.6 megawatts, using 10 transmitters and a bevy of more than 20 curtain
antennas. The long, long feed lines exited the transmitter building and
ran down into the valley and across the green fields for more than a
quarter mile, the longest known feed lines in the history of shortwave

At the end of our guided tour, my son and I marvelled at the magnitude of
this electronic wonder, and we knew that this, our first visit, would be
the last time we would see the station this way. A total of eight
transmitters from Tebrau were re-installed at the new BBC base at Kranji
on Singapore, and they are still in active service today as a BBC relay
into all areas of Asia.

And what happened to the BBC Tebrau after it was closed? The two old
transmitters of 100 kw. were abandoned, the antennas removed, and the
building swept clean. The huge estate of several hundred acres is now a
plantation area again, with very little to remind anyone of its one time
grandeur as a powerful shortwave relay station. The AWR Historic
Collection contains two dozen BBC QSL cards verifying the reception of
transmissions from the BBC Far Eastern Relay Station, the station that
once was BBC Tebrau.

"Wavescan" is a weekly program for long distance radio hobbyists produced
by Dr. Adrian M. Peterson, Coordinator of International Relations for
Adventist World Radio. AWR carries the program over many of its stations
(including shortwave). Adrian Peterson is a highly regarded DXer and radio
historian, and often includes features on radio history in his program. We
are reproducing those features below, with Dr. Peterson's permission and
(Wavescan 305, October 29, 2000, via

Wavescan N322, April 26, 2015
Amidst the Rubber Plantations in Malaysia: The BBC Tebrau

(Jerry Berg-MA-USA, DXplorer May 3)

Y.T. visited BBC Far Eastern Relay Station in January 1978, on the
SoEaAsian trip from Jakarta, via Singapore to K-L and Penang Isl, Phuket-
THA. Remember real, the BBC relay station Tebrau area was armed by Sikh
soldiers, all nearly 2 meters tall people.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 3)

MOLDOVA  [separate PRIDNESTROVIE]   7460  Radio Payam E-Doost from
Grigoriopol Maiac site, at *0230-0315* UT on April 25, musical opening, ID
followed by program of mainly talks in the Farsi language with short music
segments. Good signal.
(Rich D'Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer April 26)

NIGERIA    New additional transmission of Voice of Nigeria was observed on
May 7 at 0600-0700 UT on 9689.9 kHz Aruja 250 kW  248 deg to WeCaAF Hausa
weak signal.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 7)

NIGERIA   7255  May 5 at 0612 UT, good signal in presumed Hausa (or
Fulfulde?) from presumed V. of Nigeria. Aoki shows 7255 kHz only in the
evenings, while EiBi has Hausa on 7255 kHz only at 0730-0800 UT.

HFCC of course has nothing at all from Nigeria. It's certainly not Minsk
in Belarussian, which is on the schedules. I don't check whether this is
off-frequency, but Thorsten Hallmann says it's Abuja on 7254.9 kHz in
English from 1800 UT; while Ivo Ivanov says on 7250.0 kHz it's Ikorodu in
Fulfulde at 2100 UT.

WRTH A-15 Update doesn't cover 7255 kHz at this hour either, but has yet
another opinion on 7255 kHz usage (no two sources can possibly agree when
it comes to VON)

0730-0800 Aja in Fulfulde
0900-1000 Aja in English
1800-2000 Iko in English
2000-2100 Iko in Fulfulde
2100-2200 Iko in Hausa.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld May 5)

PAKISTAN   Weak signal of Radio Pakistan, just barely audible on April 28

till 1100 15320 ISL 250 kW 313 deg to WeEUR Urdu
1100-1106 15320 ISL 250 kW 313 deg to WeEUR English nx
from 1106 15320 ISL 250 kW 313 deg to WeEUR National Anthem
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 28)

PNG   7324.955  Wantok Radio Light. WRL Port Moresby PNG ? heard in
English language on 7324.955 kHz at 1245 UT on April 28 on remote SDR unit
post in Queensland Australia under CRI Japanese service even frequency.
Bad mixture signals in Brisbane.

Maybe there is a small window in CRI bcasts on that channel,
Xian    Japanese 500 kW  73degr ends at 13.57 UT,
Beijing Filipino 500 kW 165degr opens around 14.27 UT
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 28)

7324.97  Wantok Radio Light, at 0845-0945 on April 28. Decent reception
and fairly readable.

0847-0900: Syndicated "Fresh Touch" preaching; write c/o
"Wantok Radio Light, P.O. Box 1273, Port Moresby"

0900: NBC National News in English; state of emergency due to fighting on
one of the islands; sound bites of parliament speaker Theodore Zuorenuoc
calling for higher moral standards in PNG (many news stories recently
about his trip to USA where he received a 404 year old Bible that was a
gift from the state of Indiana to the people of PNG); sports and weather.

0912: "Wantok Radio Light Ministries thanks the National Broadcasting
Corporation for allowing us to relay the daily news bulletin.
Join us at 7AM for the next NBC National News"; ad for "NASFUND" savings;
PSA ("Speeding kills ... never forget road safety").

0930: "Ninety-Nine Ltd. is happy to bring you Focus on the Family. Ninety-
Nine is a company that introduces popular health products to keep the
family healthy and strong"; into the "Focus on the Family" program (this
program not on during the weekend).
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld April 28)

POLAND   Nach dem Ende des deutschsprachigen Auslandsdienstes des
Polnischen Rundfunks am 1. Juli 2014 haben fruehere Mitarbeitende der
deutschen Redaktion ein Nachrichtenportal aufgemacht: "Wir machen weiter,
weil wir es wichtig finden und Spass an der Sache haben. Unter
notgedrungen veraenderten Vorzeichen und Umstaenden wollen wir weiterhin
ueber Polen berichten. Als einziges in Polen von Polen ueber Polen
gemachtes deutschsprachiges Internetportal, moechten wir Sie mit
geschriebenen und gesprochenen Berichten, Analysen und Kommentaren auf dem
Laufenden halten und unterhalten. Wenn Sie sich weiterhin fuer Ihr
Nachbarland Polen interessieren, dann besuchen Sie unser neues

Radiodienst Polska entstand in Warschau in der zweiten Jahreshaelfte 2014
als eine unabhaengige Eigeninitiative einer Gruppe polnischer
Journalisten. Sie sind der Ansicht, dass es ein von Polen in Polen
gemachtes deutschsprachiges Publizistik- und Rundfunk-Internetportal ueber
Polen geben sollte.

Radiodienst Polska wurde geschaffen und wird finanziert aus eigenen
Mitteln seiner Begruender, ohne institutionelle Geldzuwendungen aus Polen
oder anderen Staaten. Traeger des Vorhabens ist die Fundacja/Stiftung
BelVoxTon Polonia."

Als Anschub strahlt Radio 700 ab April das woechentliche Audioprogramm
"Themen der Woche" von Radiodienst Polska (02-320 Warszawa, ul. Grojecka
42/39, Polska) aus:

15.30-16.00: 7310 (Kall DE 1 kW) So
16.30-17.00: 6005 (Kall DE 1 kW) So
19.30-20.00: 3985 (Kall DE 1 kW) So
(Radiodienst Polska 2.4., Bernd Seiser 3.4.2015,
ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

SERBIA   Die serbische Regierung plant die Schliessung des
Auslandshoerfunks "Internationaler Rundfunk Serbiens" und darin auch der
deutschen Sendung zum 30. Juni 2015. Intendant Milorad Vujovic nannte das
angekuendigte Sendeende eine Form von Autismus, durch den man sich die
Moeglichkeit nehme, die oeffentliche Meinung in den Nachbarlaendern und in
der weiteren Europaeischen Union ueber Serbien und auch seine Politik zu

Die Schliessung bedeutet auch den Verlust von 96 Arbeitsplaetzen.
Die Zukunft der bisherigen Mitarbeiter und Mitarbeiterinnen ist
ungewiss. Im Raum steht der direkte Gang zum Arbeitsamt ohne jeden

Die Auslandssendungen von Radio Belgrad begannen 1936, ausgeloest durch
die umfangreichen Rundfunkaktivitaeten Deutschlands. Nach dem zweiten
Weltkrieg wurde dann auch der Name "Radio Jugoslawien" verwendet, der sich
noch jetzt neben "Stimme Serbiens" im Internetauftritt findet (siehe

Waehrend fremdsprachige Beitraege fuer das Ausland stets im Funkhaus
Belgrad produziert wurden, gab es bis zum Zerfall von Jugoslawien auch
Uebernahmen aus den Inlandsprogrammen der anderen Teilrepubliken. Nach dem
Ende des Foederationsstaates aenderte Radio Jugoslawien seinen Auftritt
zunaechst zu "Internationales Radio von Serbien und Montenegro". Nach der
Aufloesung auch des Staatenbundes von Serbien und Montenegro im Jahre 2006
wurde daraus schliesslich "Internationales Radio Serbien". Gleichzeitig
begann eine Haengepartie mit unstetiger Finanzierung, wodurch seit 2005
nur noch ein unregelmaessiger, stark eingeschraenkter Sendebetrieb
aufrechterhalten werden kann.

Der gegenueber frueheren Sendeplaenen ohnehin schon eingeschraenkte
Sendeplan lautet:

17.30-22.00: 6100 (Bijeljina 250 kW, 310 degr)
Richtung Westeuropa: Italienisch, Sa So -. 18.00 Russisch. 18.30 Englisch.
19.00 Spanisch. 19.30 Serbisch. 20.00 Deutsch, Sa Serbisch. 20.30
Franzoesisch. 21.00 Englisch. 21.30 Fr Serbisch, Sa-Do.
(Kai Ludwig 22.4., and via
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

SOMALIA   Puntland Radio One now on Air on 13800.003 kHz in H3E-CUSB mode,
in Somali and English anncmts.

13800  C+USB  Puntland Radio One. After hearing it at home, waited until
1300 UT to make sure the freq was still clear and drove up to the remote
site to listen. Fairly decent w/same testing format of HoA mx and occas.
canned Italian (M)/ English (M) / Somali (W) ID/contact info after abt
every 2 songs. English G ID as "You are listening to Puntland Radio
broadcasting on 49 meterband on the frequency 6160 kiloHertz,
and 22 meterband on the frequency 13800 kiloHertz. You may contact us
at e-mail on
<puntlandradioone -at->

Or call at 00352-076037. Ladies and gentlemen(??)". Thanks Ivo Ivanov tip.
28 April.
(Dave Valko-PA-USA, hcdx April 28)

SOMALIA   13800  Garoowe, Puntland Somalia location image link


in TerraServer G.C. 08 24 N  48 29 E
built up two SW antenna masts since 2012 snap image visible; but only in
Google and TerraServer images. In BingMaps or NASA images are some five
years old, tx soil area is still sandy desert then.
(wb, DXplorer / wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 3)

Radio Puntland on 13800 kHz.
This comment today (April 27) on Bulgarian DX Blog (by engineer installing
transmitter?) "Puntland Radio now active 20 kW on 6160 and 13800 kHz.
Power 20 kW, TX in Garoowe Puntland.

Regards Enrico Li Perni, 5Z4ES - IV3SBE - 6O0ES
The engineer in charge of supply and installation"
(BrDXC yg via dxld)

Puntland Radio testing daily on 13800 and/or 6160 kHz at 0600-1600 UT.
E-mail confirm via  <puntlandradio1 -at->
According Eng. Ahmed Aden and Eng. Enrico Li Perni, technical people of
Goldrock (Kenya).
(via Francesco Luigi Clemente, MCDXT member, Italy <>
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 28)

13800.003  exact footprint at 12.58 UT April 28. No problem here on
various remote units in Europe at 13 UT on April 28, armchair listening in
southern Italy - Calabria province remote unit, the best reception in
Europe at this time span. Despite also good reception near Grenoble
France, St. Gallen Switzerland, and Amberg Bavaria Germany. An IRAN
13795.008 kHz 1217-1523 UT Urdu from IRIB Sirjan site adjacent next

Der Sueden ist z.Zt. bevorzugt. Remote Empfaenge jetzt um 13 UT April 28
sehr schoen in Grenoble France, St. Gallener Land Switzerland, und vor
allem in Kalabrien an der Stiefelspitze Italiens zu hoeren.

ID in English um 1310 UT maennliche Stimme, gefolgt in Arabisch by einer
Lady. 6160 und 13800 kHz, letzterer Fussprint ist 3 Hertz auf der oberen
Seite. Dazwischen die typische HoA East Africa Musik zu hoeren.

Wer nicht gut trennen kann, IRIB Sirjan in Urdu ist z.Zt. auf 13795.008
kHz auf der unteren Flanke zugange.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 28)

Radio Puntland One TX.
HSS-20KS transmitter type. Made by HANJINETC in South Korea
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, April 28)

Radio Puntland 13800 kHz.
The opening paragraph of this blog is slightly misleading - Rado Puntland
was opened by the Puntland President and first made low-power tests (50
watts) on 13800 two years ago in April 2013 (see BrDXC-UK 'Communication'
magazine May 2013 page 13)

Mauno Ritola (on WRTH Facebook group page today) reports Radio Puntland
tests closed today (28 April with the new 20 kW tx) on 13800 kHz at 1500
Then weak carrier heard on 6160 kHz, with Koran recital after 1600 UT
(maybe Radio Puntland) then off at 1726 UT.

Radio Puntland tests on 13800 also has IDs in Somali and Italian as well
as English plus local music.
(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC ng April 28)

Re: April 28 - Puntland Radio.
Here is Dave Valko's outstanding reception today of Radio Puntland One,
from 1315 to 1319 UT April 28, with clear ID in English.

Puntland Radio One from Somalia during the micro-DXpedition

Again, here is Puntland Radio One on 13800 kHz while the Beverage antenna
was being unrolled from 1315-1319 UT. The ID routine conveniently...
View on
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 11)

Thanks - congrats, yes, the same Puntland Radio sound level audio as yours
- heard here in the clear on armchair level on remote SDR units in
Calabria southern Italy, at Grenoble France, and in St. Gallen Switzerland
in 12 to 12.58 UT on very same Tuesday April 28 by Y.T. too. Both
footprints were 13800.003 kHz in H3E-CUSB bcast mode, and adjacent IRIB
Sirjan Urdu service 1247-1323 UT on 13795.008 kHz
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 28)

If Puntland tries to use 13800 and 6160 kHz thruout the day and night,
what will they collide with?

HFCC shows on 13800 already

0150-0250 Iran in Hindi via Sirjan
0400-0600 R. Tamazuj & R. Dabanga via France, Madagascar, Vatican
          [and Sudanese tone jamming! especially after 0430]
1000-1100 RFA Tibetan via Kuwait, [and ChiCom jamming, of course]
1530-1630 HCJB Russian & Chechen via Austria [Saturdays only]
1700-2000 Secretbrod, Bulgaria has reserved,
e.g. Spaceshuttle Sundays only at 18-19

Aoki list adds:
1300-1400 VOA Chinese via Saipan (plus jamming)

On HFCC paper, 6160 looks like a very good choice, with absolutely nothing
registered! However, Aoki reminds us of the two 24h low-power CBC
Canadians, which hardly need any more QRM; and also lists two Brazilians,
RBV, Porto Alegre, 24 hours; and R. Rio Mar, Manaus, 10-21, but probably
both inactive.

So during what hourspan is anyone hearing Puntland now on these
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld April 27/28)

13800  May 2.15. Presumed it was Radio Puntland at 1306 UT tune-in with a
male speaker in Somalian with a speech to a crowd. The signal was actually
quite readable and holding up pretty well in USB Mode. Set the digital
recording going at 1307 UT but just as the signal was improving they where
gone at 1309 1/2 hrs. UTC ... just pulled the plug ... so my question was
this a transmitter problem or was it a actually a sign-off time? ...
Reception was best on my 135 foot "U" shaped antenna with the (homebrew)
pi-antenna tuner.
(Edward Kusalik-Alb-CAN VE6EFK, DXplorer May 2)

I also heard them this morning (May 2) on 13800 kHz from 1230-1309* UT
with a fairly good signal that continued to improve until they went off in
mid-speech. Could this be the start of regular programming? They were
absent here the past few days and I only heard what sounded like phone
traffic in Italian around 1252-55 on Thurs and Fri. Here is the English
anmt I recorded at 1243 UT.
(John Herkimer-NY-USA, DXplorer May 3)

To refresh the History of March / April 2013:

New SW station for Puntland / Somalia.

More detailed info enclosed. Thank you Mauno and Jari for cooperation.

Dear Enrico, here's a model example of modern team work within radio
community of the world. Can you confirm all this data below ?
Best regards, Ilpo Parviainen
(Ilpo Parviainen-FIN, dxld Apr 17, 2013)

Hallo!!! Yes all confirmed. I designed the station.
Tx Elcor 25 kW (Costa Rica)
Modulation PDM with optical laser switching.
Tube 3cx 20000a
Plate voltage modulation.
64 bit audio sampling rate.
Broadband vertical dual conical.
26 m mast
Radius 27m
Gain at 24 MHz > 5dBi
Take off angle +/- 18 degrees.
Max handling power 50 kW at 10 MHz

Manufacturer Hanjiin electronics Seoul South Korea.
Station civil works and building design by Enrico Li Perni.

Project financed by the Italian government.  <<<
Project management UNOPS Nairobi Kenya.      <<<

Please note: Elcor Costa Rica is on the verge of closing due to lack of
clients and mismanagement. We have ordered the transmitter in 2009 and
never completed by them.

Enrico Li Perni
In conjunction with a famous RF orm manufacturer in Italia Res Ingenium
are currently designing the next generation of Short wave transmitters for
the new DRM market and to replace the old NEC HF10 transmitters that have
survived but still active in various part of the world.

Goldrock has recently revamped 2 NEC for the Uganda broadcasting
corporation with success and are currently on Air.

Rebuilded completely the tuning circuits burned by incorrect tuning.
Changed the pa tube 4CX 15000 and 2 x 4CX 5000 tube for the audio drive

Project founded by the NGO Invisible Children USA.
If you need more info please contact me or call +254724735011

Kind regards
Enrico Li Perni  5z4es Iv3sbe (via Radiorama ? )

I wonder if Goldrock International in Nairobi is the company building the
station. Enrico Li Perni (mentioned in that Radiorama article) seems to be
working for them.


(Jari Savolainen-FIN, dxld Apr 17, 2013)

Log: Radio Puntland, Somalia, 13800 kHz, 1400 UT, Apr 17, 2013, SIO 252
Folgende Information erhielt ich soeben von der Station: Der Testbetrieb
von Radio Puntland auf 13800 kHz lief heute mit nur 50 (!) Watt, da es
Intermodulationsprobleme am Sender gibt. Deswegen wurde auch die
Bandbreite auf 6 kHz begrenzt, was die momentan geringe Signalstaerke des
25 kW Senders erklaert.

50 Watt AM, einer meiner schoensten Empfaenge der letzten Jahre!
(Christoph Ratzer-AUT, A-DX Apr 17, 2013)

Re Somalia: Puntland launches new Radio

Xuquuqda Qoraalada, sawirada iyo warbixin kasta waxay gaar u tahay (RBC Radio). Lama adeegsan karo, dib looma daabici karo,
lama baahin karo ama kambayuutar laguma keydsan karo si toos ah iyo si
dadban intuba, haddii aan fasax laga heysan maamulka (RBC
Radio). Fadlan hana xadin

Garowe (RBC News) Puntland president Dr. Abdurrahman Faroole has
officially opened a new radio which will be aired from Garawe.

The establishment of this radio which can be heard on shortwaves has been
going on for two years in the Puntland capital Garawe. Italian government
has funded the radio project and will be the voice of Puntland

The radio is on the air now for testing and the enrolment of staff that
will be running the radio is underway.

Mr. Faroole who spoke at the opening ceremony stated that they were
contemplating about founding of a Radio and TV for Puntland for a long
time so as to disseminate the interest of Puntland state and following
concerted efforts it has now come into effect. He stated that the TV is on
the way and coming soon.

The new radio is named as Radio Puntland will be heard throughout
Puntland. It's now operated by Italian technicians. RBC Radio.
(via Liagkas Zaxarias-GRC, hcdx Apr 17, 2013)

Tnx, Jari. Yes, quite often "shortwave" in the news turns out to be in
fact FM. I haven't found their direct email address yet, but I have
already sent an inquiry to their partner organizations (Puntland Library &
Resource Center and Somali Family Services). Let's see how quickly the
community will solve this (Ilpo, Glenn Hauser dxld / ibid.)

Thanks, Ilpo, for the heads-up. I have also sent a few queries around.
Let's hope that it is really on shortwave.

[later:] I got one reply, according to which they plan to start in June
using 6140 and 13800 kHz. Here some more photos:


(Mauno Ritola-FIN, dxld April 14, 2013)

More info (in Somali) and pictures can be found on

Ay-Afka-Qabatay-Idaacado-Madax-Banaan &sid=28193&tirsan=2>

At the moment the frequency used is unknown.  73's IPA
(Ilpo Parviainen-FIN, dxld April 14, 2013)

Somalia, Puntland. A station called R. Puntland plans to start on
shortwave in June on 6140 and 13800 kHz. Power should be upto 25 kW in
(WRTH - World Radio TV Handbook Facebook page 14th April, 2013)

This report in English from <> (11th April 2013)

RBC Radio.

Puntland is a region of northeastern Somalia which declared itself an
autonomous state in 1998 - see BBC Profile of Puntland:
(Alan Pennington-UK, Apr 15  2013, BrDXC-UK yg direct and via dxld)

Re: New SW station in Puntland / Somalia
That was quick, tnx Mauno. My own contact informed me that SFS (Somali
Family Services) is establishing the first community radio station that
will focus on public affairs broadcasting in Puntland. They are working in
close cooperation with Puntland Library and Resource Centre. Originally
they had plans to use the name "Radio Puntland" but when they heard about
this government-driven project, the name was changed into "Radio Sahan".
More info at
<>  73,
(Ilpo, dxld Apr 15, 2013)

Thanks for the Sahan item. Seems, that R. Puntland is testing with a
temporary 100 W transmitter. I could hear Somali sounding non-stop music
extremely weak on 13800 kHz from 1400 until Iran s/on at 1430 and again
after 1530 until s/off 1537. But not even a carrier on 6140 kHz after that
(when it was free).
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, April 15  2013, ibid.)

I've heard from a contact in Puntland itself that the frequencies are
13800 kHz daytime and 6160 kHz (sic) at night. That might be a typo for
the 6140 kHz reported by Mauno below, or perhaps they are testing both
6140 and 6160 kHz.

My contact said the station is still in test mode, and only airing music,
but will launch regular programming on 20 April, 2013.
(Chris Greenway-UK, dxld Apr 16, 2013)

According to

they transmit now with 200 Watts on 6140 kHz in the morning hours and on
13800 kHz in the afternoon but in June they'll activate 20 kW transmitter.
(Ilpo, dxld April 16, 2013)

I wonder if Goldrock International in Nairobi is the company building the
station. Enrico Li Perni (mentioned in that Radiorama article) seems to be
working for them.

(Jari Savolainen-FIN, April 16  2013, ibid.)

Probably the accuracy of the details varies a bit depending on the writer,
but the big picture seems to be the same. Seems they also got the word
about my yesterday's tentative reception including the Youtube video
links, but they don't care to comment it to me any more (or they don't
hear anything in the clips, without earphones and DX-practice?):

Today s/on at 1319 and off at 1445 UT, 2013.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, dxld April 16, 2013)

Any more information on transmitter location or power? Are there any links
related to this station on the Internet? I found this page but there was
at least no mention of the SW frequencies:

(Mika Maekelaeinen-FIN, WRTH Facebook via dxld Apr 2013)

Re: Radio Puntland on 13800 kHz. Announcement first in Italian makes one
suspicious of its origin



Further reported two years ago: A 25 kW transmitter had been ordered from
Elcor in 2009, it was unfinished when this company went bust and has been
completed by an Italian company called Res Ingenium. The antenna they
built for this transmitter is a 26 metres tall double-cone.

And it's just one transmitter, so obviously 13800 kHz day and 6160 kHz
night. Back in 2013 the nighttime frequency had been given as 6140
instead, so it could be worth to keep an ear on it if never anything
appears on 6160.
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld May 1)

SAUDI ARABIA   During summer 2015 one should measure the 500 kW shortwave
beasts on exact frequency (wb)

4x500 kW SW TX and 4 x shortwave antennas HRS 4/4/0.5 and the BroadMaster
broadcast control system.


Saudi Broadcast Corporation (SBC), Saudi's National Broadcaster, has
contracted Ampegon through undisputed Saudi market leader First Gulf
Company (FGC) for the renewal of their radio transmission site in Riyadh.
Ampegon will deliver four 500 kW shortwave transmitters, four shortwave
antennas HRS 4/4/0.5 and the BroadMaster broadcast control system.
(Ampegon, Sept 2014)

SPAIN   live football Barcelona vv Munich on REE Noblejas shortwave. REE
Madrid on 15450, 15490, 17715, and 17855 kHz, noted all very strong here
in Germany at 1915 UT on May 6.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 6)

SRI LANKA   15274.975  Odd frequency from SLBC Trincomalee bcast center,
frequency is NOT stable, probably main power current varies. Only S=5-6
poor signal into sidelobe here in southern Germany. DWL Amharic service
16-17 UT towards Ethiopia East Africa target.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 27)

SWAZILAND   15105.013  TWR Africa, childrens girl chorus performing at
1603 UT on April 27. S=7 sidelobe signal into southwestern Germany.
Weekdays only 1557-1627 UT scheduled in Kirundi language, acc Aoki Nagoya
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 27)

9940.009  TWR Africa in Lingala language, on May 3 at 1905-1935 UT,
S=9+10dB signal.

6130  TWR Africa Umbundu just under threshold signal level, the signal
string is visible at 19.15 UT on May 3.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 3)

SWEDEN   SC80SM, SM, Sweden: Bis Ende des Jahres wird die Sonderstation
SC8+SM durch SK5SM in die Luft gebracht. Vor 80 Jahren, im Mai 1935, wurde
der Marconi 150 KW Sender in der Motala Langwellen Rundfunkstation
installiert. Am 2. Mai will man versuchen den Langwellensender auf 191 kHz
in Betrieb zu nehmen. Ein Diplom ist in Vorbereitung. QSL via SM5ELV
(Wolf Harranth, OE1WHC, Dokumentationsarchiv Funk
<office -at->  <>
via A-DX April 28)

SWEDEN   Shortwave transmissions from Sala, Sweden April 25/26

Radio Revival April 25
1100-1200  7440 SAL 010 kW non-dir to WeEUR English CUSB, nothing heard
1100-1200  9405 SAL 005 kW non-dir to WeEUR English AM, cancelled

Swedish DX Federation April 25
1200-1300  7440 SAL 010 kW non-dir to WeEUR English CUSB, nothing heard
1200-1300  9405 SAL 005 kW non-dir to WeEUR English AM, cancelled

The Ronny B Goode Show April 25
1300-1400  9405 SAL 010 kW non-dir to WeEUR English CUSB

Radio Six International April 25
1400-1600  3975 SAL 005 kW non-dir to WeEUR English AM, cancelled
1400-1600  9405 SAL 010 kW non-dir to WeEUR English CUSB

Radio City April 26
0900-1000  9405 SAL 010 kW non-dir to WeEUR English CUSB
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 27)

TAIWAN   11774.809  Taiwanese SOH odd frequency program, no Chinese
jamming in background, S=7 signal at 1630 UT on April 27. SOH but also on
11715.087 kHz with different program spoken by men at 1635 UT, poor S=6.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 27)

I can received new freq. of Fu Hsing Broadc Station on 7688 kHz at 1106UT
tune in-1400* UT in Chinese. As ID "Taiwan Fu Hsing Kuangpo Tientai",
Formerly with "Fu Hsing Kuangpo Tientai".
Sked at *1000-1400*UT on 7688 kHz.
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, dxld May 6)

TAJIKISTAN   4765.051  Tajik Radio 1, via Dushanbe Yangi Yul bcast center,
at 1743 UT on April 27, Turk language family poetry verse reading,
interspersed by local folkloric flute music. S=9+25dB more than fair
signal into Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 27)

UGANDA   4750  Dunamis Shortwave, Mukono. May 5, 2015 at 1800 UT noted
gospel songs on 4750 kHz with poor/fair reception due to local noise.
Later also English rel. programming. Couldn't get id but a fellow DXer
here in Finland, Jari Lehtinen, managed to hear them id. Signed off at
1909 UT. Dunamis Shortwave, Mukono had been silent / irregular for quite
some time.
(Jari Savolainen-FIN, dxld May 6)

G.C. location coordinates, - probably -
00 21 01.64 N  32 44 38.90 E

UGANDA   4750  Dunamis SW. Per Jari's tip (tnx Yari!) hrd this station via
the Perseus site in Eastern Finland on May 6 w/ non-stop highlife music
from 1744 tune to 1836 UT at which time the Perseus site abruptly
disconnected and I could not re-tune. No anmts hrd, no religious pgming,
just local mx.

Decent signal strength (SINPO 2v3/3/3/3/3) with periodic ute QRM both
below and above the channel. Re-tuning today (May 7), good carrier
presentation from same site as well as Northern Sweden, but audio was
pretty much non-existent. Likewise from the Brisbane site, but there the
carrier was a bit weaker. Perhaps station staff is having technical issues
with the xmtr.
(Bruce W. Churchill-CA-USA, DXplorer April 7)

UNIDENTIFIED / IRAN   15630 IRIB Dari Program from Kamalabad jammed. April
29, at 0820-1150 UT IRIB in Dari language, listen to the Recording.
Jamming origin from Obam_as Special Forces in Bahrain ? like in Bush's
Iraq war?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 29)

IRIB Dari Program on 15630 kHz jammed as reported Wolfgang Bueschel
on April 29. Summer A-15 of VIRI IRIB Dari on frequencies

0250-0620 12070kam 13740ahw
0620-0820 13590kam
0820-1150 15630kam
0820-1420 13840ahw
1150-1450 12065kam
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 29)

UAE   11635.113  TWR Somali service via Al Dhabbaya UAE, poor sidelobe
signal into southern Germany, at 1637 UT on April 27.

9819.989 IBRA Radio in Tigre to ETH/ERI/EaAfrica target noted with silly
boring Sing, Sang - sing, sang -... song, poor performance at 1643 UT on
April 27, sidelobe signal to EUR at S=5 level strength.

6180.100  IBRA Radio in Somali, S=8 sidelobe signal observed via Al
Dhabbaya-UAE bcast center site, in 1730-1800 UT slot, TX s-off early at
around 1757-1758 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 27)

USA  [and non]   Checked the remote unit in Boston MA this April 30
Log in 16 and 19 mb at 1930 - 2030 UT, April 30.

17855 ESP REE Sp, maritime harbour report, S=9+15dB at 1930 UT April 30.
17790 USA RMI Okeechobee FL / Radio Africa - tentat.,
          American Blues mx at 2005 UT, S=8-9 signal.
17730 CUB RHC Bauta in Portuguese sce at 20.00 UT, ID in Port., S=9
17715 ESP REE Noblejas Spanish, at 1940 UT.
17530 USA VOA French via tentat. Greenville site, and
17610 USA WHRI BS, - both only S=6-7 in NY/MA, too close to tx sites,
          skipped via this zone ...

15843 ??? OTHR at 2026 UT
15825 USA WWCR Nashville TN, S=8, "Real Radio Program" by ?Jack Hiss?
15770 USA RMI / BS TOM prayer, S=9+5dB signal.
15730 USA VOA French via tentat. Greenville site,
          S=6-7 poor at 2024 UT, too close.
15610 USA WEWN English, religious, S=9+15dB
15580 BOT VOA English, S=7-8
15570 VAT Vatican Radio SMG, 10 kHz wide signal in English, S=7 -82dBm.
15550 ... 15553 kHz USA WJHR Milton FL, J3E USB mode,
          mixed Portuguese accented English,
          talk on "Lord Jesus" at 2007 UT on April 30,
          S=4-5 -104dBm average signal,
          in maximal audio peaks visible 10 x 200 Hertz apart fence...
          but up of the last peak around 15552.8 kHz,
          a deep notch signal seen.
15490 ESP REE Spanish, at 2010 UT, S=8-9 signal strength.

 But no REE signal heard / seen on 15450 kHz in North America
 and Europe tonight April 30.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 29)

USA/PALAU   Additional txions of World Harvest Radio for A-15 season

0700-0800  5920 HRI 100 kW 315 deg to WeNoAM English Mon-Sat WHRI Angel 6
1200-1300 15640 HBN 100 kW 270 deg to SoEaAS English Mon-Sat T8WH Angel 4
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 27)

USA WEWN Full A-15 schedule

0000-0900 11520 EWN 250 kW 085 deg to WeAF   English
0900-1300 11520 EWN 250 kW 355 deg to SoEaAS English
1300-1600 15610 EWN 250 kW 355 deg to SoEaAS English
1600-1900 15610 EWN 250 kW 040 deg to NE/ME  English
1900-2400 15610 EWN 250 kW 085 deg to WeAF   English

0000-1000 11870 EWN 250 kW 155 deg to SoAM Spanish
1000-1700 12050 EWN 250 kW 155 deg to SoAM Spanish
1700-2400 13830 EWN 250 kW 155 deg to SoAM Spanish

0000-0500  5810 EWN 250 kW 220 deg to MEX Spanish
0500-1300  7555 EWN 250 kW 220 deg to MEX Spanish
1300-1800 11550 EWN 250 kW 220 deg to MEX Spanish
1800-2400 12050 EWN 250 kW 220 deg to MEX Spanish
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 29)

Frequency changes of Radio Free Asia and Voice of America:

Radio Free Asia
1230-1330 NF 7530 IRA 250 kW 057 deg to SoEaAS Burmese, ex 7390
1330-1430 NF 7530 TIN 125 kW 280 deg to SoEaAS Burmese, ex 7390
1300-1400 NF15275 DB  250 kW 110 deg to CeAS   Tibetan, ex15265
1500-1700 NF11855 TIN 250 kW 329 deg to EaAS   Korean,  ex 7210
2100-2200 NF 9685 KWT 250 kW 070 deg to EaAS   Chinese, ex 9690
2100-2200 NF 9700 TIN 250 kW 329 deg to EaAS   Korean,  ex 9610

Voice of America
1100-1130 NF17740 BOT 100 kW 350 deg to WeCeAF French Sat,ex13735
2330-0030 NF 6040 UDO 250 kW 280 deg to SoEaAS Burmese,   ex 6185
2330-0030 NF12110 PHT 250 kW 270 deg to SoEaAS Burmese,   ex 9325
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 28)

USA   Willis Conover (1920-1996) was a producer and broadcaster on the
Voice of America radio network for over forty years.

Marie Lamb writes on F_B:
Those of us at the Willis Conover F_B page are trying to get support for a
postage stamp in honor of the great Voice of America jazz broadcaster, one
of the great voices of shortwave. The recognition for this fine
broadcaster and supporter of America s music is long overdue. Please sign!
Thank you Marie Lamb.

(I tried to sign but its only available for US - Mike)

Willis Conover (1920-1996) was a producer and broadcaster on the Voice of
America radio network for over forty years. His successful use of jazz to
reach out to listeners behind the Iron Curtain is largely an untold story
within the United States due to the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which forbade
the VOA from broadcasting domestically. Conover s jazz diplomacy had such
a far-reaching political and artistic impact behind the Iron Curtain that
his New York Times obituary in 1996 stated: In the long struggle between
the forces of Communism and democracy, Mr. Conover, who went on the air in
1955 ... proved more effective than a fleet of B-29 s.

Over the course of a career which lasted from 1938 until his death in
1996, Conover also produced jazz concerts at the White House, the Newport
Jazz Festival, and for movies and television - an enduring presence in
American jazz. As a radio personality IN the 1940s, he spearheaded the
integration of jazz clubs in Washington, D.C., and went on to host and
meticulously select repertory for what became the first exposure to jazz
for millions of international listeners. Willis Conover interviewed
hundreds of jazz icons including Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Duke
Ellington, Sarah Vaughan, and many others. As Conover himself said, Jazz
tells more about America than any American can realize. It bespeaks
vitality, strength, social mobility; it s a free music with its own
discipline, but not an imposed, inhibiting discipline ( Nation: Swinging
Voice, Time, December 9, 1966).

Conover s impact was recognized in the halls of Congress on more than one
occasion, with two news articles read into the Congressional Record in
July of 1985, H. Res 189 of the 103rd Congress (June 14, 1993, passed),
and most recently, H Res. 324 of the 111th Congress (April 2, 2009,
introduced), which proposed designating April 25, 2009, as Willis Conover

Clearly, Conover was an individual who made enduring contributions to the
United States of America by bringing the best in American music to the
world. In the 60th year since the launch of his VOA program, Music USA,
and ahead of the 100th birth anniversary of Willis Conover in 2020, this
is an opportune time to honor an American with a significant impact on
history and culture, whose recognition is long overdue.
(Marie Lamb-USA, / Mike Terry-UK, dxld May 1)

UZBEKISTAN/INDIA   Die britische Missionsgesellschaft Christian Vision hat
moeglicherweise ihre letzten Kurzwellensendungen eingestellt. Hierbei
handelte es sich um ein fuer Indien bestimmtes, seit 2002 ueber eine
Sendeanlage bei Taschkent ausgestrahltes Programm in Hindi.

Der bulgarische Empfangsexperte Ivo Ivanov und andere konnten die
Frequenzen 6260, 9670, 9975 und 13630 kHz seit dem letzten Maerzwochenende
nicht mehr durch Empfangsbeobachtungen bestaetigen. Erwartet wurde Hindi
fuer Indien nach folgendem Sendeplan
00.00-04.00:  6260 (100 kW, 153deg)
01.00-04.00:  9975 (100 kW, 186deg)
04.00-11.00: 13630 (100 kW, 153deg)
11.00-14.00:  9760 (100 kW, 153deg)
14.00-20.00:  6260 (100 kW, 153deg)

In einer letzten Empfangsmeldung berichtete Ivo Ivanov am 28. Maerz vom
Zusammenstoss mit den Sendungen von KVOH Voice of Hope (01.00-04.00 Uhr
auf 9975 kHz), allerdings sind die Empfangsaussichten fuer diese Sendungen
fuer Hoerer und Hoererinnen ohne gehobene Ausruestung oder bevorzugte
Empfangslage immer noch schwierig. Im Internetauftritt
wird die Ausstrahlung auf Kurzwelle noch angegeben; das kann aber auf das
Internet-typische Problem einer nicht-tagesaktuellen Pflege der Website

Umgekehrt ist eine Ueberpruefung der Sendetaetigkeit via HFCC-Datenbank
schwierig, weil the Voice die Sendezeit ueber einen Sendezeitbetreuer
kaufte, der international eine Vielzahl von Frequenzen anmeldet, aber
nicht immer auch fuer einen Kunden belegt.

Kurz nach ihrer Gruendung begann diese Missionsgesellschaft 1994 zunaechst
mit einem Hoerfunkprogramm fuer Afrika, ausgestrahlt ueber einen
Kurzwellensender in Sambia. 1998 bzw. 2000 folgte die Uebernahme von
Sendeanlagen in Chile und Australien, die zuvor von den dortigen
Rundfunkgesellschaften aufgegeben wurden. In Deutschland kam es zu einem
Arrangement, bei dem Christian Vision zum Jahresbeginn 2008 die
Kurzwellenanlage bei Juelich (Nordrhein-Westfalen) formal uebernahm.

Christian Vision setzte auf eine Digitalisierung des Kurzwellenhoerfunks.
Nachdem sich diese Erwartungen nicht bewahrheiteten, stieg Christian
Vision aus diesem Verbreitungsweg aus und konzentrierte sich immer mehr
auf Internet und Satellit. Die Sendeanlagen bei Juelich und bei Darwin
(Australien) wurden 2010 stillgelegt, die Sendeanlagen in Chile und Sambia
folgten 2012. Mit Ausnahme des Senders in Sambia, der inzwischen an Voice
of Hope verkauft ist, sind diese Anlagen inzwischen abgerissen.
(Ivo Ivanov 21.4., Kai Ludwig 16.4.2015 RBB,
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener 26.-28.4.2015, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)

CVC Voice Asia on 6260 kHz via Tashkent, summer A-15 schedule

1100-1400 9670 TAC 100 kW 153 deg to IND Hindi
1400-1700 6260 TAC 100 kW 153 deg to IND Hindi

According to WRTH Update of May 1, CVC The Voice Asia planning to stop
broadcasts in mid May-video on May 6.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews May 6)

VATICAN STATE   15100  Radio Veritas Asia via Santa Maria di Galeria-SMG-
VAT, at 1520-1553* UT on April 25, talk in presumed Filipino language
eventually lost in rising noise level by returned around 1546 UT until
close down and carrier terminated at 1553 UT. Poor.
(Rich D Angelo-PA-USA, DXplorer April 26)


DX camps of RMRC May 5, 2015. Hello together, as each year
Rhein-Main-Radio-Club (RMRC) organise two DX-Camps
at Hoherodeskopf (Hessen, Germany)

Have a look at <>
Next DX-Camps are:
Tuesday 13 Oct - Monday 19 Oct 2015
Tuesday 22 Mar - Monday 28 Mar 2016
Tuesday 04 Oct - Monday 10 Oct 2016
Invited is every DXer from any country of Europe
(Dr. Harald Gabler-D RMRC, <> BrDXC-UK)

- - - - -

EDXC Conference 2015 - a reminder of April 9, 2015.

St. Petersburg DX Club and European DX Council would like to invite all
European DXers and DX hobbyists from all over the world to take part in
the EDXC Conference 2015 to be held in St. Petersburg, Russia on September
18 to 22, 2015.

The conference will take place in the RUSS Hotel in the centre
of St. Petersburg

Accommodation prices for September 2015 are not defined up to this moment,
but they seem to be very reasonable. We recommend to book rooms in the
conference venue hotel via St. Petersburg DX Club for we will get a
special group discount.

We will inform you about conference packages as soon as we get all
necessary information. Besides traditional agenda events (lectures,
reports, banquet dinner, etc.), we will try to organize excursions to
local radio stations, radio museums, etc. We will also try to organize a
special radio broadcast via Radio Bonch, students AM MW broadcasting
station of the Bonch-Bruyevich State University of Telecommunications (if
license documents are ready in September 2015). Visa support is possible
for those possible attendees who need it. Please let us know as early as
possible. During April 2015 we will present the preliminary conference

Please send preliminary applications for participation in the conference
to Alexander Beryozkin <dxspb -at- nrec[dot]spb[dot]ru>
<>  May 6


Hoerertreffen von KBS World Radio am Samstag, 30. Mai 2015,
in Mainz-Kastel.

Am 30. Mai 2015 findet in Mainz-Kastel ein weiteres Hoerertreffen von KBS
World Radio statt. Veranstaltungsort sind ab 11.00 Uhr MESZ die Raeume des
Deutsch-Koreanischen Freundeskreises Mainz e. V. in der Reduit in Mainz-
Kastel direkt am Bahnhof Mainz-Kastel. PKW-Parkplaetze sind vorhanden.

Das Treffen dient insbesondere dem persoenlichen Kennenlernen und
Wiedersehen unter Hobbyfreunden, dem Austausch ueber KBS-World Radio bzw.
Korea und dem Hobbyplausch. Wie immer wird Anne Stern-Ko zu Beginn des
Treffens mit den Teilnehmern telefonieren und in der Hoererecke berichten.
Wer selber etwas beitragen will, ist damit willkommen, moege sich aber
vorher melden.

Entsprechende Vortragstechnik ist vorhanden. Bitte kurz Bescheid geben,
USB-Stick mitbringen und vortragen. Koreanisches Essen wird es auch geben:
die Mitglieder des Deutsch-Koreanischen Freundeskreises Mainz e. V. wollen
die Teilnehmer des Treffens mit koreanischen Koestlichkeiten verwoehnen.
Zur besseren Planung ist eine Anmeldung wuenschenswert.

Kontaktaufnahme ist moeglich unter der Emailadresse
<kbsmainz15 -at-> und der Telefonnummer 0157/37052452.
(Siegbert Gerhard 23.3.2015; via ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews April 30)


Summer 2015 - International Shortwave Broadcast Guide - Press Release.

Effective this morning, the new International Shortwave Broadcast Guide -
Summer 2015, is now available at Amazon.

Attached is the PDF Press Release.
Kind regards to you and thanks again,

Gayle Van Horn W4GVH
CEO Teak Publishing
International Shortwave Broadcast Guide-e Pub/Amazon Kindle
QSLing the World Kindle Book  <>
Shortwave Central Blog        <>
Twitter: <@QSLRptMT>
(Gayle Van Horn-USA  W4GVH, May 7)

Press Release - Teak Publishing Company
P.O.Box 297, Brasstown NC 28902, USA

So why should you listen to shortwave radio?
Quite simply shortwave radio is your window to the world.

The best source of global information continues to be shortwave radio.

Throughout the world, shortwave remains the most readily available and
affordable means of communication and information. It lets you listen to
voices from around the world. Shortwave radio provides nearly
instantaneous coverage of news and events from around the world. Shortwave
listening, or SWLing, is the hobby of listening to shortwave radio
broadcasts located on frequencies between 1700 kHz and 30 MHz, also known
as HF or the High Frequencies bands.

The International Shortwave Broadcast Guide (Summer 2015 edition), by
Amazon bestselling author Gayle Van Horn, W4GVH, is that all important
information resource you need to tap into the worldwide shortwave
broadcast radio spectrum.

It is a 24-hour station/frequency guide to "all" the known stations
currently broadcasting on shortwave radio at time of publication. This
unique shortwave resource is the "only" publication in the world that
offers a by-hour schedule that includes all language services, frequencies
and world target areas for each broadcast station. There are new chapters
that cover basic shortwave radio listening and Who's Who in the Shortwave
Radio Spectrum. Also extensive work has been done to improve the
readability of this edition on the various Kindle platforms.

The International Shortwave Broadcast Guide (Summer 2015 edition) is now
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The price for this latest edition is still US$4.99. Since this book is
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This new e-publication edition is an expanded version of the English
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Frequency updates between editions will be posted on her Shortwave Central
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You can view the complete Teak Publishing book catalog online at


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