"Sea of Peace" (SOP) - Pennon - 1 - 31 July 2015

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1 - 31 July 2015


The Sea Of Peace Pennon has ben issued for over 40 years. Every year in July, the radio amateurs of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern district offer special activities supporting the application of the SOP. It is awarded for contacts with different countries/areas bordering the Baltic Sea and Norway each year from 1st to 31st of July. Starting in 1992, the club award SOP sticker (asmall pennant) will be awarded to every one for yearly continuing accomplishment of the SOP comperition.

1. On HF, European applicants have to make contacts with 15 and all non- Europeans for 10 points. One German station is compulsory.
2. On frequencies above 30 MHz exclusively applicants need only earn 5 points. The DL contact is not compulsory.

Point Values:
1. A single QSO with Mecklenburg-Vorpommern district (DOK: V.., Z87, Z89, MVP, SOP..) = 3 points or 3 different DL stations stations of DL = 3 points (DL max. 3 points).
2. The following 25 countries/areas count 1 point each for the SOP: ES LA LY OH1 OH2 OH5 OH6 OH8 OH9 OHØ OJØ OZ R1/MVI RA1 RA2F SM1 SM2 SM3 SM5 SM6 SM7 SMØ SP1 SP2 YL.

SWLs may also obtain the SOP. No QSLs needed, just send your log only.
For stations earning the SOP in 5 years of SOP Activity, we award a special sticker which free of charge.

Send your application to our SOP-Manager till the 31 August every year:  Georg Tretow, DL4SVA, P.O.Box 1114, D-23931 Grevesmühlen,
The fees: SOP sticker 4 EUR or 6 US$.
Fees for SOP pennon vary by the shipping-costs
DL - 10 EUR or 15 US$
EU - 12 EUR or 17 US$
DX - 15 EUR or 20 US$

All necessary information of transferring the fee you receive after successful application position.prefer your online application.

E-mail: DL4SVA@darc.de

Internet: http://www.amateurfunk-mvp.de/inhalte/sopdiple.htm

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