The C4HQ Award

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July 11-12, 2015


This award is offered to all stations who contact the special contest call sign C4HQ during the 2015 IARU HF World Championship Contest scheduled for 11-12 July, 2015.

There are 3 levels to the award depending on number of QSOs you make with C4HQ:
(There are 2 band mode slots available for each HF band; for example if you make contact with C4HQ on 20CW and 20SSB, this will be worth 2 band slots towards the award.)

1.      Vraka Award - contacts with C4HQ on 6 band/mode slots
2.      Aphrodite Award - contacts with C4HQ on 9 band/mode slots
3.      Agrino Award - contacts with C4HQ on 12 band/mode slots.
Awards can be claimed for free by eligible stations who provide by post or email sent
to a file listing the claimed C4HQ contacts. In the subject line of your email please mention "C4HQ Award" followed by your call sign.

E-mail: awardsmanager@cyhams.orgInternet:

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