1000th Anniversary Death of Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev [EM1000UKW]

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July 28 to December 4, 2015


(This had to be one of the most colorful awards with a religious motif available this year!)

This award honors the memory of the Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev - the creator of the medieval European state of Kyiv Rus - Ukraine and in connection with the 1000th anniversary of his burial.
The Makarov District Center for Children and Youth Danylo Tuptalo (St. Demetrios Rostov) and Makarov radioklub "AIR" are all sponsors of this commemorative diploma "Kyiv Prince Volodymyr the Great."

Keep alert for Special activations of volunteer operators will be active from 25 locations in Ukraine during the period 28 July to 4 December 2015.

1. Make one contact with EM1000UKW on 28 July 2015.
2. Make three contacts with EM1000UKW between 29 July and 4 December 2015.
The award is in delivered in electronic format and is free of charge. Send a log extract of contact data to us5ucc@gmail.com

Email: us5ucc@gmail.comInternet: https://www.qrz.com/EM1000UKW

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