New club inspired by ILLW

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In West Australia has emerged the newly formed Capes Lighthouse Radio Group that will activate two marine lights in support of the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend.

The club builds on the ILLW operations of more than ten years pioneered by Wally VK6YS, now its patron, and Nigel VK6NI the Founding President.

Anthony Benbow VK6AXB the Administrative Officer, said that now VK6CLL Cape Leeuwin Light and VK6CNL Cape Naturaliste Light are club callsigns, means that any group member can join in the weekend fun.

Membership is open to anyone who supports the group’s aims, has participated in or assisted with an ILLW operation at Cape Leeuwin or Naturaliste.
A number of those in the ILLW have had reports published already in their local media, while a few intend to do so after the event.

With the most registrations this year is Germany 72, followed by Australia 68, USA 66, and England 43. Then comes The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Scotland, Canada, Argentina, South Africa and Croatia.

Many other seafaring countries are represented with smaller numbers. More than 500 registrations are active this weekend from marine navigation beacons. Given them a call – most have special QSL cards. 

To see them all visit the website

Jim Linton VK3PC

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