The Stockholm-Motala Award

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? April to 31 December 2015


SC8ØSM is a special event call sign active from April 2015 until Dec 31st 2015 and is activated by SK5SM to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the installation of the Marconi 150 kW
transmitter at Motala LW Broadcast station in May 1935. The Motala LW broadcast station began operations in 1927 with a 30 kW TX built by Marconi. The towers are 120 m high with a cage antenna between the towers. The first TX was replaced 1935 with a 150 kW TX - the strongest BC station in Europe for some time. In 1962 the Motala was taken out of service.

1. Make at least one QSO on four (4) amateur bands, any mode with SC80SM.

2. SWL - log at least one QSO on four (4) amateur bands, any mode.

Just send in a log extract via e-mail to with the required number of contacts with your name, signal and email address. After checking the logs the Diploma will be sent back as a pdf-file for own printing.


Internet:  (SC80SM)

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