WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - BC-DX 1222 21 Sept 2015

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ANTARCTIC ARGENTINE   LOG: LRA36 15476 kHz / auch in Stereo.

Gerade um 2057 UT kam im Stream eine herrlich ausfuehrliche
Stationsansage, es ist tatsaechlich der Antarktissender, der auf hier zu
hoeren ist:

Webplayer: <>  (oder ueber
<>  rechts oben LRA 36 waehlen)

URL: rtsp://


Die Uebertragung broeckelt gerne mal und die Stereophonie klingt nicht
wirklich gesund.
(Daniel Kaehler-D, A-DX Sept 14)

Und der deutschsprachige Wetterbericht bei RAE meldet gerade fuer die
Antarktis: -26 bis -22 Grad.
Danke fuer den Stream Daniel! Ob man dafuer auch eine QSL ...
(Christoph Ratzer-AUT  OE2CRM  <>  A-DX Sept 14)

ARMENIA/AZERBAIJAN   The station operating in range 9675-9681 kHz, or on
9677 kHz, so called Aedaletin Sesi Radiosu, Ictimai, V of Talyshistan
etc., most likely is Aedaletin S. R. or Voice of Justice (ID which I
heard) operating from the Mont. Karabakh.

Because it is not clear which radio organisation was registered Ictimai or
VOT-n, I think it is fabricated data. I monitored from 17 to 25 August,
each day(!) the frequency of 9677 kHz & the program was always in Azeri
and seldom with interviews in Russian(!). The sign/on and close/down is
varying within 5-10 minutes, but exact broadcast times are: DAILY *0725-
1307* UT. By the way, there is not another station on 9677 kHz which had
to be jammed. The music jingles, speakers and program are of type Voice of
Justice as was for many years.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, RUSdx Sept 13)

AUSTRALIA   9719.990  S=8 signal noted in southern Germany, Reach Beyond
Australia (HCJB), HCA Kununurra in Indonesian language at 1305 UT
on Sept 21.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 21)

AUSTRALIA / HFCC Presentations

The recent HFCC-ASBU conference in Brisbane saw presentations from a
number of organisations including Sentech, Ampegon, the DRM consortium,
Continental Electronics, and others. There was also a presentation from
Radio Australia. These are now available in the form of PowerPoint slides
and PDFs from the HFCC website. I personally found the Ampegon and Sentech
data quite interesting. Anyway, it's all there for downloading!

Here's the link: B15 Brisbane  <>
(Rob Wagner-AUS  VK3BVW, SWtxsite Sept 18)

Re: HFCC Presentations
Re Radio Australia SHP A-15 operational schedule.

TX's A, B, D -SW100A type, scrapped now ?

Only 1 x SW100A, and two Continental 418 type are operational in service.
1 x Continental 418 type reserve unit visible.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 19)

Re Radio Australia SHP A-15 operational schedule
TX's A, B, D -SW100A type, scrapped now ?

The recent Port Moresby relays, which appeared to involve both Shepparton
and Brandon, suggest that all equipment is still in place and operational.
Which is a different matter than the bookings by the ABC.
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Sept 19)

{TAIWAN}  Re: HFCC Presentations.
And another one not mentioned is the TWN Paochung site. Huge changes
there, looks like all AMPEGON antennas in place now & new txer building
finished. I'm wondering if that site will be ready to go for B15 or early
2016? Are there any permanent plans for RTI to use DRM from Tamshui or
Paochung or further DRM testing? When do we say goodbye to Tainan site? Is
Tainan really still in use? I was under the impression that it's already
dead, considering that the annual DX specials of RTI German have moved to
Tanshui. The last time I saw a complete RTI schedule was when their
airtime exchange with Radio France Internationale was still in place.
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Sept 19)

TWN Paochung site. Huge changes
there, looks like all AMPEGON antennas in place now & new txer building
finished. I'm wondering if that site will be ready to go for B15 or early
2016? Are there any permanent plans for RTI to use DRM from Tamshui or
Paochung or further DRM testing? When do we say goodbye to Tainan site?
Upgrades were also mentioned for Radio Japan which was encouraging.
(Ian, SWtxsite Sept 19)

Analyse of the Google Earth images reveal, built-up phase started in Febr
2013 to August 2014, of all TX house and Ampegon new antenna erection

So it could be even B-14 outlets of end Oct 2014 occured already from new
transmission center location ?

Very last image of Tainan SW+MW site reveal the area as UNTOUCHED yet,
no scrapping work visible up to now...

RTI Hu Wei Yun-lin site with 8 most modern SW curtains,
visible still in Nov 2012,
has been scrapped in November 2013
23 43 35.06 N  120 25 01.92 E

Another smaller Wullenweber direction finding array observed now at
TWN_Wullenweber_direction finding
23 07 59.65 N  120 11 08.64 E

TWN_CDAA_Wullenweber direction finding antenna, 24/26 masts rings, at
23 08 25.35 N  120 11 10.37 E

another one at
TWN CDAA antenna, NW of Taipei near Lin-Kou
25 05 41.74 N  121 23 39.46 E

{SOUTH AFRICA}  The Sentech presentation reveals that they have definitely
shut down their Telefunken transmitters. I see nothing mentioned about
Telefunken yet, I've overseen something ? The northern area site was ex
BBC Switzerland / ABB / now Ampegon units of 500/250 kW, and tall curtains
up to 8 vertical rows of BBC Mannheim-Schifferstadt Germany - now Ampegon.

The others on southern location with some Telefunken 100 kW units some two
rows curtains to medium target distances, and some rhombics of #803 and
#804 type too.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 19)

The Sentech presentation reveals that they have definitely shut down their
Telefunken transmitters.

I see nothing mentioned about Telefunken yet, I've overseen something ?

Meyerton was once listed as having ten transmitters of 100 kW, from a
number of deliveries of both Telefunken and Thomson, four transmitters of
250 kW from Brown Boveri and three transmitters of 500 kW from Telefunken.

Now they specify their capacity as 4 x 250 kW and 7 x 100 kW. Which means
that the 500 kW Telefunken rigs (old SV 2500 ones, the only ones besides
the original Wertachtal fittings if I do not overlook something) are
definitely gone. Not all 100 kW ones from this company it seems, but the
big ones.
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Sept 19)

{SPAIN}  Continental explanation of 4 x 300 kW SW
{replacement of older 350 kW Philips units} installations at REE Noblejas,

{ITALY- Sardegna}  The VLF submarine radio stn of Italian marine at ICV
Isola di Tavolara, Sardegna, replaced tubes by solid state amplifier type.

{USA/Alaska}  HAARP installation delivered by Continental,
- now HAARP replaced again into service recently,
new US Army politics with NATO Rasmussen/Stoltenberg hardliner
against Russia politic again.

USA 5 x 500kW VLF submarine installations refurbished, on which locations?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 19)

{SAUDI ARABIA}  The Continental presentation reveals (on slide 20) that
the new Jeddah shortwave facility, once supposed to be ready in 2011, has
now indeed been commissioned. Some monitoring of BSKSA shortwave outlets
is due I think, but beware: Ampegon had announced another project, the
delivery of four new transmitters for the Riyadh site, supposed to be
ready by summer 2015.

The infamous Buzzing Service, spilling over hundreds of Kilohertz, has not
been reported for some time, but they still could just have repaired this
old transmitter...
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Sept 19)

Re replaced Jeddah site on the beach site now

New Jeddah Algwizain PC22711, "Al Kurnayash South" SW site,
TX house at 21 14 40.01 N  39 09 43.69 E

and some TCI high-gain #216 type antennas around azimuth at 260 and 310
degrees, as well as cross-dipole non-directional HQ Quadrant antenna.
Visible in late 2012 year images on Google. Tests on air occured in
January 2012.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 19)

31 tx hours daily on new 250 kW units at Jeddah [probably in DRM mode?]
 7300 2100-2300 28S,39N   250 340 216 ARABIC
 7430 1600-2100 27,28,37N 250 310 216 ENGLISH
 9580 0300-0600 38E,39,48W 50 nd  925 ARABIC
 9580 1700-2200 38E,39,48W 50 nd  925 ARABIC
 9710 1600-2100 47,52     250 220 216 ENGLISH
 9840 1600-2100 47,52     250 220 216 ENGLISH
11855 0600-1700 38E,39,48W 50 nd  925 ARABIC
15330 1400-1600 47        250 260 216 FRENCH
15510 1400-1600 27,28,37N 250 310 216 FRENCH
17610 1000-1300 48,47     250 230 216 ENGLISH
21530 1000-1300 37,38     250 300 216 ENGLISH
21660 0800-1000 37,38     250 300 216 FRENCH
21670 0800-1000 46,48,47  250 270 216 FRENCH
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 13, 2012)

AUSTRIA  [USA/RUSSIA]   Russian Program of Reach Beyond (HCJB) "Golos And"
(Voice of Andes) is now produced by Radio Studio "Otkrovenie"
("Otkrovenie" means "revelation") in Voronezh, Russia.

Reception reports should be addressed to:

Radio Station "Otkrovenie"
P.O.Box 585
Voronezh 394036, Russia.

They are verified by QSL card written in Russian.
Reception reports to USA address

Reach Beyond
P.O.Box 39800
Colorado Springs
CO 80949-9800, USA

are also transferred to Russia.
A15 schedule Saturdays 1530-1600 UT 13800 kHz via ORS Moosbrunn Austria.

B15 11900 kHz 1530 Russian, 1600-1630 UT Chechen, or alternate 13740 kHz.
(Takahito Akabayashi-JPN, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 20)

AUSTRIA   Radio DARC - 6065 kHz now - 19-20 UT on Sept 10 -
via ORS Moosbrunn-AUT.
65th anniversary radio program of after WW II German Amateur Radio Club

Sehr schoen freier Kanal, nur 6055 kHz CRI Cerrik relay aus Albanien in
Franzoesisch, und 6080 kHz VoA relay aus Botswana in der Luft.
wb df5sx <DF5SX -at->

In der Naehe von Braunschweig durchgehend wie ein Ortssender
(angepasster Dipol + Perseus)

Beobachtung am Rande:

Bis drei Minuten vor Sendebeginn war noch ein anderer Sender auf 6065 kHz
zu hoeren, der dann abrupt mitten in der Modulation ausgeschaltet wurde.
Zufall oder Absicht?

Das war wohl der Ami aus Botswana relay site, registrierte Sendezeit
lautet 1700-1900 UT.

6065 kHz  VOICE OF AMERICA 1830-1900 UT Mon-Fri English 100kW 10degr
Selebi-Phikwe BOT VOA/IBB a15

Die Sendezeit auf einem freien Kanal ab 19 UT wurde also bewusst von
OM Ernst Vranka OE3EVA <ernst.vranka -at->
vom ORS Moosbrunn ausgewaehlt.

1918 UT - Und jetzt das 'Dritte Mann' Thema aus der Wiener Unterwelt.

Ansonsten ein Signal mit dem 'nassen Finger' europaweit zu hoeren,
ueber die Quadrantantenne in ORS Moosbrunn
Quadrant antenna
Designation: HQ n/h
n number of elements stacked above the other
h height of dipoles above the ground in wavelength
Antenna Code
Antenna Definition

6065 kHz 1900-2000 UT to zones 18,27-29,37-39 MOS ORS Moosbrunn
100kW 0=non-directional ITU ant type #926 100915-100915
Deutsch AUT ORF ORS request #17171

Das remote Perseus Netz zeigt durchgehend S=9, plus mehr Signale
in ganz Europa

S=9+40dB Ancona Adria Italy
S=9+30dB Moscow Russia
S=9+15dB St.Petersburg Russia
S=9      in Nordschweden ueber dem Polarkreis
S=9+35dB in Mittelschweden
S=9+25dB in Flensburg
S=9+25dB nahe Bielefeld
S=9+10dB in Manchester, England
S=9+50dB in Belgium
S=9+40dB in Amberg Oberpfalz, Bavaria
S=9+35dB in Lyon, France
S=9+30dB an der Riveria, Ventimilia Italy
S=9+30dB in Madrid, Spain.

73 wb
df5sx <> P11
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 10)

Hallo Wolfgang,
super super ... ich bekomme hunderte E-Mails von AFU aus ganz Europa. Wir
scheinen heute Abend tausende von Hoerern zu haben. Nun ja, die Sendung
war auch gross angekuendigt worden. Vielleicht haben die in Wien heute
statt 100 kW den 300 kW Sender angeworfen ... Wahnsinns Signal auch hier
in Muenchen, S=9+40dB und mehr am Fullsize Dipol.
73 Rainer DF2NU

RADIO DARC - Redaktion
Rainer Englert (DF2NU)
Dorfstrasse 14
85567 Bruck-Alxing

Tel +49 8092 83246
Fax +49 8092 83247
E-mail <radio -at->
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 10)

CANADA   Checked 2310 UT, on Sept 18, see footprints below,
used some remote SDR units from server network at Vancouver, Edmonton-CAN,
Michigan and NJ/NY/MA remotes.

NOTHING heard of CKZN St. Johns transmission.

6030.007 CFVP Calgary Canada
6069.987 CFRX Toronto, Canada
6159.965 CKZU Vancouver from lower mainland transmitter center.

At 1104 UT on Sept 19 noted

NOTHING heard of 6160v CKZN St. Johns transmission.

6159.973  CKZU Vancouver from lower mainland transmitter center.
So varies in exact frequency, went up by 8 Hertz within 12 hours past
night ...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 19)

6160  Sept 18 at 0559 UT, CBC promo and 0600 UT news, but never any local
ToH ID; hindered by 6165 kHz RHC splash. At 0605 UT fades during minute
when local weather normally airs, 0606 UT into some unID CBC program. Only
one CBC signal audible, presumably CKZU Vancouver. Checking here since
earlier in the evening both Julian Smith in Barrie and Gilles Letourneau
in Montreal found no signal from normally audible CKZN Newfoundland.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Sept 18)

CHINA   Due to maintenance work the transmitter in Jinhua
September 6 - October 16, China Radio International suspends
broadcasting the following frequencies:

0000-0057 11780 JIN 500 kW 059 deg to EaAS   Chinese
0100-0157 15160 JIN 500 kW 059 deg to EaAS   Chinese
0200-0257 15160 JIN 500 kW 059 deg to EaAS   Chinese
0300-0357 15160 JIN 500 kW 059 deg to EaAS   Chinese
0300-0357 17710 JIN 500 kW 310 deg to EaEUR  Russian
0400-0457 15160 JIN 500 kW 059 deg to EaAS   Cantonese
0500-0557 15170 JIN 500 kW 059 deg to EaAS   Cantonese
0600-0657 15170 JIN 500 kW 059 deg to EaAS   Chinese
0700-0757 11640 JIN 500 kW 059 deg to EaAS   Cantonese
0800-0857 11640 JIN 500 kW 059 deg to EaAS   Chinese
0900-0957  7430 JIN 500 kW 059 deg to EaAS   Chinese
0900-0957 13790 JIN 500 kW 150 deg to AUS    English
1000-1057  7325 JIN 500 kW 059 deg to EaAS   Japanese
1000-1057 13790 JIN 500 kW 150 deg to AUS    English
1100-1157  7325 JIN 500 kW 059 deg to EaAS   Japanese
1130-1157  7410 JIN 500 kW 172 deg to SoEaAS Filipino
1200-1257  7325 JIN 500 kW 059 deg to EaAS   Japanese
1300-1357  7215 JIN 500 kW 059 deg to EaAS   Japanese
1400-1457  7410 JIN 500 kW 059 deg to EaAS   Japanese
1400-1457 11900 JIN 500 kW 258 deg to SoAS   Sinhalese
1500-1557  7220 JIN 500 kW 059 deg to EaAS   Japanese
1500-1557  9785 JIN 500 kW 280 deg to SoAS   English
1600-1657 11900 JIN 500 kW 255 deg to SoAF   English
1700-1757 11900 JIN 500 kW 255 deg to SoAF   English
1800-1857  7435 JIN 500 kW 314 deg to SEEUR  Italian
1830-1857  9695 JIN 500 kW 310 deg to SEEUR  Bulgarian
1900-1957 11750 JIN 500 kW 320 deg to SoEUR  Portuguese
2030-2057  7390 JIN 500 kW 314 deg to CeEUR  Hungarian
2200-2257  7430 JIN 500 kW 255 deg to SoAF   Chinese
2200-2257 13640 JIN 500 kW 059 deg to EaAS   Japanese
2300-2357 13640 JIN 500 kW 059 deg to EaAS   Japanese
2300-2357 15100 JIN 500 kW 165 deg to SoEaAS Cantonese
(DX MIX News, Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 6)

CHINA   6035.0  Yunnan R, Kunming, at 1155 UT on Sep 1, at this time they
daily give a language lesson (Vietnamese and Chinese), before 1155 UT have
been hearing Chinese and after 1200 UT in Vietnamese, yesterday and today
found with significantly better reception. Also heard at 1300 UT on Sept
10, sounds to me that they have reformatted their Top of the Hour format.

Their ID had been "This is the Voice of Shangri-La, brought to you by
Yunnan Radio."

Now it is "Yunnan Radio ... Voice of ...", due to consistent adjacent QRM
at this hour, I am unable to confirm just what the full ID is, but
certainly did not sound like "Shangri-La." Also they have a new musical
selection just at 1300 UT. Very frustrating with the QRM here.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via dswci Sept 16)

CHINA/MRA   9355  FIREDRAKE jamming music, at 2050 UT, S=9+20dB signal
here in southern Germany. (in background aimed MRA RFA Chinese program
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 19)

EGYPT    two distorted signals at 2055 UT tonight Sept 19.

Tonight two distorted Radio Cairo outlets heard, S=9+35dB signal on
9665.033 kHz French 2000-2115 UT, and 9800.004 kHz English, latter has two
broad spurious transmissions adjacent on 9756-9765 kHz, and 9893-9901 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 19)

GREECE   9935  audible ERT Avlis Sept 10, from 2220 UT. Audible for first
time in months (at least in Madrid), still with slight background hum but
not as bad as usual. Nothing audible on supposedly // 9420 kHz, except
Iran. Greek conversation on British and Greek novelists, mx. SIO 433.
(Marty Delfin-ESP, hcdx Sept 11)

9420.006 and 9934.949 kHz.
Both TX off at 05.05:20 UT on Sept 11. Yes, heard also at 0440 UT on
Sept 11 in southern Germany, Greek language, mx 0440-0500 UT and female
presenter, and at 0500 UT news read by professionel male news reader.

Stronger S=9+20dB signal on 9934.949 kHz footprint and more 13(!) buzz
tone peaks visible on Perseus SDR excellent screen software, accompanied
each sideband, each 275 Hertz apart frequency distance, visible like a
garden fence.

// ERT Avlis on 9420.006 kHz on S=9+15dB strength, but very clean crystal
clear audio feed quality.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 11)

INDONESIA   9525.978v  VOI. Very appropriate that I was listening today,
the 70th anniversary of RRI, which was founded on Sept 11, 1945. This
Friday, again heard "Exotic Indonesia" in English starting at 1259 UT;
joint program of VOI- Jakarta and RRI Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan; 1302
UT alternating news items from Jakarta & Banjarmasin / Kalimantan (due to
heavy smoke in Banjarmasin, people warned to cut down on outdoor activity
and stay indoors); "Commentary"; "Today in History," RRI anniversary and
terrorists destroyed World Trade Center; 1330 UT "Focus"; usual chatting
between Jakarta and Banjarmasin; many program IDs for "Exotic Indonesia."

*4750, RRI Makassar?* Was here looking for them on Sept 10, at 1221 UT and
subsequent checking, due to the report on Sept 9, by Atsunori Ishida, of a
reactivation of an "Unidentified RRI" station. Was only able to hear a
stronger than normal Bangladesh Betar (HS), along with weaker CNR1, so
unable to confirm a third station here on this day.

Sept 11, at 1206 UT, tentatively did seem to be three stations mixing
together here; very difficult to be positive, but did at times sound like
the Jakarta news. Today CNR1 was stronger than Bangladesh Betar, so
conditions here vary a lot on a daily basis. Worth while to monitor here
to see what develops.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 11)

9525.979  Many times heard English ID of VoIndonesia Cimanggis between
1300 and 1305 UT on Sept 21, S=8-9 fair signal in southern Germany, during
early autumn propagation path.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 21)

INDONESIA   4750  RRI Makassar, 1200 UT on Sept 14. Best reception since
their reactivation; Jakarta news till 1228 UT playing patriotic song
"Garuda Pancasila"; // 3324.88 kHz, RRI Palangkaraya // 3905 kHz, RRI
Merauke // 4869.88 kHz, RRI Wamena; usual QRM, but semi-readable; after
the news no longer // and gave several local IDs.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer Sept 16)

INDONESIA   3905, RRI Merauke, at 1225 UT on Aug 28, to finish the Jakarta
news, played patriotic song "Dirgahayu Indonesiaku" // 3324.88 kHz RRI
Palangkaraya // 4869.88 kHz RRI Wamena. Very nice to find that Merauke has
become a regular broadcaster now and is heard daily.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via dswci Sept 16)

4749.95  RRI Makassar, at 1114-1231 UT on Sep 12, heard with much better
reception than yesterday, started out very poor, but clearly three
stations mixing together; some music heard via RRI, by 1159 UT much
clearer with theme music, Jakarta news 1200-1231 UT, ending with what
sounded like the patriotic song "Garuda Pancasila." It was a big help that
CNR1 was not propagating well today. Hope RRI's reception continues to
improve. Certainly is very nice to have them back. Thanks very much to
Mauno Ritola for his additional confirmation today - "RRI Makassar ID
heard at 1234 UT via Western Australian
web receiver".
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via dswci Sept 16)

Also tentatively heard at 2200 UT on Sept 12, carrier with traces of
music. Maybe this is a reactivated RRI Makassar earlier noted on this
offset last time heard. China is stronger on 4749.99 kHz and the one
coming through with their programme.
(Nilsson-SWE, DXplorer via dswci Sept 16)

JAPAN   NHK's Pamphlet Brochure "80years of NHK World"
80 Years of NHK WORLD 1935 - 2015,  URL

diese Woche kam hier auch ein dicker Umschlag mit einer Hochglanz
Broschuere von 76 Seiten ueber das gleiche NHK Radio Japan Thema an.

Nach 47 Jahren werde ich von NHK immer noch mindestens mehrmals im Jahr
mit Sendeplaenen und Jahresendgruessen bedient.

Diese Pamphlet Broschuere "80years of NHK World", kann man anfordern bei

General Affairs Division
NHK World
2-2-1 Jinnan,
Shibuya-ku, Japan
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 17)

KOREA REP OF    On the frequency of 9645 kHz Kimjae 250 kW 305 degrees.
Gimje location  35 49 16.89 N  126 51 52.40 E

Important information for those who take our program at a frequency of
9645 kHz. 1 October start replacing the antenna on the transmitter
operating on a given frequency in the direction of Europe. In the period
from October 1 to December 10, the broadcast will be carried to
neighboring non-directional transmitter, resulting in signal strength and,
accordingly, the reception quality deteriorates. We apologize and ask you
to show understanding.

(? Sept 13)

MALAYSIA   Sept 16 (know as "Malaysia Day"), will mark the anniversary of
the establishment of the Malaysian federation. Due to the recent political
unrest in the country, who can tell if RTM SW stations will have anything
out of the ordinary to offer their listeners? I recently heard the Prime
Minister, on "Merdeka Day," give a speech to the nation via all RTM SW
stations and perhaps tomorrow he will again?

Presently on SW there is only Asyik FM (6050), Sarawak FM (9835) and Wai
FM (11665). Both Radio Klasik (5965) and Traxx FM (7295) continue their
long standing silence. Malaysia Day might be a good opportunity to check
them out.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer Sept 16)

MOROCCO   Thomson Broadcast Moroccan Radio transmitter contract Win with
the new S7HP neo transmitter range.

September 11th, 2015 by Thomson-BroadcastThomson Broadcast today announced
that it has been awarded a major contract to supply the government-run
radio organization SNRT (Societe Nationale de Radiodiffusion et de
Television) with a medium-wave radio transmission system.Thomson Broadcast
as a key supplier of turnkey long- and medium wave radio transmission
system gets governmental contract from the SNRT to deploy in Ait Melloul,
in the south of Agadir, a new DRM ready high-power transmission system.
Made up of two redundant 400 kW high efficient transmitters working as a
passive reserve, the global reliability of the system is reinforced by a
dual exciter configuration which guarantees the continuous availability of
the radio signal.

Thanks to a team of experts, Thomson Broadcast is also offering complete
services including installation and commissioning, civil work, and
refurbishment of the feeder and the antenna tuning. For the best efficient
maintainability, Thomson Broadcast engineers will also train SNRT
technical teams on site. With a clear sustainable system in mind,
Thomson's solutions aimed at offering a high complete energy efficient
system adapted for the best global cost of ownership.

"We are honored to be once again selected as the most cost efficient
primary partner for this important new venture in Morocco radio
broadcasting, a new service that will reach a large percentage of the
Moroccan population with our new radio transmitter line S7HP neo. Many
radio stations have indeed been deployed by Thomson Broadcast in the past"
says Pascal Veillat Chairman of Arelis Group and Thomson Broadcast. "With
more than 15% of our turnover invested in Research & Development, Thomson
has been developing during the last 3 years new medium- and long- wave
specific transmission solutions for the defense industry. Based on these
field-proven successes, we are launching a new DRM-ready long- and medium-
wave radio S7HP neo transmitter range which will be first installed in Ait
Melloul" adds Pascal Veillat.

The new S7HP neo range provides the highest reliability while embedding
all latest Thomson technology innovations. The interface wirings have been
replaced by an optical fiber control system to simplify interconnections,
ease maintenance interventions and guarantee a large immunity to
environmental electromagnetic radiations. With a long history of cutting
edge technology pioneer, Thomson Broadcast is strongly increasing the
energy efficiency of its new transmitter line with the integration of
Silicium Carbide transistors (SiC). Indeed half as much power modules are
now required for the same output power.

To reinforce the system reliability, two field proven features have been
integrated. The auto hot pluggable system secures the replacement of
default modules even in case of multiples failures avoiding any manual
maintenance operations. Moreover the rotation of active amplifier modules
enhances the outstanding reliability as equal workload is applied to all
amplifier modules and thus guaranteeing less thermal stress and permitting
a longer lifetime.

Specifically for the Moroccan transmission system, chillers are integrated
to withstand temperatures up to 50 degrC and allows long equipment life.

More information about Thomson Broadcast and its products is available at
<>  or by phone at +33 1 34 90 31 00.

(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 16)

As posted last night to the dxld yg:
Appears to be a replacement for an old transmitter they can no longer fix

594 Oujda is more often found 1 kHz higher than on the correct channel
frequency of 594 kHz.
711v El Aiun was last logged on 12 May last.
936 Agadir is not heard for months.
1044 Sebaa Aioun is not heard for a few months time,
probably about like Agadir 936 kHz.

My guess is that SNRT dropped those 3 MF outlets in favour of VHF-FM.
(Carlos Goncalves-POR, dxld Sept 8)

Wenn man das Marketing Wort Geklingel weglaesst, ergibt sich nicht das
Refurbishing des ganzen SNRT Netzes (wie zurzeit durch/von TransRadio und
Ampegon in RTA Algerien) in dieser Berg- und Wuestengegend bis hinunter
nach Dhakla Spanish Sahara.

Dort hat es seit 40 Jahren immer 3 starke MW Stationen gegeben:
Agadir 600 kW.

MRC Tarfaya (noerdlich der Grenze Laayoune) 600 kW, verschrottet - nach
dem Ausbau von El Aaiun, nach der Beschlagnahme der West Sahara durch

SpanishSAH Laayoune 300 kW (El Aaiun).

Bis Ende 2015 Jahr hat TransRadio/Ampegon bestimmt die 400 kW Station RTA
Bechar fertig gestellt, und die Algerier waeren im Berg- und Wuestengebiet
dann sicher der Platzhirsch.

Distanz Bechar - Agadir 680 km.

Im Gebiet Casablanca, Rabat, Tanger ist Marokko bestimmt sehr gut ueber
UKW Anlagen versorgt, da braucht's MW Anlagen nur noch sekundaer in den
oestlichen Berggebieten.

Auch die LW 207 kHz muesste mal von SNRT dringend gewartet und eventuell
mit einem neuen Sender bestueckt werden, vor allem wenn RTA die 153 kHz
wieder auf volle Leistung hin repariert, nachhdem die MW Bechar mit einem
neuen Einzelmast Erdnetz und einem Masten Rundstrahlung bestueckt wurde
(siehe Google Earth Images).
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 17)

MYANMAR   Myanmar outlets, quick log of last nighttime around 2357 UT, UT
Sept 15 -  checked on remote SDR unit at Moscow Russia
5914.995 kHz, hit by CRI Kashgar English on even 5915 kHz.
5985.000 kHz. S=9+10dB
6029.993 kHz. S=8-9
6164.998 kHz. S=9+10dB
nothing visible on 7200v kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 16)

Acc. to Thazin Radio web site.
in Burmese.

2330-0030 6165kHz Kachin
0030-0130 6165kHz Pwo Karen
0130-0230 9590kHz Sgaw Karen
0230-0330 9590kHz Mon
0430-0530 9590kHz Chin
0530-0630 9590kHz Kachin
0630-0730 9590kHz Wa
0730-0830 9590kHz Paoh
0930-1030 9590khz Lahu
1030-1130 9590kHz Kokang
1130-1230 9590kHz Kayah
1230-1330 9590kHz Shan
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 16)

NIGERIA/TAIWAN   Voice of Nigeria 9690.0 kHz, *1000- UT.
When checked at 11-12 UT slot:

VoNigeria is on exact even 9690.0 kHz frequency, heard at 1127 UT,
listenable on remote SDR unit on server in Adria coast in Italy, but odd
signal on exact 9689.910 kHz is easily heard on three locations worldwide
like in Florida-US, Doha-Qatar, and Tokyo-Japan as EBF - E Bible
Fellowship program in Vietnamese language via Tainan Taiwan site 250 kW
powerful signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 19)

PAPUA NEW GUINEA   3365  NBC Milne Bay was silent Sept 14 and 15; while
3275 kHz (NBC Southern Highlands) has been heard with only an open carrier
both days (presumed them). Does not look good for any meaningful reception
on their Independence Day (Sept 16). Here in Calif. have not heard any
trace from Wantok Radio Light on 7324.96 kHz, even with the absence of CRI
on 7325 kHz, after 1000 UT.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer Sept 16)

PERU    The minimum airmail postage fee in Peru is now S/6.5. At the
Peruvian post offices S/6.5 stamp is also sold by US$2.5. So it is
necessary to enclose $3 to Peruvian stations for return postage.
(Takahito Akabayashi-JPN, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 20)

PHILIPPINES   9919.981  FEBC Radio Manila from Iba tx site, logged
at 1310 UT. Koho language sound like Vietnamese / Khmer family.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 21)

PHILIPPINES   Re: Google Earth Streetview for Philippines,
history items:

Google Streetview for the Philippines appeared today Sept 16. Only very
distant views of SW TX Sites at: Iba, Tinang & Bocaue. No coverage of
Radio Veritas site at Lipay.

But there is close coverage of the old or inactive SW site at Marulas,
Valenzuela. (which still has plenty of MW masts & other antennas).

Looking around the street there might well be a vertical mast & a possible
SW dipole strung between two lattice masts. I attach a couple of photos.
Alan when was the last time you heard: [ DUR2 Philippine Broad. Service -
6170 kHz (DZFM 9580kHz - not hrd) ?]

Also Alan I was wondering if you ever tracked down the older Philippine
Broad. Service - DZRM 9620 kHz SW TX site at Quezon City?
Hope the new SV imagery helps you.
(Ian, SWtxsite Sept 16)

Re: Streetview for Philippines.
I last recall hearing 6170 kHz in 2009 (or maybe 2008) listening in Kota
Kinabalu, Malaysia. Several checks during a trip back to KK in June, and
also last year in the Philippines would confirm it's now history, together
with 9580/9620.
(Alan Davies, SWtxsite Sept 17)

fall 1952 Article About VOA Transmitter Sites:

re Early 1952 VOA publication.
According to my records, VOA inaugurated a relay station at Malolos,
Bulacan, on 11 Sept 1947. It consisted of a 50 kW transmitter on 920 kHz,
as well as a 7.5 kW, and two 50 kW SW txes.

In 1953 a second station was added at Poro, La Union, with a 1000 kW
transmitter on 1140 kHz, and two 15 kW SW txes, and subsequently
two 35 kW, and two 100 kW SW txes.

In 1969 the Malolos facilities were acquired by Radio Veritas and Voice of
the Philippines, as the Tinang station had recently come on the air.
I hope this helps.
(Colin Miller-CAN VE3CMT, SW TXsite July 19, 2013)

November 2012:
PHILIPPINES [tentat.] 9581.750  Most probably DZFM PBS Radio ng Bayan
Filipino program from Quezon City Marulas site 'seen' on Perseus browser
peak at 0425 UT Nov 12.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12, 2012)

December 2011:
PHILIPPINES [tentative] odd 9579.448 PBS Radio ng Bayan/DZFM/DZRM from
Quezon City-Marulas.

9580 next to even RA Shepparton, noted an UNKNOWN station on odd 9579.448
kHz, tine S=4 signal on remote unit in Tokyo-Japan. Probably PBS Radio ng
Bayan/DZFM/DZRM from Quezon City-Marulas, at 0855 UT Dec 27. Poor S=4-5
signal. Listen recording, deep notch filter set to 9580 kHz even, to avoid
RA Shepparton news audio.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 27, 2011)

The PBS on 9579.45 kHz relays Radiyo Magasin DZRM - 1278 kHz in Tagalog.
ID at around 15 min. every hour.
(Sei-ichi Hasegawa-JPN, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 27, 2011)

9579.44  DRZM, PBS Radyo Magasin, at 0738-0741 UT on Dec 27, Filipino,
popular song, ID: "... DZRM Radyo Magasin" at 0740 UT, 34333. In Japan it
is possible to receive well pop songs from between seven and eight UTC
every day.
(Tomoaki Wagai, Wakayama-JPN, dswci DXW Dec 28, 2011)

PHILIPPINES [and non] [tentative] 9580, Next to even Africa No. One
signal, fair strength from Gabon via easterly long path from Africa across
Latin America, into Japan, noted an UNKNOWN station on odd 9579.469 kHz,
tine S=4 signal on remote unit in Japan. Probably PBS Radio ng
Bayan/DZFM/DZRM from Quezon City-Marulas, at 0545 UT Dec 2.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 2, 2011)

The PHILIPPINES, 9579.45 kHz, DZRM, PBS, Radyo Magasin, 0751-0803 UT on
Dec 03, English and Tagalog (?) talk, ID: "... Radio Magasin" at 0803 UT,
(Wagai-JPN, dswci DXW Dec 14, 2011, direct and via WOR, dxld)

Very low power, seldom reported; is irregular, or just hard to hear? Same
service relayed at times by R. Pilipinas.
(Glenn Hauser, ibid.)

9579.435 Measured of PBS Radio ng Bayan/DZFM/DZRM from Quezon City-
Marulas program. Poor S=4-5 signal in Tokyo at 0735 UT Dec 17.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 2, 2011)

Jan 2009:
PHILIPPINES 6170.5 kHz, Philippine Broadcasting Service. Jan. 4,
interview with a woman in Tagalog was heard at 0956 and ID in English was
heard at 1000 as "...from PBS, Philippine Broadcasting Service..." But
closed at 1006. SIO 342. Jan.5, better signal at 0835 with music program
with English pops. Signal was sometimes interrupted. ID was heard 
at 0846 UT as "...your music...78 DZRM, Radyo Magasin." SIO 343.
(Iwao Nagatani-JPN, dxld Jan 5, 2009)

This is a rare one. WRTH 2009 has no info about it besides that the
frequency varies, and not recently confirmed. Their 31m outlet is shown as
250 watts on 9619v or 9580, DUR2, 0000-0930v; also not reported in a long

Aoki only shows this one: 9581 PBS Radio ng Bayan 2300-1100 Filipino 0.5
ND Quezon City-Marula PHL 12059E 1441N DZFM
PWBR '2009' shows 9580v and 9619v but nothing around 6170. (Jan 2009)

PHL_RVA Malolos_ exVoA 920 kHz in 1947.
2-mast antennas
14 50 57.11 N  120 49 39.30 E
PHL_Manila Malolos Bulihan, ex-VOA site, PBS 738 and 1278 kHz
14 51 33.49 N  120 48 45.54 E

and from Alan Davies in 2009 year:
PHILIPPINES Yahoo maps, MS Virtual earth, Google Earth imagery. Some
high resolution place. VE Update - Google Earth V.5 historical image.
Manila-Malolos, ex-VOA site, currently also listed for PBS 738 and
1278 kHz (but where is the MW antenna?):

14 51 32 N  120 48 51 E
high mast at
14 51 33.49 N  120 48 45.54 E

see also

Manila-Marulas (Valenzuela City) PBS 918 kHz and low-power domestic SW
site: 14 40 45 N, 120 58 36 E (Ian: I think you have this site listed as
Malolos in your extinct file. I haven t heard domestic 9580 [9582.3] for a
long time, but 6170 was going strong last time I checked, in May 2009.)

The flat and very watery Obando/Malubon area North of Manila has a large
collection of MW sites, but it s hard to confirm which site is used for
which frequency:
14 44 13 N 120 54 56 E (?558 DZXL)

14 42 38 N 120 55 59 E (?954 DXRI)

14 42 27 N 120 56 13 E (?882 DWIZ)

Manila Obando DWIZ 882 kHz
14 42 26.71 N 120 56 12.84 E
14 42 00 N 120 56 37 E (?1530 DZME)

14 43 03 N 120 56 27 E (? 774 DZBM)

14 43 31 N 120 57 13 E (? 666 DZRH)

14 41 51 N 120 56 40 E / 14 41 51.02 N 120 56 40.31 E
14 41 38 N 120 56 48 E / 14 41 37.68 N 120 56 48.32 E
14 41 34 N 120 55 55 E / 14 41 34.54 N 120 55 54.51 E
(Alan Davies-INS, wb, SW TXsite June 13, 2009)

July 2008:
PHILIPPINAS PBS Radio ng Bayan in Tagalog, DZFM Quezon City-Marulas.
Help, why do appear the PBS entries in HFCC table now ? Only wooden

Operate time 5965 daily, remaining only Mon-Fri.
 5965 2100-1400 50    MAR  7 320 PBS
 9580 1200-1400 49    MAR 50 272 PBS
 9580 1700-1900 29,30 MAR 50  46 PBS
 9615 2100-1400 50    MAR  3 155 PBS
11945 1400-1700 49    MAR 50 272 PBS
11950 1000-1200 44,45 MAR 50  32 PBS
11950 1200-1400 54    MAR 50 212 PBS
(wb, July 2008)

from 2007 year:
I'm not certain when this site closed for SW, was it
after the attack in 1986?

PHILIPPINES 9581.95 Radio ng Bayan, Quezon city. June 10 2007, at
0723-0800 UT in Filipino. Talk by a man and a woman. ID with music at 0748
UT, followed by telephone interview.
(Iwao Nagatani-JPN, JPNpremium June 15, 2007)

October 2006:
6169.83 PBS Manulas/Radio Ng Bayan? at 1132-1212 UT on Oct 21, 2006. Have
been noting a carrier here all week, usually very weak but this morning
was almost "fair" in strength. I think I heard snippets of audio (man
talking), but may have been my imagination. Might have been able to make
something out were it not for the S-8 noise level here. Carrier was going
off between 1100 and 1130 UT but lately has been on past 1300 UT.
(John Wilkins-CO-USA, DXplorer Oct 22, 2006)

September 2006:
PHILIPPINES 6169.83 kHz Radio ng Bayan. Sept. 10 at 0939-1000. SINPO
34333. Phone interview in Tagalog. ID was heard at 0946 as "... Radio ng
Bayan, Philippine Broadcasting Service."
(Iwao Nagatani-JPN, JPNpremium, Sep 15, 2006)

April 2006
PHILIPPINES 6170v Several DXers in JPN had monitored that PBS,
Philippine Broadcasting Service came back on 6169.8 kHz after long long
absence. This station seems to relay DZRB-Radyo ng Bayan on 738 kHz, but
detail is unknown because of heavy QRM.

In Japan, this freq is mainly heard in evening, around 0900 to 1200 UT.
Streaming sound is heard on
My received sound in JPN is
This information was showed me as un-ID station by Mr.'e-geta'. Many
thanks for all my friends.
(Kenji Takasaki-JPN, hcdx Apr 10, 2006)

PHILIPPINES 9582 Radio ng Bayan, on Dec 22 at 2338-0010 UT. SINPO
23332. Phone interview program in Pilipino till 2357, then weather
forecast and program guide. ID at 0000 as "Radio ng Bayan, Network,
Network (bagidan),... Philippine Broadcasting Service...", followed by
(Iwao Nagatani-JPN, JPNpremium Dec 30, 2005)

April 2004:
PHILIPPINES PBS Radio Ng Bayan, Manila, heard at 0419 on 22 March on
9582 with local ID and good signal.
(Alan Davies-Makassar-INS, BC-DX Mar 27, 2004)

9581.68 noted in Jan 2003. 9619.08 in Oct 2003.
9619.1, PBS, Marulas, Valenzuela, at 0150, mostly relay DZRM
with 'Radio Magazin'. The tx has big problems again and some days signs on
much later and is heard only *0700v-0930*.
(Roland Schulze-Mangaldan-PHL, dswci DXW Oct 7, 2003)

PHILIPPINES 9582 Radio ng Bayan, on Dec 22, 2003 at 2338-0010 UT. SINPO
23332. Phone interview program in Pilipino till 2357, then weather
forecast and program guide. ID at 0000 as "Radio ng Bayan, Network,
Network (bagidan),... Philippine Broadcasting Service...", followed by
(Iwao Nagatani-JPN, JPNpremium Dec 30, 2003)

9581.68 noted in Jan 2003. 9619.08 in Oct 2003.
9619.1, PBS, Marulas, Valenzuela, at 0150, mostly relay DZRM
with 'Radio Magazin'. The tx has big problems again and some days signs on
much later and is heard only *0700v-0930*.
(Roland Schulze-Mangaldan-PHL, dswci DXW Oct 7, 2003)

From March 2002, late Roland Schulze lived on PHL til 2004:
PHILIPPINES new9582.3 PBS [Malolos?] again active. Noted at 0035-0912*
UT. In Tagalog. TX break at 0250-0252 UT. Ex 9618.4 kHz. 35543. Active
March 7th and 8th, inactive 9th and 10th.
(Roland Schulze-PHL, BC-DX Mar 13, 2002) Only Mon-Fri sce ??? (wb)

and Olle Alm in August 2001:
PHILIPPINES If anyone of you has good information about the actual
location of the PHL txer on 9580v I would like to see what you have. It
seems to be on the air local daytime only and using low power from a
rather ancient txer. The site name I have seen is Marulas. Clearly it is
not from the VOA Tinang station. It seems that the 9580 tx originally was
the ex-VOA Manila (Malolos) 50 kW unit with the calls DUR2.
(Olle Alm-SWE, Aug 1, 2001)

November 1998:
PHILIPPINES 9580v DUR2 is the actual callsign of the stn usually
referred to as DZRM. The stn reports that their power is 250 watts using a
modified BC-610 US Army Signal Corps tx. Their antenna is 2dB bi-
directional quad loop antenna directed north and south and located in
Marulas, Valenzuela, Metro Manila. Their programming consists of relays of
DZRB Radyo ng Bayan 738 or DZRM Radyo Manila 1278 kHz.
(Hans van den Boogert, DXW, Nov 11, 1998)

9616, DZRM, Quezon City, is listed here for W98 in the ITU's THFBS with 3
kw, 2100-1500, non-dir. (Padula-OZ in EDXP, via NU)

More info from a QSL-ltr: From your recording, many stn ID were being
aired due to our networking with other radio stns covering a prgm of our
first lady Dra. Loi Ejercito Estrada. Our type of prgmng, we chain to
DZRB-Radyo ng Bayan 738 kHz, or DZRM-R. Manila 1278 kHz, which are also
aired on MW, to serve our domestic SW listeners. We also b/c separate prgm
to our overseas Filipino workers on R. Pilipinas via VOA xmtrs. /s/
Leticia L. Napadao, Engineer III, PBS-BBS. Technical data: DUR2; 250
watts; 9580.2 (where did he get that exact fqy from, huh? They're on
9580.7 now :-); modified BC-610 US Army Signal Corps xmtr; 2dB bi-
directional quad loop antenna directed N & S; xmtr and antenna location,
Marulas, Valenzuela, Metro Manila; prgmn, chain to DZRB-Radyo ng Bayan-738
or DZRM-Radyo Manila-1278 kHz.
(Boogert-TWN in DXW, via NU, Nov 15, 1998)

Oct 2003, by Olle Alm-SWE
Construction plans for PBS (RADYO NG BAYAN) in 2004.

Construction of Transmitter Building for DZRK Radyo ng Bayan Tabuk. The
provincial govt of Tabuk, Kalinga provided the Philippine Broadcasting
Service with a two (2) hectare for our tx building. The construction of
the tx building will enable our stn to have a wider coverage area.

Construction of a satellite studio for DZAG Radyo ng Bayan Agoo in San
Fernando, La Union. The Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University
provided spaces for the studio/offices of Radyo ng Bayan Agoo.
San Fernando being the Regional center for Region 1 is the most ideal for
PBS to be able to serve its listener.

Repainting of Tower, Improvement of grounding system and Conversion into
folded unipole of DXRP Radyo ng Bayan Davao. Based on the frequency, the
stn is using the tower height of DXRP must be 369 ft instead of 240 ft.
Since the area is not adequate, the next best thing is converting the
tower into folded unipole. With this system our coverage area will
definitely widen. Construction of recording room for Radyo ng Bayan Davao.
The stn does not have its own recording studio, with a recording studio of
their own, they can produce their own plugs, dramas, etc.

Renovation of studio building of DWRB Radyo ng Bayan Naga. It had been ten
years since the stn was constructed. The roofing had to be totally
changed. The walls, studios had to be renovated and re-painted.

Re-roofing, Repainting, Construction of recording booth, construction of
storeroom and garage for DYOG Radyo ng Bayan Calbayog. No renovation had
been done since its initial operation. The sce vehicle is subjected to the
elements. Perimeter Fence for antenna tower of DYOG. To protect our tower
from people stealing our grounding system

Renovation of Studio and Transmitter building for DXDC Radyo ng Bayan
Tawi- Tawi. The ceilings had to be replaced. The doorjambs are
dilapidated. The whole building must have a make over.

Construction of generator house for DZEQ Radyo ng Bayan Baguio. Presently,
the generator of DZEQ has no housing and is subjected to the elements. 9.
Repainting of AM tower and re- tensioning of guy wires of DZEQ. The tower
is rusting so are the guy wires. Renovation of studio/ Transmitter
building for DWRM Palawan. Roofing and ceilings had to be replaced, and
the whole building had to be termites treated.

Repainting of tower, tx building and ATU housing for DWFR Radyo ng Bayan
Bontoc. The tower is rusting, the tx building needs renovation. Perimeter
Fence for Transmitter building DWFR Radyo ng Bayan Bontoc. Our tx building
is located on top of the mountain and has to be protected from intruders.
Perimeter Fence for DZAG studio/ Transmitter building. Since there are two
VSAT antennas in the area, fencing is necessary for the protection of the

PBS Manila AM stns
D Z R B  (Radio ng Bayan) or the people's radio is the voice or pulse of
the citizenry. it is situated at 738 kHz on the AM band with a power of
50 kW under the Bureau of Broadcast Services (BBS) or Philippine 
Broadcasting Service (PBS), Office of the Press Secretary.

As the govt's flagship radio stn it serves as a medium of development
communication, a conduit between the govt and the people, aiming to
mobilize all sectors of society towards development and nationalism.

D Z S R  Sports Radio (918 kHz with 50 kW power) is the govt arm in the
dissemination of information regarding the sports program of govt. The stn
reports and covers all the important local, national and even
international sports events wherein the Filipino athletes compete for the
country. Aside from the sports broadcasting, DZSR also plays an active
role in significant national undertakings including presidential coverage,
public affairs and other national undertakings.

D Z R M  Radio Manila (1278 kHz with 10 kW power) one of the radio stns
under the Philippine Broadcasting Service (PBS). The main thrust of the
stn focuses on disseminating information on health, education, welfare and
culture. The stn counts among its listeners from middle managers,
housewives, students, teachers, school heads, civic leaders, farmers,
jeepney drivers, household helpers, out-of- school youth and others. While
other PBS stns gives emphasis on nx and public affairs, sports and
business, DZRM is the education stn.

Go to <>
for stn history, list of stns (no freqs) and more.
Philippines special  <>
(Olle Alm-SWE, ARC MV-Eko, Oct 2003)

918 / 50 / Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan / "Mayak" + GTRK "Dagestan".

936 / 5 / n. Matveyevka, Orenburg region / "Radio Rossii" + GTRK

1350 / 5 / sec. Ust-Kan and. Ulagan, Altai Republic / "Radio Rossii" +
GTRK "Gorny Altai".

1395 /1 / Buguruslan, Orenburg region / "Radio Rossii" + GTRK "Orenburg".

1413 / 500 / pos. Lighthouse, Pridnestrovie / "Vesti FM".

1440/5 / sec. Turochak with. Ust-Koksa, Altai Republic / "Radio Rossii" +
GTRK"Gorny Altai".
("DX Kurjer" by editor Vasily Gulyaev, Astrakhan-RUS, Rusdx Sept 13)

SOLOMON ISLANDS   9545, SIBC - Voice of the Nation. Sept 13 anomaly; *not
on 5020* kHz; heard 0849-1033 UT; mostly in Solomon Pijin; messages about
educational training; "Bible Reading"; Central Bank of Solomon Islands
program about investing (today about buying Treasury Bills); activities of
Parliament and the Young Women's Parliamentary Group; children's Christian
program with Bible story and children singing religious songs; 1000 UT
news in Pijin, along with ad in English for building supplies; 1030 UT
Christian religious program in English; fair the entire time.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer Sept 13)

SOLOMON ISLANDS   5020.0  SIBC - Voice of the Nation, at 0922-0928 UT on
Sept 15. After anomaly of being on 9545 kHz for the 13th, SIBC returned to
their normal frequency here for the 14th & 15th; "Derek Prince Legacy
Radio," religious program in English.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer Sept 16)

SOUTH AFRICA   RT+ Gaelic football final coverage worldwide.
[not MADAGASCAR?/UAE?/U.K.?, HFCC entry show SENTEC Meyerton RSA/AFS

The All Ireland Hurling final is this Sunday, 6th September.

The All Ireland Football final is Sunday 20th September ?
- rather than Sunday 13 ? September, see HFCC Babcock entry:

 9470 kHz 1300-1700 52S,53SW,57N MEY 100kW 5deg ant#803 Sun
0609-130915 English  AFS RTE BAB request #17179

17540 kHz 1300-1700 52S,53SW,57N MEY 250kW 7deg ant#411 Sun
0609-130915 English  AFS RTE BAB request #17186

All on 1300-1700 UT.
(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK Sept 5)


click / select to  "Fixtures"

20 Sep 2015 3:30pm, Kerry vv Dublin, at Croke Park
(RT+ website)

SPAIN   live football Champions League transmission, 3 frequencies tonight
Sept 15 at 1900 UT, REE live transmission on 15450, 15490 and 17855 kHz.

group A  Real Madrid vv Donezk UKR
group C  Istanbul    vv Atletico Madrid
group D  FC Sevilla  vv MGladbach German
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 15)

THAILAND   9389.976  Usual odd frequency Udorn Thani relay of Radio
Thailand's Thai service 2025-2115 UT, S=9+25dB signal here in southern
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 19)

UKRAINE   Large-scale transmitter switch-offs in Ukraine.
Effective September 9, 2015.

* FM distribution of UR 1 is limited to "regional centres",
whatever locations may qualify as such,

* UR 2 and UR 3 are transmit only in Kiev anymore,

* 549 kHz now takes a break between 14:00 and 18:00 local time.

Reason: Budget cut by 3,130,400 UAH (which in current exchange rate equals
127,000 Euro, but this probably says not much at all).

Announcement: <>
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Sept 10)

UKRAINE   Ukrainian radio limits the propagation of their programs.

Starting today, September 9, 2015, the National Radio Company of Ukraine
(Ukrainian Radio) is forced to significantly limit the distribution of its
programs on the territory of Ukraine. This decision was taken due to the
lower costs of the general fund of the State Budget of Ukraine and a
decrease of 3130.4 thousand. Hryvnia budget financing programs of the
Ukrainian radio broadcast.


- UR-1 (Channel) - MW in the range at a frequency of 549 kHz to work with
a break from 14.00 to 18.00, in the VHF - the lower and upper (FM) band
will only work in the regional centers;

- UR-2 (Promyn) and UR-3 (Culture) in the UHF band to work only in the

Broadcast on a wired network and the Internet are full.
Press Service of NRCU - 09 Sept 2015.
(Alexander Egorov-UKR, <>  RUSdx Sept 13)

U.K.   Washford is one of the few BBC regional stations that is almost
unchanged antenna-wise since being built in the 1930's.

I worked there in 1974 and the services radiated then were 881 kHz from
the Tee antenna between the two masts and 1214 kHz from one of the
umbrella antennas around one of the masts.

There was a facility to use the other umbrella antenna for a reserve
service for 881 kHz as well as the same antenna as a reserve for the 1214
kHz service.

Following the frequency changes on Nov 23rd 1978 the following happened:
Main Tee was still 882 kHz uprated to 100 kW working (was run at 70 kW max
in 881 kHz times).

One umbrella was 1215 kHz and the other was 1089 kHz but diplexed
facilities were available to run 1089 kHz and 1215 kHz together from one
umbrella and the other with the 1089 kHz and 882 kHz and possibly 1215 kHz
as well.

These arrangements give maximum flexibility operationally.

The umbrella antennas are three wires insulated at the top of the run from
the mast and ground anchored near the bottom but with linked bases to a
common drive point.

The mast is base insulated.

There was no attempt made to have any directionality by phased feeding etc
and I guess that would still be the case, so assume omnidirectional
working only.

Pre 78 I note that the main tee was four wires in a row to ground and that
now they are offset drops in the form of a box as as Droitwich Longwave,
presumably this is to give a little more bandwidth over the operating

Others may be able to comment more on this subject.

I cannot see Arqiva wishing to spend any money to upgrade these facilities
for no apparant gain.

(Dave Porter-UK  G4OYX, mwmasts Sept 12)


Logs der letzten Tage

China, 1377 CRN 1. 2102 UT. Slow Chinese pops // to 4820 kHz. Under France
Info at best SIO: 322 (Aug 28).

1593. CRN 1. 2100 UT. Time pips // to 4800 kHz. Then into slow MX.
Disappeared but was again heard with MX at 2140 UT under Rumania. At best
SIO: 222 (Aug 28).

Iran, 540 IRIB Mashad 2350 UT. Radio plaay in Farsi with woman and man
above classical mx. Parallel to other outlets which helps a lot due to the
fact that the signal is under three other stations on the same freq. At
best SIO: 222 (Sept 4)

666. IRIB Shushtar. 2350 UT. Radio play with woman and man above classical
mx. Parallel to other outlets. SIO: 333 (Sept 4)

1251. IRIB, Radio Iran Kiashahr. 1930 UT. MX then ID by female in Farsi.
Afterwards anthem. SIO: 323 (Sept 1)

1467. R. Qom. 2305 UT. MX then ID by man in Farsi. SIO: 333 (Sept 6)

1503. IRIB 1, Bushehr. 0200 UT. Man talking in Farsi // to other outlets.
SIO: 322. (Sept 13)

Kuwait, 1134. Saft al Kuwait. 2300 UT. Parallel to MW 540 kHz. Piano MX
into ID by man. 540 kHz was SIO 333, 1134 kHz was 111. (Aug 28)

Morocco, 540. SNTR Al-Idaa al Vatania, Marakesh. 2300 UT. Arabic talk by
woman giving possibly ID after commercials and in to news. Parallel to
MW 594 kHz. At times good signal but mixing with Spain, Kuwait and Iran.
At best SIO: 333. (Sept 6)

Myanmar, 5985. R. Myanmar. 2325-2333 UT. Lengthy talk by man in local
language. Afterwards female announcer into traditional MX. After another
announcement by woman electro mx and talk which sounded like an
adwertisement. SIO: 322 (Sept 12).

Saudi Arabia, 675. BSKSA Riadh. 2300 UT. NX by man in Arabic // to
1521 kHz. SIO: 333 (Sept 5)

Tajikistan, 7245. R. Dujanbe. 0203 UT. Anthem in to IDs by man. Possibly
in Dari and other languages saying "Salam alaikum". Then in to tajik
disco-MX. SIO: 222 (Sept 13)
(Zeljko Crncic-D, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 13)


Sunday Sept 13, log at 1345-1500 UT,
noted on remote unit SDR at Brisbane in Queensland, Australia:

5050     CHN Vo Beibu Radio, 1345 UT CODAR sweep QRM, TS at exact 1400 UT.
         S=8-9 fluttery.
5040.002 IND AIR Calcutta, S=3-4 very tiny weak signal,
         covered by CODAR sweep.
5010.008 IND AIR Thiny ... S=5 in Brisbane, Queensland.
5006 JPN HFD Radio stn, H3A mode, S=6 signal at 1403 UT.
4990     CHN PBS Hunan, S=6 worth signal.
4970.017 IND AIR Shillong, subcontinental type singer,
         S=8-9 more than fair average signal at 1405 UT.
4939.944 CHN Voice of Strait, odd frequency service,
         S=9+20dB in downunder,
         at 1407 UT strange loudspeaker announce program transmission,
         like live relay of railway station or airport hall speaker...
4920     IND AIR Chennai's Hindu service, poor S=5
4904     UTE outlet, 425 Hertz highspeed RTTY tone signal, S=9+10dB.
         hit heavily by adjacent
4905     CHN PBS Xizang Tibetan sce.
4910.002 IND AIR Jaipur, tiny threshold signal at 1412 UT.
4894.996 IND AIR Kurseong, Hindi sce scheduled, but like Burmese sing-sang
         accent, chimes heard at 1415 UT
4879.994 IND AIR Lucknow, Hindi sce, just on threshold level.
         two stations adjacent
4870.002 IND AIR Nepalese sce (?) - and
4869.910 INS RRI Wamena, South Sea smooth music program, at 1418 UT.
4835     AUS ABC NT Alice Springs, film festival feature 'sex scenes...',
         powerhouse S=9+25dB, 14 kHz wide audio signal.
4819.998 CHN PBS Xizang, female Chinese reader, S=6 signal.
         and adjacent
4819.881 KGZ Kyrgyz Radio 1, via Bishkek,
         Krasnaya Rechka-KGZ. // 4009.974 kHz 1424 UTC.
4810.007 IND AIR Mumbai, Hindi, weak signal S=5 in Brisbane downunder.
4800     CHN CNR1 Cinese service from Geermu transmitter center #916.
         S=9 signal in Australia.
4765     ??? could be weak signal from Tajik Yangi Yul site ? 1430 UT
4760     UNID weak signal S=4 tiny
4750     three signal VERY BAD audio mixture in Queensland at 1432 UT:
4750     BGD Radio Bangladesh Dhaka,
4749.993 CHN CNR1 Hailar Chinese,
         and strongest signal downunder
4749.947 INS RRI Makassar (?)

4589-4592 Stanag digital signal S=9+25dB
4557     KOR Korean male voice program from Kyonggi, S=9+15dB, and
         accompanied KRE North Korean jammer.
4499-4502 kHz UTE Stanag digital signal S=8-9.
4450     KOR VoPeople from Goyang S=9+5dB, and accompanied
         KRE North Korean Jamming, + heavy CODAR sweep signals on
4448-4476 kHz range.
4271-4274 kHz UTE Stanag digital sce. S=9+20dB
4248-4252 kHz UTE Stanag digital sce. S=9+20dB
4232.980 UTE High speed RTTY signal, 440 Hertz tones.
4009.974 KGZ Kyrgyz R1 from Bishkek Krasnaya Rechka-KGZ,
         S=6-7 tiny, // 4819.881 kHz.
3944.983 VUT Radio Vanuatu, Port Vila, excellent South Sea type
         song sound, S=8-9 in Queensland at 1452 UT on Sept 13.
3904.982 INS the highlight of the log, RRI Marauke, S=9+15dB signal,
         ID at 1458 UT, advertisement "Iphone RRI app"
5015-5039 kHz OTHR, center is 5023 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 13)


Log new remote Perseus remote unit at Doha / Qatar, at 0850 UT
on Aug 25

Some additions now at sunset:
531 IRNx2 with feed delay
549 IRN
576 OMA
594 ARS
603 IRN
612 BHR
621 IRN
630 KWT HQ
639 IRN
648 IRN
657 UAE Asianet R subcontinental singer
666 IRN
675 QAT strong local signal
693 IRN HQ prayer, otherwise Farsi progr
702 ARS
711 IRN
720 IRN
729 empty
738 IRN +OMA
747 IRN
756 empty
765 ARS HQ +IRN Arabic
774 IRN
783 ARS Arabic sce +IRN
792 IRN
801 BHR +IRN
810 UAE light mx. both channels close-nearby ITU registered
819 IRN
828 IRN
837 IRN
846 IRN
855 ARS HQ // 882
873 ARS HQ
882 ARS HQ
891 IRN
900 IRN
909 IRN
918 IRN
927 ARS
945 IRN
954 IND
981 ARS
990 CYP Sawa IRN
999 ARS
1008 IRN
1017 IRN
1026 IRN
1035 IRN
1044 IRN
1053 IRN
1062 IRN
1071 AIR Urdu
1080 IRN Arabic
1089 IRN
1098 ARS Arabic sce
1107 AFG IRN
1116 IRN
1125 IRN
1134 KWT
1143 IRN
1152 UAE Asian subcontinental sweet music
1161 IRN Arabic
1170 IRN
1179 IRN
1188 IRN
1197 IRN
1206 IRN
1215 ARS
1224 IRN Arabic, light music program
1233 IRN
1242 OMA
1251 IRN
1260 ARS
1269 UAE Asian subcontinental mx +KWT
1278 OMA IRN
1287 ?? weak tiny Ar signal +IRN
1296 AFG BBG
1305 IRN
1314 IRN

1323 - 1322.991 kHz - was Ar HQ, but seems to be Iran Persian origin
{wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 16}
1322.997 ROU
1322.982: UNID (certainly IRIB Tabriz)
1322.989: UNID - with sign on at 2330 UT (any idea ?)
{Mauno Ritola-FIN, and Franck Baste F4LKC}

1332 IRN
1341 KWT
1350 empty
1359 IRN
1368 IRN
1377 empty
1386 empty
1395 IRN
1404 IRN
1413 OMA BBC
1422 ARS
1431 IRN
1440 ARS
1449 ARS
1458 empty
1467 ARS IRN
1476 IRN
1485 IRN
1494 empty
1503 IRN
1512 IRN
1521 BHR? ARS CRI Russian
1530 empty
1539 IRN <<<
1548 KWT Sawa
1557 IRN
1566 IRN
1575 UAE R Farda ?
1584 BHR IRN
1593 KWT Sawa
1602 IRN
(wb, updated by Mauno Ritola-FIN, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Aug 25)

Kavkaz R Gavar ARM 1395.000 kHz.
Or rather R. Rossii, Buguruslan, Orenburgskaya oblast.
1394.90 TWR via Flake
1394.975 UNID Iranian // 1449 kHz
1394.998 R. Khalij-e Fars, Hajiabad
1394.999 Polskie Radio via Gavar
1395.000 R. Rossii, Buguruslan
1395.003 AIR Bikaner 1 Hz higher today, -1741*
1395.025 UNID
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, Sept 13)

at 1840 UT Sept 13 noted in Europe:
1394.897 TWR Fllake
and two spurious of TWR on 1394.847 and 1394.947 kHz. - and
1394.975 and
1394.999 kHz.

others at 0000-0040 UT
at Doha/Qatar remote SDR unit:
1493.981 Ar
1502.998 Persian ?
1511.992 Ar
1529.979 UNID
1530.005 weak UNID
1538.947 Persian
1539.000 UNID
1547.989 UNID
1548.000 SAWA KWT
1548.043 UNID
1556.958 UNID
1557.000 UNID
1557.024 Persian
1565.989 Persian
1566.002 UNID
1574.928 UNID
1575.000 Farda UAE
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 16)

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