70 years Stavropol Radio Club

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1 - 20 October 2015


In honor of the 70th anniversary of the Stavropol Radio Club, they are offering a commemorative Diploma
The first radio call sign for their club was UA6KEA and was active on 10.20.1945. .

Requirements: During the period 1-20 October 2015, earn a total of 70 points making two-way radio communication (or SWL monitoring) on the amateur HF and VHF bands (including WARC) with special radio UE70F (all links will be embedded UE70F to LOTW and E-QSL), as well as radio amateurs of the Stavropol Territory.

Point Values: QSO (SWL) with the special jubilee station UE70F = 10 points, and the QSO (SWL) with radio amateurs from the Stavropol region = 5 points. Repeat QSOs are allowed for award credit if made on different bands and modes.

The diploma is issued free of charge in electronic form only in high-quality JPG file sent to the applicants by e-mail. Applications in electronic form should be sent to R6FAA, the Award Manager at the e-mail address: ben26011965@mail.ru

E-mail: r7hg@qrz.ru
Internet: http://rlsk.ucoz.ru/news/diplom_70_let_stavropolskomu_radioklubu/2015-09-24-76

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