JARL 90th Anniversary Award

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June 12 2015 to June 11, 2016


The Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL) was established in 1926, and is celebrating their 90th year. To commemorate this special occasion, the JARL is offering a special award named "JARL 90th Anniversary Award."

There are 5 different certificates available:
J - For contacts with Japanese amateur stations with 9 different Prefixes.
A - For contacts with 9 different cities or ku of Japan.
R - For contacts with 9 different Guns of Japan.
L - For contacts with 9 different prefectures of Japan.
90th - For contacts with 90 different amateur stations.

If you contact JARL Special Event Stations celebrating this 90th anniversary, you may count them as nine of its required points.

Period: Only contacts (receptions) made from June 12, 2015 through June 11, 2016 will be acceptable. The JARL will start accepting applications on June 12, 2015, and this period will extend to December 31, 2016.
Application: Send the application form (found on their website) and the fee shown below. A sample of application form is found on their WWW site noted below. (.doc). (QSLs are not required for this award.)
Fee: Please send 1,000 yen. or 8 IRCs with your application.

The award is free for junior high school students or amateur operators younger than 15 years.

Please send the documents for age verification with your application and 90thaward fee.

Endorsements: Applicants can request for maximum of 3 endorsements from the following
6 kinds that are available: 1. Single Band 2. Single Mode 3. QRP (QRPp) 4. Satellite 5. D-STAR and 6. ONE DAY

Points: If you made QSOs through repeaters or internet, we will also issue the award.

Commemorative Plaque: If you obtained all of five awards, you will be awarded an optional commemorative plaque (a fee is required). For details, refer to WWW link below.

Note: Only one contact with a particular station is valid for each award. Even if you have QSOs with JA1RL and JA1RL/2, only one QSO can be used for the application of each award.

Applications may be submitted to: Japan Amateur Radio League - Award Desk, 3-43-1 Minamiotsuka, Toshima, Tokyo 170-8073, JAPAN.

Internet: http://www.jarl.org/English/4_Library/A-4-2_Awards/

Japanese Band Plans (PDF) 

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