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OH9, FINLAND (Special Event). Santa Claus Arctic Circle Team (SACT) will be active from Santa Claus Land (OH9SCL) during this December. This year activity will be very special. OH9SCL has now been active for 30 years from Arctic Circle!! This activity will be mostly on the HF bands on all modes. Operators include Raimo/OH3BHL, Erkki/OH9KL, Kimmo/OH9MDV, Juha/OH9MM and possible others. QSL via OH9AB, direct or by the Bureau. An OH9SCL award is also available. For more detailed information, check:

The traditional Santa Claus Land radio station, OH9SCL, will be active also in December 2015.
This years activity will be special. OH9SCL has now been active for 30 years from Artic Circle.
Activity will be mostly on HF-bands on all modes.

Santas own amateur radio station OH9SCL has been busy since December 1986, operating in Finnish Lappland in the arctic circle. The North of the country is well-known as Santa Claus Land. Mostly activity takes place during December, operated by local radioamateurs helped with visitor operators. The picture with the map shows the original QSL-card from 1986.

Rules of  Santa Claus Land Award

Count all contacts after January 1st 1986. No bands or mode limits. Every station can count only once. One SWL-report per station counts as one contact.

Please list QSOs with details and your address. Please enclose 15 USD, 10 Eur or 12 IRCs to cover handling and return postage.

Required number of points: Finland 20 points, Europe 15 points, Elsewhere (DX) 10 points.

OF9, OG9, OH9 and OI9 stations gives 1 point, in December 3 points. SCL in suffix gives 5 points, in December 10 points.

To apply this award, please send award application addressed to:

OH9SCL/ Napapiirin Yhdeksiköt r.y.
P.O. BOX 50,



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