WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - BC-DX 1228 - 19 Nov 2015

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ALBANIA   Radio Tirana Shijak replaced 7425 by 7470 kHz at #16519 request
in their North America sce in English language at 0230-0258 UT
on Tues to Suns, - but NOT on UT Mondays.

7470 0230-0300 7-9 SHI  100 310  0 146 .234567  251015-260316
Eng ALB ALR 16519, noted on new 7470 kHz from UT Nov 15.

Noted with TX on air interval signal from 0227 UTC on November 15,
7469.079 kHz footprint, S=9+5dB signal strength at -68dBm level.

Totally interference FREE transmission on new 7470 kHz selection.

Next transmissions on far away frequencies, like
7460 kHz Bahai Radio in Persian from Grigoriopol Maiac Moldova,
S=7 signal in remote Aberdeen NJ-US east coast location.

7489.951 kHz TOM Brother Stair sermon on WBCQ, S=7 signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 15)

ALBANIA   7470, on TEST on Nov 10 at *0225 UT, Radio Tirana IS is barely
audible, still here on TEST ex-7425 kHz (and a good thing too:

Unlike via the NRD-545, now I'm checking on the FRG-7 and find so much
overload from 7455 kHz and other strong signals nearby that I have to ATT
to LOCAL in order to dig out Albania..

In Nov BDXC-UK Communication, Alan Roe reviews R. Tirana programming and
has put together a program schedule grid I've never seen from them direct,
here transformed into plain text:

"Here is the complete programme schedule for Radio Tirana - note that a
music break is often, but not always, heard prior to the day's feature
block, which may then start slightly later than shown.

0230  Daily News
0235  Sun Mosaic of the Week
      Tue-Sat Press Review
0240  Sun Folk Music
      Tue Albania in a Week
      Wed Music
      Thu Albania & the EU Integration Process
      Fri Albanian Economy and Facts
      Sat Profile
0245  Tue Cultural Activities
      Wed Mailbag
      Thu Hits Through the Years
      Fri Around Albania
      Sat Music
0250  Tue Sport
      Fri Music
0255  Tue Music
0257  Close"

Same programming at equivalent times the previous UT days to Europe
from 2100 UT on 7465 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Nov 10)

ALBANIA   7469.978  R. Tirana (nf), IS and s/on in English with News at
BoH, and into talx re Albanian history. At 0240 UT ID and into Albanian
pop music for the rest of the broadcast. IS again at 0257 UT and carrier
off. This is a test frequency based on tip from dxld which complained
7425 kHz was too QRMed.

Rather poor reception especially when compared to how CRI from Albania
POUNDS in here earlier in the evening. 34443 with my local QRM making
things difficult. Using Heath SB-310 *0229-0257* UT on 31 Oct.
(Kenneth Vito Zichi-MI-USA, MARE Tipsheet Nov 6 via dxld)

Yes, a pity Albania turned over the best equipment to CRI. Radio Tirana
broadcast time has diminished so much that CRI Cerrik site ought to be
able to spare them a few hours of transmitter time over there (gh, dxld)

{reality is not simple, Cerrik broadcast center - refurbished 6 x BBEF
Beijing transmitter - Beijing BBEF Science & Technology Co., Ltd. formerly
known as the Beijing Broadcast Equipment Factory -, using big budget in
2004 year - uses same TX equipment, but 2x150 kW units combined to 300 kW,
at 8 row curtain arrays. But RT Shijak uses a single 100 kW at easy dipol
curtains, wb.}

7469.978  R. Tirana tune/in at 0230 UT s/on to YL in English with opening
ID's followed by OM with apparent news. Signal is poor at best with
significant extended fades. Bands are still severely depressed as they
have been over the last few days. Lots of static just about everywhere.
Meanwhile MW conditions are at fair levels with some good TA openings to
NoAfrica & Spain.
(Stephen C Wood-MA-USA, via Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Nov 11)

Very bad shortwave propagation conditions in past two days. Similar bad
like Radio Tirana English to the North America audience on 7469.978 kHz
fingerprint started 0229 UT tonight on Nov 6 as S=7-8 or -84dBm in remote
SDR unit in MA/NY/NJ eastern coastline area.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 17)

ALBANIA   "QSL Aktion von Radio Tirana und ADXB".

In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Radio-Tirana-Hoererklub, der deutschen
Redaktion und dem oesterreichischen DX-Klub ADXB - Austrian DX
Board - wird es im Zeitraum vom September bis inklusive
November 2015 eine Sonder-QSL-Karte geben.

Die Teilnahmebedingungen sind wie folgt:
- Fuer jede Frequenz gibt es maximal 1 QSL unabhaengig von der

- Es gelten alle Sprachenredaktionen, ausgenommen die
albanische Sprachenredaktion.

- Es werden nur Sendungen gezaehlt, die direkt aus Albanien
abgestrahlt werden und auf AM senden, auf Kurzwelle und Mittelwelle.

- Empfangsberichte muessen an folgende Adresse gerichtet werden:

ADXB - Austrian DX Board, Harald Suess,
P.O.Box 1000, A-1081 Wien, Austria

- Fuer jeden Bericht sind 2 IRC beizulegen.
Alternativ werden auch 2 EUR oder 2 US-Dollar akzeptiert.

(Entfaellt fuer Mitglieder des RT Hoererklubs -
Bitte machen Sie den Vermerk "RT-Hoererklub" auf Ihren Empfangsberichten!)

- Es werden nur Berichte im Hoerzeitraum (UTC-Basis) vom
1.September bis inklusive 30.November 2015 angenommen.

Unter den Teilnehmern werden albanische Souvenirs verlost -
die Gewinner werden auf der ADXB-Homepage
ab Dezember 2015 veroeffentlicht.
(RTH Rundbrief 59, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 8)

ALGERIA   891 / 981 / 1422    Log: RTA 2 981 kHz on Nov 14 at 2240 UT.

Es koennte ja sein, dass die 2. Frequenz 981 kHz mit geringer Leistung
ueber einen der anderen zwei niederen Sendemast (981 und 1422 kHz) in der
Naehe ausgestrahlt wird, - nur an diesem Wochenende wieder auf Sendung
geht, und am Montagmorgen beim Fortgang der Erneuerungsarbeiten wieder
abgeschaltet wird.

Laut Meldung auf der Webseite von RTA wird seit dem 1. November wieder

"De nouveau, vous pouvez nous ecouter les programmes de la radio chaine
deux sur la frequence des ondes moyennes MW frequences 306 mb / 981 kHz
des le 1er novembre 2015. Apres les travaux de refections et de renovation
de l'emetteur d'Ouled Fayet."

{transmission break d'Ouled Fayet on 981 and 1422 kHz lated approx. mid
June to 31 Oct. ?}

Die Aussendung auf 981 kHz ist in Madrid und Sueditalien nicht sehr stark
aufzunehmen, sendet also mit einer eher geringen Leistung von 50 kW ?

Hier war das Signal gestern schon sehr ordentlich.
(Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX Nov 14)

ANGOLA   4949.726  Radio Nacional, Port, S=5, poor signal on thershold
(wb, fingerprints, quick log in Colombo CLN on Victor's remote SDR unit,
circa 0118 UT, Nov 9, dxld)

ARGENTINA   15344.770  probably Radio Nacional Spanish signal peak
'visible' at 0200 UT, threshold level only peaks visible.
(wb, some log noting of 0200-0320 UT on Nov 8 on western Canada Edmonton,
Alberta remote SDR unit, dxld)

ARGENTINA   11710.597  RAE Buenos Aires in Japanese scheduled here acc
Aoki Nagoya frequency list, played enjoyable Latin American guitar male
singer, nice music performer. S=9+5dB signal strength at 0144 UT, despite
only sidelobe from 355deg azimuth towards North America, Alaska, East
Asia, Japan, out of B.A. General Pacheco transmission site.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 19)

ARMENIA   11625 old / 12025 new TWR India via Gavar Armenia relay site in
many subcontinent languages in US ministry means, left 11625 kHz in favour
to new 12025 kHz. Scheduled at 1245-1600 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

ARMENIA/AZERBAIJAN   Starting 2nd November 2015, the Stepanakert Nagorno
Karabakh Radio is on the air in Azeri and rarely in Russian (during the
interviews): Mon-Sat on 11760 kHz at *0420-0610* UT and on 9677 kHz at
*0820-1410* UT. Broadcast times vary 5-15 minutes. I listened to their
"FM" frequencies which are in ranges 11754-11761 and 9671 to 9681 kHz.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, WoR dxld Nov 11)

ASCENSION ISL   9530  Radio Akhbar Mufriha.
Heard this station, which is an outlet of Reach Beyond (ex-HCJB),
yesterday, 15 Nov at 2150 UT through about 2215 UT on 9530 kHz via
Ascension in presumably Pulaar language (at least that is what is
scheduled) with a fair, somewhat noisy signal as received on a
Tecsun PL-880 indoors with its whip antenna.

Pulaar is a language spoken in Senegal, Mauritania, Gambia, and western
Mali. The program ended with an announcement in French giving an address
in Paris, where, presumably, the program is produced, and closing music.
The station name, if Google Translate is translating it correctly, is in
Arabic (another of the languages the station broadcasts) and means Radio
Joyful News. (Don't confuse Akhbar with Akbar as in Allahu Akbar.)

Website with further information and schedules is here:
(Richard Langley-N.B.-CAN dxld Nov 17)

AUSTRALIA   Early SW Radio - PCJ Media.

Keith Perron interviews Nigel Holmes on the Nov 14th (2015) edition of
Media Network Plus. Nigel discusses & reveals information about early
Aussie SW radio sites, The NT domestic sites & Shepparton site.


J6-J21 is the oldest surviving curtain array (4 masts).
The P array was errected in the mid/late 90's from memory.
The only other two antenna structures (still present) are the two Rhombics
that are over 30 years old.

Several curtain arrays have come & gone on the Shepparton site over it's
(Ian, SW TXsite Nov 16)

BHUTAN   6034.952  fingerprint odd frequency of weak tiny undermodulated
BBS Thimpu, but suffered a lot of ahead co-channel PBS Yunnan "Voice of
Shangri-La" program from Kunming CHINA site, latter which was S=9+20dB
strong. At 1105 UT. Some notings of remote SDR log at Brisbane downunder,
on Nov 10 at 1010-1110 UT: as always.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 10)

BRAZIL   Foto da Antena de Onda Tropical 4885 kHz e AM 1400 kHz Radio
Difusora Acreana.

Web site:  <>

(Daniel Wyllyans-MT-BRA, hcdx Nov 15)

BRAZIL   re RB2 contact.
Letzte Zeit gab es einen positiven Kontakt mit RB2 (QSL) ueber

Radio RB2
Rua Ivo Leao 220
Bairro Alta da Gloria
80030-180 Curitiba PR, Brazil
(Rudolf Grimm-BRA Juni 15, Rubens Pedroso-BRA Juni 15)

<rb2 -at->  <douglas -at->
(Artur Llorella-BRA, Juli 15)

Dieses und mehr in QSL-window:
Rechts, gleich am Anfang 'QSL-window - October 2015'
(Rudolf Grimm-BRA, A-DX Nov 18)

 6040 (10 kW) ZYJ200 RB2 Curitiba, <>
 9725 (10 kW) RB2 Curitiba PR
11935 (10 kW) "Radio R-B Dois, AM 14-30", Curitiba PR, Brazil.

BRAZIL   5035  Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, at 2203-2210 UT on Nov 18, now
on air with religious program. // 11855, 9630, 6135 kHz. 14321.
(Manuel Mendez-ESP at Lanzarote Canaries, hcdx Nov 18)

Re:  Radio Aparecida 5035 kHz.

Yes, Radio Aparecida heard at 0122 UT on 5035 kHz even frequency,
and // on 6134.808 kHz, 9629.945 kHz - best S=9 strongest signal of all
Aparecida's here in Germany, 11856.211 kHz S=5-6 poor at 0135 UT.

Also RB2 Curitiba noted poor on 11934.931 kHz. // Odd 9723.018 kHz !!!

Nice sweet smooth canciones from ZYE440 Radio Brasil Central from Goiania
heard at same time slot on 11815.023 kHz at 0138 UT.

And also similar Brazilian songs on RNB/RNA Brasilia 11780.099 kHz,
S=7 fluttery transmission noted here in southern Germany.

SRDA BrasPortuguese religious sermon noted on 11764.655 kHz
at 0143 UT Nov 19. // 9565.050 kHz.

15190.062  ZYE522  Radio Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte MG, heard
at 0200 UT, poor signal into Germany.

9664.948  ZYE890  Radio Voz Missionaria, Camboriu SC, phone-in program at
0215 UT, powerful S=9+10dB strength.
Hallejujah, followed by flute mx female singer at 0216 UT.

9819.274  ZYE890  Radio Nove de Julho, Sao Paulo, SP, Radio Catolica,
S=9+10dB at 0225 UT. Nice male singer and violine solo part.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 19)

BULGARIA ? / ROMANIA   IRRS now via Bulgaria? IRRS transmissions
since 17-18 Oct are believed to be via Secretbrod [i.e. Spaceline] Sofia
Bulgaria, instead of via Radio Com Saftica/Tsiganeshti-2, Romania:

0930-1200  9510 - European Gospel R in English - on 17 and 18 Oct.
1500-1530 15515 - Radio Warra Wangeelaa-ti in Oromo - on 17 Oct
(Observer SW News via Nov BrDXC-UK Communication via dxld Nov 11)

Explains why IRRS was weaker than usual when heard at 0930 UT on 17 Oct on
9510 kHz with an unscheduled broadcast; it is scheduled only on Sundays at
this time. Possibly a test?
(Dave Kenny-UK, ibid.)

B15 schedule for IRRS Shortwave:
0900-1000 Sat  9510
1030-1300 Sun  9510
1500-1530 Sun 15190*
1500-1530 Sat 15515
1900-2000 Fri/Sat/Sun 7290 *= Radio Santec in English;
                          **= Radio Warra Wangeelaa
(IRRS web site/Dave Kenny-UK, ibid.)

CHINA  [UNIDENTIFIED]  4800, random checking 1140-1404 UT on Nov 6. What
happened here today? Recently CNR1 had been off the air here, leaving AIR
Hyderabad in the clear, but no longer so. Heard strong signal, with
traditional Chinese music (no singing, but not Firedragon); one very long
loop of music with no announcements at all; non-stop filler music; not
CNR1 programming. Thanks to Aoki, who also noted UNID today:

"It has broadcast the same program(non-stop music) at frequencies below.

3985 kHz (CNR-2)
4800 kHz (CNR-1)
6080 kHz (CNR-1)
6090 kHz (CNR-2)
4800 kHz and 6080 kHz broadcast from the same transmitting station."
Worth monitoring tomorrow to see what the situation is.

4800. The station I heard 1140-1404, Nov 6, playing non-stop filler
Chinese music has not returned as of Nov 8; am only hearing presumed AIR
Hyderabad in the clear.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, direct and via dxld Nov 11)

Scheduled Geermu China #912 bcast center site, wb.

CUBA   11670  Nov 16 at 1937 UT, RHC confirmed on new frequency's first
day for Chicago service in Creole, very good signal leaving no chance to
hear All India Radio. Tnx a lot, Arnie! who had no good reason to move
from 11760 kHz where there is nothing else to be heard. Still on 11670
ex-11760 kHz during the English hour at 2033 UT check. The full span of
afternoon 11670 kHz usage is 1900-2130 UT in Arabic, Creole, English,

15370  Nov 16 at 2034 UT, RHC Arabic is now here, ex-17730 kHz, very good,
but this one axually aimed northeastward toward Arabisha.

6075  Nov 17 at 0131 UT, RHC Spanish on another new frequency from
tonight, ex-9710 kHz, and // 6060 kHz, so close, almost bookending poor
CFRX 6070 Toronto, with adjacent splash. The Dentro Cuban Jamming Command
didn't get the message to clean up their spurs around 6080 kHZ, pulsing
also audible QRMing RHC itself!
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Nov 17)

quick log in Cuban B-15 season now,
of 1240 to 1310 UT time slot on Nov 17:

CUBA   RHC / CRI / Radio Rebelde signals noted today Nov 17 on
remote SDR - Software Defined Radios at NJ/KY-US,
and Edmonton Alberta province at Canada.

 5025 CUB Radio Rebelde mx progr S=7 or -83dBm.
 6000 CUB RHC Spanish at 1240 UT, S=8-9, but suffered by Korean KRE/KOR
          whistle QRM tone interference of nearby 6003 kHz channel,
          propagate from Koreas via East Asia, Northern Pacific, Alaska
 9640 CUB S=6, rather poor northwards in USA / CAN.
 9710 CUB S=7-8, but always low modulated reception, sidelobe though
          meant at MEX/CTR/PNR, Central America.
 9820 CUB S=6 at 1250 UT.

 9850 RHC Bauta CUB- ! but not on air today !
      only weak S=3 signal of Korean Kujang-KRE bcast transmission.

11760 CUB RHC properly S=9+10dB as always, but UNDERNEATH annoying
          CNR1 Chinese service co-channel,
          from Kunming southern China mainland bcast center.
17580 CUB S=9+20dB, but distorted bad audio modulation quality,
          seemingly bad final stage booster tube ? Need for repair.
17730 CUB S=9+25dB POWERHOUSE northerly in US.
17750 CUB S=9+10dB, - on upper sideband S=8 signal of TRT Emirler
          Turkey foreign service in German language to central Europe
          at 1230-1326 UT.

 9570 CUB CRI English foreign service via booster at Titan Quivican
          San Felipe transmission center relay site.
          S=9+20dB at 10deg antenna.
vy73 wb df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 17)

CUBA   Noted North American morning log at 1510 to 1540 UT Nov 18,
on remote SDR servers in MI/OH-US posts, as well as in Alberta province in

Radio Habana Cuba - Horarios, Bandas y Frecuencias
Periodo del 16 de Noviembre de 2015 a 11 de Abril de 2016.

Ba = Bauta, Be = Bejucal, Ti = Titan Quivican San Felipe



Zonas Geograficas
Beam to:

North and Central/Sudamerica
          tx  kW deg
11760 kHz Ba 100 n-d  1200-1900 UT
S=9+5dB at 1510 UT, 19 kHz wide music signal,
Great "Sonido Cubano" or "Musica Cubana" feeling...

San Francisco
15370 kHz Ba 100 310  1400-1600 UT
S=9+15dB, 19 kHz wide music signal.

America Central
 9820 kHz Be 100 260  1200-1600 UT
S=3-4 on threshold in MI-US / Alberta CAN.
S=8 in FL-US remote post.

 9640 kHz Be  50 125  1200-1600 UT
S=4-5 tiny poor in MI-US / Alberta CAN.
S=9 in FL-US remote SDR rx post.
Little stronger than 9820 kHz.
QRM co-ch KBS Seoul Vietnamese sce from Korea.

Rio de Janeiro
17730 kHz Ba 100 135  1200-1600 UT
S=9+20dB powerhouse, 20.8 kHz wide music signal.

Buenos Aires
17750 kHz Ti 250 160  1200-1600 UT
S=8-9 backlobe, rather small 4.8 kHz wide signal.

CRI English relay via Titan Quivican San Felipe
15700 1400-1557 6,7SW HAB 250 305 HRS4/4/0.5 #216 CUB CRI RTC
S=9+20dB strength, up to 26 kHz wide signal at 1533 UT.

5025 kHz Radio Rebelde Bauta, S=9+10dB in FL-US remote SDR unit
at 1540 UT on Nov 18. 20 kHz wide music modulation signal.

wb df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 18)

CUBA   9535  RHC in Spanish at 0210 UT seemingly noticias on Argentine
matter, read by male and female presenter, S=8 strength, next to S=9
of Radio Oman Thumrait 9540 kHz in Arabic. Heard in southern Germany.

But here is the North America remote units report of Cuban outlets
at 0228 to 0250 UT slot.

Ba = Bauta, Be = Bejucal, Ti = Titan Quivican San Felipe

               tx  kW deg
Chicago        Ba 100 340  6165 kHz 0100-0700 UT
DXers UL  at 0110 UT Mon, 0130 UT Wed, 0210 UT Mon, 0230 UT Wed
0310 UT Mon, 0330 UT Wed, 0410 UT Mon, 0430 UT Wed, 0510 UT Mon
0530 UT Wed, 0610 UT Mon, 0630 UT Wed
S=9+10dB signal in KY-US remote post, mailbox program at 0237 UT, given
snail and e-mail addresses, P.O.Box 6240 La Habana, Cuba.

BUT much S=9+30dB stronger on 6000 kHz at 10degr
via Titan Quivican San Felipe site booster of 250 kW.
Washington     Ti 250 010  6000 kHz 0100-0500 UT
DXers UL  at 0110 UT Mon, 0130 UT Wed, 0210 UT Mon, 0230 UT Wed
0310 UT Mon, 0330 UT Wed, 0410 UT Mon, 0430 UT Wed


Zonas Geograficas
Beam to:

North and Central/Sudamerica
          tx  kW deg
11760 kHz Ba 100 n-d  2200-0300 UT, En Contacto 2335 UT Sun
S=8-9 heard in KY-US remote SDR post, at 0229 UT on Nov 19.

Nueva York
 6060 kHz Ba 100 010  0000-0500 UT, En Contacto 0235 UT Mon
at S=9+10dB signal strength level.

America Central
 9535 kHz Be 100 260  2200-0500 UT, En Contacto 2335 UT Sun, 0235 UT Mon
at S=9+5dB strength signal.

 6075 kHz Be  50 125  2200-0600 UT, En Contacto 2335 UT Sun, 0235 UT Mon
at S=9+5dB signal.

Rio de Janeiro
11670 kHz Ba 100 135  2400-0600 UT  En Contacto 0235 UT Mon
S=9+5dB signal strength.

Buenos Aires
15230 kHz Ti 250 160  2400-0700 UT  En Contacto 0235 UT Mon
only very poor signal northwards, screened in that direction due of metal
net behind curtain array. Just threshold in KY-US remote SDR, and poor S=6
signal heard on Edmonton, Alberta Canada remote post.

13740 kHz Ba 100 160  2200-0500 UT, En Contacto 2335 UT Sun, 0235 UT Mon
This Bauta outlet has most bad modulation of all Cuban transmitters,
S=9+25dB signal, but rough coarse distorted audio modulation.
Same bad TX unit like in 12-15 UT slot 17580 kHz Bauta 100kW 160deg

11840 kHz Ti 250 168  2200-0600 UT, En Contacto 2335 UT Sun, 0235 UT Mon
S=9 signal into USA/CAN North America at 0236 UT.

Tropical Band NVIS antenna Bauta 5040 kHz / 60 mb non-directional
2200-2400, 0200-0600 UTC, En Contacto 2335 UT Sun, 0235 UT Mon,
to Cuba, Caribe, Sur de E.U./USA, Canada, Mexico,
America Central y Norte de Sudamerica.
S=9+15dB in KY-US remote software defined radio post.

At 0237 UT also noted 5025 kHz from Bauta site, Radio Rebelde in Spanish,
nice very fast Rumba like music, S=9+15dB.

And Radio Progreso on 4765 kHz in 60 meterband too, at S=9+10dB,
? from Bejucal site ?, 50 kW TX made in USSR of 1963 era ?

CRI Beijing via Titan Quivican San Felipe site, 250 kW transmitter #1
Chinese program S=9+25dB signal at 0240 UT,
9580 kHz 0200-0257 UT to zone 8 HAB 250kW 10degr
HRS4/2/0.5dipole #206 Chi CUB CRI RTC

wb df5sx
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 19)

CYPRUS   Excuse, log 963 kHz in bcdx #1227 was wrong; should be
Greek language sce from Nicosia Cyprus island instead.

963.0045kHz GRC{sic}  S=7-8 Greek music program, at 1610 UT and 1704 UT,
on Nov 4.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 4 / 13)

ECUATORIAL GUINEA   5005  Radio Bata, improving reception at 1843 UT on
Nov 15, id. "mandamos cordiales saludos a todos los oyentes por la Radio
Bata", "Radio Bata, la estacion mas musical, desde la casa de la radio"
25432. At 1849 UT transmission cuts off abruptly.
(Manuel Mendez-Lugo-ESP, hcdx Nov 15)

Nothing heard at 1905 UT Nov 15. Manuel, good catch, but nothing noted
(listen and string non-visible) at 1905 UT tonight.
Aoki mention scheduled til 23 UTC ! ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 15)

ETHIOPIA   And at 1515 UT also unstable frequency noted of Ethiopia, Voice
of Democratic Alliance on odd 7236.236 kHz hopping 10 to 20 Hertz arround.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 15)

GEORGIA  [ABKHAZIA]  Abkhaz Radio observed 1-15 November on MW 1350 kHz
(no traces on SW 9535 kHz) in Abkhaz & Russian, Mon- Fri at 0357-0457 UT
and daily 0457 - vary to 0555 UT, and daily 1458 - vary 1555 UT.

News in Russian: Mon-Sat at 0530-0540 UT and Mon-Fri 1507-1515 UT and Sat
& Sun irregulary 1500-1515 UT. Before the start of bc and after the end
sounded Auto Radio Moscow program in Russian.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 17)

GERMANY   7300old / 7375 new TWR frequency in Belarus/Russian from MBR
Nauen Germany 100 kW 65 degr, left 7300 kHz channel in favour of 7375 kHz,
at 1500-1528 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

GERMANY   Frequency changes of Deutscher Wetterdienst via Pinneberg
0600-0630 NF-tentat. 5905 PIN 10 kW non-dir to CeEUR German CUSB, ex6040
1200-1230 NF-tentat. 5905 PIN 10 kW non-dir to CeEUR German CUSB, ex6040
2000-2030 on 5905 PIN 10 kW non-dir to CeEUR German CUSB, deleted ?
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

5905 kHz DWD Pinneberg registration request is only TENTATIVELY.
Still registered under request #304 / 306 / 307 for summer and winter
season, at present uses old UTE equipment. New tx equipment is still
be on planning stage.
6040 0600 0630 18,27,28 PIN 10kW
6040 1200 1230 18,27,28 PIN 10kW
5905 2000-2030 18,27,28 PIN 10kW
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

GERMANY/MADAGASCAR   MBR Nauen / BVB was heard in English as follows

Sun 0445-0515 UT 5980 with Day of Decision Ministries prgr, confirmed on
1, 8, 15 November, Nauen 125 kW at 120degr to NE/ME/CeAS.

Fri 0902-0917 UT 17540 Gospel Peace Ministries program, confirmed
on 25 Oct , 6 & 13 Nov, Nauen 125 kW at 145degr to NE/ME/CeAS.

Sun 1215-1230 UT 21480 (and not Suns at 1115-1130 ! UT - which is
1100-1230 UT on complex schedule on Suns-Fris, except Mondays, wb.)
Eternal Good News Ministries, confirmed on 25 Oct & 15 Nov. Via MBR
brokered BVBN on Talata-Volonondry Madagascar trasnmission relay center,
(see bcdx #1227 for AUSTRIA/GERMANY ...).

Sat 1515-1545 UT 13630 Waymark Ministries program heard on 14 November.
MBR brokered BVBN, via MBR Nauen site 125 kW at 95degr to SoAS/CeAS.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 17)

GREECE   Greek pirate and others from remote Calabria and Greek posts.
Strongest Greek pirate, 1619.831 kHz at 0040 UT on Nov 11,
// harmonic 3239.661 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 11)

GREECE   9420.004  Voice of Greece, played Greek music at 0205 UT
on Nov 19. Strong powerful signal S=9+30dB -42dBm at their 323degr Avlis
antenna towards West Europe, Atlantic ship fleet, and North America
audience target.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 19)

GUAM/GERMANY/SRI LANKA   DX Wavescan scheduling mystery.

15435, Sat Nov 14 at 2212 UT, Strine-accented general talk about the ABC,
Australia, NT service, etc. Can't be Radio Australia, nothing audible on
15415, or 17840. Sounds like something on 'DX Wavescan' from the HFCC
Conference in Brisbane; only poor signal and weakening. 2225 UT I can
still detect Jeff White with item about QSLing Radio Mi Amigo, so it is
'Wavescan'; 2229 UT AWR theme and ID mentioning 15435 kHz. I was not aware
of this airing of DX Wavescan, but now it's in the DX/SWL/Media Programs

What does HFCC B-15 say? KSDA Guam at 2200-2230 UT, in English on days
1/3/5, Sun[danese] on days 2/4/6/7. Well, that's either incorrect, or
they've shifted the days from correct UT days to match UT times, i.e.
calling this "day 1" Sunday, which it is in the target area, but if you
are giving times in UT, SO MUST THE DAYS BE.

I start searching the AWR website hoping for a complete and updated WS
schedule. It seems that AWR thinks the title of the program is "DX
Wavescan", not just Wavescan. Someone please tell Jeff and Adrian!

[later]  Jeff,  {Glenn Hauser to Jeff White at RMI}
It would be a big help to those of us trying to compile comprehensive
schedules of DX programs, if you would provide and keep updated a listing
by day and time of ALL DX Wavescan broadcasts on all SW outlets.

I just heard DX Wavescan at 2200-2230 UT Sat on 15435 kHz via KTWR Guam,
which is news to me. Hunting on the AWR website, this is all I find, no
sites specified, for Asia,  at least I think it refers to "DX Wavescan"
(not Wavescan), and the first S is hilited, meaning Sundays, not

It's also been unclear whether the 15320 kHz broadcast at 2330 is on
UT Saturday or (as it used to be, I think) UT Sundays. Maybe I can confirm
one way or the other shortly, if I can hear it.


AWR English India  {old A-15 summer schedule}
English 1030-1100 UTC 17730 kHz 16 Meter Band smtwtfs
English 1530-1600 UTC 15670 kHz 19 Meter Band smtwtfs
English 1600-1630 UTC 15530 kHz 19 Meter Band smtwtfs
English 1600-1630 UTC 11995 kHz 25 Meter Band smtwtfs
English 2200-2230 UTC 15435 kHz 19 Meter Band smtwtfs
English 2330-0000 UTC 15320 kHz 19 Meter Band smtwtfs
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Nov 14)

Re: Wavescan scheduling mystery.

Sats 2200  AWR DX Wavescan Asia Guam, E,  INS/MLA/SNG  -  15435 kHz
Sats 2330  AWR DX Wavescan Asia Guam, E,  VTN/SoEaAS   -  15320 kHz
as in wwdxc hobby list.

Both should marked as UTC Saturday broadcasts, but local Sunday in their
target, in

15320 heard at present on UT Saturdays, when tuned in at 2340 UT,
UT Nov 14, 2015. Heard at S=9+5dB level in Tokyo Japan remote SDR post,
featured Radio Australia by Mr. Baxter, of 1968year start of Cox isl
Darwin relay site transmission, heard at 2349 UT AWR DX Wavescan stn ID
and, TX cut OFF at 2359:05 UTC.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

There has also been confusion whether the 2330 UT broadcast on 15320 kHz
is really UT Sat or UT Sun as it used to be. I can't hear anything but a
JBA carrier at 2332 UT, but Wolfgang Bueschel confirms it remotely as AWR
DX Wavescan on UT Saturday, as well as the 2200 UT broadcast. The least
they could do would be to put the 2200 UT and 2330 UT broadcasts first on
the list, since they occur before the others, which are undisputedly on
Sundays, UT and locally.

But what about all the other WS times on WRMI, WWCR, KVOH? I've suggested
to Jeff White that it would be very helpful if he could provide a
comprehensive AWR DX Wavescan schedule by day and time order on all
stations, and keep it updated (most likely to change being WRMI itself).
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Nov 15)

INDIA   7250 old / 7505 new AIR Goa Panaji which caused terrible QRM
interference to co-channel Dhaka Banglasdesh on 7250 kHz in past seasons.
AIR Goa Panaji left for 7505 kHz now, on upper end of 41mb.

11740 old / 11560 new AIR Goa Panaji in Pashto / Dari to AFG,
left 11740 kHz in favour of 11560 kHz at 0200-0345, 1300-1530 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

INDIA   Also heard AIR Shillong at 0118 UT Nov 19 on 4970.016 kHz
footprtint, tiny S=5 and low -96dBm strength though.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 19)

INDONESIA   3324.891  UNID weak tiny signal 'visible' and fragments of
music, maybe Palangkaraya under threshold level at 1020 UT on Nov 10.
Some notings of remote SDR log at Brisbane downunder, on Nov 10
at 1010-1110 UT.

3904.981  Nice fair to strong signal of RRI Merauke SOUTH-SEA-like smooth
music played at 1010 UT, S=9+ or -65dBm signal strength.

4749.943  Noted - tentatively - weaker RRI Makassar, much lesser signal
strength than 3904.981 kHz RRI Merauke. On same channel noted CNR1 Chinese
top ahead on 4749.994 kHz fingerprint.

9525.978, VoI Cimanggis, S=9 or -67dBm signal strength noted at 1055 UT,
played light Indonesian music singer, but heavily disturbed by VoA Chinese
from Tinang-MRA islands and accompanied word spoken CNR jamming by China
mainland on even 9530 kHz. Long path ride of the Chinese programs, heard
time pips 6 seconds late at 1100 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 10)

INDONESIA   3904.981  (thanks to Wolfy for measurement), Pro 1 RRI
Merauke. They continue to air their multiple news casts at 1200, 1300 and
1400 UT; at 1258 UT on Nov 11, with RRI jingle; usual pre-news theme
music; 1301 UT pips (full minute late); news (local?), commentary(?) and
economic news(?); ending at 1323 UT with usual patriotic song "Bagimu
Negeri"; followed by "Pro Satu RRI Merauke" ID; ham QRM; poor. Later at
1403 UT, news (headlines?) ending at 1406 UT with the normally played
patriotic song "Bagimu Negeri"; followed by RRI jingle and another "Pro
Satu RRI Merauke" ID; almost fair, as my local sunrise was coming up at
1445 UT.

4749.943  (thanks again to Wolfy for measurement), Pro 4 RRI Makassar.
On Nov 9 through Nov 11, still hearing only RRI and CNR1, with no hint
of Bangladesh Betar.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 11)

INDONESIA   9525.981  heard German service of VoINS Cimanggis scheduled
daily at 18-19 UT, ID and addresses given at 1852 UT on Nov 14, S=9+25dB
and -51dBm.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

INDONESIA   On Nov 14, a very good day for RRI reception!

3324.891 (Wolfy's recent measurement), RRI Palangkaraya, noted off the air
Nov 14, at 1300 and subsequent checking. Recently has been on the air

3344.86 (Hiroyuki Komatsubara's measurement), RRI Ternate, as he heard
them on Nov 10, from 0930 on-and-off till 1500*, ending with "Pulau
Ambon." Not heard since by Hiroyuki, nor by myself on Nov 13 &14. Looks
like a one day event, but worth keeping an eye on this frequency for a

3904.981 (Wolfy's recent measurement), Pro 1 RRI Merauke, 1441-1501* UT,
Nov 13. In Bahasa Indonesia; program pop hit songs in English
(Celine Dion "My Heart Will Go On," Diana Ross & Lionel Richie "Endless
Love," etc.); 1459 UT RRI jingle, local ID and usual theme music
"Love Ambon," which is also called "Pulau Ambon" (Island of Ambon),
composed by George de Fretes.

Nov 14, RRI Merauke, at 1304, with the Jakarta news till patriotic song
"Bagimu Negeri" at 1312; off at 1503*, ending with "Pulau Ambon"; ham QRM,
but almost fair.

4749.943 (Wolfy's recent measurement), Pro 4 RRI Makassar, 1317, Nov 14.
Above average reception; mostly phone conversations.

4869.914 (Wolfy's recent measurement), RRI Wamena. Nov 14, at 1303, with
music program; the best heard in a while.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

IRAN   7240 kHz Persian heard around 1445-1500 UT tune-in.
UNIDENTIFIED Persian in 14-15 UT slot...

BSKSA Riyadh is 1500-1757 UT scheduled in B-15 season, but heard an UNID
in Persian language before, and at 1500-1503 UT UT heard Muslim HQ prayer
in Arabic instead, followed by Persian program from 1504 UT.

Underneath 7240 kHz co-channel Chinese program of CNR Lhasa Tibet,
PBS Xizang.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 15)

IRAN   6135 kHz Harmonic
Re: [A-DX] 2 x 6135 kHz = 12267 kHz French, 1820-1920 UT 500kW
304 degrees from Kamalabad site. Discussion in A-DX newsgroup.

re <ploetzlich abgebrochen/abgeschaltet>    ... nix da,

Der IRIB nutzt eine landestypische Zeitzone,
die Sendungen enden/starten seit einigen Jahren um xx.20 oder xx.50 hrs.

Laut Maes Liste hat IRIB Kamalabad um die 16 Sender
aus den Jahren 1984 bis 1990 im Einsatz, geliefert von
BBC Asea Schweiz - jetzt Ampegon Turgi-Schweiz.
Aber auch Antennensysteme von ex AEG-Telefunken, frueher West-Berlin.

Durch das US/Israel Wirtschaftsembargo gegen das Mullah Regime im Iran,
fehlts natuerlich den Persern an den hochwertigen Ersatzteilen,
wie z.B. neue Endstufenroehren
oder auch eine gute Antennenwartung - mit Devisen bezahlt -
aus Ampegon Schifferstadt usw.

Da gilt nur die Hoffnung, auf die unbeschraenkte Aufnahme
der Wirtschaftsbeziehungen zwischen dem Iran mit Europa,
weit verbreitet in den Medien gemeldet ab dem Januar 2016.

Die Antenne fuer Franzoesisch bzw. Italienisch hat verschiedene
274 Grad Grund-Azimuth, +30 Grad Franz., bzw. +15 Grad Italienisch.
Die Harmonische erzeugt sich moeglicherweise nur in den +30 Grad
Vorhang-Schielsystem Elementen.

Allzu auffaellig mit Harmonischen war der IRIB nach meinen Beobachtungen
bisher nicht.

Bei Beobachtungen mit der Bandwacht fuer Hamradio Bereiche fielen nur
einige wenige Male Intermodulationen von zwei Sendern im gleichen
13 Meterband auf,

vorzugsweise im Bereich 21200(Afu Bereich) bis 21700 kHz aus Zahedan,
letzteres Sendezentrum auch Made in BBC Schweiz Sender.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 16)

IRELAND   WPAS Logs on Nov 13-15.

Nov 13, 1125-1210 UTC
27505 SS Peter & Paul Church Kilmallock, Co. Limerick
27601 St. Munchin's Church Clany Strand/Limerick, Co. Limerick
27601 Church of BVM Immaculate Portglenone, Co. Antrim
27605 Church of the Immaculate Conception of the BVM Newcastle West, Co.
27721 SS John & Paul Church Tullyvarraga/Shannon, Co. Clare

Nov 14, 1100 UTC
27165 St. Anne's Church Rathnure, Co. Wexford

Nov 15, 1030-1100 UTC
27611 SS Peter & Paul Church Athlone, Co. Westmeath
27831 Church of the Immaculate Conception Blarney, Co. Cork
27991 St. Mary's Cathedral Killarney, Co. Kerry

Nov 15, 1125-1200 UTC
27185 St. John the Baptist Church Kilmaley, Co Clare
27425 St. Mary's Church Tarbert, Co. Kerry
27761 St. Gerard's Church Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim
27801 St Mary's Church Ardmore/Derry, Co. Derry
27941 Church of the Assumption of the BVM Walkinstown, Dublin 12

Nov 15, 1200-1230 UTC
27661 Sacred Heart Church Glounthaune, Co. Cork
27795 SS Peter & Paul Church Clarecastle, Co. Clare
27831 Church of the Immaculate Conception Blarney, Co. Cork
(Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX Nov 15)

KAZAKHSTAN   Kazakh Radio has appeared on new frequency of 1557 kHz, heard
in Finland at 1430 UT, and continues at 2100 UT, so seemingly 24 hrs sce.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN  WRTH 19 Oct, via Nov BrDXC-UK Communication magazine,
dxld Nov 11)

LIBERIA   Photos: ELWA Radio 4760 kHz Tropical wave and FM 94.5 MHz
and now in short wave 6050 kHz from Monrovia, Montserrado - Liberia.
Photos of the engineers working on the antenna tropical wave 4760 kHz.

Photo ELWA Radio Web site: <>

(Daniel Wyllyans-MT-BRA hcdx dxld Nov 11)

LITHUANIA/USA   Special EDXC Broadcast on 5-7 December.
Rhein-Main-Radio-Club will be broadcasting on shortwave about
the EDXC - Conference at St.Petersburg Russia.

Special QSL-Card for reception reports to RMRC
<mail -at->

or by snail mail post to
Rhein-Main-Radio-Club e.V.
Postfach 700 849
60558 Frankfurt, Germany.

Via Sitkunai, Lithuania
5 December 0800-0900 11690 to Asia (Japan) in English
5 December 0900-1000 11690 to Russia in Russian.

Via WRMI, Okeechobee-FL-USA
5 December 2200-2300 11580 may be audible in Europe
6 December 0100-0200 11580 may be audible in Europe
6 December 2300-0000  5850 to North America
6 December 0500-0600  9955 to Caribbean and Latin America
7 December 2100-2200  7570 to North America.
                           This may also be audible in Europe.
7 December 2100-2200 15770 to Europe and North America.
(DX-Window No. 542, dswci Nov 13; direct and via DXSoAsia)

LUXEMBOURG   RTL, MW Marnach 1440 kHz, closure confirmed.

On 31 December 2015 the transmitter of Radio Luxemburg on 1440 kHz will be
closed. By 1 April 2016 all steel constructions shall have been removed.
Some works have already been started. All info via Christian Milling
referring to the newspaper Luxemburger Wort of 3 October 2015.
(Bengt Ericson-SWE, ARC, Nov BrDXC-UK Communication magazine via dxld)

The full schedule of RTL Marnach 1440 since time change is (all times UT)

0355-0400: Interval Signal
0400-0600: Sun: RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
0400-0700: Mon-Sat RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
0600-0630: Sun Missionswerk Freundesdienst
0630-0700: Sun RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
0700-1200: China Radio International Beijing (in German)
1200-1210: RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
1210-1655: Off air
1655-1830: Thu-Tue: RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
1655-1825: Wed: RTL Radio 93.3 & 97.0
1825-1830: Wed Lutherische Stunde
1830-1900: Missionswerk Freundesdienst
1900-0000: China Radio International Beijing (in German)
0000-0001: Luxembourg National Anthem
0001-0355: Off air.
(James Robinson,, 25 Oct, ibid., via dxld Nov 11)

MOLDOVA   873  Rumors confirmed at last: As of February 2015, Radio
Moldova Actualitatsi on 873 kHz (Codru transmitter site) are employing a
new Nautel NX50 (50 kW) transmitter. Curious turn of events, given earlier
reports of a 100 kW Transradio unit delivered, installed, tested and sent
back to the manufacturer.

Then again, as a sidenote - no idea which source the WRTH were using when
showing 150 kW for 873 / Codru in their 2015 edition. Wishful thinking?
The older (DSV-150) unit wasn't being used at full power for quite a
while, with just one of the two 'semi-blocks' in use at 75 kW only.
(Leo Barmaleo-MDA, UT Nov 7, dxld)

MONGOLIA   4830.00  Mongoliin R, from Altay location, at *2302-2315 UT on
Nov 06, Mongolian talk and songs. Thanks to Daniel Wyllyans for alerting
me on this reactivation. However the signal was much, much weaker, than
when it disappeared in January 2015 using 10 kW! 15211. No carriers noted
on 4895 or 7260 kHz.
(Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW Nov 6)

MYANMAR   7200.00, Myanmar Radio, at 0920-0948 UT on Nov 10. Long
interview and breaks for pop songs; phone ringing and chatting; brief QRM
from CNR1 testing their transmitter at 0941 & 0945 UT, before the full-
time jamming at 1000 UT, to block RTI.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 10)

MYANMAR   5915.00  Myanma R, from Naypyidaw site, at 0005-0025 UT on Nov
04, Bamar talk and music, 34333, QRM from 5920.

5985.00   Myanma R, Naypyidaw{?? rather Rangoon or Pyin U Lwin site, wb}
Main Programme, at *2330-2355 UT on Nov 07 and 08, Bamar talks with short,
local string music on the day of the Election, 35333. Also heard at
0000-0010 UT, Nov 04, Bamar talk with frequent drum interludes, 34333,
QRM from 5990 kHz.

6165.00, Myanma R, Pyin U Lwin, at 0025-0040 UT on Nov 04, Chin ann (not
Chinese!), pop music, 0029 UT song by choir, 0035 UT female introducing in
Kachin, 0037 UT indigenous music, 35232.
(Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW Nov 4)

MYANNAR   6165  Thazin Radio via Pyin Oo Lwin in northern Burma,
at 1352-1458* UT on Nov 17. Per a tip from fellow DX'er Harold Sellers,
out there in Kelowna, British Columbia, tuned into the frequency of
6165 kHz at 1352 UT hearing a program of indigenous ballad music,
with comments in Burmese by female speaker.

There was no interference and the quite stable with s4 to s5 level. This
programming was played from this time frame to 1428 UT, then a pause,
female speaker with what I thought was a ID, then very distinctive flute /
piccolo music played at 1430 UT. More ballad music with female singers
followed. 1435 UT hrs. the NEWSCAST in English was readied by a female
announcer with several key references to land issues, recent election,
co-operation between the delegates in Myanmar and a economical trade show.
1442 UT Single TIME Note.

This was followd with a English selection called 'You are my Lady' sung by
Janet Jackson 1446 UT rest of the program was sort of up-beat hip-hop
dance music with heavy of the drums and guitar, but rather low-keyed. I
should added the signal was peaking about 1442 UT hrs just prior to local
sunrise with a nice s5 to s6 s-reading. 1458 UT hrs Female speaker came on
with closing comments and agian the Flute/piccola music played (their
Interval Signal ?) and sign-off at 1459 hrs UTC. I must say one of the
best mornings for this signal path into Central Alberta !
(Edward Kusalik-Alb-CAN, DXplorer Nov 17)

QATAR   675 MW, R Qatar, Al Arish, at 1955 UT on Oct 31, Arabic comment on
Quran, at 2000 UT ID: "Huna Qatar", discussion in studio, 32552.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, via dswci DXW Nov 11)

ROMANIA   15515  presumed Raadiyo Warra Wangeelaa at 1516 UT in English
with music and interview of a band. Didn't realize what this was until I
checked references later. Too bad I didn't stay with it to 1530 UT; is
Saturday only 1500-1530 UT. EiBi says in Oromo, Aoki shows English.
Program originates with the Union of Oromo Evangelical Churches of Europe.
35343. - Fair, Nov 14.
(Harold Sellers-BC-CAN, DXplorer Nov 15)

RUSSIA   Heavy Duty broadcasting center in Kuibyshev. 1942 history.

In 1939-1940, it was decided to build a city of Kursk superpower radio
transmitting station 1,200 kilowatts. Technical performance was entrusted
to A.L.Mintsa. A draft, selected area, to the factories of Moscow and
Leningrad have placed orders for manufacturing equipment. It incorporated
a five-storey building maintenance overhead. Construction began in 1941
... The beginning of the war mixed plans. Construction transmitting center
was urgently relocated under the Kuibyshev. Already in July 1941, it sets
a new Square!

oschadka under construction.

The site was chosen for the following reasons. Firstly, the construction
of large transmitting radio centers was carried out at a distance of not
less than thirty kilometers away from the big cities - the area looking
for in this radius. It said what took place in this area single-track
railway line for the construction of hydropower. The fact is that before
the war the Kuibyshev hydroelectric station has been designed near the
mouth of the river Juice, where the Tsar's Barrow.

For the purpose of the construction was laid down several villages, one of
them was called "Management". There were camps for prisoners that would
enable the construction workforce. After the war, the project on technical
and economic reasons, revised and transferred Kuibyshev hydroelectric
station upstream, closer to the old Stavropol (now Tolyatti).

There was also energobaza - have worked Bezymyanskaya CHP which was
practically next door. It was also an important factor. At the time, the
efficiency of transmitting stations was low - at 1 megawatt emitted by the
transmitter consumes 5.6 megawatts of electricity. Based on the
requirements of wartime was!

given the task to put radiotsen!

mp under the ground, on top of leaving only the antenna structure. Power
supply cables also conducted underground, go to the air line is only for
railway station "Vodinskaya." Copper coaxial cables of large diameter,
reaching to the antennas, also were buried in a special feeder tunnel.

The essence of the adopted technical solutions can be summarized as
follows. In the pre-war years in the construction of transmitting the
centers engineers are faced with the problem of the lack of powerful radio
tubes. They could build a transmitter 20-30 kilowatt, but more powerful
transmitters could be done, there was no corresponding lamps. Out of the
situation by including multiple // tubes, two, three, up to five. With
further increase in the number of lamps appeared parasitic capacitance,
inductance per unit length, which is not allowed rabotata transmitter.
Such difficulties with lamps existed just before the war, when they built
only long and medium-transmitters. Later, shortwave great power proved no
longer needed, the KV - a "long-range" waves, using them only 10 watts can
be contacted around the globe. There was a problem especially medium and
long waves.

At medium waves at night good passing, but in the afternoon and the short
and medium wave due to the physical characteristics of poorly distributed.
However, the goal was set so that the transmitters would cover a larger
area, for this long and medium waves and needed a large capacity. No one
in the world at that time did not have this problem. And Americans and
Europeans have decided to build it in different ways lamps, but the power
of the biggest transmitters would not exceed 100 kilowatts.

And then A.L.Mints proposed the idea: not to collect lamps and
transmitters. If more than one low-power transmitters will work on a
common load (on a common antenna or addition in the air) in the sum can
reach more air capacity. For the first time this principle has been built
"Small Comintern" - six transmitters were formed in total intermediate
circuit and output to the antenna high power, thus achieving the ethereal
power of 200-300 kilowatts. Then in Moscow was built and the "Big
Comintern" is also named after the Com!

communist International, he has worked for 500 kilowatts and was already
the most powerful transmitter in the world, which was not similar. Thus,
even before the war, the Soviet Union has become the world leader in high-
power broadcasting.

Further see: <>
(RUS-DX #846, 15 November 2015)

"Radiopanorama." The program is in Russian. Author and presenter Vadim
World Radio Network 738 kHz Moscow 5 kW

23.46-23.58 (Fri)
04.16-04.28 (Mon)
07.46-07.58 (Sun)
12.16-12.28 (Sat)
15.46-15.58 (Sun)
18.46-18.58 (Mon)
20.46-20.58 (Sat)

You can listen to the program on the Internet page of the Russian SWL / DX
site: <>
(RUS-DX #846, 15 November 2015)

SPAIN   9690, Saturday Nov 14 at 1944 UT, no signal from REE North
American service, which ought to be propagating by now; others are
audible, 11530 kHz a JBA carrier; 15390 kHz very poor and 15500 kHz merely
poor. At 2216 UT recheck, 9690 kHz is definitely AWOL, while 11530 kHz is
VP, 15390 & 15500 kHz are good. No, not heard on ex-17855 kHz either,
which is still registered in B-15 HFCC as imaginary / alternative.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Nov 15)
REE often only 3 channels on air, wb.

SYRIA   783 MW, R Damascus, Tartus, at 0400 UT on Nov 06, Hebrew, open
with ID: "Kol Damashek" (approx.), 53443.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, dswci DXW Nov 11)

TAIWAN   Sound of Hope / RFA prgr in Mandarin was heard on November 14th
at 1730 UT on 6730, 9180 and new (maybe) // 6380, 7730, 7800 kHz.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 17)

Footprint exact frequencies on Nov 18 at 1130 UT:
6369.933, 6729.932, 7729.962, 7800.090, and 9180.164 kHz. wb.

TAJIKISTAN  [UZBEKISTAN non]   Re: Perseus Colombo.
BBC Uzbek 4790 kHz check at Victor's Perseus in 1257-1301 UT slot.
Some 12 Hertz down frequency noted that outlet.

4789.988 kHz footprint from Dushanbe TJK 1300-1330 UT daily, not like
compared to recent exact even frequency 4765 kHz of Tajik R1 program. S=7
or -86dBm signal in Piliyandala. I hear no jamming, but in background very
low ?CODAR? ute scratches? coming from easterly Pacific ?

Uwe Volk updated the web router at Victor's site in Piliyandala Ceylon
today, changed the router mode, and now the access to SDR receiver unit
works fine, and excellent antenna signals noted too. GREAT, many thanks to
Piliyandala, ultra excellent reception at 1220 UT, Nov 8 Perseus alignment
+002 Hertz throughout, also 13 mb. vy73 de wolfy.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 8)

TAJIKISTAN/OMAN/THAILAND   4790.00, BBC, via Dushanbe Yangiyul,
at *1300-1310 UT on Nov 07, Opening melody, Uzbek news about Kabul,
at 1310 UT musical interlude, 25131 // BBC, via Thailand 15510 kHz (45344)
(Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW Nov 11)

BBC Uzbek language service on 4790 kHz, some odd frequency minus 12 Hertz
footprint down noted that Dushanbe outlet.

4789.988 kHz footprint from Dushanbe-TJK 1300-1330 UT daily.
Check // Oman 13865 and 17780 kHz, also Thailand 15510 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 8)

TAJIKISTAN   Location in map antennas Tropical wave Radio BBC Uzbek
4790 kHz relay from Dushanbe, Yangiyul - Tajikistan

Note that these same{sic} antennas airs the radios:
- Tajik Radio 1 - 4765 kHz, and BBC Uzbek sce on 4790v kHz.

{but these programs via curtain arrays nearby at same soil ...
TJK_Dushanbe Yangi Yul 30masts, and 36 lower antennas, wb.}

- Radio Free Asia
- Voice of Tibet
- CMN Khmer Radio
- National Unity Broadcasting Station. UBS
(Daniel Wyllyans-BRA, via RusDX Nov 8 via dxld)

4 radio towers, rectangle or //ogram in the middle; could be MW array.
I rather doubt that these would serve for multiple SW frequencies and

How many transmitters are there at Yangiyul? WRTH 2015 page 487 says
Teleradiokom has SW: 1 x 50 kW, 5 x 100 kW, as well as on MW, 150 and
100 kW. (The other site, Orzu, on SW: 2 x 1000 [sic] kW; and operated on
behalf of IBB/USA: SW, 1 x 250, 1 x 500 kW; On MW, 1000, 300 and 500 kW;
for IBB, 800 kW).
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Nov 11)

Recently the Tajik R 1 px appeared on even 4765.000 kHz - so another tx
erected or re-aligned now, but former odd tx of x.988 kHz appeared on
4789.988v kHz.

USSR era history
4635, 4740, 4940, 4975 kHz  fountain like steep angle fountain antennas at
38 29 28.58 N  68 48 43.99 E
38 29 10.87 N  68 49 13.86 E
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 18)

15510, BBC World Service in Uzbek, via Nakhon Sawan, at *1300-1330* UT on
Sunday Oct 25 and daily thereafter. Fair signal on clear channel with no
jamming, 35443, ex17860 kHz until Oct 15.

The B-15 HFCC database also has them listed *1300 to 1330* UT on 13865 and
17780 kHz both via Oman. However, monitoring revealed these to be CRI in
undetermined language in//with each other, but not with 15510 kHz. The
transmission reported on 4790 kHz via Tajikistan (c.f. DX-Windows #539 and
#540) is not audible here 1300-1330 UT.
(Michael Ford-UK, dswci DXW Nov 11)

TURKEY   630 MW, Voice of Turkey, Mersin, at 0356 UT on Nov 08, UNID, IS
of Radio Antalya, National Anthem, ID maybe in Arabic and programme in
Arabic under Romanian stations, beginning with sermon - not // 891 kHz MW
(Antalya programme with news in Turkish), 52542.

891 MW, TRT1, Antalya, at 0356 UT on Nov 08, Turkish, after DST first day
on normal time UTC+2hrs, IS of Radio Antalya, ID: "Burase Radio Antalya,
kasa dalga sekis mil doksan bir kilohertz " (approx.), National Anthem and
from 0400 UT news of TRT1, 54544.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, dswci DXW Nov 11)

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES   1170 MW, Abu Dhabi R, Al Dhabbaya, at 1859 UT on
Oct 31, Arabic, ID: "Idaatu Abu Dhabi ", 33543.
(Rumen Pankov-BUL, dswci DXW Nov 11)

USA   4839.994  WWCR Nashville also odd frequency on lower side,
ODD since 2-3 weeks now. English sermon prayer, S=9+15dB.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 19)

USA   Strong signal of WHRI Angel 2 on November 13
till 0600  11635 HRI 250 kW 47 deg to WeEUR English
0600-0700   7315 HRI 250 kW 47 deg to WeEUR English Brother Stair
0700-0800   7355 HRI 250 kW 47 deg to WeEUR English Brother Stair
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 14)

B15 schedule V of America English on SW to Africa

0300-0400 909-bo 1530-sa 4930-bo 6080-va 15580-kt
0400-0500 909-bo 1530-sa# 4930-bo 4960-sa 6080-sa 15580-kt
0500-0600 909-bo 4930-bo 6080-sa 15580-bo
0600-0700 909-bo 1530-sa 6080-sa 9550-sa 15580-bo
1400-1500 4930-bo 6080-bo 15580-bo 17885-sa
1500-1600 4930-bo 6080-bo 15580-bo 17895-sa (mo-fr Border Crossings)
1600-1700 909-bo 1530-sa 4930-sa 6080-bo 9915-ud 15580-bo 17895-va
1700-1800 6080-sa 9915-ud 13590-kt#sa## 15580-bo 17895-va
1800-1830 909-bo(SaSu) 4930-bo 6080-sa 13590-la 15580-bo
1830-1900 909-bo(SaSu) 4930-bo 6080-sa 13590-la 15580-bo
1900-2000 909-bo 4930-bo 6080-sa 13590-sa 15580-bo
2000-2100 909-bo 1530-sa 4930-bo 4940-sa(SaSu)## 6080-sa 15580-va
2100-2200 1530-sa 6080-sa 15580-gr (HFCC)

B15 schedule for VOA Studio 7 to Zimbabwe in Shona/Ndebele/English
1700-1800 909-bo  4930-bo 13860-sa 15460-sa
1800-1900 909-bo 13860-sa 15460-sa (HFCC)

B15 schedule for VOA Sudan in Focus in English to Sudan/South Sudan
1630-1700 Mo-Fr 11900-me 15180-va 13865-wo
(HFCC via Nov BrDXC-UK Communication via dxld Nov 11)

# and ## not explained! Sites not explained here either, and are not
standard as in other references.
bo = Botswana; sa = Sao Tome; va Vatican [violating Separation of Church &
State]; kt = Kuwait; ud = Thailand; la = Germany; gr = USA.
Note: substitutions may be made without notice,
e.g. 6080 Greenville instead of sa at 0630 (gh, dxld Nov 11)

USA   VOA Radiogram changes to 5865 kHz Saturday 0930-1000 UT.

The VOA Radiogram broadcast Saturdays at 0930-1000 UTC will change
to 5865 kHz effective 14 November. This should alleviate any
interference experienced by the Colombian audience of Alcaravan Radio
on 5910 kHz.

This Saturday 0930-1000 UT transmission uses a dipole intended for the
Caribbean, but it is often heard and decoded in the Asia-Pacific region.
And in the weeks surrounding the winter solstice, this broadcast is also
occasionally heard (or decoded, even if not heard) in Europe.

VOA Radiogram transmission schedule
(all days and times UTC):
Sat 0930-1000  5865 kHz
Sat 1600-1630 17580 kHz
Sun 0230-0300  5745 kHz
Sun 1930-2000 15670 kHz
All via the Edward R. Murrow transmitting station in Greenville North

(Kim Elliott-DC-USA, dxld Nov 10)

USA/SRI LANKA   11580 Frequency change - PCJ Radio weekly SW broadcasts
Nov 14 - Dec 26, Saturdays 0900-1000 UT.

We are making a frequency change for our series of special broadcasts to
Europe. We have also changed the site.

The dates and time will remain the same.
Now it it be 44 degrees out of RMI Okeechobee-FL-US site on 11580 kHz.
(Keith Perron on PCJ's F_B, via Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK ng)

PCJ Radio weekly SW broadcasts Nov 14 - Dec 26.
Please find the attached information regarding the special programs we are
beaming to Europe and Southeast Asia.

Beginning November 14th, 2015. PCJ Radio International will offer a series
of special broadcasts before the end of the year for listeners in Europe
and Southeast Asia ...

Time: 0900 to 1000 UT on Saturdays.
Frequency: 17825 kHz {see change as above on 11580 kHz instead, wb.}
November 14th  Say It With Music
November 21st  Call it Ukraine
November 28th  Rockin with Raoul
December  5th  Classics with David Monson
December 12th  Special Jazz For The Asking
December 19th  European radio during WW2 (documentary)
December 26th  Special listeners programs
Each of these special transmissions will have a special E-QSL.
Good Listening!
(Keith Perron on PCJ Media and PCJ Radio F_B page, 29 Oct; BrDXC-UK ng)

B15 schedule for Vatican Radio in English

0140-0200 Daily As 7410-va 9560-va
0300-0320 Daily As 15470-Tinang
0300-0330 Daily Af 7360-va 9660-md
0500-0530 Daily Af 7360-va 11625-md
0630-0700 Daily Af 9660-va 11625-va
0730-0745 .mtwtfs ME 15595-va
0800-1130 irreg Af 21550-va (irreg -special events)
0900-1100 XwX Eu 7250-va (Papal audience - multiple languages)
[I'm not sure how those X's get in there, but leaves Wed only above, gh]
1130-1200 .....f. As 17590-va 21560-va (mass)
1530-1550 Daily As 11695-Tinang 15470-Palauig 15775-va-drm (Sat Mass to
1715-1730 Daily ME 11935-va
1730-1800 Daily Af 9660-md 11625-va 13765-va
2000-2030 Daily Af 9660-va 11625-va
(Nov BrDXC-UK Communication via gh dxld Nov 11)

VIETNAM   5975.00  Voice of Vietnam, Son Tay, at 2300-2325 UT on Nov 08,
Vietnamese news, 25343 // Voice of Vietnam-2 on 5925 kHz (22342 Hum from
another station).
(Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW Nov 11)

VIETNAM   7220.074  Voice of Vietnam, Son Tay in Vietnamese at 1510 UT on
Nov 15, some S=9+10dB signal here in Europe.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 15)


World Radiocommunications Conference.

IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday 15th November 2015.

The news from WRC-15 on the possibility of an allocation to the Amateur
service at 5 MHz is not very heartening. Some administrations are
insisting on the use of very restrictive eirp limits if an allocation is
made. At the moment three major administrations are resisting any
allocation at 5 MHz. The time allocated for conclusion of this item has
now expired and there is a danger of a no change position being adopted if
a consensus cannot be reached reasonably quickly. If a favourable
consensus can be reached it would seem to be tending towards a worldwide
15 kHz allocation with a power limit of fifteen watts. Unfortunately this
would be quite a distance from what was hoped for. However, we live in
hope and await a final decision on the issue.
(Mike Terry-UK, BrDXC-UK Nov 15)


Read our new paper with a few sample screenshots at

The new 2016 catalogue plus full A4 size sample pages of all printed
new publications, et al, can be downloaded from our website.
Simply click the PDF or GIF symbol!

New product: 2016 Frequency Database for the
Perseus Software-Defined Receiver
now comprises 14'282 entries, with BOTH broadcast AND! professional
utility radio stations on HF now showing the call sign as well!
See our website for details.

New product: more than 11'500 Digital Data Decoder Screenshots
on USB Stick. See our website for details.

For latest screenshots of PLATH and WAVECOM Digital Data Decoders
see our hotfrequencies webpage updated daily.

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Phone +49 7071 62830
Fax   +49 7071 600849
E-Mail   <info -at->
Internet <>  Nov 18


Footprints, quick log in Colombo CLN on Victor's remote SDR unit, Nov 9

5059.984 CHN  PBS Xinjiang, Chinese, Urumqi at 0100 UT
5040.001 IND  AIR Calcutta Jeypore, S=9+20dB
5025     CUB  Radio Rebelde, Bauta Cuba, S=6
5010.004 IND  AIR Thiruvananthapuram, S=9+20dB
4979.988 CHN  CNR Xinjiang, Uighur, Urumqi, S=6
4970.014 IND  AIR Shillong, 0117 UT, only S=6
4949.726 AGL  Radio Nacional, Port, S=5, poor signal
4919.999 IND  AIR Chennai Madras, S=9+25dB
4910.002 IND  AIR Jaipur, Hindi, S=8 though, but low modulation!
4905     CHN  CNR PBS Lhasa, Tibetan, S=6
4895.994 (!!) very odd frequency, maybe keyboard glitch by engineer ?
         IND  AIR Kurseong, Hindi, S=5 weak.
4885.013 BRA  UNID weak, 0123 UT, tiny S=3-4
4880.004 IND  AIR Lucknow, weak, S=5
4865.317 BRA  UNID stn, tiny S=3, -106dBm
4850     CHN  CNR XJBS Urumqi, Kazakh, poor S=4
4845.005 BRA  UNID stn, tiny S=3-4
4839.9935USA  WWCR Nashville TN, at 0129 UT, tiny, S=3-4
              seldom odd frequency from WWCR TN-US in past.
4834.999 IND  AIR Ganktok, S=4 tiny
4824.929 BRA  UNID, tiny S=3-4
4819.998 CHN  PBS Xizang Lhasa, Chinese, S=6-7
4810.007 IND  AIR Mumbai, Bhopal, nx at 0230-0230 UT
4800.006 IND  AIR Hyderabad, Hindi, S=9+5dB at 0136 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 9)


Tonight log at 0135-0210 UT on Nov 12

4009.891 ... .895.5 frequency unstable wandered KGZ Bishkek Radio
              at 0135 UT on Nov 12,
              also 4819.852 kHz KGZ in //

4799.995 IND  AIR Hindi
4810.0085IND  AIR Bhopal, Indian subcontinental mx, 0137 UT.
4839.995 USA  WWCR heard at 0202 UT, frequency little on lower sideband.
5059.985 CHN  PBS Xinjiang in Chinese, from Urumqi site.
5970.0   AUT  AWR Urdu service via ORS Moosbrunn Austria, at 0206 UT
              on Nov 12, male voice prayer. 0200-0230 UT scheduled.
6034.954 BTN  Bhutan PS in Dzonka from Thimpu Bhutan. 0210 UT Nov 12
              weak and tiny signal,
              maybe fade-out on Bhutan-Germany path.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 12)
Best regards,

Michael Bethge

Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg

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