10th Anniversary of ARAL

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5 - 12 December 2015

The Almaty Amateur Radio League (ARAL) will hold a week long activity dedicated to the 10th aniversary of the League between December 5 and 12, 2015. All radio amateurs are welcome to join the celebration.

Program terms:
a. Bands - all.
b. Participants – licensed radio amateurs from all over the world.
c. Scoring:
      A QSO with the ARAL club station using the call sign UP10ARL provides 2 points regardless of the band and mode of emission.
      All other ARAL members - 1 point for QSO with each.

Requirements: In order to obtain the special diploma/plaque dedicated to the 10th ARAL Anniversary participants must score a minimum of 10 points.

Special conditions:
1. Repeating QSOs with the ARAL members on any single band do in various emission modes do not add any additional points to the total score. Only the first QSO with each ARAL member on any single band in any mode gives score.
2. ARAL members who take part in the activity week must make at least 300 QSOs in order to become eligible for diploma/plaque.
3. Any QSOs on any bands and in any modes are valid. During the activity week, all ARAL members regardless of their QTH announce the number of points they give to correspondents during QSO.

Diploma/plaque issuance:
The scoring and issuance of diplomas will be done automatically via the http://arl.hamlog.ru resource where ARAL members will post their logs.
The diploma is provided via http://arl.hamlog.ru free of charge for all those who meet the eligibility criteria. Participants can download their diplomas in either Russian or English language at their choice.
If desired, the participant who met the score requirement (including the ARAL members) can submit an additional request in free form by email at un8cc@mail.ru in order to verify the cost of making and dispatching the plaque to their particular QTH. The participants ordering plaques are required to cover the cost of making and dispatch of their plaque out of their own funds.

E-mail: un8cc@mail.ru
Internet: https://www.qrz.com/UP10ARL

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