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1 December 2015 to 31 January 2016

The KDR and AGB are ham radio contest/award oriented clubs. A special short time award commemorates this relationship. The award may be earned by making contacts in the two month period as follows:
1. KDR members must make at least 3 QSOs with AGB-members.
2. AGB-members must make at least 3 QSOs with KDR members.
3. All stations who are not members of these groups should make 3 QSOs with AGB-members and 3 QSOs with KDR members for a total of 6 QSOs.
SWLs may apply on the same bases as licensed stations.

The diploma will be sent only as a pdf file and is free of charge. It can be applied up to 1 January 2017 in the form of a log extract to Igor EU1EU-OK8EU. Email: eu1eu@mail.ru or eu1euster@gmail.com .

AGB Member List: http://www.ev5agb.com/club/agb-list.txt 

KDR Member List:: http://www.inter-radio.org/new-spisok.htm 

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