TORTUGAS CW 2016 AWARD (Tortugas means TURTLES in Spanish)

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13 - 29 February 2016

The goal of this activity is to promote the use of CW and help the new enthusiast of this magical mode.

Eligibility - All ham radio operators with legal license in his country.
Date.- from 13th until 29th of February 2016
Bands.- 10,12,15,17,20,30,40, and 80 meters.
Mode.- CW , 18 wpm max speed, please QRS on request.

Look for these special call signs: EG1TOR, EG2TOR, EG3TOR, EG4TOR, EG5TOR and EG7TOR. A contact with each of these special call signs will give 1 point per QSO on each band per day. Only one qso per band/day allowed.

To obtain the diploma you will need to earn at least 20 points and contact at least 5 different call signs on any band.

Other prizes:
a. The top 2 stations obtaining the highest score will get a prize of an iambic CW key with his call sign engraved on it.

b. The 3rd highest will win a mini cw paddle.

c. The 4th highest will get his call sign carved in a piece of wood.

QSOs will be handled automatically and will be shown on their website. The diploma will be downloadable on the web site.

At this time, 12/28/15, their website does show this award. Their special call signs have just been listed, and it is possible they will add this information on or before the beginning of the event in February 2016.



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