WORLDWIDE DX CLUB Top News - BC-DX 1231 - 12 Dec 2015

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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany

ALBANIA   7465  QSL-cards received from the German service of Radio
Tirana. 9 Nov 2015, 2058-2125 UT, 7465 kHz Shijak tx site 100 kW.
Card of the series: 75 Jahre Radio Tirana #4, Einige Mitarbeiter 2013
View card here -  <>

see also RT QSL gallery at  <>
(Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx Dec 6)

ARGENTINA   15345.17  R. Nacional, at 0216 UT on Dec 7 (Monday). Excited
live sports coverage of futbol game; 0224 UT yelling "gooooooooooooal";
mostly poor.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

ARMENIA   New B-15 shortwave schedule of Voice of Armenia from
December 1, ALL: on 4810 ERV 50 kW / non-dir to NE/ME:

1500-1530 Yezidi,   not confirmed
1530-1545 Assyrian, not confirmed
1545-1600 Greek,    ex 1615-1630, confirmed
1600-1630 Kurdish,  ex 1545-1615
1630-1700 Azeri,    new on shortwave
1700-1715 Turkish,  new on shortwave
1715-1745 Azeri,    new on shortwave
1745-1815 Farsi,    ex 1430-1500
1815-1845 Arabic,   ex 1900-1930

Very poor signal on Dec 1/2. Languages schedule will be updated in coming
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 2)

ARMENIA/RUSSIA   International News Agency and Radio Sputnik Armenia
starts from the 1st of December in an updated format Sputnik broadcasting
in the Armenian language. Radio Sputnik Armenia available to listeners on
the same frequency 106.0 MHz, a Russian and Armenian versions of the
portal, as well as through a special mobile application Sputniknews the
clock on both iOS and Android.

see also
(via Alexander Dementyev-RUS, RUSmidxb Dec 1)

ASCENSION ISL  [to NIGERIA]   12050, Nov 24 at 2007 UT, WEWN still
missing, but algo talk is JBA here, not // 13830 kHz WEWN, and nothing at
all on 11830 kHz, while 11825 kHz WRMIBS is not a problem.

Therefore, I suspect that Dandal Kura is back on 12050 kHz at 18-21 UT via
ASCENSION after having been on 11830 kHz since July 1 in A-15 season.

Registered in B-15 for 12050 kHz. Of course, if & when WEWN come back
during same span and more, DK might be driven off 12050 kHz again.
Meanwhile, Dandal Kura is easy any night at 05-07 UT on 7415 kHz
Ascension. It's the US-backed counterweight to Boko Haram.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld Nov 25)

This morning 7415 kHz signal from ASC was on S=9+15dB level here in
southern Germany. Phone-in program at 0640 UT on Dec 5.

And 15480 kHz 250 kW 165deg at 07-08 UT via Woofferton too?

Heard a pour skip zone signal mentioned Boko Haram at 0700 to fade-out
0715 UT, but co-channel the powerful TRT Emirler program of S=9+20dB in
Moscow, up to S=9+30 in Hungary, like in southern Germany, Switzerland and
Greece too.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 5)

Canadian broadcaster sets up radio to fight Boko Haram insurgency.

A Canadian broadcaster, David Smith, has established a radio station
focused at combating Boko Haram insurgency and its ideology.

The channel, Dandal Kura, will air on shortwave from Nigeria to discourage
people from violence. Dandal Kura, Kanuri words for meeting point, targets
mainly the Kanuri and Hausa-speaking communities of Nigeria where Boko
Haram has conducted a brutal insurgency since 2009.

Mr. Smith, a veteran crisis and conflict news reporter, distinguished
himself by setting up radio stations in crisis areas to preach the gospel
of peaceful coexistence in war-torn areas. He cut his journalism teeth
during the Apartheid in South Africa in 1985, and despite being of
Canadian descent, worked for the ANC-owned radio station, Capital Radio,
against the P.W.Botha-led National Party.

Mr. Smith describes Apartheid as "terrorism".

He set up the first UN-supported conflict-zone radio in the Balkan region
in the 90s during the war in Yugoslavia, and later established a similar
project in Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, CAR.

With the huge success recorded in educating the people to eschew violence
in CAR, he set Radio Bar-Kulan (meaning a meeting place in the local
language) in Somalia, and later established Radio Okapi in the Democratic
Republic of Congo.

With terrorism ravaging the Lake Chad Basin - an area covering parts of
Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroun - the broadcaster established Dandal
Kura in Nigeria.

Speaking when he visited PREMIUM TIMES recently, the Media Advisor of
Dandal Kura Radio, David Smith, said the station targets about 9 million
people in the Lake Chad basin.

Mr.Smith, who once worked with the UN on media projects in conflict zones,
said the major target audience of Dandal Kura Radio were states affected
by the Boko Haram crisis.

He said although the station informs and entertain the people on routine
issues, the thematic area of the its programming was largely on peace

He said Dandal Kura Radio broadcasts in Kanuri language in order to give
people "sense of belonging and ownership".

He said other areas of the station's focus were Eastern Niger area of
Diffa, the Northern Cameroon area of Marwa, Northern Chad, noting that the
station had correspondents in these areas.

"We have network of correspondents in states affected by the Boko Haram
activity, and also in neighbouring states," he said.

"Interestingly, because I travel a lot to N'jamena where I am in talks
with the Multi-National Joint Task Force and the Lake Chad Basin
Commission, I come across a lot of Kanuri speaking people in N'jamena,
there is a large Kanuri speaking IDPs in N'jamena.

"I didn't know they existed until I started visiting the Lake Chad
Commission, and all the Kanuri speaking people in N'jamena started to find
me to tell me how much they appreciated Dandal Kura, and wanted to
contribute in it.

"Interestingly, because we broadcast on shortwave, and shortwave covers a
vast area, I can say even in South Africa, I can pick up Dandal Kura.

"We have a large following in South Sudan and other areas because of the
Kanuri speaking people in the Juba area, as well as the Khartoum area.

Because of the traditional and historical reasons, people travelling on
overland route to Mecca find themselves settling in Khartoum.

"According to him, there are estimated 9 million Kanuri speakers in the
Lake Chad basin, and that Dandal Kura Radio is the only radio station that
mainly broadcasts in Kanuri.

He said the station was currently operating in Kano for security reasons,
assuring that the station would soon move to Maiduguri, where he called
the "the heart of the Kanuri speaking world".

 The station currently operates for six hours - from 6am to 8am on 7415kHz
in the 41 metre band; 8am to 9am on 15480 KHz in the 19metre band; 
and 7 to 10pm on 11830 KHz in the 25 metre band.

Canadian broadcaster sets up radio to fight Boko Haram insurgency -
Premium Times Nigeria. Dandal Kura Radio targets Kanuris across Africa.
(Jose M. Romero-ESP, hcdx Dec 2)

AUSTRALIA   QSL 5025  I got an e-QSL-letter from ABC Local Radio Katherine
for reception 30 Oct 2015 at a fq of 5025 kHz. The report sent e-mail:
<reception.advice -at->

Confirmation on the form ABC obtained by Elaine Erskine.
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx", via A. Klepov-RUS, RUSdx Dec 6)

Weak signal on 2485 kHz ABC Katherine NT at 1229 UT on Dec 10.
At same time slot ABC NT Tennant Creek S=8 on 2325.0 kHz.

Nothing heard on 2368 kHz, Radio Symban / R. La Manamea Samo, maybe no
propagation from NSW to QSL in downunder summer ?

Measure/aligned against MW Australia stn / CHU 3330 kHz / ABC Alice
Springs NT 4835 kHz / WWVH 5000 kHz, HJD Japan H3A mode 5006 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 10)

Radio Symban (2368.47 kHz), the low powered Australian station, has been
silent since about mid-July. Daily I check for their return, but not so
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, Dec 10)

AUSTRIA   5970  S=9+15dB surprisingly strong signal in night skip zone in
southern Germany. Heard ORS Moosbrunn Austria outlet of AWR Punjabi
program, female voices chorus, and Indian string instrument accompanied
at 0254 UT on Dec 10.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 10)

BELGIUM   re VRT Belgien.
Op 03-12-15 om 12:08 schreef Andree Bollin: Hi, hat jemand eine email
Adresse von VRT Belgium, Technik oder so etwas aehnliches??

There is a service for clients:

You could try one of these ...

Contact met de VRT

De VRT bezoeken
Nieuws te melden?
Persbericht sturen
Contact met VRT-redacties
Contact met een BV
Contact met een extern productiehuis
Contact met oud-VRT-medewerkers
Reageren op een programma
Contact met de klantendienst
Een klacht formuleren
(Marc Coevoet-BEL, A-DX Dec 4)

BHUTAN   6034.953v  At 0210 UT on Dec 10 noted still BTN Bhutan Thimphu
program in Dzongkha - scheduled approx. 0000-0300 UT varying. Tonight (in
Europe), some 1-2 Hertz vary hopping, on odd frequency 6034.953 ... x.954
kHz, the only program on that channel. S=7 -85dBm signal strength in
southern Germany. String instrument and accompanied typical Himalaya type
singer at 0226 UT.

String instrument played also at sudden TX switch off at 0258:20 UT.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 10)

6034.954  Bhutan BS in Dzonka from Thimphu. At 0210 UT Nov 12 weak and
tiny signal, maybe fade-out on Bhutan to Germany path.
(wb, log 0135-0210 UT Nov 12, dswci DXW Nov 25)

6034.95  on Nov 22 at *0057 UT, BBS Thimphu Bhutan, start broadcast, slow
song, talks, fair. 6034.95 kHz on Nov 29 at *0037 UT, BBS Bhutan, suddenly
start broadcast without sign-on music, vernacular, good. QTH: Bocca di
(Giampiero Bernardini-ITA, Dec 2, playdx yg direct and via dxld)

6034.95   BBS Thimphu. Tuned in at 0052 UT on Dec 9, and hear what clearly
sounded like Bhutan's usual indigenous music and singing till 0102 UT,
when seemed to be a OM talking; faded out and lost about 0115 UT. Never
very good, but happy to hear them again, as their sign off is too early in
my mornings to catch them.

Jim Young-CA-US  also reported today - " *0037 UT sign-on on 6034.955 kHz.
Woman announcer at 0041 UT, and possible singing followed."

Very nice greyline reception:
Thimphu, Bhutan sunrise: 0040 UT
Monterey, CA sunset:     0052 UT
(Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach-CA-US),
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 9)

BOLIVIA   5952.43  Radio Pio Doce, at 0230* UT on Dec 3. Off after full
sign off format of whistling "Colonel Bogey March," ID and chimes; fair.
Often the sign off is cut short, before the chimes.

6134.80  R. Santa Cruz, at 0205* UT on Dec 3; Off with usual "Santa Cruz"
song; almost fair.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

3310  Radio Mosoj Chaski, Cochabamba, 2345 to 2355 UT yl talking over
music, fair signal 3 Dec.

5952.44  R Pio XII, Siglo Veinte, 2320 to 2325 UT noted being murdered by
co channel slop, yl in Spanish 3 Dec.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, dswci DXW Dec 6)

BRAZIL   3365  Radio Cultura, Araraquara, SP, 2320 to 2325 UT in
Portuguese with fades 3 Dec.

4805  Radio Difusora do Amazonas, Manaus, 2310 to 2330 UT with om long
talk in Portuguese first noted back on the air 3 Dec, similar same time
on 5 Dec.

4815 tent.  Radio Difusora, Londrina PR, 0000 to 0024 UT Portuguese om
with music 5 Dec.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, dswci DXW Dec 6)

11780.101  RNB/RNA on tiny poor S=3 threshold level at 0205 UT on Dec 6.
250 kW  ZYE365  Radio Nacional da Amazonia, Brasilia DF.

9724.959  RB2 program noted at same time slot.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 6)

CHINA   9470  UNIDENTIFIED  Chinese program, continously playing Chinese
music, but not FireDrake jamming, heard in 02-03 UT slot on 9470 kHz.

Could be parked CNR8 program tx ? like Kazakh CNR8 program from PBS
Xinjiang Urumqi outlet, scheduled later the day, Aoki mentioned opening
at 0345 UT ?

Similar UNID Chinese program heard in past weeks on 9475 kHz at 1500-1558
UT by Austrian DX Herbert Meixner. Please help to Identify this China
mainland program.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 7)

CHINA   9470 kHz 2-3 UT - parked Firedrake transmitter from western
China ?

UNIDENTIFIED  Signal only occur strong from Western China location on Doha
Qatar and Moscow Russia remote SDR server units. Despite tiny weak signal
ONLY - noted opposite on remote SDR units in Japan and Brisbane Queensland
in 0250-0300 UT slot.

Listen to attached .ogg format recording in 0257 to 0300 UT range.
Strongest on SDR remote net at Doha Qatar unit, like S=9+5dB at 0258 UT.
At 0258 UTC both programs CO-CHANNEL overlapping each other, UNID Chinese
music stn, and scheduled RRI Tiganesti Spanish service interval signal to
South America too. At 0300 UT Chinese mx stn disappeared totally.

btw. the strong peak electrical IGNITION like spikes interference occur
locally at Doha Qatar suburb ...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 7)

CHINA   5050  Guangxi Beibu Bay Radio, 1320, Dec 6. Usual brief segment in
English; today about the "ASEAN Community" established at the ASEAN summit
in Kuala Lumpur.

7200  CNR1 jamming, 1338 & 1410, Dec 3. This was an anomaly, as normally
they end at 1300, when RTI signs off; next day back to normal 1300*.

7400  CRI. Interesting to note that when Shiokaze started broadcasting
here (Nov 1), CRI dropped their 1300-1357 UT schedule which conflicted
with Shiokaze; now that Shiokaze has moved away (Nov 24), CRI is again
back here; noted Dec 4.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

CONGO (Brazzaville)   Urteilt man nach anderen afrikanischen Laendern, in
denen Praesidenten verfassungswidrig weitere Amtszeiten anstrebten, dann
koennte die Republik Kongo das naechste Unruheland sein. Nach der
Verfassung von 2002 duerfte Denis Sassou-Nguesso (71) aus zwei Gruenden
2016 nicht mehr antreten: Er ueberschreitet die Altersgrenze 70 Jahre,
ausserdem kennt die Verfassung bisher nur zwei Amtszeiten.

Tatsaechlich steht Sassou-Nguesso schon mehr als drei Jahrzehnte an der
Spitze des Landes. 1979 kam er an die Spitze eines marxistisch-
leninistischen Militaerregimes und hielt sich seither an der Macht.

Wer Franzoesisch versteht, kann versuchen, sich auch mittels
Inlandssendungen einen Eindruck zu verschaffen. Radio Congo kann auf
6115 kHz weiterhin regelmaessig ab ca. 1700 auch in Europa gehoert werden.
18.00-18.30 Uhr kommt ein franzoesisches Nachrichtenmagazin "Radio Congo,
le journal". Sendeschluss ist gegen 19.00 Uhr. Ivo Ivanov meint, ein
Muster Mo-Fr Sendeschluss 18.28, Sa So 18.58 Uhr zu erkennen.
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 30)

EGYPT   9745.042  ODD frequency of Radio Cairo's Arabic service from Abis
scheduled 02-07 UT, noted with terrible audio format at 0349 UT on Dec 10.
S=9+10dB signal in southern Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 10)

ETHIOPIA   re ETH surprisingly 7234.9v kHz transmission outlet.
A pity, - just before I could MEASURE accurate ODD frequency, ETH bcast
left the air exact at scheduled 0430 UT on day=6 fridays !

The transmission was on the low side close approx. 7234.8 ... x.9 kHz.
This Dec 4th at 0430 UT morning.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 4)

[UNIDENTIFIED] -  7235.82 kHz approx., Dec 3 at 1405 UT, JBA carrier,
which points to always off-frequency EBC Addis Ababa-Gedja by longpath; or
does it? EiBi list has it on 7236.5 kHz at 14-15 UT as EBC in Arabic;
15-16 UT switches to V. of Democratic Alliance clandestine from
Addis Ababa-Gedja too; 16-17 UT back to EBC in English. Recent report
from wb-bcdx puts it a little lower, but supposedly not varying down
below 7236 kHz:

"7236.372 kHz footprint narrowed - the Ethiopian station always wanders up
and down 20-30 Hertz. Scheduled Radio Ethiopia in Arabic in 14-15 UT slot,
from Addis Ababa-Gedja site. Noted at 1405 UT on Nov 25.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 25)"

Of course, on this band mixed with "40 meter" hams, one of them could be
running a carrier to confuse us. I also have a weaker signal on
7235.0 kHz, presumably VOA Korean via Tinian island.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Dec 3)

ETHIOPIA   Re how much R. Ethiopia varies around 7235, Thorsten Hallmann,
Germany, replies on the dxld yg:
"Good morning, throughout the last few years, I observed this transmission
between approx. 7233.x and 7237.x kHz, so this is absolutely not
surprising. This transmitter is often on low modulation, and we have
observed roughly the same pattern with the 9560v kHz transmission: always
varying slightly on the one hand, but sometimes also drifting +/-2 kHz
within minutes or hours, but likely back to the long term mean sooner or
73 thorsten [Hallmann-D, dxld Dec 7] "

ETHIOPIA   7236.237 kHz footprint narrowed - the Ethiopian station always
wanders up to 30 Hertz. Scheduled Radio Ethiopia in 16-17 UT slot, from
Addis Ababa-Gedja site. Noted at 1605 UT on Dec 6, S=7 -81dBm signal
strength here in southern Germany.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 6)

7235.82 approx., Dec 3 at 1405 UT, JBA carrier, which points to always
off-frequency EBC by longpath; or does it? EiBi has it on 7236.5 kHz at
14-15 as EBC in Arabic; 15-16 switches to V. of Democratic Alliance
clandestine; 16-17 back to EBC in English. Recent report from Wolfgang
Bueschel puts it a little lower, but supposedly not varying down below.
(ETH discussion GH / wb, dxld / wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 25)"

ETHIOPIA   7236.237 kHz footprint narrowed - the Ethiopian station always
wanders up to 30 Hertz. Scheduled Radio Ethiopia in 16-17 UT slot, from
Addis Ababa-Gedja site. Noted at 1605 UT on Dec 6, S=7 -81dBm signal
strength here in southern Germany.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 6)

And wb replies to that: "ETHIOPIA/CHINA  Nothing observed from ETH
in 41 mb this morning Dec 7 around 0330-0400 UT - re 7234 - 7237 kHz
wandered station from Ethiopia.

But now at 1530 UT on Dec 7 noted odd frequency program on 7236.248 kHz,
S=8 or -76dBm in Europe and Moscow Russia remote SDR units, but weak tiny
threshold in Osaka and Tokyo remote units in Japan.

Surprise surprise, noted a lot of downwards channel at 1553 UT on rather
7236.066 kHz, still wandered downwards lowerside.

Some 1000 to 1300 Hertz interference whistle tone QRM, against even
CRI Kashgar 7235 kHz channel bcast signal in Chinese. wb".

7236.063 kHz noted odd frequency of Radio Ethiopia or similar program from
ETH, at 1650 UT on Dec 8, S=7 or -89dBm signal.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Dec 7 / 8)

ETHIOPIA/MARIANA ISL   7235v on remote units in Australia, Greece and

7235 VoA Korean program from Tinian isl 12-15 UT noted at 1445 UT
on Dec 10 ahead of odd Ethiopian bcaster on QRM interference channel
of odd 7235.659 kHz, latter hopping as usual 10-30 Hertz up and down.
Dec 10.

Heard on top on various remote units in Bisbane Queensland, Zakynthos
Greece and Maunos home at Joensuu/FIN too.

On 7236.032 kHz at 1610 UT Dec 10. UNSTABLE signal again.
Surprisinly heard ETH HoA mx 6030 kHz again, I guess missed in past weeks
or so ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 10)

ETHIOPIA/CHINA   Ethiopian broadcasts at 1515 to 1546 UT on Dec 10:

5950 kHz even VoTigray program, noted on Zakynthos Greece remote site,
S=9+15dB at 1515 UT. Free channel, no QRM.

6030 kHz Surprisingly heard HoA music loud and clear at S=9+5dB signal
strength, - noted Ethiopian Radio Oromiya in Afar Oromo at 1518 UT
on Dec 10.

acc Aoki database schedule should be here {different} on Sat/Sun only ?

6110v kHz in Brisbane Queensland remote unit, was signal AHEAD of CNR PBS
Xizang Tibetan from Lhasa Baiding #602 bcast center site. But some station
of 6109.998 kHz underneath faded in and gone steadily upwards to settled
down on 6110/6109.9995 kHz, which is now Ethiopia outlet which warmed up
likely some 2-3 Hz from 15 UT start ?

Noted also onn Doha Qatar SDR remote site, latter which signals were
remarkable noise-free / main power / un-disturbed on their local QATAR
muslim weekend Thursdays ...

7235.930 kHz ETH settled down approx. at 1546 UT on Dec 10. But latter
hopped again up and down by 20 Hertz frequency. QRM underneath CRI Kashgar
in Chinese on even 7235 kHz.

Measure/aligned against MW Australia stn / CHU 3330 kHz / ABC Alice
Springs NT 4835 kHz / WWVH 5000 kHz, HJD Japan H3A mode 5006 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 10)

ETHIOPIA/CHINA/INDIA   5950  VoTigre Revolution in Tigre, acc Aoki Nagoya
list, S=7 or -86dBm signal. around 1030-1100 UT Dec 10.

6110.015  Odd frequency hopping 4-5 Hertz up and down, unstable signal of
AIR Srinagar, mixture programme, mostly in Hindi radioplay scheduled, but
also interspersed in between by Indian subcontinent accented English
segment reading. - Underneath weaker signal of Radio Fana Ethiopia in
Amharic on even 6110.0 kHz channel, ? and weak CHN PBS Xizang from
Lhasa-Baiding #602 broadcast center too.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 10)

FRANCE   [to ERITREA]  Excellent reception of Eritrean Forum Medrek
on Dec 1.

1700-1800 11720 ISS 250 kW 130 deg to EaAF Tigrinya Tue/Fri/Sun
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 2)

FRANCE   [target radio broadcast to Rwanda]  Radio Inyabutatu hat offenbar
zum 14. November 2015 seine Uebertragungen auf Kurzwelle eingestellt.
Google-Translate uebersetzt noch nicht Kinyarwanda, doch scheint "Ni kuri
uyu wa gatandatu, tariki ya 14 Nov 15 kuri Radio Inyabutatu ikorera kuri
SW no kuri internet." bei  <>  auf das Datum der
Aenderung hinzuweisen. Der letzte Sendeplan lautete: 1700-1800 UT 17605
(TDF Issoudun-F 100 kW, 144 degr) Saturday.

Urheber der Sendungen, die ab August 2013 ueber die Sendeanlage Issoudun
in Frankreich ausgestrahlt wurden, ist die Gruppierung "Rwandese Protocol
to Return the Kingdom" (in Kinyarwanda "Ihuriro ry'Inyabutatu") in London.
Sie steht in scharfer Opposition zum ruandischen Praesidenten Paul Kagame
und sieht die Zukunft des Landes in einer konstitutionellen Monarchie.
Paul Kagame hingegen strebt eine dritte Amtszeit an.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL 17.11.2015 BCDX, via Kai Ludwig-D,
Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 30)

GERMANY/AUSTRIA   The music hobby radio stations on 6070 and 6150 kHz in
Germany bcast this Sunday Dec 6 around 0800-0900 UT:

Hollandse Dutch radio program on 6070.023 kHz, outelet of an alternate TX
unit in Ingolstadt Rohrbach Waal ? -  and also from Datteln site on
6149.991 kHz. Heard Abba singer group performance at 0843 UT on Dec 6.

S=9+30dB signal of German amateur radio "DARC Radio" program, final ID
given at 10.59:21 UT, via ORS Moosbrunn sender in Austria, program off at
10.59:33 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 6)

GERMANY  [AUSTRIA/FRANCE/GERMANY]   Various press releases.
NDR Hamburg "Gruss an Bord" single day transmission 24 Dec on 1905-2300 UT
also via rented shortwave channels.

As in past years, German domestic broadcaster NDR will transmit its Xmas
greetings program for sailors, Gruss an Bord, on shortwave on 24 December.

Reception reports are welcomed at  <gruss-an-bord -at->

Empfang auf Weltmeeren und in fernen Haefen -
Gruss an Bord" auch ueber Kurzwelle.



Heiligabend geht der "Gruss an Bord"

Unzaehlige Seeleute weltweit verbringen die Weihnachtstage fernab der
Heimat an Bord ihrer Schiffe.

Heiligabend - traditionell ist das beim Norddeutschen Rundfunk auch der
Abend fuer die Sendung "Gruss an Bord", in der Gruesse an Seeleute in
aller Welt gesendet werden, die das Weihnachtsfest fern der Heimat
verbringen muessen. "Gruss an Bord" wird seit Weihnachten 1953
ausgestrahlt - und ist damit eine der aeltesten Sendungen im deutschen
Rundfunk - und laengst eine Institution des NDR.

NDR Info, NDR 90,3 und NDR Info Spezial werden die 62. Ausgabe von
"Gruss an Bord" am 24. Dezember 2015 von 1905 bis 2100 hrs UTC senden.

Die Gruesse werden - nach einer ersten Veranstaltung in Hamburg am zweiten
Advent - am 13. Dezember in Leer aufgezeichnet. Nach der katholischen
Christmette strahlen NDR Info und NDR Info Spezial von 2215 hrs UTC bis
2300 hrs UTC weitere Gruesse aus, die bis zum 16 Dec 2015 per Post an:

Norddeutscher Rundfunk
NDR Info
Redaktion "Gruss an Bord"
Rothenbaumchaussee 132
20149 Hamburg, Germany.

oder E-Mail
<gruss-an-bord -at->
auf den Weg gebracht werden koennen.

Die Sendung "Gruss an Bord" ist ueber die bekannten UKW-Frequenzen,
Livestreams im Internet sowie ueber die Kurzwelle zu empfangen.
Die Livestreams finden Sie hier: NDR Info, NDR 90,3 MHz und NDR Info

So empfangen Sie die "Gruss an Bord"-Sendungen.

Es hat Tradition und versprueht eine ganz besondere vorweihnachtliche
Stimmung: An Heiligabend werden ab 1905 hrs UTC im NDR Gruesse an die
Seeleute in aller Welt gesendet. Und das auf den unterschiedlichsten
Kanaelen und technischen Wegen, sodass die Gruesse und Botschaften auch
garantiert auf allen sieben Weltmeeren empfangen werden koennen.

Die Schiffsbesatzungen haben mehrere Moeglichkeiten, die Sendung
"Gruss an Bord" zu empfangen. Auch die Kurzwelle gehoert dazu.

Die Livestreams der Sendung (1905 bis 2100 hrs UTC und 2115 hrs bis
2300 hrs UTC) finden Sie hier: NDR Info, NDR 90,3 MHz und
NDR Info Spezial. NDR Info, NDR Info Spezial und NDR 90,3 MHz sind
ausserdem ueber UKW, DAB+ und DVB-S Radio zu empfangen.

Damit alle Besatzungen die Traditionssendung empfangen koennen, hat der
NDR Hoerfunk eigens fuer Heiligabend zusaetzlich Kurzwellen-Frequenzen

"Gruss an Bord" via Shortwave.
In der Zeit von 19 bis 21 hrs UT sendet die Kurzwelle ueber folgende
  kHz tx            kW   azi
 6185 MBR Nauen     125  250  Atlantic     - North  (alternate 6125 kHz)
11650 TDF Issoudun  250  195  Atlantic     - South
 9830 TDF Issoudun  250  156  Atlantic / Indian Ocean (South Africa)
 9885 MBR Nauen     125  130  Indian Ocean - West
 9810 ORS Moosbrunn 100  115  Indian Ocean - East

In der Zeit von 21 bis 23 hrs UT sendet die Kurzwelle ueber folgende

  kHz tx            kW   azi
 6040 MBR Nauen     125  250  Atlantic     - North
 9655 TDF Issoudun  250  195  Atlantic     - South
 9830 TDF Issoudun  250  156  Atlantic / Indian Ocean (South Africa)
 9515 MBR Nauen     125  130  Indian Ocean - West
 9765 ORS Moosbrunn 100  115  Indian Ocean - East

As in past years, German domestic broadcaster NDR will transmit its Xmas
greetings program for sailors, Gruss an Bord, on shortwave on 24 Dec.

Reception reports are welcomed at  <gruss-an-bord -at->

Here are the frequencies from the official NDR press release

Betreff: Empfang auf Weltmeeren und in fernen Haefen -
"Gruss an Bord" auch ueber Kurzwelle. Presse aktuell

Sendungen: Donnerstag, 24. Dezember, 1905 bis 2100 hrs UTC,
NDR Info und NDR 90,3 MHz, 2115 bis 2300 hrs UTC, NDR Info.

Seit Weihnachten 1953 bildet die NDR Radiosendung "Gruss an Bord" eine
Bruecke zwischen den Seeleuten auf den Meeren und ihren Angehoerigen in
Deutschland: Seeleute schicken Gruesse in die Heimat, ihre Familien haben
die Moeglichkeit, ihren Lieben auf hoher See ein frohes Fest und ein
gutes, neues Jahr zu wuenschen. Damit die Besatzungen die
Traditionssendung auch in fernen Haefen auf den Weltmeeren empfangen
koennen, hat der NDR eigens fuer Heiligabend Kurzwellen-Frequenzen

In der Zeit von 1900 bis 2100 hrs UTC sendet die Kurzwelle am 24. Dezember
ueber folgende Frequenzen:

  kHz tx            kW   azi
 6185 MBR Nauen     125  250  Atlantic     - North  (alternate 6125 kHz)
11650 TDF Issoudun  250  195  Atlantic     - South
 9830 TDF Issoudun  250  156  Atlantic / Indian Ocean (South Africa)
 9885 MBR Nauen     125  130  Indian Ocean - West
 9810 ORS Moosbrunn 100  115  Indian Ocean - East

In der Zeit von 21 bis 23 hrs UT sendet die Kurzwelle ueber folgende

  kHz tx            kW   azi
 6040 MBR Nauen     125  250  Atlantic     - North
 9655 TDF Issoudun  250  195  Atlantic     - South
 9830 TDF Issoudun  250  156  Atlantic / Indian Ocean (South Africa)
 9515 MBR Nauen     125  130  Indian Ocean - West
 9765 ORS Moosbrunn 100  115  Indian Ocean - East

NDR Info und NDR 90,3 senden "Gruss an Bord" von 1905 bis 2100 Uhr UTC,
anschliessend folgt auf NDR Info von 2100 bis 2215 Uhr UTC die
Uebertragung einer katholischen Christmette aus der St. Vitalis-Kirche in
Koeln. Danach gibt es in dem Programm den zweiten Teil der Sendung
"Gruss an Bord".

Die Gruesse werden in Hamburg von den Moderatoren Regina Koenig und Ocke
Bandixen uebermittelt. Andreas Kuhnt, der neu im Moderatorenteam ist, und
Andrea-Christina Furrer sind die Gastgeber in Leer. Die Moderatoren in
Hamburg und Leer werden u. a. Vertreter der Reedereien, Seemannspastoren
und viele Familien begruessen. Ausserdem werden sie Schiffe der Marine und
deutsche Forschungsschiffe rufen. Fuer die musikalische Unterhaltung
sorgen in Hamburg die Lars-Luis Linek-Band und die Solistin Stefanie
Eisermann, in Leer der Bingumer Shanty-Chor und das Trio "Hafennacht".

Noch bis zum 16. Dezember nimmt die Redaktion Grusswuensche per Mail
entgegen  <gruss-an-bord -at->  oder per Post an:

Norddeutscher Rundfunk
NDR Info
Redaktion "Gruss an Bord"
Rothenbaumchaussee 132
20149 Hamburg, Germany.

Diese Gruesse werden am 24. Dezember von 2215 bis 2300 hrs UTC auf NDR
Info und ueber die extra angemietete Kurzwellenfrequenzen verlesen.

NDR Info und NDR 90,3 sind ueber UKW, DAB+, DVB-S Radio und Livestream im
Internet, z. B. ueber die NDR Radio-App, zu empfangen.
(7. Dez 2015 / RC / Harald Kuhl-D, DXplorer Dec 7)

GERMANY  [Austria / Russia]   QSL 7375 kHz  I Got QSL-cards TWR.
13 Nov 2015, 1500-1527 UT, 7375 kHz MBR Nauen brokery, Germany.
The TWR headquarters of the radio station is in Austria. The transmitter
is located at Nauen near Berlin in Germany. The answer came from
St. Petersburg by Michael Nevolina. The card can be found here -
(Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx Dec 6)

GERMANY   7365 QSL.  I received a letter from the Eternal Good News,
International Broadcast, BVBN Canada via MBR Cologne brokery. Nov 8, at
1815-1830 UT Suns only via MBR Nauen tx site 7365 kHz, 100 kW, 105degr.
Answer by George Bryan. E-mail: <gabry -at->
(Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx Dec 6)

GERMANY  [EAST - former GDR]  The Old Radio Berlin International Site can
still be seen on Google Earth. If you want to see the buildings and
antenna layout of the old Radio Berlin Transmitter site: It is still on
Google Earth.

This is how to see it by a link with the coordinates:

see Google maps

From there scroll a little bit to the northwest until you see a gray
square along Dechtower Damm. Then switch to Google Earth.

see Google maps

Then scroll to the west and you will see the white contours of the

South from the transmitter buildings.
(Jan Oosterveen-HOL, SWsites and via dxld Nov 25)

These whitish traces are of course just a part of the story: The Soviet
curtains that have been built with transmitters KWZ 3 and KWZ 4, the
second and third 500 kW transmitters, the PKV-500 design. The S-shaped row
consisted of 6-12 and 12-22 MHz pairs, aiming at 60, 83, 104, 145, 240,
263, 284, and 325 deg.

South of the row was another curtain set, aiming at 210 deg., for 5-9,
9-15 and 15-26 MHz, all slewable +/- 10 deg. Its place can be noted in
the aerial image as a rectangular patch.

The noted transmitter buildings include besides the white ones of KWZ 3
and KWZ 4 also the less elaborate one of KWZ 2, the first 500 kW
transmitter, a Brown Boveri as the postal office internally boasted, in
the final years outperformed by KWZ 3 and KWZ 4 in regard to reliability.

Initially, until the above described curtains were completed, it had quite
limited antenna capabilities:

A 4/4 curtain for transmissions to Chile (240deg, 6-11 MHz), set up in a
hurry when Chile was a big priority for RBI after 1973, also known as
"Ehrlich antenna" after the responsible engineer. It sat immediately south
of the transmitter buildings, no traces of it can be seen anymore.

And immediately at Dechtower Damm, east of the transmitter buildings, sat
a quadrant antenna for 6/7 MHz and a single dipole for 15 MHz, designed to
serve the Middle East (135deg). Only meadow land to be seen there now,

Then there was transmitter KWZ 1 in this building:
It was a Funkwerk Koepenick, 100 kW, used by Deutsche Welle until 2000.

In the final years it was involved in the airtime exchange between DW and
RNW; usual operational practice was to use it for the noon transmission of
RNW English on its second frequency (which was either on 9 or 7 MHz) and
otherwise for DW programming on 6140 kHz.

Primary antenna for KWZ 1 was of course the DuS which, by way of the
current 6095 kHz transmissions, meanwhile came to fame in the Anorak
scene. Its most notable limitation is that the frequency range is
restricted to 6-17 MHz. Immediately west of the transmitter building was a
dipole for 7 MHz transmissions towards 190deg, meant for Europe services,
for which KWZ 1 could also use the quadrant antenna

Then there was transmitter HF/B, a Funkwerk Koepenick 50 kW, the first
broadcasting transmitter ever installed at Nauen. It had its place in this


where it was overlooked by the scrapping squad, thus could be secured for
a collection in the large utility transmitter hall which is now hardly
more than a useless relic:

There was no connection across Dechtower Damm between HF/B and KWZ 1...4.
Antennas for HF/B were two 6 MHz dipoles (10 and 252deg, respectively),
another dipole for 11 MHz (125eg) and up to six rhombics of which towards
the end only a 125/305deg one (6-11 MHz) was still in use.

I understand that DW terminated the use of HF/B in 1993. KWZ 2/3/4
followed in 1997, immediately replaced by the new ALLISS (but with
Telefunken transmitters) which in my opinion were primarily a political
symbol of keeping one of the East German shortwave sites, one of which DW
was tired [?] in 2007 and paid 14 million Euros only to get out of the
transmission contract (I doubt that they saved so much money in the just
four years until 2011 in which they continued the former Nauen
transmissions with another provider).

Then there was Koenigs Wusterhausen, where shortwave broadcasting
restarted in late 1945 (almost from the start on the famous 6115 kHz
frequency) with low power transmitters from the utility building

I don't know if the utility transmitters were also later enabled for
possible broadcasting use, in particular after a replacement of the
equipment during the eighties.

After 1960 high power operations started from the building

(originally built for rotary VLF transmitters). Installed have been the
Sneg transmitters KWH 22a / 22b / 23a / 23b, operated as fixed 100 kW
units KWH 22 and KWH 23, and the 100 kW transmitters KWH 24 and KWH 25,
newer Soviet designs it seems.

The antenna options for these transmitters were apparently quite limited:
For KWH 22 a ND antenna of some sort, maybe a VM, for 6 MHz (6115 kHz!)
and rhombics of 130/310 and 235 deg; for KWH 23 a LPV at 242deg, again
especially designed to serve Chile, a HQ for 7/9 MHz, a dipole (265deg)
for 9 MHz and a RHO 91/271deg; KWH 24 could like KWH 23 use the LPV 242deg
and the 9 MHz dipole plus dedicated RHO 166 and 208deg; KWH 25 was
probably limited to a RHO 125/305deg which is not necessarily the whole
story, but altogether only a few additional antennas would be missing here

Koenigs Wusterhausen transmitters had been terminated by DW in 1993 and
the antennas being removed a few years later. Some traces, such as the
shape of two rhombics, can still be spotted in the bushes around the
transmitter building. But beware: There have been also MW and LW; the
still standing mast carries the sloping wire antenna of the LW BC
transmitter that until 1999 was the aux for 177 kHz and until 1994 also
for 261 kHz

Finally there was this transmitter building:

Here it had already lost its roof. Meanwhile the remains are gone as well.
So nothing reminds now anymore of another transmitter, LPZ 4, a 100 kW
Funkwerk Koepenick from 1972. It had replaced a French-made transmitter,
installed at the Wiederau station in 1943 but not put into service by the
Nazis anymore. This was done only after the war, in 1953 or maybe already
before, using 9730 kHz.

It seems that operation on other frequencies (but with 9730 still being a
much-used standard) started only with the new transmitter in 1972. At
least some of the rhombic antennas had been replaced as well.

The last configuration consisted of four ones with the possible azimuths
38, 90, 148, 172, 218, and 270deg. At least some of the antennas could
cover the entire range from 6 to 21 MHz, and it seems that 21 MHz at 38 in
the morning was amongst the standard services, not possible to run with
KWZ 1 at Nauen

LPZ 4 was terminated by DW in 1993, too. And again the rhombics
disappeared within a few years. When staring at the meadow for mast
anchors it must be considered that it was also the place of mediumwave
Dreieckflaechenantennen (I keep forgetting how to call them in English).

of which only the antenna huts now remain. 531 kHz came from the left one
big mast, now gone as well, until its insulator had to be removed around
1985, leaving only the DFA with the large, circular antenna hut. The other
DFA at the corner marked "Floesschen" was the usual choice for 1323 kHz,
operated with a circuitry with condensers to match the incoming 50 ohms
coaxial cable (no open wire lines at all here) to the mere 23 ohms the
antenna had on this frequency

See also:
(Kai Ludwig-D, SWsites and via dxld Nov 25)


A query from a BBC colleague who is researching the history of RBI:
Does anyone remember listening to John Peet, a British defector to the
GDR, who had a show on RBI on Fridays or Saturdays, possibly called
Dateline Berlin?
(Chris Greenway-UK, Nov 27, dxld)

John Peet was the former Reuters correspondent in Berlin who defected, in
the early 1950s, to the East Germans. For many years after his defection,
he published a fortnightly English-language publication called "Democratic
German Report".

He also contributed a weekly talk on RBI's English service for Europe
under the title, if memory serves me correctly, of "John Peet's
Commentary". He had an interesting voice that, ironically, was rather like
that of the notorious Nazi radio propagandist William Joyce.

Peet had previous radio experience at British-run Jerusalem Radio during
the Second World War. Towards the end of his life, he wrote an
autobiography which, again if I remember correctly, was called "The Long
Engagement". In this work, he reveals that he was recruited as a Soviet
agent. He was tasked with the job of assassinating General Franco but,
when the opportunity came to kill the Spanish dictator, he could not bring
himself to do it. He did, however, join the Republican side in the Spanish
civil war. Apparently, he lost contact with the Soviet secret service, but
they tried to recruit him again several years after he defected to East
Germany - only this time they wanted him to spy on his hosts!

In my opinion, Peet was one of the most accomplished speakers on RBI, and
he seemed very effective as a propagandist. The story of the people who
worked for RBI is well worth telling. For example, the woman who called
herself Margorie Milner was married to a German defector who was sent back
into Germany as an OSS agent. Moreover,the former head of RBI's English
section, Hans Hertzberg, who was also a defector from Nazi Germany, served
in the British Army, and I believe that another English speaker on the
station was the son of the famous spy known as Sonja, who for many years
was one of the main Soviet agents in Britain.
(Roger Tidy-UK, ibid., WoR Dec 2)

Final transmission of DLF Cologne program on mediumwave.

Zum Jahresende stellt der Deutschlandfunk den Betrieb auch der Mittelwelle
ein. Betroffen sind folgende Sender:

 549 kHz (Nordkirchen   100 kW, Thurnau    100 kW)
 756 kHz (Koenigslutter 200 kW, Ravensburg 100 kW)
1422 kHz (Heusweiler    400 kW)
1269 kHz (Neumuenster   300 kW).

Bis Redaktionsschluss hatte die Pressestelle des DeutschlandRadio
allerdings noch nicht auf eine Anfrage nach Details des Sendeendes bzw.
einer Abschlusssendung beantwortet.
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 30)

DLF strahlt vier Programmbeitraege zur MW-Abschaltung aus.
Redaktion 08.12.15
Am 31. Dezember 2015 werden die letzten noch verbliebenen
deutschsprachigen Mittelwellensender ihren Betrieb einstellen. Nach dem
QRT fuer alle bisherigen Landesrundfunkanstalten und Sender in Oesterreich
und der Schweiz wird ab diesem Zeitpunkt auch kein deutsches Programm mehr
im AM-Bereich zu hoeren sein.

Derzeit sendet der Deutschlandfunk noch von sechs Standorten aus auf den
Frequenzen 549, 756, 1269 und 1422 kHz.

Im Dezember-Programmheft des DLF findet man neben einem Editorial des
Chefredakteurs mit dem Titel "Wo Neues waechst muss Altes weichen" einen
Artikel zu diesem Thema auf Seite 86.

Die "Die Abschaltung der Mittelwelle" enthaelt den Hinweis auf folgende

17. Dezember, 10.10 Uhr - Marktplatz
"Die Alternativen zur Mittelwelle"

17. Dezember, 18.40 Uhr - Hintergrund
Feature "Abschied von der Mittelwelle -
Ein Stueck Radiogeschichte geht zu Ende"

18. Dezember, 10.10 Uhr - Lebenszeit
"Persoenliche Erinnerungen - Der Deutschlandfunk und die Mittelwelle"

19. Dezember, 17.05 Uhr - Markt und Medien
"Erfindung mit Reichweite - Die mediale Bedeutung der Mittelwelle"
Rueckblick auf die technische Entwicklung und deren Nutzung.

Am 16. Dezember um 10.10 Uhr werden sich Intendant und Programmchef live
am Telefon den Hoererfragen stellen (allgemein, nicht spezifisch zur
Abschaltung der MW).

Der DLF gestaltet damit die Abschaltung der Mittelwelle wuerdevoller als
andere Rundfunkanstalten, bei denen die Sender teilweise sang- und
klanglos abgeschaltet wurden. Nicht zuletzt aufgrund mehrerer E-Mails aus
Kreisen der Funkamateure hat man in der DLF-Redaktion registriert, dass
mit der MW-Abschaltung nicht weniger als ein Kapitel der Technik zu Ende
geht und die Mittelwelle im Rahmen eines Programmschwerpunkts gewuerdigt
werden sollte.

Darauf weist Rainer Englert, DF2NU, von der Redaktion RADIO DARC hin.
(DARC Radio Dec 7)

DAB+ mode future built up in Germany.

DAB-Ausbauplanung Deutschlandradio bis 2023, im untenstehenden Foliensatz
sind die weiteren DAB-Ausbauplaene vom DLF/DLR Deutschlandradio
Cologne/Berlin zu sehen.

(via wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 5)

GREECE   Voice of Greece in 1100-1800 UT time slot on Nov 23 all
9420 AVL 170 kW / 323 deg to WeEUR

1100-1110 Greek/Spanish/Albanian/Italian
1110-1200 Greek
1200-1301 Greek relay Proto Program ERT 1
1301-1307 English, co-ch CNR-13 in Uyghur [WORLD OF RADIO 1802]
1307-1807 Greek, co-ch CNR-13 in Uyghur.

No signal from Voice of Greece on 9420 after 1830/1845 UT

Voice of Greece in 0650-1931 UT time slot on Nov 25
0650-0705 Greek
0705-0730 Romanian/Arabic/Serbian/Spanish
0730-1100 Greek + various, without videos
1100-1110 Greek/Spanish/Albanian/Italian
1110-1200 Greek
1200-1300 Greek relay Proto Program ERT 1
1300-1305 English, co-ch CNR-13 in Uyghur [WORLD OF RADIO 1802]
1305-1805 Greek, co-ch CNR-13 in Uyghur
1805-1930 Greek and off air at 1931

Transmissions of Voice of Greece on Nov 26 and 27
from 2030 Greek
from 0700 Greek*
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 2)

GUYANA   3289.9  GBC Voice of Guyana, 0000 to 0020 UT fade in with pop
music, difficult signal on 5 Dec.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, dswci DXW Dec 6)

INDIA   Auch wenn der Intendant von Prasar Bharati Jawhar Sircar dem
Unternehmen digitale Mittel- und Kurzwelle skeptisch gegenueber steht,
nimmt All India Radio weitere Mittelwellensender in den Testbetrieb mit
paralleler analoger und digitaler Ausstrahlung:

analog   558 kHz, digital 568 kHz AIR Mumbai (100 kW)

analog   990 kHz, digital 1000 kHz Radio Kashmir Jammu

digital 1044 kHz AIR Mumbai (100 kW)

analog  1287 kHz, digital 1297 kHz AIR Panaji (100 kW)

analog   801 kHz, digital 811 kHz AIR Jabalpur (200 kW) ab Dezember

(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, ntt via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 30)

INDIA   AIR Rajkot SPT Revised schedule. IST is UTC+5.30hrs

With effect from 10th Dec, 2015 transmissions from All India Radio SPT,
Rajkot using 1000 kW MW DRM transmitter has been re-scheduled as following

0545-0630 IST - Simulcast Mode - AM 1071 kHz Urdu + DRM 1080 kHz
(Prog 1: Vividh Bharati, Prog 2: Urdu)

0630-0730 IST - Simulcast Mode - AM 1071 kHz Sindhi  + DRM 1080 kHz
(Prog 1: Vividh Bharati, Prog 2: Urdu)

0730-1000 IST - Simulcast Mode - AM 1071 kHz Urdu  + DRM 1080 kHz
(Prog 1: Vividh Bharati, Prog 2: Urdu)

1200-1345 IST - Pure DRM Mode - 1071 kHz
(Prog 1: Vividh Bharati, Prog 2: Urdu)

1400-1800 IST - Simulcast Mode - AM 1071 kHz Urdu + DRM 1080 kHz
(Prog 1: Vividh Bharati, Prog 2: Urdu)

1800-2030 IST - Simulcast Mode - AM 1071 kHz Sindhi + DRM 1080 kHz
(Prog 1: Vividh Bharati, Prog 2: Urdu)

2030-2130 IST - Simulcast Mode - AM 1071 kHz Baluchi + DRM 1080 kHz
(Prog 1: Vividh Bharati, Prog 2: Urdu)

2130-0100 IST - Simulcast Mode - AM 1071 kHz Urdu + DRM 1080 kHz
(Prog 1: Vividh Bharati, Prog 2: Urdu)

Transmitter will now carry 3 channels simultaneously, one in AM mode & two
in DRM mode.

[later Dec 11]  DRM simulcast was always on 1080 kHz. DRM Power:
In simulcast mode - 100 kW
In pure DRM mode  - 250 kW
(Alokesh Gupta-IND, DXindia Dec 8 / 11)

INDIA   4970  AIR Shillong, at 1401 UT on Dec 6. In English; "This is the
North Eastern Service of All India Radio broadcasting from Shillong on
shortwave 60.26 meters, corresponding to 4970 kilohertz and an additional
FM 100.1 megahertz. It's time now for a feature in English titled 'Hero of
Social Justice.' This is a feature of the life and works of Dr. B. R.
Ambedkar"; one of the principal architects of the Indian constitution;
fairly readable and informative program.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

INDIA  Launching of a website by AIR for its External Services.

All India Radio has launched a multimedia website for its external
service. The website  is presently available in
English, Hindi and Urdu languages. The content consists of rich bouquet of
news, current affairs, programmes on culture, heritage, music, art,
tourism, health-care, issues relating to economy, investment, development,
education etc. The website which has a blend of text, pictures, video and
audio components, also features live streaming of radio programmes. It
also has a segment of "Radio On Demand".

The External Services of All India Radio have been broadcasting their
programmes in 27 languages (15 foreign and 12 Indian). They are reaching
out to more than 140 countries through medium and short wave. Broadcasts
are aimed at Indians living abroad as well as others worldwide. The
programmes of AIR have wide following as is evident from large number of
letters, e-mails received by the different language services. It is mainly
for Indian Diaspora and to give the listeners a feel of Home away from
home. AIR also broadcast in Bangla, Baluchi, Burmese, Chinese, Dari,
Pashtu, Punjabi, Nepali, Saraiki, Sindhi, Sinhala, Tamil and Tibetan for
the neighbouring countries. Their objective is to project the progress and
policies of India, along with its arts and culture. All Indian nationals
living in Kuwait, who are interested to see the external service of All
India Radio may log to its website


(Alokesh Gupta-IND, dxld Dec 9)

INDONESIA   Voice of Indonesia was back on shortwave on Dec 10, 2015
and used new 9525.0 kHz, instead of long time used odd freqs 9525.9 /
9526.0. Good signal strength, but modulation today is low.!!

1000-1100 9525#JAK 250 kW 135? deg to AUS  English
1100-1200 9525#JAK 250 kW 010 deg to EaAS  Chinese
1200-1300 9525#JAK 250 kW 010 deg to EaAS  Japanese
1300-1400 9525#JAK 250 kW 010 deg to EaAS  English
1400-1500 9525#JAK 250 kW 010 deg to EaAS  Indonesian
1500-1600 9525*JAK 250 kW 010 deg to EaAS  Chinese

1600-1700 9525^JAK 250 kW 290 deg to NE/ME Arabic
1700-1800 9525 JAK 250 kW 290 deg to WeEUR Spanish
1800-1900 9525 JAK 250 kW 290 deg to WeEUR German
1900-2000 9525 JAK 250 kW 290 deg to WeEUR En, off air around 1930UT!
2000-2100 9525 JAK 250 kW 290 deg to WeEUR French

# QRM Voice of America in Mandarin on 9530 kHz.
* co-ch China Radio Int in English on same.
^ QRM TRT Voice of Turkey in Farsi on 9530 kHz.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 11)

INDONESIA   9524.981 accurate footprint - measured again downunder in
remote SDR unit in Brisbane Australia, noted carrier ON AIR approx. at
0955 and 1520 UT on Dec 11.

Then 0958 UT string instrument IS of VoIndonesia Cimanggis,
into HQ prayer around 1002-1006 UT. Only 10% modulated, very tiny signal
today, I guess an alternative poor reserve TX unit is now in use.

Measure/aligned against MW Australia stn / CHU 3330 kHz / ABC Alice
Springs NT 4835 kHz / WWVH 5 MHz / 10 MHz / HJD Japan H3A mode 5006 kHz.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 11)

INDONESIA   new 3325.00 (ex3324.88) kHz, RRI Palangkaraya, at 1330 UT on
Dec 7; audio off at 1333* UT (only open carrier) till tuned out at 1340 UT
(still just open carrier). Continuing to adjust the transmitter? For about
two years had been on 3324.88 kHz.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 7)

At 1303 UT on Dec 9 'I see' a signal string visible on 3324.9985 kHz on
the remote unit in Brisbane Queensland. Measure/aligned against MW
Australia stn / CHU 3330 kHz / ABC Alice Springs NT 4835 kHz / WWVH 5000
kHz, HJD Japan H3A mode 5006 kHz.

Heard a {test?} tone of +600 Hertz. wb. Dec 9.

INDONESIA   3344.85  RRI Ternate on Dec 9 had definite open carrier onward
from 1349 UT, but never strong enough for any audio here, but in Japan,
Hiroyuki Komatsubara heard them on 3344.87 kHz at 0925 till 1458 UT
playing "Palau Ambon" at sign off.

Dec 9 again found RRI Makassar off the air (nothing heard on 4749.94 kHz);
at 1433 UT had decent signal from Bangladesh Betar and very light QRM from
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 9)

3344.861 kHz accurate frequency footprint.

At 1205 UT on Dec 10 noted only thin tiny station string on remote SDR
unit screen at Brisbane Queensland Australia. Even when AGC switched off,
and controls as 'manual control amplifier', the INS signal was tiny on
threshold level, and in background a lot of thunderstorm noise like
lightning discharges heard.

3324.9985 RRI Palangkaraya at 1217 UT, similar tiny low strength in
Queensland remote unit.

4749.993 accurate footprint at 1223 UT on Dec 10, Unidentified station,
poor tiny signal string seen on Perseus SDR PC screen.
RRI Makassar broadcast on the air likely ?

Weak signal on 2485 kHz ABC Katherine NT at 1229 UT.
At same time slot ABC NT Tennant Creek S=8 on 2325.0 kHz.

Re: RRI Ternate. 4749.993 accurate footprint at 1223 UT on Dec 10,
Unidentified station, poor tiny signal string seen on Perseus SDR PC
screen. RRI Makassar broadcast on the air likely ?

Measure/aligned against MW Australia stn / CHU 3330 kHz / ABC Alice
Springs NT 4835 kHz / WWVH 5000 kHz, HJD Japan H3A mode 5006 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 10)

Dec 10 at 1300-1305 UT had decent reception of Bangladesh Betar on 4750.0
kHz, with news in Bangla; only very faint QRM from CNR1; no RRI Makassar
(4749.94 kHz) heard today Dec 10 (silent since Dec 7).
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 10)

IRAN   9445.006  Iran Spanish to CeAM zones 11 and 12 extended
0220 to 0320 UT too ?

Tonight at 0220 to present 0245 UT on Dec 6, I noted IRIB Tehran signal in
Spanish on 7225 kHz to South America, and also on 9445 kHz to zones 11 and
12 in Central America on overtime, latter extended to 0320 UT slot TOO ?

Measured 9445.006 kHz from Kamalabad site S=9+35dB powerhouse here in
Germany, and CeAM signal 7225.0 kHz too, at same S=9+35dB level. Program
content had a lot of talk on muslim terrorist bomb blowing on Madrid and
London metro stations...

Despite this deep UTC night, we hear unusually only poor tiny signals from
NorthAM like in 41, 31 and 25 mb, REAL DEEP WINTER CONDITION. On the
opposite very strong signals from the eastern world:
powerhouses from IBB Kuwait, variouspowerful AIR India outlets,
and also strong SLBC Trincomalee CLN-Sri Lanka on 11905 kHz at 0230 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 6)

IRAN   7360  VOIRI Radio Tabriz progr, on 7 Dec 2015 at 1523 UT on 7360
VOIRI in Azeri. This program seems to be produced in Tabriz as they ID
"Inja Tabriz Radyosu". I recall it's been that way for years, but just now
happened to hear them ID'ing that way. Listed 1420-1650 UT*. This tx
listed as Zahedan 500kW 289deg azimuth.
(Jari Savolainen-FIN, dxld Dec 7)

* also via powerful mediumwave channels on the border region to
702kia  1323jol mentioned in WRTH 2015.
Tabriz is 90 kilometers away of Azerbaijan/Armenia border region.
Very rugged confused border demarcation line, to Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Hasan Kiadeh, Bandar-e-Kiashahr 702 kHz 500 kW 350 degr 4-mast directional
37 24 36.33 N  50 00 44.51 E

and Jolfa 1323 kHz 50 kW
38 56 8.40 N  45 36 23.71 E
location 80 kms west of Azerbaijan/Armenia border region.

IRAN   Very odd frequency of VoIRI IRIB Tehran on Dec 8

1423-1650 7361.5 ZAH 500kW 289deg to Caucasus/WeAS Azeri, instead of
1652-0020 6061.5 ZAH 500kW 289deg to NoEaAF Arabic instead of nominal 6060
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

6145.004  IRIB Sirjan 500 kW powerhouse in Armenian language segment,
0250-0320:05 UT scheduled noted as broadband frequency signal on 18.6 kHz
wide !  S=9+15dB clean audio signal at 0316 UT on Dec 10. TX cut off
midst on IS interval signal at 03.20:05 UT.

Underneath co-channel very tiny signal of AIR Urdu on odd 6145.021 kHz,
two ladies talk at 0322 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 10)

Thanks to a tip from Ivo in Bulgaria, Zahedan tx outlets are much odd
frequencies these days.

9897.212 kHz odd, S=9+15dB signal observed here at 0356 UT, scheduled
0230-0530 UT on nominal 9895 kHz, requested from IRIB Zahedan site 500 kW
at 289deg, as Arabic-West program.

IRIB issues two Arabic services these days, one directed towards Arabic
Peninsula, towards ARS, UAE, QAT, OMA, YEM, SOM, ERI;

the other beamed westwards at
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 10)

ISRAEL   At the initiative of deputies from the Party Knesset Zionist camp
Ksenia Svetlova on Wednesday, November 25, held an emergency meeting of
the Parliamentary Commission on Immigration and Absorption, dedicated to
the fate of Radio REKA. Attended by representatives of public
organizations and journalists strongly criticized the permanent reduction
of personnel and the general deterioration of the situation on the radio,
is designed to serve the interests of the Russian-speaking community, and
is now under threat of closing, says IsraelInfo.

"Back in June, had been collected a meeting on radio REKA, where, as it
seemed to us, mutual understanding was reached with the management of
Radio and Television ("rashut ha shidur"), but since then little has
changed. Radio REKA is a not just a station broadcasting it - a symbol for
Russian-speaking Israelis having special significance, and that is why we
demand specific solutions and specific answers, "- said Xenia Svetlov.

Shimon Alkabets appointed two months ago, the chief editor of Radio and
Television, and previously held the position of director of radio "Kol
Yisrael", the structure of which includes the RECA, said that reform
"raschut ha shidur" not invented them, and it is responsible for its
implementation and complained how hard it is to be editor in chief in a
time of change.
(via MIDXB, Nov 24)


The group of Russian-speaking Israeli figures of literature, art, sent an
open letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to immediately intervene
in the situation with Radio REKA.

"We hold you personally responsible for the fate of Radio REKA" - said in
a letter circulated Public Committee in Defense of the Russian-language
radio station.

The letter recalls that the lack of staff has threatened "the presence of
Russian-language broadcasting in Israel." And that, as stressed in the
message comes at a time when the pace of repatriation increased, when due
to a wave of terror many regular listeners in particular need of objective
and timely information at first hand when still remains a lot of people,
which is the only radio station REKA-link to Israeli life, reports cursor.

According to the authors of the letter "ministers and officials lied that
it is important to REKA radio and its future is not in danger." "In fact
today RECA destroy not allowed to take new pictures, putting the remaining
journalists in inhuman and degrading conditions of work", - said in the

In the state radio station to November 1, 2015 there were only 18 people.
For comparison: in 1991, when RECA started her broadcast work and fewer
hours a day than it is now, the state radio station was 67 people.

"As a result, at the moment load staff has increased many times, the work
has become a conveyor for filling ether. This can not but affect the
quality of transmission, despite the best efforts of the creative team, "-
said in the letter.

"For many new immigrants that radio - not only the sole source of
information. For many of them, Radio REKA - it is a symbol. We know how
important you, Mr. Prime Minister, give to the need to continue the
repatriation of the CIS countries. To deprive them of Russian- speaking
immigrants radio - it's a terrible mistake. But that mistake can be
corrected," - say the authors of the letter, warning that Netanyahu may go
down in history, "as the man who destroyed the radio RECA."

Nearby points of the letter put the signature poet Igor Guberman, former
editor of RECA and Israeli Ambassador to Russia Dorit Golender actors
Sasha Demidov Vladimir Friedman, Paul Krawiecka, Eugene Fayerman Natasha
Manor, Elena Sahanova Mary Mushkatina Mikhail Teplitskii Elena Yaralova,
Bronislaw Kazantsev, musicians Yuri Povolotskii Samson Kemelmaher Leonid
Spivak and Igor Naimark, Zlata Razdolina journalists James Schaus, Sofa
Vasilieva, Maria Khinich and many others
<> via via RusDX 22 Nov via dxld)

JAPAN   New NHK - Japanese Foreign-TV NHK World HD on Astra satellite to
Europe target footprint. New and not decoded via Astra 19.2 degr East
available.  Frequency 11.229 GHz vertical (SR 22.000, FEC 2/3).
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 9)

KOREA REP OF   And Wolfgang Bueschel replied, listening at the same time
as I:

"Around 1340-1400 UT, UNIDENTIFIED song singer in Korea? re 4900 //
6215 kHz, real measurement around 1340-1400 UT on a remote unit in
eastern Thailand as 4899.9965 and 6215.0035 kHz. Signal strength
in Eastern Thailand S=8 or -78dBm. Unit aligned against WWVH Hawaii
5000.0 kHz and R Australia 4835.0 kHz. 73 Wolfgang df5sx".

Finally checking EiBi, we do find this but not at the times heard, and
a lot more than 10 minutes each, but nary a number; holiday?

4900 1455-1505 irr KOR V24 Numbers Station K Oc xx
4900 1530-1540 irr KOR V24 Numbers Station K Oc xx

4900, Nov 27 at 1333 UT, no signal from the SoKorean numbers station which
was on for hours and hours yesterday playing one song over and over.
Numerous carriers, a few with audio are found on 60m frequencies mostly
corresponding to East Turkistan, Tibet, India, China, Indonesia, between
1336 and 1346 Nov 27:

4869.99, 4895, 4880, 4850, 4820, 4810, 4800, 4749.94 Indonesian, 4920,
4950, 4970, 4980, 5006 Japan?, 5010, 5040, 5050, 5060 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Dec 2)

KYRGYZ REPUBLIC/TAJIKISTAN   About a year ago, I became interested in
receiving station Ovozi Tojik (Voice of Tajik) at a frequency of 7245 kHz.
Power 100 kW, the antenna is non-directional. On the Russian broadcast two
times a day, from 08:00 to 10:00 UTC and 16:00 to 18:00 UT. But thanks to
the Chinese "tusuyuschim" on the same frequency, take Voice Tajiks I could

Recently I learned that Kyrgyzstan also broadcasts in Russian. The radio
station Radio Birinchi. Timetables on the official website there. That
will bring the schedule from the site

From 00:00 to 00:20 UT on at a frequency of 4820 kHz, on Monday and
Tuesday in Russian and Kyrgyz languages (there are alternative frequency
4819.861 kHz). In the remaining days in Russian, Kyrgyz and English.

From 02.00 to 02.20 UT on 4820 kHz at a frequency only on Monday and
Tuesday, in Russian and Kyrgyz languages.

From 11.00 to 11.10 UT on 4820 kHz frequency on all days except Tuesday,
in Russian.

From 16:00 to 16:30 UT on 4820 kHz frequency on all days of the week in

The transmitter in Bishkek, the omni-directional antenna,
the power of 15 kW.

On Tuesdays from 04.30 to 05.00 UT at the frequency of 4010
kHz{4009.916v}, they broadcast in the Ukrainian language. Here the
transmitter power of 100 kW, the omni-directional antenna.

So please all users of the portal, if possible, promonitorit these
frequencies, there really broadcasting in Russian. Well worth adding to
our portal. All thanks in advance.

(via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx Dec 6)

LITHUANIA   QSL  Radio Baltic Waves, 1386 kHz, verified e-mail report with
an electronic f/d QSL letter (*.doc file) after 45 minutes from the time I
sent my report V/S: Rimantas Pleikys (who says that as from Febr 2015 they
have stopped sending QSL letters by snailmail).
E-mail addr:  <riplei -at->

NHK World Radio Japan, 6165 kHz via Sitkunai-LTU relay site, verified an
electronic report sent by E-mail <nhkworld -at-> and via their
website to Russian section with p/d QSL card in Russian and program
schedule in 34 days.
(Antonello Napolitano-ITA, via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx Dec 6)

QSL 1386 kHz.  Polskie Radio 5 (Radio Polonia) via Sitkunai-Lithuania,
27 Oct 2015, at 1700 UT, QSL-card in Russian  <ru -at->
(morodx73 Bedford, via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx Dec 6)

LITUANIA   Radio Baltic Waves International, via Sitkunai-Lithuania
tiene el siguiente esquema de invierno (UT)

1600-0500 1386 kHz (Sitkunai, 75 kW, nd)
1630-1730 R. Poland,  Ruso
1730-1800 NHK World,  Ruso
1800-1900 R. Liberty, Ruso
1900-2100 R. Liberty, Bieloruso
2100-0300 R. Liberty, Ruso
0300-0330 R. Liberty, Bieloruso
0330-0400 NHK World,  Ruso
0400-0500 R. Poland,  Bieloruso
(, via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx Dec 6)

LITHUANIA  Re: [A-DX] RMRC KW-Sendung via Sitkunai Lithuania on 11690 kHz.
Nichts auf 11790 kHz um 0940 UT Dec 5. Und nichts auf 11690 kHz um
1000 UT. Ersatzlog: 12034.9 kHz die Stimme der Mongolei aus Ulan Bator.
(Christoph Ratzer-AUT  OE2CRM,
<>  <>  A-DX ng Dec 5)
Footprint accurate on 12034.875 kHz Dec 11 at 0945 UT Mongolian, wb.

MADAGASCAR   7395.0  NHK World Radio Japan via Talata-Volonondry MDG, in
Swahili language, at 0341 UT S=7-8 sidelobe signal into southern Germany.
At 0315-0400 UT scheduled.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 10)

MEXICO   6184.978  XEPPM Radio Educacion Mexico City, heard at 0445 UT on
Dec 6 with sweet female singer performance, S=8 much fluttery signal
across Atlantic into Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 6)

MOLDOVA   QSL Vesti FM, 1413 kHz, verified e-mail report with f/d eQSL
sent to Pridnestrovskiy Radiotelecentr
<prtc -at->  in 5 days. V/S: Sergey Omelchenko, Technical
Director of Pridnestrovskiy Radiotelecentr (PRTC) at Grigoriopol, Maiac.

QSL  TWR Europe, 1548 kHz, verified e-mail report with f/d eQSL including
Grigoriopol Maiac transmitter site, [Pridnestrovskiy Radiotelecentr
(PRTC)] sent to

<kdobos -at->  and  <twre -at-> in 20 days.
V/S: Kalman Dobos, broadcsat monitoring TWR. The reply came from
<kdobos -at->
(Antonello Napolitano-ITA, via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx Dec 6)

QSL  Vesti FM, 1413 kHz, verified e-mail report with f/d eQSL sent to
Pridnestrovskiy Radiotelecentr  <prtc -at->  in 2 days.
(Roberto Pavanello, Vercelli-ITA, via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx Dec 6)

MONGOLIA    Winter B-15 for Voice of Mongolia
0900-0930 12035v U-B 250 kW 178 deg to SoEaAS English
0930-1000 12035v U-B 250 kW 116 deg to EaAS   Mongolian
1000-1030 12035v U-B 250 kW 116 deg to EaAS   Chinese
1030-1100 12035v U-B 250 kW 116 deg to EaAS   Japanese
[measured on Dec 11: accurate footprint 12034.875 kHz, wb.]

1400-1430 12015v U-B 250 kW 178 deg to SoEaAS Chinese Mongolian
1430-1500 12015v U-B 250 kW 116 deg to EaAS   Mongolian
1500-1530 12015v U-B 250 kW 116 deg to EaAS   Japanese
1530-1600 12015v U-B 250 kW 116 deg to EaAS   English
(NZL DX Times Dec 20155, page 14 SW report,
- I guess taken from Ivo Ivanov-BUL origin ?)

MYANMAR   Rangoon Yegu site - controversy. Found this new item today.

This is the MW/SW broadcast center site in Yangon/Rangoon from British
empire era ... still in use today

Information Minister Ye Htut spars with lawmakers over privatizing a
broadcasting station in Rangoon, facing calls for his impeachment on
allegations of violating ...


Has anyone heard anything more? (Ian, Nov 21, SWtxsite yg via dxld)

MYANMAR/BURMA   5985.0  Myanmar Radio, at 1540 UT on Dec 9, Wed.
"VOA Learning English, this is The Making of a Nation"; interesting
program about the sea battle between the Virginia and the Monitor during
the Civil War; at end of program went over some of the vocabulary used;
website has audio streaming and transcript:
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 9)

NEW ZEALAND   13840 QSL.  I got an electronic QSL from Radio New Zealand
International for enrollment for English 24 Nov 2015, at 1100 UT
on 13840 kHz frequency. The card - Kiwi bird with the flag of New Zealand
and confirmation data. Message sent through the form on the site RNZI.
The report confirmed Adrian Sainsbury, Frequency Manager.
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx Dec 6)

NORWAY   5895usb  USB LKB/LLE Bergen Kringkaster  t e s t  broadcast at
0820 UT on Dec 6. Here in Germany a S=7 or -89dBm signal, the test bcast
contain various identifications - also in CW format - and asked for RRs by
the audience. At 0827 UT Saxophone / Flute music performed.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 6)

PERU   4747.1  Radio Huanta 2000, Huanta, Ayacucho, 2320 to 2333 UT yl and
om en Espanol, fair to good signal 3 Dec.

4985.5  Radio Voz Cristiana, Huancayo, 2322 to 2330 UT om preacher
competing with rtty on 4985 kHz, 3 Dec.

5459.3 'Tent.'  Radio Bolivar, Cd. Bolivar, Provincia de Bolivar,
La Libertad, 2320 to 2340 UT per Pedro Arrunategui tip of 3 Dec,
0000 to 0012 UT on 5 Dec drifted to 5460.23 kHz.
(Robert Wilkner-FL-USA, dswci DXW Dec 6)

ROMANIA. Nice photos of Saftica Shortwave Transmitter Station near
Bucureshti, Romania. here:

(Andrea Borgnino-ITA, IW0HK, SWtxsites yg via dxld Nov 25)


Google automatic translator:
Justice is parasite Radiocommunications Wednesday, April 17, 2002.
Many of the older Bucharest residents recall "Carabus House" from the
actor Constantin Tanase. In 1936, he purchased in installments from a
"farmer" local land that then planted trees and built a house with one
floor, with materials recovered from demolition Carabus theater. The
frontispiece to put in plaster "beetle" emblem that adorned for twenty
years of street theater Academy. The actor died in 1945, keeping house and
family orchard until 1956, when by decree of the government then drove the
heirs Security Tanase, laying hold of the house (but not the orchard,
although not allow any owners access here).

In 1959-1960, near the property belonged Tanase family has built a
building with two floors of the former Mayor's Radiocommunications
(current National Radiocommunications Company - SNR) that were added over
time a number of antennas. Radiocommunications company employees at a time
broke the fence separating the two properties, land acaparand Tanase
family, and they plot of land used for cultivation of vegetables and
fruits and then director of the kings, that the National Company of

A strange decision of the court Because it was never issued any act
passing mention of state owned land that, after 1990, the family asked
Tanase return land and house. Balotesti local Commission issued
certificate of ownership on the ground, only the intervention by the
National Radiocommunications it refused possession of effective
implementation. A series of lawsuits in court, which Trajan Tanase, one of
the two sons Tanase, has managed to win (range 1994-1997), after taking
this decision to sell part of land acquired in court. But managers
Administration and later of the National Radiocommunications Society could
not give up easily to a good that you have used for years

Thus, in 1995, when buyers wanted to delineate the-tr-field fence newly
acquired executives that time of the SNR re-occupied land by some union
members, particularly violent. A year later, in court initiates
cancellation SNR minutes entering into possession of his son Constantin
Tanase, citing, inter alia, that the land in question is public property,
located in the administration of RA Radiocommunications. The court again
give priority to the Trajan Tanase two buyers, by court ruling final and
irrevocable. RA Radiocommunications appeal. During the trial, on appeal,
the son of Constantin Tanase Tanase Trajan dies, leaving his wife and son
his heir. The process of appeal is suspended to be resumed in about a

Meanwhile, the reorganization occurs in RA Radiocommunications
Radiocommunications National Company, which act as the setting up of
constitutional provisions and the administration has no publicly owned
land. However, the re-call after the second disposal, Bucharest Tribunal,
Civil Section IV, adopted a decision very odd in that it acts aa found
absolute nullity of sale, signed in 1995

Therefore, the court has restored parts in the previous situation, the
order seller to refund the buyers and sagging prices in full ownership and
possession of land by the SNR. Basically, the court granted the plaintiffs
had demanded more than which pose serious questions about the impartiality
of the court. It is notable that in case of another land, where SNR have
antennae (the antennae were not Tanase family land), it chose to move
those antennas. "We have returned to land people, advising RA
Radiocommunications to buy that land, but they preferred to move
antennas," the mayor told us Balotesti, Florian Ion Danut. Does it matter
if Tanase family that this land is located on national highway?
(via wb, dxld Nov 25)

see actual Streetview of September 2012
<,26.0687412,3a,75y,79.32h,89.51t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sq3m8nagmOVw9ydKTTS5EmA!2e0!7i13312 !8i6656?hl=en>
(wb, SWsites yg via dxld Nov 25)

RUSSIA   QSL-cards received by WRN for reception in Russian program
"Voices Hope "- 26 Oct 2015, 1500-1530 UT on frequency of [Moscow]
MW 738 kHz. The report sent by E-mail to:
<golosnadezhdi -at->

The answer came from Tula. Also sent booklet "Voices of Hope" and
newsletter "Voice of Hope" #3 in 2015.
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx Dec 6)

QSL-cards received from the Russian service Radio Slovakia International.
03 Nov 2015 on Moscow 738 kHz. The radio confirms reports about the
reception on HF, via satellite, through a network of WRN and receive via
the Internet.
(Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx Dec 6)

QSL-cards received from the Russian Service of KBS World Radio reception
26 Oct 2015, 1730-1800 UT on frequency 738 kHz (via World Radio Network
Moscow relay site). Subject Cards: 70 years of independence. Panorama of
the Republic of Korea.

QSL-cards received from the Russian Service of KBS World Radio reception
08 Nov 2015, 1330-1400 UT on frequency 738 kHz (via WRN Moscow relay).
Topic cards: Archives transmission KBS - in the register of UNESCO's
"Memory of the World".

The reports sent via E-mail:  <russian -at->
(Dmitry Kutuzov-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx" via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx Dec 6)

QSL received from KBS for reception on Oct 26 at 7235 kHz. QSL-kartochka
released in 2011. 50 years, the Russian service of KBS.
(Alexander Golovihin, Togliatti-RUS, "deneb-radio-dx"
via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx Dec 6)

QSL  Radio Prague, Moscow WRN relay 738 kHz, 4 Nov 2015, at 0030 UT,
QSL-card, sticker, postcard, printed materials, Russian section
<ruski -at->
(rusborder Saratov-RUS, via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx Dec 6)

SAUDI ARABIA   [YEMEN non]  11860, Dec 7 at 1356 UT, good strong S=9+10dB
signal with ME music, 1358 UT Arabic announcement mentions Sudan and Saudi
Arabia, but can't detect any ID for Radio Sana'a or Yemen; 1401 UT back to
music which is mostly strident/militaristic past 1425 UT; 1427 UT talk
with bits of Qur'an, tweeting SFX; 1438 UT strident talk with a bit of
echo; more music etc., until 1500 UT YL voice heard for first time, but
still can't catch an ID, mostly talk, interview past 1522 UT.

Surely it is this new clandestine by the ousted leader of Yemen, believed
to broadcast from nearby Saudi Arabia. When it first came on after 18 UT,
I could only hear a JBA carrier here, but schedule has been expanded, and
now propagation is favorable. At 1434 UT, some weak music CCI underneath,
i.e. IBB Kuwait in Pashto & Dari at 1430-1630 UT; that collision must be
much worse in the target area.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Dec 7)

Interesting log Glenn. Dec 7 (0308-0322 UT) heard 11860 kHz with non-stop
Middle Eastern music; poor-fair reception. Was wondering if it could have
been Yemen[non], but no way to confirm?
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, dxld via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 7)

11859.9985  accurate footprint.

On Dec 9 at 1335 UT heard two men talk - emotive discuss about Arabic
world and many times Syria mentioned ... in Arabic language. Heard a
strong S=9+15dB signal on remote SDR unit in Brisbane Queensland
downunder. QRM hit heavily by adjacent 11855 kHz channel of RRI Bucharest
Chinese sce program from Tiganesti til 1357 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 9)

11860, CLANDESTINE. Radio Sana'a (a.k.a. Republic of Yemen Radio). Some
believe this to be operating from Riyadh transmitters but I can't confirm

First noted 2140 UT, with continuous music, occasional IDs as "Radio
Sana'a ...", a news program at 2200 UT, then more music and some
announcements in between. S9 signal when first tuned in, but down to S5 by
2225 UT. S/off 2300 UT and the signal was getting pretty scratchy by then.

Apparently this station only started up a few days ago (thanks info via
Mauno) and is supportive of the Hadi forces against the Houthi rebels.
Needs further investigating! 22 Nov.
(Rob Wagner-Vic-AUS  VK3BVW, Dec ADXN via dxld Dec 2)

I guess tentatively Radio Sanaa on

11859.9985 accurate footprint.

On Dec 9 at 1335 UT heard two men talk - emotive discuss about Arabic
world and many times Syria mentioned ... in Arabic language. Heard a
strong S=9+15dB signal on remote SDR unit in Brisbane Queensland

QRM hit eavily by adjacent 11855 kHz channel of RRI Bucharest Chinese sce
program from Tiganesti til 1357 UT.

(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 10)

re 11860 kHz listen to recording of 1353 UT, in Swiss ogg format.

It is Sanaa, the latest changes in this transmission is officially
mentioned in the news bar in Yemen TV net work (not the official one)
stating that Radio Sanaa is transmitting 24/7 hrs/d now on 11860 kHz.

Now there are 2 Yemeni TV networks one supporting alHuethi group located
in Sanaa and the other one is supporting the elected President who is
located in Aden the capital of Southern Yemen.

The official Radio Sanaa transmitting now only online replied to an E-mail
from a listener that they are not the network using 11860 kHz and this
station is not the official voice of Yemen.

The online network is completely different than the one on 11860 kHz of

In Egypt I can hear them after 0430 UT but can't confirm if it's really
24/7 hrs/d, I can confirm that the gap between 1000 and 1800 UT is now
filled with programmes attacking Iran as it is the main supporter of
alHuethis, a DXer in Japan advised that he heard voice of the Gulf
Cooperation Council transmitting on the same freq. which is a fill in for
a 24 hrs transmission.
(Tarek Zeidan-EGY  SU1TZ, via dxld Dec 10)

I do not understand the text. Please explain to me the whole thing - in
detail. Thanks. So there are two programs on the Sanaa Satellite channel?
and both sent directly from Sanaa? Which program is Former President ? -
from Aden site, which is present president ? Which is ARS supported? Which
is Iran alHuethis supported? Sends NOW additional bcast hours at daytime,
another Sanaa group from Aden on 11860 kHz ?

All the time I measured accurate 11859.9985 kHz signals.
Weak signals in Europe compared to BSKSA Riyadh powerful 500 kW beasts.
Stronger signals noted on remote SDR units in Brisbane Queensland
downunder and at Doha Qatar.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 10)

Re: 11860 listen to recording of 1353 UT, in Swiss ogg format.

Wolfy, I don't think it is as complicated as you suspect.
But of course I have no other evidence.

11860 kHz would be the ousted pres's station based in Aden (but studios
there?) fed to Saudi Arabia for transmission. Yet he calls it Radio Sanaa.

The "official" R. Sanaa, not on SW but online only is completely
different, controlled by the revolutionaries really in Sanaa.
My log of today is about to go out.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Dec 10)

[YEMEN non]  11860 kHz, on Dec 10 at 1422 UT, VG signal in Arabic
discussion about Yemen, studio YL (in Aden??) interviewing OM on phone.
Also at first I can hear R. Ashna, Kuwait to Afghanistan underneath, which
clashes at 1430-1630 UT, uncovered at 1432 UT during a brief Yemen
transmission break.

IBB has the flexibility to move, so they should get with it, as this R.
Sana'a has claimed 11860 kHz for 24 hours a day, per Ivo Ivanov-BUL. He
still lists it as a 50 kW ND transmission from Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA. It's
so strong{? wb.} here during this hour, that I could now believe it's a
500 kW Riyadh unit; maybe just an ideal pipeline hour for us, longpath?
1434 UT brief Qur'an segment; then mostly music, martial-sounding, with
some Arabic exhortations; after 1503 UT back to mostly Arabic talk,
weakening somewhat by 1528 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Dec 10)

SOLOMON ISLANDS   9545  SIBC - Voice of the Nation, at 0447-0500* UT on
Dec 3. In Pijin with pop Pacific Island songs; poor.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 8)

SOMALIA   7120.0  Radio Hargeysa, Somaliland ID heard at 0332 UT, before
the carrier was already on air at 0327 UT, S=7 at -90dBm signal strength.
Sudden crash start of program with trumpet hymn at 03.31:43 UTC.
Holy Quran prayer at 0334 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 10)

TAIWAN  [CHINA/PHILIPPINES]   new *9522.0 USB* (ex: 7502.0 USB) kHz,
StarStar Broadcasting Station (XingXing BS), tuned in at 1307 till 1328*,
Dec 7. Chinese numbers; almost fair. Should be *1200 & *1300 UT.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, DXplorer via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 7)

No Chinese numbers station noted on Dec 9, but at 1315 UT noted PBS Nei
Menggu, Hohhot #839 station on odd frequency 9519.984 kHz, followed by an
UNID carrier came crash on air at 1323 UT on 9520.004 kHz - thats's RVA
Palauig-Zambales in Chin language scheduled 1330-1400 UT.

At 1327 UT heard an English! language identification of RVA Chin program
and their memorable trumpet pause signal.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 9)

TAIWAN   Keith Perron has cancelled the remainder (after Nov 28) part of a
series of weekly programs PCJ Saturday, because of "lack of an audience".

"... I will be canceling the remainder of the PCJ Special Broadcasts after
next weeks program. There is just not a sufficient audience to continue
with the rest. Last week and this week it was the same people. So it's not
justified to keep it going for fewer than 20 people. Apologies to those
who did tune in".
(Vladimir Yemelyanov, Samara Group, in RUSdx Nov 29, via dswci DXW Dec 9)

"And here is the rest of the story. Owner PCJ Radio International, Whale
Peron, upset by minute amounts of incoming reports and announced that the
transfer in "This Saturday, November 28" will be the last. On each of the
first two programs received about 20 responses from the same people, and
for that Keith small audience does not want to work".
(Mezin in RUSdx  Nov 29, via dswci DXW Dec 9)

TAJIKISTAN   Good signal of clandestine Radio Free North Korea
1200-1300 9470 DB 100 kW 71 deg to NEAs Korean, Dec 5

Good signal of clandestine Voice of Wilderness
1330-1530 7615 DB 100 kW 71 deg to NEAs Korean, Dec 5

Good signal of clandestine National Unity Broadcasting Station
1300-1500 7515 DB 100 kW 71 deg to NEAs Korean, former R Free Chosun

Good signal of clandestine North Korea Reform Radio
1430-1530 7590 DB 100 kW 71 deg to NEAs Korean on Dec 5
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 5)

UAE/BRAZIL   5940.092  IBRA Radio (Radyo Sadaye Zindagi) via Babcock
brokery Al Dhabbaya site in UAE, 0230-0300 UT in Dari, heard at 0237 UT
on Dec 10, S=9+5dB in southern Germany. One of the odd frequency units
at UAE site.

But heavy 176 Hertz BUZZ tone underneath originate from weaker signal
difference of Radio Voz Missionaria from Bazil on lowerside channel of odd
5939.916 kHz at 0245 UT on Dec 10.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 10)

U.K.   Welcome to EDXC Conference 2016.

Tip, die jaehrliche Reise fuer die DX Pensionisten:

On behalf of the European DX Council we are happy to announce that
The British DX Club will host EDXC Conference 2016 in Manchester,
United Kingdom. The confirmed dates are 9-12 September, 2016.

Accommodation and the conference itself will take place at
The Castlefield Hotel.


This is set in the historic Castlefield canal basin area of the city of
Manchester. It is a short walk from shopping areas and is close to many
cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants.
There are also museums and art galleries nearby.

Conference registration will be on the evening of Friday 9 September with
conference sessions on the mornings of
Saturday 10 September and Sunday 11 September,
and the final conference sessions on Monday 12 September.

The full programme with prices will be announced in due course. Excursions
are being planned for the conference and will be announced in a few

If you have any questions about EDXC Conference 2016 please contact
Kari        <ksk -at->
Jan-Mikael  <jmn -at->
or Chrissy  <chrissylb -at->

All information will be available also on EDXC website
<>  or  <>

For more on what to do and see in Manchester see

EDXC Manchester host Chrissy Brand also writes a daily photo blog about

We would like to see you all at EDXC Conference 2016 in Manchester.
You are warmly welcome!
(via BrDXC-UK Dec 8)

USA   7504.821  WRNO program noted on 11.6 kHz wide signal at 0430 UT on
Dec 6, S=8-9 signal from US into Europe/Germany. Hot mx singer group, but
hit by RTTY high speed QRM of UTE on centered 7508.700 kHz.

5950  new WRMI channel operational schedule missed in Aoki Nagoya fq list
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 6)

USA   3184.995  WWRB Morrison TN-USA, just above threshold level at 1230
UT on Dec 10, noted on remote SDR unit in Brisbane downunder.

Measure/aligned against MW Australia stn / CHU 3330 kHz / ABC Alice
Springs NT 4835 kHz / WWVH 5000 kHz, HJD Japan H3A mode 5006 kHz.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 10)

21675  Radio Africa Network.

Effective Oct 25th, 2015 the Radio Africa Network is broadcasting on 21675
kHz, 13 Meter Band during the hours 1000-2300 UT according to an E-mail
message received today from the station. Attached to the message there was
a Program schedule in which is instead said that Radio Africa programs are
Monday through Friday 16.00 (not 10.00!) to 2100 UT on 21675 kHz via RMI
Okeechobee Florida-US facility:

1000-1400 daily Overcomer
1400-1600 daily R Africa 2
1600-2100 mo-fr R Africa
1600-2100 sa-su R East Africa
2100-2300 daily R East Africa
(Antonello Napolitano-ITA, via Dec 8)

PAB Radio Africa scheduled 21-23 UT.

21675  at 2228 UT on 6 Dec - PAB RADIO AFRICA 35222. English, male
announcer, religious, Christian, talking about Jerusalem being an
'international city'.  100 kW, beam Azimuth 87 degr, bearing 95 degr,
WRMI tx at Okeechobee-FL.
(Rodney Johnson-NV-USA, dxld Nov 7)

11580  RMRC via WRMI, OkeechobeeFL-US, at 2205-2246 UT on Dec 05, tuned in
for the special EDXC Conference special enjoying Harald Gabler doing
interviews with attendees. Very good signal.
(Rich D'Angelo-DC-USA, dswci DXW Dec 9)

USA   Cohen Power Outage. Pepco/GSA are working on the power outage.
Stay safe and in well lit areas. Do not use elevators.

IBB Notices Administration. Power Outage Update.

Earlier this morning a GSA contractor working on a construction project in
the Switzer building inadvertently hit a power line.

Unfortunately, this incident brought down power in both the Switzer and
Cohen buildings completely disrupting almost all infrastructure systems.

At this point, we are working diligently with all of our vendors to ensure
that we can restore full operations as soon as possible.

Portions of the building are up to full operations but many of our
broadcast transmission systems are still being hampered by this incident.

We will notify you immediately once we have restored full functionality.
We deeply regret the inconvenience to all of our colleagues and programs.

Andre V. Mendes
(BBG ALERTS, via Mike Terry-UK BrDXC-UK Dec 7)

Power outage disrupts Voice of America broadcasts.

BBG Watch - December 7, 2015

A power outage today at the Washington, DC headquarters of the
Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) lasting many hours has seriously
disrupted numerous Voice of America (VOA) radio and television broadcasts
to many parts of the world. According to BBG officials, a contractor
working on a construction project in the building inadvertently hit a
power line.

But BBG's administrative and technical arm, the International Broadcasting
Bureau (IBB), was unable to quickly restore power, which is what most
broadcasting outlets in the United States are almost always able to do
within seconds or minutes by switching to emergency power generators. The
long-lasting power outage must have been a surprise to BBG's new CEO John
Lansing who recently took up his post. He had previously worked for
private U.S. cable and TV industry where such incidents generally do not
happen because managers are well-prepared to deal with them.

The federal agency, which spends most of its $740 million budget on
administrative and support services (34%), was not prepared to deal with
the power emergency at the Voice of America, even though its bureaucracy
has expanded the number of IBB positions and its budget grew by leaps and
bounds in recent years.

Because of staff shortages and lack of resources, Voice of America
journalists are also unable to post timely news reports and update social
media pages, especially on weekend and after business hours on weekdays.
VOA has increasingly turned to employing poorly-paid and poorly-supervised

The power was disrupted early in the morning, but it was still not fully
restored as of early afternoon. Many Voice of America radio and TV
broadcasting facilities still could not be used to produce and transmit
programs several hours after the power was cut.

An email to staff from one of BBG's top executives sent out at 1:28 PM
said that "many of our broadcast transmission systems are still being
hampered by this incident."
(BBG ALERTS, via Mike Terry-UK BrDXC-UK Dec 8)

UZBEKISTAN   QSL  NHK World  Radio Japan, 15735 kHz, verified an
electronic report sent by E-mail  <nhkworld -at->
and via their website with two (!) real f/d QSL card including transmitter
site Tashkent Uzbekistan in 14 days.
(Antonello Napolitano-ITA, via Anatoly Klepov-RUS, RUSdx Dec 6)

VIETNAM   7906-USB // 8294-USB, Ho Chi Minh Radio, at *1305 UT on Dec 9.
Rapid series of tones; "All stations, all stations, all stations. This is
Ho Chi Minh Radio"; location given for vessel with "5 persons on board, 1
person missing"; "Vessels in vicinity requested to keep a sharp lookout
... report information to Vietnam Coast Radio Station. This is Ho Chi Minh
Radio, over"; another report in English of vessel with "1 person
overboard"; followed by same in Vietnamese; followed by marine conditions
in Vietnamese; 1314 ending tones.

8294-USB only (*not on 7906-USB*), at 1314 UT "All stations, all stations,
all stations. This is Ho Chi Minh Radio," "Navigational Warning" in
English and Vietnamese; long list of longitudes and latitudes.

This is just one of the many VISHIPEL (Vietnam Maritime Communications and
Electronics LLC) stations located along the Vietnam coast to assist
fishing boats, etc. Website containing a full list of all the Vietnam
Coast Radio System sites:
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 9)


Closure of MW transmtters in France, Germany, and Luxembourg.

By 31 December many stations in Europe will close their MW transmitters
FOR EVER on the following frequencies

603 kHz, 711 kHz, 864 kHz, 1206 kHz, 1242 kHz, 1278 kHz, 1377 kHz,
1404 kHz, 1494 kHz, 1557 kHz.

549 kHz, 756 kHz, 1269 kHz, 1422 kHz.

Luxembourg 1440 kHz.
(corrected now by wb.; - original per Mike Simmonds-UK via Mike Terry-UK,
mwdx Dec 8)

Re: [mwdx] Closure of MW transmtters. This is not entirely accurate.

1/ The French station Allouiss on 162 kHz will not close.

2/ The German station SR Heusweiler on 1179 kHz is not mentioned in this
list but it will also shut down.
(Remy Friess-F, mwdx Dec 8)



Digital Reprint of all Editions ever published from 1957-2015.

The "Danish Short Wave Club International" (DSWCI) was founded in November
1956 and is one of the most traditional and by far the most international
club for radio enthusiasts worldwide. Since January 1957 the club
publishes the regular magazine "Shortwave News" which for decades now is a
unique source of information due to a most international network of
correspondents and monitors worldwide.

From 1957 to 2000 "Shortwave News" was published on a monthly basis, and
after that every sixth week. In 1957 and 1958 the magazine was published
in Danish and from 1957 to 1969 two different editions were distributed:
"Shortwave News" in English and "Kortbolge Nyt" in Danish.
Since January 1970 the magazine is exclusively in English language.

The DSWCI decided on its last Annual General Meeting in 2015
to close the club at the end of 2016.

But it was agreed that everything ever published from the DSWCI should
also be available for future generations of radio enthusiasts: A unique
blend of accurate news, reports and background information which was only
possible with the great support of countless people during the past almost
six decades.

During the last years we got access to every edition of "Shortwave News"
and "Kortbolge Nyt" ever published. The magazines were scanned, digitized
and processed with an OCR software. The work is finished and therefore we
now can offer a DVD with almost 60 years of radio-history and club-history
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DSWCI and ADDX in Germany offer this DVD to anyone interested:
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Orders should be made by sending the money in cash via registered mail to:

Scharsbergweg 14
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Alternative: Orders via E-Mail to <kurier -at->
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IBAN: DE25 3007 0024 0868 6800 00
Payment via Paypal is possible on request. Please write to
<kurier -at->  for details.

The DVD will be shipped after the money has been received on our
Bank Account. (Michael Schmitz)

As long as the DSWCI website exists, you may also download from
"Shortwave News SWN on DVD" 17 sample editions of SWN from 1957 to 2002
free of charge. (Rolf Wernli)


ntt-1512, letzte Ausgabe. Message from Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener
of Nov 30.

Werte Empfaenger, mit Zufriedenheit und Wehmut versende ich hiermit die
letzte Ausgabe des ntt zur Weiterverarbeitung und -verwendung.

Anlass ist der Rueckzug von Georg Einfalt vom Kurzwellenhobby und damit
verbunden das Ende von <>

Es ist an mir, ihm ganz herzlich zu danken, dass die Dateien des ntt und
auch von Medien aktuell: Kirche im Rundfunk reibungslos weiterverarbeitet
bzw. im Mitgliederbereich von KWRS bzw. spaeter ADXB-DL eingestellt

In den Jahren der Erstellung des digitalen ntt gab es sehr wenig Zuarbeit,
so dass viel Eigenrecherche in den Meldungen steckte, selbst wenn der
eigene Name nicht dabei stand. Dennoch: Ohne Wolfgang Bueschels BCDX und
Glenn Hausers Dxld, in frueheren Jahren Radio Netherlands Media Network
und in juengerer Zeit Kai Ludwigs Meldungen bei RBB und Bernd Seisers
Meldungen zu den Sendeplaenen deutschsprachiger Sender waere der ntt nicht
die Nachrichtenquelle gewesen, die er war. Ihre Bedeutung zeigte sich
nicht zuletzt in der Uebernahme in die Publikationen kleinerer

Die e-group MA-DX, die im wesentlichen der Verbreitung des ntt, und die
eigene Website <>   die einst Portraits fast aller
deutschsprachigen Auslandsdienste und deutschen Kurz-, Mittel- und
Langwellensender enthielt, werden mit dem Akzent auf deutschsprachige
Angebote weitergefuehrt.

Mit allen guten Wuenschen,

Hj. Biener ntt aktuell Dezember 2015 (letzte Ausgabe nach 21 Jahren)
Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener, Neulichtenhofstr. 7, 90461 Nuernberg, Germany.
<Hansjoerg_Biener @>
Die Zusammenstellung des ntt nutzt neben eigener Recherche folgende

A DX: e-Mail-Liste von Christoph Ratzer (via BCDX)

BCDX: Wolfgang Bueschel, wwdxc germany

dxld: Glenn Hauser's Dxld

Abschied von <>

Nach zwei Jahrzehnten Betreuung der Internetpraesenz des Kurzwellenring
Sued und vielen weiteren Engagements im Rahmen dieses Hoererverbands
beendet Georg Einfalt die Betreuung der Domain und Website. 1995 war der
Kurzwellenring Sued einer der ersten deutschen Hoererverbaende mit eigener
Webpraesenz, ab 1999 unter <>

Zum festen Angebot gehoerten der urspruenglich in einem Mailbox-Angebot
der AGDX gestartete, bis 2008 zweimal monatlich erneuerte, Infodienst von
Dr. Hansjoerg Biener, die deutschen und englischen Hoerfahrplaene von
Walter Eibl sowie eine Liste empfohlener Links zum Kurzwellenhobby.
Besonders stolz war Georg Einfalt darauf, dass <> nie mit
Werbung belaestigte.

Die Internetpraesenz wurde auch nach dem Ende des Vereins 2000
weitergefuehrt, ein Unikum, das vor allem durch die fortgesetzte
reibungslose Kooperation der letzten Vereinsvorstaende immerhin 15 Jahre
bestand. Der interne Bereich mit Zusatzangeboten zunaechst fuer Mitglieder
des KWRS und dann der ADXB-DL sowie die Portraits fast aller deutschen
Lang-, Mittel- und Kurzwellensender und deutschsprachigen Auslandsdienste,
die bis 2015 bei <> zur Verfuegung standen, deuten an,
dass man seinerzeit ein grosses Projekt im Kopf hatte.

Die Option einer nutzerfinanzierten Webpraesenz wurde im Jahr 2000
bedacht, aber nicht weiterverfolgt. Damals herrschte nicht nur die Idee
des Internets als nicht-kommerzieller community vor, zum anderen stand die
Technik so noch nicht zur Verfuegung. Man bedenke, dass die wikipedia als
kostenfreies kollaboratives Lexikon-Projekt erst 2001 online ging und
andererseits die ueber data mining ihrer user finanzierten facebook oder
twitter 2004 bzw. 2006 begannen.

Es bleibt nun, den Urhebern zu danken, und allen, die in den Jahren die
site besucht haben. Auch zuletzt verzeichnete der Counter um die
500 Besuche im Monat. (KWRS, Nov 30, 2015)


Klingenfuss Radio Monitoring  -  Klingenfuss Publications

New Klingenfuss products for 2016:
Continuous high solar activity provides good HF conditions!

Dear friends,

we're now working on our new products

- 2016 Shortwave Frequency Guide
- 2016 Super Frequency List on CD
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to be published on 10 December 2015.

[Arrived here in Stuttgart Germany on December 11, 2015 already. wb.]

Full-resolution title page graphics can be found at
<>  and  <>
<>  and  <>

Our article "Shortwave Reception via Web-SDR", as far as HF utility
radio stations are concerned, is available at


This fascinating technique with new sample screenshots of professional
digital data stations worldwide will be integrated in the new 2016
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The printed Supplement, with 600+ new frequencies and stations
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Those customers that did acquire the 2015/2016 Guide to Utility Radio
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The continuously updated product Digital Data Decoder Screenshots on
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After a relatively "weak" solar cycle maximum with a hefty
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- 154 on 27 September 2015. HF propagation conditions and long-distance
communication continue to be pretty good. New HF e-mail services,
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basis. HF e-mail booms and service providers continue to expand. No
other publisher considers this revolutionary development accordingly.

Read our new paper with a few sample screenshots at

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Internet <>  Nov 18
Best regards,

Michael Bethge

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