1st Diploma "Christmas in Sardinia"

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19 Dec 2015 to 10 January 2016


The Sardis World Amateur Radio Group, in order to promote the history and traditions of the Sardinian people, establishes this award to be available every year limited to the Christmas period from December 19 until 10 January. It is issued free of charge and only electronically to those radio amateurs or SWL that can demonstrate that they have made the following contacts:

QSO with 15 radio amateurs who are residents in Sardinia or in the islands of Sardinia;
QSO with 2 Radio Amateur Radio Clubs of Sardinia or 10 residents in the island or islands of Sardinia;
QSO 2 "Jolly" stations [wild card] IQØNU & IQ3QM belonging to a Group or 5 more radio amateurs resident in the island or on the islands of Sardinia.

The diploma will be released in digital format to whoever asks for them by mailing list (extract log) related to the connections made.

To those participating stations as activators, they will have to prove to have made the largest number of contacts and will receive a certificate which is also in digital form and the station having by far the greater number of activations will receive a plaque attesting to his participation in the diploma and its certification as 1st place among the activators.

All stations, as indicated above, may be contacted only once during the entire duration of the diploma. All contacts may be made on and bands or modes.

Send an extract of your log to the email address diplomi@grsnm.it . The log extract must contain the name and the contact data (date, time, frequency, mode of emission , report given and received). The GRSNM wishes all participants a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.   Award manager: Maurizio ISØFFD

E-mail: diplomi@grsnm.it

Internet: http://www.qrz.com/IQ3QM

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