30th Anniversary of AFVL (HB0AFVL)

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Calendar Year 2016

In 2016 the Liechtenstein Radio Amateur association – AFVL - will celebrate its 30 year anniversary. The anniversary call sign HB0AFVL will be on air from January 1st 2016 until December 31 2016 on all HF bands from 160 to 10 meter using SSB, CW and DIGI Modes.

Work HB0AFVL on two different bands or in two different modes to earn a commemorative award. First, check QSO confirmation on Clublog, then send fee of 5 EUR by PayPal to finance (at) afvl.li, who will check the application and send you a high resolution Diploma by E-Mail.

Email: qslmanager@afvl.li

Internet: https://www.qrz.com/HB0AFVL

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