5th Diploma Francesco Cossiga

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16 - 31 January 2016


Diploma Francesco Cossiga is an award dedicated to the memory of the former Italian Republic President who was an active licensed amateur station - now a Silent Key). It is issued by ARI section of Mugnano - http://www.arifrancescocossiga.it
The award is sponsored by the ARI Mugnano Naples who have established this award honoring the memory of I0FCG Francesco Cossiga, on the HF bands, in order to increase the activity DX, experimentation and research on these bands.

1. Award period: 07.00 UTC on 16 January 2016 to 19.00 UTC on 31 January 2016.

2. Participation: Diploma is open to all OM / YL and SWL the world.

3. Software : The diploma will be managed by both activators that participants with any electronic logging program that generates a log in Cabrillo format. Or you may use a paper log.

4. Awards may be downloaded in a digital format excel.

5. Download from: www.arifrancescocossiga.it or from the following link http://www.arifrancescocossiga.it/log.xls

6. Bands: Frequency 3.5 MHz (80m) - 7 MHz (40m) - 14 MHz (20m)

7. Modes: SSB, CW, (digital RTTY and PSK)

8. Notes: The same station can be connected only once a day for bandwidth and ways. It is forbidden to invite activators to change transmission mode. This decision is only at the discretion of the activator.

9. Reports: Stations belonging to the Mugnano di Napoli "Francesco Cossiga" pass RS (T) plus serial number starting with 001 to be confirmed by the correspondent.

10. Other accredited stations are:

     A. The members of the GRSNM (Group Amateur Radio Sardis in the world) they too will pass RS (T) plus serial number starting from 001 It will have to be confirmed by the correspondent. -
     B. The members of the PSK Trentunisti (Group Italian amateur digital) will also pass their RS (T) plus serial number starting from 001 which it must be confirmed by the correspondent.
     C. All radio amateurs may be awarded honorary activators during the performance of the diploma, they too will pass RS (T) plus the number progressively from 001 to be confirmed by the correspondent.
     D. All stations ARI IQ Campania and Sardinia, NOT pass the serial number.
     E. Stations using the IQ prefix in section ARI Campania and Sardinia activators are worth five points always.
    F. Calls on SSB "CQ 5th High Francesco Cossiga" CW & Digital "CQ 5DFC"
     G. The special stations IQ8GT - IQ0NU - IQ3QM and Jolly (wild card station) II8FC can not pass sequence number.

Point Values:
A. SSB one point.
B. CW three points
C. Digital (RTTY and PSK). Three points.
D. stations with special callsigns IQ8GT - IQ0NU - IQ3QM worth Five points always.
E. Jolly station with special call, II8FC are worth eight (8) points.
Points Required:
Italian stations 20 (twenty) points.
Foreign stations 10 (ten) points.

The Diploma, A4 size, is printed in color on fine canvas, is issued by the Section ARI Mugnano di Napoli "Francesco Cossiga" through the Award Manager Iacono Giovanni IZ8XJJ. Apply by e-mail: diploma@arifrancescocossiga.it enclosing the 


     A. Extract of complete log containing: QSO (date, time, band, serial number, name, points and total score). Logs must be compiled with care and order and complete with all the required data (in CABRILLO format) or scanned copy of the log format jpg, pdf, Word or Excel files, pdf, word.
     B. Send a Scanned copy of the receipt for payment of the amount carried on Post Pay N ° 4023 6006 6251 8267 headed to John Iacono CF CNIGNN64E20Z600S;
     C. A copy of the application form attached to this Regulation award compiled with your data and legible address where to receive the diploma.
     D. Requests in hard copy can still send requests to the mailing address the conferment manager: Iacono Giovanni, Via Bologna nr.15 - 80010 Villaricca (Naples) - Italy.
     E. Requests that are received after the expiration date of March 1 2016 will be excluded from the official results but will still be processed to send you the Diploma.
     F. Fees for the diploma: OM / YL and SWL the euro 12,00€ and $US18 for OM / YL and SWL outside the euro .

E-mail: diploma@arifrancescocossiga.it 

Internet: http://www.arifrancescocossiga.it/regolamenti diploma/Regolamento 5 diploma Francesco Cossiga  


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