ARI Sanremo - DIPLOMA 50 years

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23 - 31 January 2016


The ARI Sanremo celebrated it’s 50th anniversary and offers this award based on making contacts with club members during 2016.

PARTICIPATION:  is open to all OM and SWL of all over the world and you have to connect the OM stations belonging to ARI Sanremo and train Jolly IQ1SM.

DATE: From 00.00 UTC on 23 January 2016 at 24.00 UTC on 31 January 2016

BANDS: All HF amateur bands (WARC included)

MODES: SSB CW RTTY and digital modes

CONNECTIONS :Stations belonging to ARI Sanremo will call "CQ diploma 50 years ARI Sanremo", and pass the corresponding ratio RS (T), the same station can be connected more times but in different dates or on the same day but in bands and / or different ways.

SCORES: Each station is connected 1 point in SSB, CW 2 points, 3 points in rtty; QSO with the station Jolly IQ1SM always worth 3 points regardless of the way.

DIPLOMA: To achieve the Diploma, which is a certificate of participation, you must have collected at least 30 points and have at least one QSO / hrd with IQ1SM station.
Among the applicants for the Diploma will be awarded a plaque with an Italian OM (excluding members of the ARI Sanremo) and a foreign OM having achieved the highest score. In case of a tie to win the station farthest from Sanremo. Our partner who has made the highest number of QSOs will receive a special plaque commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the Section. Any decision of the Organising Committee (IZ1GAR and I1UWF) is final.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION: To receive the Award, once you reached 30 points, it is not necessary to send the log but it is enough to send an e-mail, by 29.2.2016, at: indicating the name of the applicant . Gianni I1YHU, head of the graduate, after the appropriate checks, send it in pdf format.
Exceptionally you may be requested by mail with SASE and stamps directing request to: ARI Sanremo - Diploma Sanremo - Sanremo OFFICE - CasellaPostale 114 -18 038 SANREMO (IM).  It is not required to send any QSLs.

Regulations and additional information concerning the Diploma will be available on

ARI Sanremo:

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