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compiled by Wolfgang Büschel, Germany


Frequency and relay station changes of BBC and BaBcoCk FMO brokery relays,
of late Nov/Dec 2015.

 5875 0300 0400 47E,48NW     WOF 250 140 1234567 041215 Ara G   BBC RABA_N
 5965 1800 1815 48W          DHA 250 225 2345    161115 Tir UAE TWR
 5975 0529 0600 46SE         WOF 250 160 1234567 041215 Hau G   BBC AUSA
 6135 0600 0629 37           WOF 300 180 1234567 011215 Fra G   BBC RENA_N
 7265 1900 1930 38           WOF 300 140 1234567 301115 Ara G   IBR N02
 7300 2100 2145 37S          WOF 250 170 1234567 041215 Ara G   HCJ
 7485 1430 1515 49NW         SNG 100 340 23456   141115 Mya SNG BBC URMA
 9635 1730 1900 47E,48W      WOF 250 140 1234567 301115 Ara G   IBR N01
 9915 2100 2200 46           ASC 250 65  23456   251115 Eng G   BBC NAFW_W
11770 0700 0800 46           ASC 250 27  1234567 251115 Eng G   BBC NAFW_W
11810 2100 2200 47SW,52      ASC 250 65  23456   251115 Eng G   BBC NAFW_C
11830 1900 1930 46SE         ASC 250 65  1       251115 Eng G   BAB
11945 1430 1515 49NW         SNG 100 340 23456   141115 Mya SNG BBC URMA
11975 1800 1830 46           ASC 250 27  1234567 251115 Fra G   BBC RENA_W
12015 0800 1000 13S,15N      ASC 250 245 1234567 051215 Jpn G   NHK
13660 1600 1700 40           WOF 250 92  1234567 041215 Fas G   BBC ARSA
15260 0800 0830 39NE         WOF 250 107 1234567 041215 Ara G   IBR W31
15445 0100 0200 49E          TAI 100 250 7       141115 Vie CHN AWR
15480 0700 0800 46SE         WOF 250 165 1234567 041215 Kau G   BAB
17745 1500 1700 48           MEY 250 32  7       211115 Som AFS BBC OMLA
17780 1430 1700 46SE         ASC 250 65  7       211115 Hau G   BBC AUSA
17790 0500 0700 47E,48NW     SLA 250 260 1234567 021215 Ara OMA BBC RABA_N
17830 1200 1230 37           WOF 250 170 1234567 041215 Fra G   BBC RENA_N
21470 1500 1700 48           ASC 250 85  7       211115 Som G   BBC OMLA

 6135 0529 0600 46SE         WOF 250 140 1234567 151215 Hau G   BBC AUSA
 7305 0430 0500 47S,52N,52SE ASC 250 85  1234567 151215 Fra G   BBC RENA_C
 9440 0629 0700 46SE         WOF 250 152 1234567 151215 Hau G   BBC AUSA
 9440 0700 0729 46           WOF 250 180 1234567 151215 Fra G   BBC RENA_W
 9530 2145 2215 46W          ASC 250 27  23567   131215 Fuc G   HCJ
 9530 2145 2215 46W          DHA 250 275 1       131215 Fuc UAE HCJ
 9870 0629 0700 46SE         WOF 300 160 1234567 081215 Hau G   BBC AUSA
 9870 0600 0629 47S,52N,52SE WOF 250 170 1234567 151215 Fra G   BBC RENA_C
 9960 1000 1230 44NE         HBN 100 345 7       121215 Jpn USA BAB
12065 1700 1830 39SE         WOF 300 107 1234567 081215 Ara G   IBR W01
12095 2000 2100 46           ASC 125 27  123457  091215 Eng G   BBC NAFW_W
12095 2000 2100 46           ASC 125 27  6       091215 Eng G   BBC NAFW_W
12095 2100 2200 46           ASC 250 27  2345    091215 Eng G   BBC NAFW_W
12095 2100 2200 46           ASC 125 27  6       091215 Eng G   BBC NAFW_W
15105 1800 1830 46           ASC 250 27  1234567 091215 Fra G   BBC RENA_W
15400 1700 1800 46           ASC 125 27  6       091215 Eng G   BBC NAFW_W
15400 1700 1800 46           ASC 250 27  123457  101215 Eng G   BBC NAFW_W
15400 1830 1929 46           ASC 125 27  234567  091215 Eng G   BBC NAFW_W
15400 1830 1929 46           ASC 125 27  1       091215 Eng G   BBC NAFW_W
15400 1800 1830 46           WOF 250 182 1234567 091215 Eng G   BBC NAFW_W
15400 1929 2000 46           WOF 250 182 1234567 091215 Eng G   BBC NAFW_W
15635 0500 0730 44NE         TAI 300 2   7       121215 Jpn CHN BAB
17640 1200 1230 46           ASC 250 27  1234567 151215 Fra G   BBC RENA_W
17640 1600 1700 52SE,53SW,57 ASC 250 114 12345   101215 Eng G   BBC NAFE_S
17640 1600 1700 52SE,53SW,57 ASC 250 114 67      101215 Eng G   BBC NAFE_S
17780 1400 1430 46SE         ASC 250 55  23456   151215 Hau G   BBC AUSA
21630 1400 1430 46SE         ASC 250 65  23456   151215 Hau G   BBC AUSA
21630 1200 1230 47S,52N,52SE ASC 250 85  1234567 151215 Fra G   BBC RENA_C

 5985 0230 0330 40           WOF 250 90  1234567 010116 Fas G   BBC ARSA
 6095 0230 0330 40           TAC 100 236 1234567 010116 Fas UZB BBC ARSA
 7230 0230 0330 40           WOF 250 86  1234567 010116 Fas G   BBC ARSA
 7410 0230 0330 40           KCH 300 116 1234567 010116 Fas MDA BBC ARSA
11995 1500 1600 40           NAK 250 300 1234567 010116 Fas THA BBC ARSA
15310 1500 1600 40           WOF 250 92  1234567 010116 Fas G   BBC ARSA
(hfcc Dec 31)

BBC from Dec 20
0230-0300 NF 7255 DHA 250 kW 070 deg to WeAS Hindi,  ex 7350
1330-1400 NF11750 SNG 250 kW 330 deg to SoAS Bengali,ex12065*
1400-1430 NF11995 SNG 250 kW 315 deg to SoAS Hindi,  ex12065*
1600-1630 NF11700 DHA 250 kW 085 deg to WeAS Hindi,  ex12065*
* to avoid Radio Australia.

But 12065 kHz BaBcoCk will continue
1500-1600 12065 SNG 250 kW 315 deg to SoAS  Urdu BBC
1700-1830 12065 WOF 250 kW 128 deg to NE/ME Arabic
FEBA R Sama BaBcoCk relays

Dimtse Radio Erena via Sofia Kostinbrod eff from Dec 21
1700-1730 NF11850#SOF 050 kW 195 deg to EaAF Oromo,  ex11855
1730-1800 NF11850#SOF 050 kW 195 deg to EaAF Arabic, ex11855
# to avoid Radio Sana'a (Aden exile) 11860 kHz, tentat. from Saudi Arabia

The following transmission of FEBA Radio will be cancelled
from Jan 1
1700-1730 11610 MEY 100 kW 015 deg to EaAF Tigrinya,
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)

AUSTRALIA/PACIFIC   Radio communications for the 2015 Sydney to
Hobart Yacht Race

The annual Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race is currently underway and makes
good listening during sked times throughout the day, when each vessel
reports in with their latitude/longitude positions.

Frequencies used are 6516 and 4483 kHz. These frequencies will be in
operation until the race is completed, probably some time during Dec 31.

Sked times and other details, along with a YouTube video of a portion of
the first sked from Dec 26 are at:



(Southgate, Dec 27. via Rob Wagner-Vic_AUS  VK3BVW,
<>  <>  Dec 27)

Einen Versuch ist es wert ? in der Sommersaison dowunder gibt es 'ueber
den Daumen gepeilt' wohl nur das 20-21 UT to/from-Europa Fenster im 45 mb
in der Darkphase ???  2000-0900 UTC on 6516 kHz (primary).
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 27)

AUSTRALIA   Photos of Symban World Radio and antenna in tropical wave
on 2368 kHz and FM 93.3 MHz from Sydney, NSW, Australia.

EXCLUSIVE: Photos of Symban World Radio and antenna in tropical wave in
2368 kHz from year 2008 (pres), and FM 93.3 MHz from Sydney, NSW,
Australia. Other pictures in the tropical wave antenna, FM, Radio link
antenna to studio etc.

You can see this link of Radio Symban, in section Photos:
they disclose at 2369 AM on the website.

Radio Symban was founded in April 1997 by Angelo Matsoukas, a person with
a wealth of knowledge in radio both in Greece and in Australia since the
1970s. The vision of Angelo Matsoukas and his colleagues was to create a
radio station with a 24 hour Greek radio programme which would respect the
political and religious convictions of all listeners, a value which has
been respected by all and which makes up the philosophy of the station
until today.

Watch your tropical wave antenna Radio Symban, some limited stations in
Brazil in tropical wave use the same scheme.

Videos DXing received in Japan:

Photo of year 2015 Studios Symban World Radio


(Daniel Wyllyans-MT-BRA, hcdx Dec 25)

BOLIVIA   Radio Panamericana on 6105 kHz seems to have become a rarely
heard station since July 2015. This coincides with the death of the
founder Miguel Dueri Anton Maria on 30 July 2015 and the apparent relaunch
of their website


The coloured header of the site only mentions 96.1 MHz and 580 kHz while
further down the short wave frequency is still included in a list which
also mentions 106.3 MHz for the provinces. The site refers to a web stream

which did not start when checked.

Looking at the given schedule one might also note that the station closes
two hours earlier in the weekend compared with the weekday schedule.

UT schedule
10.00-03.00 Mo-Fr, incl. 12.25 and 15.30 Contacto con la VOA.
11.00-01.00 Sa Su

LT schedule, Mo-Fr (LT=UTC-4hrs)
06:00 Bolivia en canto
06:30 Buenos dias Bolivia
07:30 Panamericano Matinal
08:00 Ronda de Corresponsales
08:25 Contacto con la VOA
08:40 Panamericano Deportivo
09:00 Noticiero Solar
09:15 Microfono Abierto
11:30 Contacto con la VOA
12:20 Panamericano Deportivo
13:00 Panamericano Meridiano
13:30 Microncierto
14:00 Noticiero Solar (reprisse)
14:15 Surcos Bolivianos
15:30 Onda Panamericana
18:00 Voz Popular
19:00 Suavecito
20:00 Panamericano Nocturno
20:30 Hola Noche
23:00 Cierre

Sabado - Saturdays
07:00  Personalidades de la musica
07:30  Panamericano Matinal
08:00  Ronda de Corresponsales
08:30  Discoteca Panamericana
09:00  Noticiero Solar
09:10  Discoteca Panamericana
11:00  Especial de Solar
11:30  Contacto Internacional
12:00  Dialogo en Panamericana
14:00  Confidencias
14:30  Surcos Bolivianos
18:00  Un tiempo con Dios
20:00  Ronda de los exitos
21:00  Cierre

Domingo - Sundays
07:00  Manantial de Vida
08:00  Dialogo (reprisse)
10:00  Confidencias
10:30  Siempre en Domingo
13:00  El Panamericano Deportivo
18:00  Un tiempo con Dios (reprisse)
20:00  Concierto Dominical
21:00  Cierre

If the transmitter is broken or failing, it is unlikely that short wave
will be given any investment before January 2017, because the station's
licence is coming up for renewal and the station does not necessarily
comply with Presidente Evo Morales' views.
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 29)

BULGARIA   SPL Sofia Kostinbrod relay of IRRS Shortwave Milano
Radio Warra Wangeelaa-ti

1500-1530 15515 SOF 050 kW 195 deg to EaAF Oromo Sat Dec 26

Mixture between Radio Warra Wangeelaa of 15515 kHz &
Denge Kurdistan 9400 kHz, heard on Dec 26
1500-1530 9400 SOF 100 kW 090 deg to WeAS Denge

Kurdistan + Radio Warra Wangeelaa
1500-1530 15515 SOF 050 kW 195 deg to EaAF Sat only
Radio Warra Wangeelaa-ti
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 26)

SPL Sofia Kostinbrod relay of Dimtse Radio Erena again on 11855 kHz,
on Dec 26
1700-1730 NF11855 SOF 050 kW 195 deg to EaAF Oromo, ex11850, re-ex11855
1730-1800 NF11855 SOF 050 kW 195 deg to EaAF Arabic,ex11850, re-ex11855
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 26)

SPL Sofia Kostinbrod relay of IRRS Milano
various programs, Dec 25, day by day different transmissions

1900-2000 7290 SOF 100 kW 306 deg to WeEUR English Sat as follows
1900-1905 7290 SOF 100 kW 306 deg to WeEUR Feuture Story News FSN
1905-1915 7290 SOF 100 kW 306 deg to WeEUR United Nations Radio
1915-1930 7290 SOF 100 kW 306 deg to WeEUR Christmas Songs, talks
1930-1940 7290 SOF 100 kW 306 deg to WeEUR United Nations Radio
1940-2000 7290 SOF 100 kW 306 deg to WeEUR Several Songs, talks
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 26)

SPL Sofia Kostinbrod relay of Radio Biafra Dec 26,
open carrier/dead air
2000-2012 11600 SOF 100 kW 195 deg to WeAF & then talks, low modulation
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 26)

CUBA   5040 kHz  RHC in 5-6 UT slot WAS NOT ON AIR this morning Dec 28.
Radio Rebelde Bauta on 5025 kHz noted with poor S=6...8 signal only.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 28)

EQUATORIAL GUINEA   5004.998  RNGE Bata in 5-6 UT slot this UT morning.
Radio Nacional Guinea Ecuatorial (Radio Bata) is on air this morning Dec
28 around 0535-0600 UT, but really low signal on THRESHOLD, too tiny, no
program details recognized so far.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 28)

5005  Radio Nacional, Bata, at 0545-0613 UT on Dec 27, Spanish and African
songs "6 de la manana con 48 minutos en Radio Bata", greeting and
answering listeners letters, "felicitaciones al ano nuevo, "La radio Bata,
la estacion continental", "las 6 de la manana con 56 minutos"., at 0600 UT
news, Spanish. Signal very clear, like years ago but at 0600 UT became
very weak perhaps reducing power. 24443 but at 0600 UT 14221.
(Manuel Mendez-ESP, hcdx Dec 27)

ETHIOPIA   Aethiopien ungerade und hopping, wie eh und jeh,
heute 20-30 Hz variiert um die 7236.351 kHz central fq.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)

FRANCE   Excellent signal of Radio Assenna & Eritrean Forum Medrek Dec 26
1700-1800 11720 ISS 250 kW 130 deg to EaAF Tigrinya Mon/Thu/Sat

Radio Assenna
1800-1900 11720 ISS 250 kW 130 deg to EaAF Ar Sat Eritrean Forum Medrek
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 26)

INDIA   AIR Panaji back on SW. For the record, the 2 x 250 kW SW
transmitters at AIR Panaji is now back on air. For some weeks their
frequencies were substituted by 500 kW transmitters in Bengaluru which no
doubt provided better reception. The original B-15 schedule of AIR is now
in force.

Yours sincerely,
Jose Jacob, VU2JOS
National Institute of Amateur Radio, Hyderabad, India.
Mobile: +91 94416 96043  <>
(Jose Jacob-IND  VU2JOS, DXindia via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)

I guess the Goa Panaji sw tx are of MARCONI origin and over 25 years old ?
URGENT need for replacement by new Ampegon units, like recently in Riyadh
Saudi Arabia SW center.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)

INDIA   A new Bengali Service SPECIAL BANGLA SERVICE (SBS) will be
launched and start functioning from AIR Chinsurah 1000 kW transmitter on
26th Jan 2016 between 0025-1740 UT with a break in between frequency
change on 594 kHz (Morning & Noon) and on 1134 kHz (in the evening &
night). This is not a simulcast of programs b'cast via Kolkata A or
Kolkata B. The current External Services b'cast over this transmitter can
be heard via DRM mode.
(via Alok Das Gupta-IND, DXindia Dec 31)

INDONESIA   9524.981  VoIndonesia's English sce from Jakarta Cimanggis,
poor S=6 signal, noted in Doha Qatar Perseus remote post at 1235 UT
on Dec 28. Young lady singer, mix of Indonesian and Pacific 'South Sea'
song kind, - smooth and sweet.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 28)

INDONESIA   3904.93v  Pro 1 RRI Merauke on Dec 31 with special New Year's
extended broadcast till 1602* UT; off with "Pulau Ambon" (Island of Ambon)
/ "Love Ambon" and ID; running one hour beyond their normal sign off.

9525.0  VOI, at 1320 UT on Dec 31. In English; seemed to be a review of
all the top news stories from 2015 (item about the Kalimantan fires,
etc.); this is the first time in a long time that I have been able to pick
out some of what was said.
(Ron Howard-CA-US, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)  accurate lately 9524.981

KOREA D.P.R.   5910  Shiokaze / Sea Breeze via Yamata-JPN. As expected the
Dec 31 (Thursday) program was not in English at 1300 UT, but instead
Korean; this week have heard several special programs.

BTW - Shiokaze's former frequency of 5985 kHz continues to be jammed by
NoKorea, even though Shiokaze moved off that frequency on Dec 25.
The staff of the NoKorea jamming must be off celebrating the holiday!
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)

KOREA  D.P.R.  and KOREA REPUBLIC   re: Korea North 6400 & 11680 kHz.

Hi dear Rumen,
checked the KRE / KOR stations in 1830 to 1910 UT time slot on Dec 22,
used remote SDR net units in Tokyo, Osaka, and Okayama Japan.

Pause break - nothing noted at 1845 UT on Dec 22
on 2350 2850 3920 3959 3968 3980 5830 6070 6100 6400 6518 9665 11680 kHz.

3219.899 KRE Carrier only 1830 UT, S=9+30dB in Tokyo
3250.002 KRE PBS Korean, female singer, 1834 UT, S=9+30dB
3319.997 KRE PBS Korean, 1835 UT, S=9+40dB
3912.004 KOR VoP, KRE jamming, 1837 UT, S=9+40dB
3985.021 KOR EoH/VoH, KRE jamming, 1840 UT, S=9+40dB
4449.991 KOR VoP, KRE jamming on 4449.931 kHz, 1842 UT, S=9+50dB
4557.000 KOR VoP, KRE Jamming, 1845 UT, S=9+40dB
6003.018 ??? two peaks - also on 6002.988 kHz at 1850 UT.
6015.000 poor KRE jamming only, 1858 UT (6020 CHN Firedrake)
6135.008 and 6134.983 UNID two peaks, VoF KOR, KRE jamming ? 1858 UT.
6169.997 KRE S=9+10dB
6250.004 KOR / KRE S=9+10dB
6348.032 KOR S=9+20dB, and ditter audio signal jamming by KRE.
6600.000 KOR S=9+10dB, jamming by KRE.

KRE log on 0100-0130 UT Dec 23 in Tokyo and Nagoya remote SDR units:

6100.000 KRE KCBS Pyongyang from Kanggye, S=8-9, at 0126 UT womans chorus
6518.004 KOR VoPeople Kyonggi-do Koyang NOT heard,
         only KRE scratching noise jamming heard so far, S=7 at 0130 UT.
9665.003 KRE KCBS Pyongyang from Kanggye, S=8-9, at 0105 UT // 6100 kHz.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 22 / 23)

KOREA  D.P.R.   quick check at 16 UT on Dec 27, in remote net SDR units at
greater Tokyo, Osaka, eastern Thailand, and Brisbane Queensland Australia:

missed, - not on air Dec 27:
on 2350  3920  3959  3968  3980  6070  6400  11680* kHz.

* Latter 11680 kHz Pyongyang channel skipped and no signals monitored in
northern hemisphere in JPN, THA, RUS, QAT, GRC, THA and central Europe,

only heard downunder in Brisbane Queensland Australia SDR unit !

re Korea D.P.R. domestic on SW,
re ? No main electricity power available ?
- or what happened in D.P.R. Korea in December ?

Yes, as usual during strong cold weather winter months, no main circuit
electricity available at times there in the D.P.R. on various locations ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 27)

KOREA  D.P.R.   [see also under TAJIKISTAN/CHINA at 23 UT]
But at crash-start before 23.29:30 UT, - a new signal string appeared
on 7590 kHz even channel, and heard North Korean scratching noise audio
'intermodulation' underneath.

Both VoKOR in Japanese on 7580 kHz S=9+40dB powerhouse,
and less strong VoKOR Korean of KCBS Pyongyang program
on lower sideband 7570 kHz channel started in //  ...

... originate in producing - at same txion center -
an intermodulation between 7580 and 7570 kHz channels,
latter Korean program + some noise scratching audio heard combined also
on upper sideband 7590 kHz channel.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 29)

KBS Seoul B-15 winter season request registration schedule

 3955 2000 2100 28NW           WOF 250 114  0 100 Deu  G   KBS BAB
 3955 2100 2200 27SE,37E       WOF 250 114  0 100 Fra  G   KBS BAB
 5885 1900 2000 27,28      SOF 100 320 0 618 Eng  BUL KBS SPC exWRN_DRM
 5905 1900 2000 27,28      SOF 100 306 0 618 Eng  BUL KBS SPC exWRN_DRM
 5950 2000 2100 37S,38W,46,47  ISS 250 182  0 156 FRA  F  KBS TDF Crash St
 5975 0700 0200 33,34,44,45    HWA 100 0    0 935 Kor  KOR KBS Hwaseong
 6015 0400 2400 44N            HWA 100 0    0 100 Kor  KOR KBS Hwaseong
 6045 0700 0800 27,28          WOF 250 105 30 216 Kor  G   KBS BAB
 6055 1500 1530 32E,33W        KIM 250 305  0 146 Kor  KOR KBS
 6065 1100 1400 42E,43,44      KIM 250 290  0 101 Kor  KOR KBS
 6095 1000 1100 42-44          KIM 100 81   5 216 Jpn  KOR KBS
 6095 1130 1230 29SE,30S,39,40 KIM 250 290  0 101 Chi  KOR KBS
 6095 1230 1330 29SE,30S,39,40 KIM 250 290  0 101 Eng  KOR KBS

 6135 0000 2400 44             CHC  10 0    0 935 Kor  KOR KBS
      ChunCheon-KOR 37 56N 127 46E, veiled in BingMaps, rather 150/330deg
      dipole antenna at  37 55 56.91 N  127 46 01.56 E

 6145 2000 2059 37S,38W,46,47  ISS 250 182  0 156 FRA  F   KBS TDF
 6150 0700 0800 33,44          KIM 250 304  0 216 Kor  KOR KBS
 6150 1600 1700 30-33          KIM 250 304  0 216 Kor  KOR KBS
 6155 0800 1000 44,45          KIM 100 0    0 935 Jpn  KOR KBS
 6170 2100 2200 42-44          KIM 250 285  0 216 Kor  KOR KBS
 6170 2200 0100 42-44          KIM 250 285  0 216 Kor  KOR KBS

 7215 2300 2400 29SE,30S,39,40 KIM 250 290  0 101 Chi  KOR KBS
 7235 1800 1900 29N,29SE       WOF 250 75   0 216 Rus  G   KBS BAB
 7240 2300 0200 44,45          KIM 250 0    0 935 Kor  KOR KBS
 7250 0700 1200 45             KIM 100 81   0 216 Kor  KOR KBS
 7255 1600 1700 39,40          KIM 250 285  0 216 Kor  KOR KBS
 7275 0700 0900 44,45          KIM 250 0    0 935 Jpn  KOR KBS
 7275 0900 1100 44,45          KIM 250 0    0 935 Kor  KOR KBS
 7275 1200 1300 44,45          KIM 250 0    0 935 Kor  KOR KBS
 7275 1300 1600 44,45          KIM 250 0    0 935 Chi  KOR KBS
 7275 1600 1800 30E,31,32,33W, KIM 250 305  0 146 Kor  KOR KBS
 7275 1800 2300 30E,31,32,33W, KIM 250 305  0 146 Eng  KOR KBS
 7275 2200 2400 42,43,44W      KIM 250 275  0 146 Kor  KOR KBS

 9515 1600 1700 28,29          KIM 250 285  0 216 Eng  KOR KBS
 9515 1700 1900 28,29          KIM 250 285  0 216 Kor  KOR KBS
 9525 2200 2400 43S,44S        KIM 250 225  0 156 Kor  KOR KBS
 9570 0700 0900 44S,49SE,50,54 KIM 100 205  0 156 Eng  KOR KBS
 9570 0900 1100 44S,49SE,50,54 KIM 100 205  0 156 Kor  KOR KBS
 9570 1200 1300 44S,49SE,50,54 KIM 100 205  0 156 Ind  KOR KBS
 9570 1300 1400 44S,49SE,50,54 KIM 100 205  0 156 Eng  KOR KBS
 9570 1400 1500 44S,49SE,50,54 KIM 100 205  0 156 Ind  KOR KBS
 9580 2200 0300 42-44          KIM 250 285  0 216 Kor  KOR KBS
 9580 0000 0300 45             KIM 250 81   0 216 Jpn  KOR KBS
 9580 0300 0400 45             KIM 250 81   0 216 Eng  KOR KBS
 9605 0100 0200 12,13,14,15,16 HRI 250 167 15 218 Spa  USA KBS BAB
 9640 1400 1500 30SE,32S,40E,4 KIM 100 290  0 156 Eng  KOR KBS
 9640 1500 1600 30SE,32S,40E,4 KIM 100 290  0 156 Vie  KOR KBS
 9640 1600 1700 30SE,32S,40E,4 KIM 100 290  0 156 Eng  KOR KBS
 9640 2100 2300 44S,49E,50     KIM 250 205  0 156 Kor  KOR KBS
 9640 0700 1100 29-33,44       KIM 250 319  0 216 Kor  KOR KBS
 9640 1500 1700 44S,49,50      KIM 250 225  0 156 Kor  KOR KBS
 9665 1500 1700 32             KIM 250 318  0 216 Kor  KOR KBS
 9690 0000 0200 43SE,44S       KIM 100 225  0 156 Vie  KOR KBS
 9690 0200 0300 43SE,44S       KIM 100 225  0 156 Eng  KOR KBS
 9705 1600 1900 29SE,30S,39,40 KIM 250 290  0 156 Kor  KOR KBS
 9740 1500 1800 39E,40         KIM 250 290  0 216 Kor  KOR KBS
 9740 1800 1900 39E,40         KIM 250 290  0 216 Spa  KOR KBS
 9750 2100 2400 32,33          KIM 250 304  0 216 Kor  KOR KBS
 9755 0000 0100 44,49,50       KIM 250 225  0 156 Kor  KOR KBS
 9755 2100 2400 44,49,50       KIM 250 225  0 156 Kor  KOR KBS
 9760 1100 1130 28NW  DRM mode WOF 100 105 30 216 7=Sat Eng  G  KBS BAB
 9770 1000 1130 44S,49,50      KIM 100 225  0 156 Vie  KOR KBS
 9770 1130 1500 44S,49,50      KIM 100 225  0 156 Chi  KOR KBS
 9785 2300 2400 42,43,44W      KIM 250 275  0 146 Kor  KOR KBS
 9805 2200 2300 44S,49,50,54   KIM 100 205  0 156 Ind  KOR KBS
 9805 2300 2400 44S,49,50,54   KIM 100 205  0 156 Chi  KOR KBS
 9805 1600 1700 44S,49,50,54   KIM 100 205  5 216 Ind  KOR KBS
 9810 1300 1330 43             KIM 250 270  0 216 Kor  KOR KBS
 9840 2000 2100 37S            DHA 250 285-30 218 Ara  UAE KBS BAB
 9870 2200 2300 43N,44N        KIM 250 290  0 216 Kor  KOR KBS

11715 2100 2400 30-32          KIM 250 305  0 216 Eng  KOR KBS
11725 0100 0400 45             KIM 250 81   0 216 Eng  KOR KBS
11725 1000 1200 14,45          KIM 250 96   0 216 Eng  KOR KBS
11785 0000 0100 42,43,44W      KIM 250 290  0 216 Eng  KOR KBS
11795 1000 1200 45             KIM 250 81   0 216 Spa  KOR KBS
11810 0000 0200 45             KIM 250 81   0 216 Spa  KOR KBS
11810 0200 0300 45             KIM 250 81   0 216 Jpn  KOR KBS
11810 0300 0400 45             KIM 250 81   0 216 Kor  KOR KBS
11810 2200 2330 31,32,43,44    KIM 250 304  0 216 Eng  KOR KBS
11850 1100 1200 32,42,43       KIM 250 290  0 216 Eng  KOR KBS
11895 0000 0100 44N            KIM 250 290  0 156 Eng  KOR KBS

13670 0700 1100 43,44NW        KIM 100 279  0 216 Eng  KOR KBS
13670 1330 1500 41,43SE,44,49  KIM 100 249  0 216 Eng  KOR KBS
13705 2200 2300 30-33          KIM 250 305  0 216 Eng  KOR KBS

15155 2000 2400 43,44          KIM 100 250  0 216 Eng  KOR KBS
15160 0700 1100 39E,40         KIM 250 290  0 216 Kor  KOR KBS
15210 0700 1100 29SE,30S,39,40 KIM 250 305  0 216 Eng  KOR KBS
15575 0000 0300 01,02,06       KIM 250 40   0 216 Spa  KOR KBS
15575 1300 1400 01,02,06       KIM 250 40   0 216 Eng  KOR KBS
15575 1400 1500 01,02,06       KIM 250 40   0 216 Kor  KOR KBS
15575 1600 2200 39E,40         KIM 250 290  0 216 Eng  KOR KBS
15575 2300 2400 45             KIM 100 0    0 935 Eng  KOR KBS
(KBS, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 27)

KOREA REP OF   new 4885, Echo of Hope - VOH Voice of Hope, at 1345-1430 UT
on Dec 21. Fair signal; in Korean with drama, news, Korean songs; easy to
ID with "VOH", letters in English and // 6003 kHz (jammed) and 6348 kHz
(jammed). Testing?
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 21)

re: Voice of Hope Sagang Hwaseong-KOR 4885 kHz.

Die Koreaner haben ihr Geld lieber solide fuer neue Continentals aus
Dallas TX USA ausgegeben. Seit dem 25. November hat man den/die neu
installierten TX bei Tests gehoert.

BF aus Hessen hatte diese Beobachtung weiter gegeben:

Thanks to Bernd Friedewald (DK9FI) for the following email:

"Many thanks for the tip. Great! Just put on remote PERSEUS SDR in Japan
and they are still there at 1642 UTC. Looks for test ...

I remember, when I was at the HFCC conference at Dallas we visited
Continental {tx factory}. Here we saw a 100 kW (or more) transmitter(s)
available for delivery to South Korea. Maybe this is one of them, because
KBS is still using the very old transmitters."

Appreciate his feedback. New 4885, Echo of Hope - VOH, at 1222 UT on Dec
22. Second day testing here; fair / good and not jammed; // 3985 kHz
(jammed) // 6003 kHz (jammed) and // 6348 kHz (jammed).
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 22)

Hier schreibt jemand, das am 21 Dec 2015 die "4885 kHz" im Programm von
VOH zum ersten Mal offizielle Erwaehnung fand.

Warum u.a. "VOH on V24" ? V24 ist die Enigma ID fuer einen
suedkoreanischen Zahlensender, auf diversen Frequenzen.

Kurz vorher wurde wohl 4900 kHz als Testkanal verwendet. Hier ein Artikel
betreffs 4900 und 6215 kHz, "Maedchenlieder auf V24-Frequenzen?"


Daher der Zusammenhang VOH/V24.
(Roger Thauer-D, A-DX ng Dec 30)

4885, Echo of Hope - VOH, 1342, Dec 31. Another day of good reception and
no jamming.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)

Re: Voice of Hope from Sagang Hwaseong 4885 kHz

Damit man einen Eindruck gewinnt, woher die EoH/VoH Signale kommen, hier
ist die Sendung angesiedelt, die einzelnen Satelliten Bilder des
vergangenen Jahrzehnts sehen etwas verschleiert - von den lieben Diensten
retuschiert 'bearbeitet' aus:

Sagang Hwaseong location,
die KW Antennen stehen links vom Senderhaus mit dem gruen-roten Mast Dach,
suedlich der zwei 1134 kHz 500 kW MW Antennen bei
37 12 46.32 N  126 46 32.52 E

Links vom Gebaeude noch eine 6 Mast Sidefire directional antenna
und weiter nach links an der Grundstuecks-Grenze zur grauen Strasse
zwei Corner Reflector Steilstrahlantennen, see image vom 12. Febr 2015

(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)

Per Hiroshi and Hiroyuki Komatsubara, observed schedule so far
is *1158-1803* UT.

KOREA REP OF   Weak and poor reception of Echo of Hope
on Dec 23 from 1632 UT.
4885 kHz HWA 100 kW non-dir to NoEaAS Korean, new addit freq.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 23)

KOREA REP OF    4885 Echo of Hope-VOH at 1449-1532+ UT on 21 Dec. Fair w/
KR chat, singing jingle & chimes at 1458/1525 UT, news/commentary after
1500 UT on 22 Dec. 1440-1500+ UT w/ similar programming (more "gossipy"
style chat) + schedule / frequencies given after ID/chimes at 1459 UT on
24 Dec. 1529-1550+ UT Christmas carols in KR ("1st Noel", "Jingle Bells")
& EG ("Silver Bells", "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" [the "Figgy Pudding"
song]) & several "Merry Christmas" mentions.

4885 kHz still unjammed while 3985/6003/6348 kHz are usually about 40/60
w/ the NK roaring jammer..& a festive "thanks" to Ron Howard for
completing my "V-O-mumble-mumble" ID on the 21st.
(Dan Sheedy-CA-USA, dxld Dec 23)

KOREA REP OF   4885.00 at 1405-1415 UT on Dec 25, Radio Echo of Hope,
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Korean talk by man and woman 35232 // a little
weaker 3985 kHz (25222 - R 700, Germany, was off the air at this hour!)
(Anker Petersen-DEN, dswci DXW Dec 25)

KUWAIT/SRI LANKA   Frequency changes of IBB Deewa Radio from Dec 28
0100-0400 NF7470 KWT 250 kW 070 deg to WeAS Pashto, ex 9765 KWT
0100-0400 NF7530 IRA 250 kW 334 deg to WeAS Pashto, ex12025 KWT
0100-0400 NF9765 IRA 250 kW 340 deg to WeAS Pashto, ex12005 IRA
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 28)

LIBYA   1053.103  R. Libya, Tripoli, on Dec 9 at 0200 UT. Male a cappella
Arabic vocal with reverb; good.
(Mark Connelly-MA-USA  WA1ION, dxld Dec 18)

Not only split, but split from split, so watch out for its unique

WRTH 2016 {on page 267} lists as only 100 kW, V. of Homeland,
Tripoli at 05-21 UT, so now all-night?
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Dec 23)

Libya was always on odd 1053.+101 Hertz in past 3 months. Here in central
Europe TERRIBLE mixture on co-channel with UK TalkSport and R. Yash-Iasi
Romania powerhouse too.

1053.1015 kHz  Tripolis Libya noted at 2355 UT on Jan 1. Alignement of
Greece remote Perseus SDR unit at Zakynthos; measured against Skopje
Macedonia 810 kHz and Grigoriopol Moldova Pridnestrovie 1413 kHz exact
frequency beasts.

Heard also HQ prayer program on Jan 2nd at 0215 UT, S=9+40dB signal
strength measured across the sea in Zakynthos Greece remote SDR net.

This is the Libyan transmitter site "called by the old regime President
Muammar al-Gaddafi as 'Transmitter km8 Kilometer Eight' bcast center.

LBY Tripoli km8, 1053 kHz 50 kW;  1404 kHz 20kW at location
32 51 32.39 N  13 04 39.83 E

(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 29 / Jan 1 / 2)

MADAGASCAR/TAJIKISTAN   New updated winter B-15 schedule for Voice
of Tibet, via Talata-Volonondry-MDG and Dushanbe Yangi Yul-TJK

1200-1215 NF15537 DB  100 kW 095 deg to EaAS Chinese, ex15547
1215-1230 NF15543 DB  100 kW 095 deg to EaAS Chinese, ex15538
1230-1245   15568 DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan unchanged
1245-1300 NF15573 DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex15562
1300-1315 NF11992 DB  100 kW 095 deg to EaAS Chinese, ex15542
1300-1315 NF13582 DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex15568
1315-1330 NF11992 DB  100 kW 095 deg to EaAS Chinese, ex15548
1315-1330 NF13582 DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex15562
1330-1345 NF11998 DB  100 kW 095 deg to EaAS Chinese, ex15543
1330-1345 NF13582 DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex15568
1345-1400 NF11998 DB  100 kW 095 deg to EaAS Chinese, ex15537
1345-1400 NF13582 DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex15568
1400-1415 NF11507 DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex15542
1400-1415   15560 MDC 250 kW 045 deg to CeAS Tibetan unchanged
1415-1430 NF11513 DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex15548
1415-1430   15565 MDC 250 kW 045 deg to CeAS Tibetan unchanged
2300-2315 NF 7597!DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex7592
2315-2330 NF 7603!DB  100 kW 131 deg to CeAS Tibetan, ex7597

CNR-1 jamming all frequencies x0/ x5. Changes between
frequencies vary from 5 to 7 minutes.
(Ivo Ivanov-BUL, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)

MOLDOVA   11655  TWR Africa in Oromo - Monday Dec 28 via Grigoriopol,
Moldova, scheduled 0320-0345.08 UT TX Off. Two interval signals observed
at final slot of TWR at 0345 UT, before close down at 0345.08 UT.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]

Registration request noted on Eibi and HFCC B-15 lists,
but NOT listed real in Aoki Nagoya Japan list.

TWR Africa replaced Tashkent Uzbekistan in A-15 summer season
by Grigoriopol Moldova in B-15 season:

UTC        days   lang       mb   kHz  kW     deg target
0330-0345 ..34... Sidamo     25 11655 300     155 Ethiopia     MDA
0330-0345 1...5.7 Amharic    25 11655 300     155 Ethiopia     MDA
0330-0345 .2..... Oromo      25 11655 300     155 Ethiopia     MDA

{UZBEKISTAN ex}   Summer season A-15 Tashkent entries
0330-0345 ..34... Sidamo     25 11650 200     215 Ethiopia     TAC
0330-0345 1...5.7 Amharic    25 11650 200     215 Ethiopia     TAC
0330-0345 .2..... Oromo      25 11650 200     215 Ethiopia     TAC
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Dec 27)

MYANMAR   7200.09  Myanmar Radio, at 1300-1312* UT on Dec 28.
In vernacular; pop songs; slowly improving till suddenly off.

Reception contingent upon both RTI and CNR1 (jamming) going off together
at 1300 UT, but recently one or the other has often run late.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 29)

Ron's log - 7200 kHz. - CNR1 running late. Dec 30 at 1356 UT found CNR1
(jamming) still on 7200 kHz; running well past the normal 1300* UT;
strong signal and // 6125 kHz.

re MYANMAR. 7200.09, Myanmar Radio.

Only two strings visible on 9590 and 9730 kHz at 0430 UT on Dec 30:

Nothing heard in Japan remote units at this hour.
Accurate 9589.991 kHz and on 9730 kHz strings visible,
[KOREA D.P.R.]  but latter disturbed by powerhouse VoKorea in regular
English foreign service at 0430-0527 UT at S=9+15dB strength level.

Latter carried soldiers chorus til 0438 UT, followed by news in English
language at 0439 UT, about North Korean fishery fleet workers and their
struggle. Improving of peoples living conditions, leader Kim Jong-Un told
the people about the 'fishery front' to reach the successful 7th congress
next year.

more logs in 0430-0530 UT Dec 30 in Japan, remote SDR units

9319.952 TWN  SOH S=4 poor and tiny Chinese at 0500 UT on Dec 30.
9445     KRE  VoKorea English, S=9+5dB in Tokyo remote SDR unit.

9519.978 CHN  as usual the odd frequency Nei Menggu stn, PBS Chinese
and nearby Taiwanese Number station in 0500-0530 UT slot too:
9521.987 TWN  Chinese random numbers "XingXing guangbo diantai 4"
         - according Aoki Nagoya list - from Kuanyin,
         fair S=6 signal at 0512 UT on Dec 30.

9634.916 TWN  SOH Chinese, poor S=4 level on threshold,
next to odd frequency of Vietnam, an heterodyne producing combined at
9635.795 VTN  VOV-1 domestic program.

9665.000 KRE  Korean KCBS Pyongyang, martial army soldier songs chorus
              S=7 - not much strong these days.
              N o t h i n g  // of same service 11680 kHz.
9749.975 CHN  The other PBS Nei Menggu in Mongolian language,
              S=6 fair signal progr at 0525 UT.
9849.956 UNIDs  TWN SOH odd, and another stn on even 9850 kHz.
9930.227 TWN  SOH tiny threshold level at 0527 UT.
9970.118 TWN  SOH progr.

10 MHz WWVH female voice anncr, S=7-8 at 0530 UT in Japan rx post.

... and to mention a much lot of CHN, CRI, various CNR and Chinese
minority language services on 31 meterband on this time slot heard locally
on various remote Japan SDRs.  wb
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 30)

MYANMAR/BURMA   5985.0  Myanmar Radio, at 1529 UT on Dec 31. "Happy" New
Year's song; 1530 UT New Year's program preempted their normal segment in
English; in vernacular; song "Auld Lang Syne" in English; program of EZL
songs in English ("Love Will Keep Us Alive," Doris Day with "Que Sera,
Sera [Whatever Will Be, Will Be]," etc.).

contains my audio.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)

MYANMAR   Tentativelly - I see an odd frequency peak around 0100-0200 UT
on Dec 31 on v7200 kHz.

This log of Moscow, Sweden, Austria and Italy remote units, unfortunatelly
Uwe's remote post unit in Thailand is OFF - not on server net now.

7200 kHz stronger signal peak on accurate 7200.118 kHz at 0115 UT,
but wandered downwards to x.105 kHz/Hz; and now at 0157 UT on x.101 kHz.

S=9+5dB level in Russia, but local noise in Moscow is tremendously
at -66dBm level, - terrible suburb receiver noise level during
festivity season lights everywhere.

I guess 7200v frequency in Myanmar/Burma would come rather from older
UK Empire era bcast center in former capital at Rangoon Yegu site,
than from newer northern site of Pyin Oo Lwin / Pyin U Lwin, at

22 01 03.78 N  96 33 00.76 E  location - some 208 kilometers northerly
distance from capital single TX site 5915 kHz 100kW at Nay Pyi Taw outlet.

Latter rather 5914.993 kHz precisely measured freq at 0130 UT on Dec 31
two masts at  20 10 51.01 N  96 08 41.04 E   G.C. location.

Tiny signals here all over Europe on this 7200 threshold level, no chance
to get any audio into Europe, at least with the SF figures prediction
this UT early morning.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)

NIGERIA   9689.9 kHz on Dec 27 at 0702 UT, VON in French with schedule
announcement, fair signal; at 0711 UT check, nothing on 7255 kHz.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Dec 27)

Also tonight Dec 28 at 1800+ UT, VoNigeria on 9689.9 kHz is on with the
English service, while the usual 7255 kHz and 15120DRM mode kHz seem to be
off (or may be just inaudible due to QRM or bad propagation respectively.
But I believe they're off).
(Thorsten Hallmann-D, dxld Dec 28)

Noted at 1940 UT on Dec 28, VoNigeria accurate poor signal on 9689.895
kHz, hit heavily by REE Noblejas Spanish co-channel on even 9690.0 kHz
latter S=8-9 level.

[later]  Noted today Tuesday Dec 29 around 1900-1930 UT AHEAD of lower
REE Noblejas 9690.0 kHz signal, S=8-9 here in central Europe. Any program
could well understand ! Once again as always on odd 9689.895 kHz.

At 2205 UT Dec 28 was a string visible on 11769.754 kHz, but I guess was
rather an PLC or electricity interference string ?
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 28 / 29)

NIGERIA   9689.895 accurate, VoNigeria at 0725-0735 UT nice S=9 signal at
0724 UT on our winter season morning path from West Africa into Germany.

Heard radioplay in French to the crowd, seemingly acc annmt "Development
program" of La Voix du Nigeria", "au revoir" in French at 0728 UT. Then
flute xylophone drums music from that area til 0733 UT, likely Hausa?
language spoken by the male anncr. Mentioned Malabo and Maghreb ...
nil on 7255v kHz channel.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 30)

RUSSIA   19th edition of the popular "Broadcasting in Russian" handbook,
edited by St. Petersburg DX Club, has been recently released. The handbook
features all radio stations transmitting programmes in the Russian
language in AM bands (on long, medium and short waves) at present, both
from Russia and abroad.

Station listings include frequency and programme schedules, transmitter
location and power, target areas, postal addresses, phone/fax numbers, Web
sites, social network pages, e-mail addresses as well as QSL policy info.
The schedules are generally valid until March 27, 2016 (i.e. during B-15
broadcasting season).

The handbook is in Russian and distributed as a hard copy only. Volume is
64 pages of A5 size. Please address your purchase requests and questions
to St. Petersburg DX Club:

Alexander Beryozkin
P.O.Box 463
St. Petersburg, 190000

or by e-mail: <dxspb -at->

The price is 5 EUR or 6 USD (including delivery by registered mail).
Your comments and suggestions regarding the handbook contents are always
(Alexander Beryozkin, St. Petersburg DX Club, RUSdx Dec 27)

RUSSIA   re BC-DX 1233, 26 Dec 2015:

" ... and  p r o b a b l y  also via RUSSIA - Vsemyrniya Radioset
(WRN brokered service), via

738 kHz Kurkino (5 kW) - 24 hrs. RFE / RLiberty/Radio Svoboda in Russian
at 03-05, 07-10, 14-18, and 19-21 UT.
(EMWG - by Herman Boel-BEL; <> ) ... "

Dear Wolfgang,
Vsemyrniya Radioset (WRN brokered service), Kurkino (5 kW) - 24 hrs.

Not broadcasts programs of Radio Liberty / Radio Svoboda in Russian.
(Anatoly Klepov-RUS, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 26)

SAUDI ARABIA   [YEMEN non]   11860, on Dec 27 at 1340 UT, Radio Sana'a is
in well with Arabic discussion; 1435 UT I'm back during rousing music at
S=9+20dB with some IADs, standing by for this evening's Maghrib, Call To
Prayer interruption, which happens at: 1441:17 UT, also audiblizing
IBB Kuwait R. Ashna *still* underneath. This is 9 seconds earlier than
yesterday, while it should be a few seconds later. Will Allah get 'em for
that? 11860 kHz is still S=9+10dB at 1516 UT.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, hcdx and dxld Dec 27)

SAUDI ARABIA   11859.9965  Radio Sana'a  o n l y  heard as S=7-8 in Doha
Qatar remote SDR site at 0356 UT on Dec 28, HQ prayer. The only remote
SDR unit on Perseus net.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]

Real  N I L  - NOTHING heard on downunder Brisbane Australia, Greece,
Italy, Moscow, Switzerland, Belgium, and also NOTHING as signal on various
German remote SDRs.

Only heard as S=3 much tiny signal just on threshold level on DARC Amberg
Bavaria, like port :8015 as 4_loops, not signal on :8014 and :8016 ports
of DARC Amberg Perseus SDR remotes - nothing.

At same time between 0315 and 0410 UT Dec 28,
in Brisbane AUS, Uwe's Perseus in Thailand, Qatar and Calabria Italy:

11860 ARS nil-nothing of Riyadh, 0315 UT.
11710 CHN CRI Urumqi in Russian, S=8
11620 IND AIR Bangalore Urdu S=8
11665 MLA RTM Sarawak FM, S=6-7 poor to fair, 0320 UT.
11980 CHN CNR1 jamming S=8, against RFA Chinese
          from Orzu TJK underneath tiny.
12190.003 CHN CNR1 jamming against SOH Taiwan at 0338 UT, S=8 in Thailand.
11620 IND AIR Bangalore Urdu S=9+15dB in Doha Qatar and Thailand remote.
11670 IND AIR Bangalore Persian S=9+15dB at 0350 UT.

Log in remote Perseus SDR units at Doha Qatar and DARC Amberg Bavaria
Germany :8015 port remote SDR net units checked the 25 mb again at
0440-0505 UT on Dec 28:

11859.9965 R Sana'a  {tent via Riyadh-ARS site}  S=8 at 0440 UT.

11580 USA  Brother Stair TOM via Okeechobee-FL, S=9
11625 MDG  Vatican Radio, via Talata-Volonondry, S=8
11640 CHN  CNR1 progr jamming, S=8 at 0450 UT.
11670 IND  AIR Aligarh in Arabic, S=9+35dB powerhouse.
11770 CHN  PBS Xinjiang, Urumqi, Chinese at S=8-9 level.
11840 CUB  RHC Spanish, S=8-9 at 0455 UT.
11845 CHN  CNR2 Xian site, S=8
11870 USA  ETWN carrier only at 0458 UT, Spanish requested. S=9+15dB
11885 CHN  PBS Xinjiang, Urumqi, in Uighur language, S=9
11895 CHN  CRI Kashgar, English, S=9+10dB
11915 CHN  CNR2 Baoji-Sifangshan #724 bcast center, Chinese, S=8
11925 IRN  IRIB Kamalabad, Dari service to AFG and Iranian border
           at 0500 UT at S=9+15dB level.
11950 CHN  PBS Xizang, from Lhasa Tibet, CTB in Chinese S=8-9
11980 CHN  CNR1 jamming, against RFA Orzu TJK co-channel, S=7 only
12045 CHN  CNR1 Beijing in Chinese, S=7-8 at 0504 UT on Dec 28.
12095 AFS  BBCWS in English via SenTec Meyerton site, S=9+15dB
12130 KWT  Mashaal Radio in Pashto via IBB Kuwait relay, S=9+15dB
12140 KWT  R Azadi / R Free Afghanistan via Kuwait relay, S=8 sidelobe
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 28)

SAUDI ARABIA  {tentat.}  11859.998  noted at 1240 UT on Dec 28 on remote
SDR unit at Doha Qatar on Arabian peninsula.  S=9+10dB or -64dBm signal.
Broadband signal of 11855.05 to 11865.05 kHz frequency range.

Noted military like army chorus songs of the muslim Arabic terrorist

Followed by extended Arabic language news at 13.00 to 13.10:20 UT.
Professional radio program service type.

Signal strenght worldwide at 1310 UT on Dec 28
S=1 lower than threshold FIN, AUT, BEL, GB/IRL
S=2 in St. Gallen SUI, Calabria ITA
S=6 on ham radio HNG unit with excellent antenna, Ancona ITA.

[later]  11859.998  Radio Sana'a via tentat. Saudi Arabia +
in Qatar at 1735 UT on Dec 28, S=6 or -87dBm, not strong.

re short check of Radio Sana'a Dec 28 at 1630-1700 UT.

S=9+5dB -68dBm
S=9     -72dBm Calabria / Sicily Italy.
S=9+5dB -70dBm Moscow Russia.
S=4     -98dBm in central / northern Italy, Adria coastline.
NIL in Genua Italy, Riviera coast.
S=7     -84dBm in Lyon-F, St.Gallen Switzerland, Belgium.
S=6     -90dBm in Austria and GB/IRL.
S=4    -106dBm in Bavaria Germany.
S=3    -109dBm in MI-US
S=4     -93dBm in MA-US
S=4     -94dBm in Edmonton Alberta Canada

Ahead on 11860 kHz, - in western Europe and Italy at 1730-1800 UT AWR
Kabyle sce from MBR Nauen Germany, towards Morocco and Algeria NoWeAfrica,
had much stronger signal, latter S=9+20dB or -60dBm signal.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 28)

SAUDI ARABIA/OMAN   Listen to the attached recording of Doha Qatar remote,
compared 9715 and 9695 kHz channels at 0308 UT on Dec 29.

1st part:
ARS  BSKSA Arabic sce on 9714.981 kHz like S=9+15dB strong carrier,
B u t   o n l y  5% modulation,

2nd part:
s a m e   signal strength ofS=9+15dB coming from
nearby channel 9695 kHz BBC Oman relay site in Persian language service,
but much perfect full modulation though.

re 9715v - okay, that means always same figures of season requests on
ARS  9580 kHz Jeddah entry in HFCC database, since a decade or so,
even now repeat 9580 kHz registration in A-16 season from March 2016 ...

A-16  9580 0300-0600 38E,39,48W  JED 50 0  0 925 1234567 2703-301016
Ara  ARS   #1352

Riyadh shortwave site - they at BSKSA broadcaster had always 9 x 500 kWs
on their disposal, but often imperfect calibration, some variability of
very odd 20 to 90 Hertz frequencies noted, ... and very bad terrible
audio, - so

four of them replaced in summer 2015 by new Tales Ampegon equipment.

"Ampegon had announced another project, the delivery of four new
transmitters for the Riyadh site, supposed to be ready by
summer 2015, Kai Ludwig"

But I think, they have also older 100 kWs in usage, not connected to the
Curtain array beasts,

but to the Quadrant antenna or the two Log-periodics on revolving masts
near the TX house., see


(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 29)

SOLOMON ISLS   5020, SIBC, at 1435-1514 UT on Dec 31. Very enjoyable
reception with nice signal; in Pijin with special broadcast for New Year's
with two announcers; read out many texted messages; many phone calls;
1500 UT - "exactly 2 hours into 2016"; many IDs. Of their recent extended
receptions here, today was by far the very best.

contains my seven minute audio.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)

SRI LANKA/INDIA   I was checking this afternoon to see if All-India Radio
had parked their DRM mode bus on the 7550 kHz spot yet at 1645 UT and
heard a very clear AM signal instead. I don't know any Uzbek but the
phonology seemed right for it to have been the RFE/RL Uzbek b/c from
Iranwila, Sri Lanka. I see the tx direction is 340 degrees which,
according to my little globe, should bring the signal dead overhead here
in Newfoundland.

It was very clear with little noise and no interference, a surprise for me
at this time of day (1:15 pm LT). Of course the signal must have reached
me from a NNE direction, so the vast majority of that path was in

The (presumptive) RFE/RL transmitter dutifully turned off (though with no
apparent sign-off identification) just a minute or two before 1700 UT.
('justfolk', Newfoundland-CAN, dxld Dec 28)

7550 kHz - re RFE/RL Iranawila-CLN clear in Newfoundland before 1700 UT on
Dec 28, noted here in Europe AIR DRM screen block on 7550 kHz at 1750 UT,
wideband digital in 7545.163 to 7554.913 kHz band range.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 28)

SRI LANKA  [and non]   The warmest of wishes for 2016 year.

My dear DX friends: We are about 4 hours away from the dawn of the
New Year at 1830 UTC. Radio New Zealand was booming in around 1130 UT
on 13840 kHz and Solomon Islands went past 1300 UT on 5020 kHz but
is now off at 1430 UT.

Yesterday Dec 30 it ran almost 24 hours thru the night. Sad there is no
Sri Lanka on SW unlike 20 or so years ago, with all night dancing and
religious services.! Of course there will many many on line stations, but
we are not here for that thrill are we ??? :)

As I write at 1430+ UT there is no Thimpu Bhutan on 6035 kHZ with any
special broadcasts. Myanmar (thankful for them and recently they have
been qsling well) on 5915, 5985, and 6165 kHz.

I hope to be more active in the new year. 73 and the best to everyone.
Victor. -- PS. I am still handling SLBC Colombo QSLs, if anyone needs.
(Victor Goonetilleke-CLN  4S7VK, former UADX ng, BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)

TAIWAN   logs in 0430-0530 UT Dec 30 in Japan, remote SDR units ...
Taiwanese Number station in 0500-0530 UT slot too:

9521.987  TWN  Chinese random numbers "XingXing guangbo diantai 4"
- according Aoki Nagoya list - from Kuanyin,
fair S=6 signal at 0512 UT on Dec 30 ...
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 30)

re  StarStar BS - Re: logs in 0430-0530 UT on Dec 30 in Japan,
remote SDR units.

Hi Wolfy, Dec 30 on 7502 kHz noted StarStar BS (XingXing BS) from
1316-1328* UT. Recently has been heard here daily at *1200 & *1300 UT,
with their half hour of numbers in Chinese.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 30)

TAJIKISTAN / CHINA   Voice of Tibet broadcasts and China mainland jamming
hopper on 7597 / 7603 kHz on Dec 29 at 2300-2330 UT slot.

23.00 - 23.07:30 UT  on 7597 kHz via Dushanbe-TJK, 100 kW 131 deg to CeAS
in Tibetan, and
CNR1 jamming on 7595 kHz, latter S=9+25dB in Japan remote SDR unit.

VoTibet moved suddenly to 7603 kHz at 23.07:30 UT at S=9+5dB signal

CHN1 program jammer left 7595 kHz jamming channel about a minute later in
favour to settle on 7605 kHz channel, still S=9+25dB signal strength in
Osaka and Tokyo Japan remote posts.

// CNR1 program observed at 23 UT on 7230 7275 7290 and 7345 kHz in 41mb.

VoTibet program tx Dushanbe OFF air on 7603 kHz at 23.28:50 UT,
accompanied CNR1 jamming on 7605 kHz lasted til 23.30 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 29)

UKRAINE  [former USSR, Kiev Oblast]   Film for Woodpecker Duga - 2.
On the film festival "Sandens " was awarded the documentary movie of Ched
Grasia, called "The Russian Woodpecker". The film is for the super Over
The Horizon Radar called "Duga 2" (=Rainbow 2) located for some kilometers
from Chernobyl Nuclear Station and the relation between "Duga" and
Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster. The woodpecker is now in the forbidden
radioactive zone there.


(BBC, Radio Liberty, VOA etc. via Rumen Pankov, Sofia-BUL, wwdxc Dec 30)

UNIDENTIFIED   1062 kHz mediumwave delicate matter.

Which Woodpecker hammer out behind CZE Station, USSR woodpecker again? now
on Jan 1st at 0012 UT - and later 0044 UT again, heard European wide 'tack
tack tack' Blubber Hammer Signal, ? Near East, IRN ? SYR ? ISR ? station?

Heard on various remote posts on remote European Perseus SDR net.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 1)

USA   7489.85, Dec 31 at 2241 UT, WBCQ during this odd Overcomer hour has
a low audible heterodyne, from BBCWS English via THAILAND, 7490.0 kHz,
inadvertently aimed this way beyond East Asia at 22-24 UT. Fortunately,
yesterday from 2200 UT, WBCQ was on-frequency during WORLD OF RADIO, so no
het and any CCI was negligible.
(Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Jan 1)

Independently of you reception, I monitored WBCQ also last Dec 31 / Jan 1

7489.910 kHz noted English sermon at 0248 UT on Jan 1, S=7-8 middle signal
here in southern Germany.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 1)

TERRIBLE two co-channel radio signals MIXTURE at both S=9+5dB level,
monitored around 0235-0245 UT Jan 1 on both

7505.002 kHz AIR Khampur 250 kW 0230-0300 UT Hindi sce, and co-ch

7504.831 kHz WRNO New Orleans program.

and nearby checked Radio Tirana Shijak area 7465 kHz:

7470 kHz of IBB VoA Deewa Pashto sce to Afghanistan CeAsia target from IBB
Kuwait relay site, S=9 strenght in southern Germany, at 0252 UT on Jan 1.
[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 1)

VIETNAM   re spurious VTN signals.

Thanks very much to Hiroyuki Komatsubara (Japan) for clearing up an UNID
reception I was having on a good number of days in Nov after 1300 UT
(after CNR1 & RTI signed off on 7200). Heard an UNID open carrier on
7196.25 kHz, but never was able to pull in any audio. Finally gave up on
it, as it was just too weak to tell anything about it.

Now I know from Hiroyuki that I probably heard a VOV-1 spur being
generated from their 7210 kHz frequency. He believes that he heard VOV1
spurs on 7196.25 and 7223.75 kHz. This makes sense to me, as in the past
(as recently as June of this year) I often heard, with fairly good audio,
Voice of Vietnam-1 spurs on both 5967.0 & 5983.0 kHz, from their 5975 kHz
frequency, but have not heard those for many months now. Interesting to
now find out about 7196.25 and 7223.75 kHz.
(Ron Howard-CA-USA, hcdx via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 29, 2015)

re VOV-1 spurious signals on 7196.25 and 7223.75 kHz originate from
Daclac / Dak Lak - Buon Me Thuot' site.

previously reported by Y.T. in June 2014 and Febr 2015 in bcdx topnews:

VIETNAM   6020.0  Voice of Vietnam's 4th domestic program, non-direction
outlet from Daclac tx site, S=9+25dB or -55dBm signal in eastern Thailand
post. Boring endless female reading at 2321 UT, no music heard at all.
[Thailand location, selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 21/24, 2015)

6033.400  Odd Frequency, some Himalayan/Myanmar/Laos/Thailand/
SoEaAsian area - music sound hill people singer heard. Could that be
Thimpu Bhutan so early at 2320 UT ?

In 2300-2400 UT slot, not heard after 0000 UT anymore. Or is this an
unknown spurious outlet and needs further investigation...

At 2349 UT on Febr 23 some 10 Hertz downwards now on 6033.390 kHz, little
scratchy audio sound, like SoEaAsian jungle or mountain forest tribe
people radio program, S=5 fade-out ...
[Thailand location, selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]

[later]   So, the 6033.4 kHz UNIDENTIFIED mysterious spurious signal seems
in the clearing now ...

Most probably two symmetric spurious audio signals some
+/-13.400 ... x.390 kHz/Hz frequency away distance ...

of fundamental Daclac / Dak Lak - Buon Me Thuot' site transmitter
installation in Vietnam.

Observed on both domestic Vietnamese 4th service on
6020 kHz and 1st sce on 7210 kHz program outlets these days.

That seems their very special - accurate - footprint ...

similar item we published in BC-DX TopNews June 2014 already:

7210.000  Voice of Vietnam 1st domestic px from 'Daclac / Dak Lak -
Buon Me Thuot' site scheduled 2145-1700 UT, at 1100 UT June 8 - 2014,
S=9 or -73dBm heard on remote SDR unit in southern Brisbane Australia.
But also the Dak Lak (Daclac) station produced two wider spurious
signals of 4 kHz wide bandwidth each, +/-13.69 kHz distance apart
on 7196.305 and 7223.685 kHz.

[some Febr 23 2245 UT - Febr 24 0015 UT morning log of remote eastern
Thailand post at Tha Mai location on Uwe's SDR unit place...]
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 24, 2015)

Uwe send me this e-mail now:
Ich habe eine mir unbekannte Station auf 6033 kHz gehoert, nicht

... Ich tippe auf Ober-/Unterwellen von VoV Daclac auf 6020 kHz. Es ist
wie ein Fingerabdruck der installierten Sender in Daclac zu sein, gleiches
Phaenomen auch auf 7210 kHz, siehe Hardcopy.
Beide Sender strahlen ein Signal +/-13.6 kHz aus.
(Uwe Volk-THA, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 24, 2015)


ADXB QSL Aktion mit Radio Tirana, Albanien

Liebe Hobbyfreunde!

Nun ist unsere QSL-Aktion abgeschlossen und somit moechte ich mich bei
allen jenen, die teilgenommen haben, hiermit auch ueber die A-DX Liste

Es kamen 122 Empfangsberichte von insgesamt 105 Teilnehmern
aus 3 Kontinenten (Europa, Asien, Nordamerika) und 15 Laendern herein.

Die QSL Karten wurden zum groessten Teil schon direkt aus Tirana
Es wurden 20 Sachpreise vom deutschen Hoererklub Radio Tirana verlost und
dieser Tage versendet.

Details sind auch auf der ADXB-Homepage wie folgt nachzulesen:


Fazit: eine schoene Aktion, bei der sowohl die Hoerer als auch der Sender
Radio Tirana, aber auch der Hoererklub von Radio Tirana (Werner Schubert)
profitiert haben. Vielleicht machen wir zu einem spaeteren Zeitpunkt
wieder eine neue Aktion mit einem anderen Sender.

Bisher hatten wir HRT-Zagreb, Radio Budapest und Radio Slowakei
International fuer eine solche Aktion gewinnen koennen.

vy 73 + 55

Harald Suess
ADXB - Austrian DX Board
Postfach 1000
1081 Wien

e-mail <adxbsuess -at->   URL: <>  Dec 29


              V E R Y   S P E C I A L   R E P O R T

Some reports of European widely MW station CLOSEDOWN action for ever

on yearend Dec 31, 2015 to Jan 4th, 2016

in France, Luxembourg, and Germany too.

FRANCE   TDF MW closedowns.
As of 2315 UT Dec 31 all of the French MW frequencies still seem to be on
France Info on 603, 711, 1206, 1242, 1377, 1404, 1494, and 1557 kHz.
France Bleu on 864, 1278, 1404, and 1494 kHz with music.
(Dave Kenny-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Jan 1)

Last minute info: Radio France's transmitters in Lyon Tramoyes on 603 kHz,
will NOT close tonight. It will be off the air, only from January 3rd at
midnight LT - i.e. Jan 3 at 23 UT. The reason, this frequency will
broadcast this Sunday the Holy Mass for the sick people at 1700 UT.
This Mass hold by Notre Dame des Ondes is on the air for without
interruption for 77 years.
(Christian Ghibaudo-F, WRTH F_B group, via BrDXC-UK ng Dec 31)

Most of France MW's have left, only 603 kHz is still on [til Jan 3rd
at 23 UT], Lyon Tramoyes site is still active.

And France Info Rennes Thourie 711 kHz 300 kW keeps coming back, seems the
technicians have a hard time to shut it down. :-)
(Jurgen Bartels-D, mwdx ng Jan 1)

Auf 1206 kHz kommt jetzt schwach Reshet Bet program aus Israel
(parallel zum Livestream) mit O=2-3.

Komotini Greece audible on 1404 kHz.

ex Bordeaux Chevrol 1206 kHz 300 kW, location 35 kms east of Bordeaux at
44 56 59.22 N  00 11 19.53 W
(Udo Isaenko-SUI  HB9ERD / DL3GN, A-DX ng Jan 1)

French MW stations now seemed to have gone off on re-check, sometime
between 0000 and 0015 UTC (except 603 and 1557 kHz?).
(Alan Pennington-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Jan 1)

Lyon Tramoyes auf 603 kHz ist am 1. Jan noch aktiv.

Es soll erst am 3. Januar um 23 UT abgeschaltet werden, weil er von der
katholischen Gruppe "Notre Dame des Ondes" fuer ein einstuendiges Programm
Sonntag um 1700-1800 hrs UT angemietet wurde.

Diese Gruppe hat ueber 70 Jahre lang ein religioeses Programm ueber diesen
Sender ausgestrahlt.

Lyon Tramoyes on 603 kHz is to remain active until Sunday 3rd January,
at 2300 UT.
(Remy Friess-F to Udo Isaenko-SUI, A-DX ng Jan 1)

Snail mail address of 603 kHz bcast on Jan 3rd at 17 UT.
Meine QSL ist vom 23 Nov 1997, also schon ganz gut abgehangen.
Brief und Karte.

Foyer de Charite
Notre-Dame Des Ondes
24, Rue Professeur-Paul-Sisley
69003 Lyon

(Tschuess, Martin  <>  A-DX ng Jan 1)




Une messe est radiodiffusee, tous les dimanches soirs a 18 heures, pour
les personnes malades, agees ou handicapees, sur ondes moyennes 603 kHz,
au calme, chez soi, ecoute parfaite.

La Messe des malades sur Notre Dame des Ondes est une institution
a Lyon depuis 1938 !

Foyer Notre Dame des Ondes
24, rue Paul Sisley
69003 Lyon, France
tel. 06 88 22 22 24
(Juergen Martens-D  DF5TY, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 1)

Notre Dame des Ondes, 24 Rue Paul Sisley, 69003 Lyon, France
(Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX ng Jan 1)

<>   ...

France:  The Radio France mediumwave transmitters have been turned off
one after another between about 2315 and 0015 UT (Strassbourg Selestat
1278 kHz, as an example, at 0013 UT). This apparently includes the Lyon
Tramoyes transmitter for which a last minute reprieve until Sunday has
been reported. But when checking after 0030 UT only Romania could be heard
on 603 kHz anymore.
(Kai Ludwig-D, mwmasts Dec 31 / Jan 1)

France Info Lyon Tramoyes 603 kHz 300 kW location at
45 52 32.36 N  04 57 03.07 E

France Info Rennes Thourie 711 kHz 300 kW location at
47 51 18.29 N  01 29 10.20 W
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 1)

DLF/RTL/RF-TDF closedown.
I followed the DLF, RTL Marnach and Radio France switch off MW stations
via WebSDRs, specially at Twente (PI4THT) with these today Jan. 01 updated

1557 kHz  Old France Info, now UK Smooth R. with QSB.
1494 kHz  Old R. France and Bleu, now R. Moldova Actualitati,
          weak at 0336 Z.
1440 kHz  Old RLT, yesterday (Dec 31), around 2004 Z, we had YL talk
          in German followed by French mx, very strong. Today at 0319 Z
          we had weak signal with several references to R. Luxembourg.
1242 kHz  Old DLF now with two British, Absolute R. and Smooth R.
 864 kHz  Old France Bleu, heard now ERTU with bit splatter of 855 ROU.
 756 kHz  Old DLF, now two BBC with different px.
 711 kHz  R. France Info ready with nx and wx at 0331 Z.
 603 kHz  R. France Info // 711 kHz at 0532 Z.
 549 kHz  Old DLF, now R. Koper_SVN vy strong with Jil FM ALG // 531 kHz.
          A 3th very weak station also heard in English, 0458 Z.
(Flavio PY2ZX, dxld Jan 1)


LUXEMBOURG   1440 MW final, cease for ever at 2259 UT Dec 31.
Ein Funkfreund wies mich gerade darauf hin, dass diesem Artikel zufolge...


... die Sendung von gestern Nacht noch mal von 1200-1400 UT auf 1440 kHz
wiederholt wird.
(Daniel Kaehler-D, A-DX ng Dec 31)

CRI unaware of Luxembourg Marnach 1440 kHz closure?

On spot checks of 1440 kHz at 1900 and likely moments afterwards CRI did
not mention the imminent loss of this frequency at all. Found no mention
on their website either. I dare to speculate that maybe they even will
tomorrow again play out programming into nothing. I do not see any other
output for their 1440 kHz programming; the BCE satellite channels and
webstreams which claim to carry the 1440 kHz audio switch to the 93.3/97.0
MHz programming during the CRI relays, and I see no own webstream on the
CRI website.
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld Dec 30)

1440 kHz RTL Radio Luxembourg update. Final stop for ever on MW Marnach
at 2259 UTC.

Hallo, nach einem Telefonanruf bei Herrn Eugene Mueller von BCE Luxembourg
wurde mir bestaetigt, dass 1440 kHz um 2259 UTC aufhoert. Davor kommt noch
die Luxemburger Nationalhymne. QSL-Karten werden gerne noch ausgestellt.

Die letzte englische Sendung laeuft, mit vielen Jingles.
Da kommt schon etwas (viel) Nostalgie auf.

Gruss aus LUX,
(Joe Leyder-LUX, A-DX ng Dec 31)

Wolfgang Bueschel advises that according to direct phone contact with BCE
in Luxembourg MW RTL 208 Marnach 1440 khz will close at 2259 UTC tonight
with the Luxembourg anthem ... So it looks as if all the close downs will
be around 2300 UT ... BCE will be happy to issue QSL cards still yet.

LUXEMBOURG   1440 kHz RTL Luxemburg Marnach last day for ever operation
til 22.59:10 UT Dec 30.

RTL "208 Radio Luxembourg" English closedown programme on 1440 kHz
tonight, Wednesday Dec 30.

Mike Knight on the "208 Radio Luxembourg" fans group one hour ago:

"I have just been informed that TONIGHT at midnight UK time (1am CET)
the Mike Hollis produced close down from 1991 (which I recently edited)
will be played on 1440 kHz / 208mb !!! - on the final final day that
"208 Radio Luxembourg" will be on air - you will have on last chance
to listen to the famous 208 DJs on that famous frequency before they
switch it off. - Huge thanks to my friends at RTL for arranging this -
you know who you are."  - It's a 2 hour show.
(Mike Barraclough-UK, / via Mike Terry MWDX, BrDXC-UK ng Dec 30)

Heute Sonderprogramm auf 1440 kHz ...
Am 30 Dec 2015 um 21.35 CET schrieb Daniel Kaehler-D in A-DX ng:
... jedenfalls wenn diese Info stimmt:


Danke fuer die Info!
Zumindest gibt es dort einen Link auf eine MP3 der 1991er Sendung:


Ja, stimmt. Nach dem Ende der CRI-Sendung auf MW Marnach 1440 kHz
kommt nun das spezielle Programm. Auf dem PC hier mit STUDIO1 software.

Der Stream (mit einem anderen Programm als CRI vorher) nun auch mit


Auf dem PC hier mit WINAMP / Stream ripper, Kennung: "RTL 1440"

{not}  3. Moeglichkeit auf dem PC hier:  Sat-Karte / Astra
Radio-Stream mit Namen "RTL 1440 " bringt das Programm NICHT.
(Roger Thauer-D, A-DX ng Dec 30 /31)

Re: [A-DX] Heute RTL Sonderprogramm auf 1440 kHz ...

Super vielen Dank fuer den Hinweis! Ich hatte heute Nacht die Info der
Sondersendung gelesen und erst gegen 01:40 Uhr CET die PERSEUS-Aufnahme
Da ich recht nah an Luxemburg dran bin, lasse ich die Aufnahme laufen.
(Oliver Schmidt-D, A-DX ng Dec 31)

Ein Funkfreund wies mich gerade darauf hin, dass diesem Artikel


... die Sendung von gestern Nacht noch mal heute am Thur 31. Dez.
um/von 1200-1400 UT auf MW Marnach 1440 kHz wiederholt wird.
(Daniel Kaehler-D, A-DX ng Dec 31)

Von dritter Seite: RTL-TV-Bericht zur Abschaltung MW Marnach 1440 kHz.
Im Internet gibt es einen RTL-TV-Bericht zur Abschaltung der Marnacher MW.
Dort kommt auch Eugene Mueller, Chef der Station zu Wort - ich hatte Ihn
bei einer Fuehrung durch die LW-Anlage Beidweiler im Jahr 1994

Die Sendung ist in "laetzeburgisch" also genau aufpassen, hi.


Zeitungsbericht Luxemburger Wort


Des Weiteren gibt es hier noch einen "Backstage-Bericht"

<> &newsdate=22122015>

At 22.44 UT on RTL 1440 kHz via Marnach carries religious of the longtime
client of - probably - Schweizer "Radio Freundesdienst" relig in German ?
from Switzerland.

RTL Marnach 1440 kHz religious til 22.57:47 UT "Radio Freundesdienst" ?,
midst on the spoken prayer started LUX_embourg National Anthem Hymn,
lasted til 22.59:05 UT, end of Hymn,

then at 22.59:10 UT  TX OFF air - for ever.

On 1440 kHz afterwards Arabic from Saudi Arabia's powerhouse heard in
southern Germany.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)

RTL Radio Luxembourg Marnach 1440 kHz got replaced by Belgian pirate Radio
Paradise, and that is now playing an old Radio Luxemburg-English "208"
recording. So don't get surprised ....
(Jurgen Bartels-D, mwdx Jan 1)

For the TDF transmitters in France the likely scenario appears to be that
they will cut off at midnight local time 2300 UT sharp.

The Marnach tx will relay CRI programming until 0100 CET midnight UT.

{sic CRI ?, at least at 2244 UT heard German language sce religious 'Radio
Freundesdienst' from Switzerland, lasted til 22.57:47 UT, when suddenly
crash start of National Anthem of Luxembourg being played, midst on
religious prayer in progress. wb.}

Yesterday a special insertion before the final turn-off has been


Well, nice, but no Happy Luxemburg one last time??? Could remind of the
recent closure of the German program or what?? (Indeed; they replaced it
by an adopted version of 104.6 MHz RTL program from Berlin, and doing so
was just the solution to not have to surrender the two high power FM
frequencies of the defunct RTL Radio.)
(Kai Ludwig-D, dxld ng Dec 31)

CRI Beijing was on at 19:00 UT today Dec 31 (and also earlier this
morning). We'll see if this is the last broadcast on 1440 kHz.
(Richard B. Langley-CAN, heard via Twente University remote rx)

Name of Religious Program on RTL ?
I'm recording some of the last transmissions of RTL on 1440 kHz via Twente
remote rx. As you probably know, they have a couple of slots for religious
programming during the day. I'm having trouble understanding the name of
the religious program that sounds like "Radio Freindestein."
Any idea what is actually is?
(Richard B. Langley,
University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, N.B., Canada E3B 5A3
<>  via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)

Hi dear Richard,
re RTL Luxembourg, MW Marnach 1440 kHz.

in UTC
0430-0445 Radio Freundesdienst 1440/LUX, // 7365 Kall-Eifel Germany;
Mon-Sat (til 31 Dec 2015)
1830-1845 Radio Freundesdienst 1440/LUX
(til 31 Dec 2015) daily

Radio Freundesdienst
Postfach 23
5023 Biberstein

location housing ist at:
Quellmattweg 2
5023 Biberstein

1900-2400 CRI Beijing 1440/LUX relays daily (til 31 Dec 2015)

Happy New Year

73 wolfy df5sx
wwdxc germany


GERMANY   1179 / 1422  Die lange Geschichte des SR-MW-Senders geht zu

Heute Dec 27 gibt es um 12:30 h bei SR3 Saarlandwelle einen Bericht zur
Abschaltung des MW-Senders Heusweiler.

Auf dieser Seite ist rechts auch ein Link auf das SR3-Internetradio.

(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 27)

Abschied von der DLF Mittelwelle. Kannst Du noch den Link unter


"Uebersicht ueber nahezu fast alle in Europa hoerbaren MW-Sender"

korrigieren?  Einen guten Rutsch wuenscht
(Jens F. Hofstadt-D, A-DX ng Dec 30)

Zeitungsbericht zur Abschaltung 1269 kHz MBR/DLF Neumuenster Ehndorf

Im Flensburger Tagblatt gibt es einen Artikel zur Abschaltung der
Mittelwelle "Neumuenster" 1269 kHz.


"Nur einige wenige Sender der ehemaligen Besatzungsmaechte machen auf der
Mittelwelle weiter."

"Dieser Frequenzbereich ist nur noch etwas fuer Liebhaber oder Bastler."

"Einen Tag zu senden, das verschlinge so viel Strom, wie ein
Familienhaushalt im ganzen Jahr verbraucht."
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 30)

Die FAZ newspaper nimmt sich kurz vor Sendeschluss auch das Thema
Mittelwelle an.

(Harald Denzel-D, A-DX Dec 31)

Germany left MW short before midnight, only AFN-1143 kHz still audible.
(Jurgen Bartels-D, mwdx Jan 1)
{I guess, likely from Moenchen Gladbach next to Dutch border,
probably Brunssum NATO center radio program?  wb.}

DLF MW closedown deadline?

Since 22.45 UT old pause interval signal of DLF Cologne of 1962 year heard
on 549, 756, and 1422 kHz,

756 kHz at S=9+45dB powerhouse signal noted in St. Gallener Land -
Switzerland remote SDR unit, some 40 kms distance from the MBR Ravensburg
tx site {former SWF Baden-Baden channel til 1962}], DLF tx Ravensburg is
at 22.53 UT already OFF air, + 549 kHz Kulmbach Thurnau Bavaria also OFF

Only the 1269 kHz carried regular literature program two minutes longer,
heard til 22.54 UT taken of regular domestic online / FM / DAB+ program.
{latter on different sea weather feed line though ... Kai Ludig comment}

Saarebruck Heusweiler DLF 1422 kHz also still carry old DLF pause interval
signal, at 22.55 UT.
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)

Wer die MW-Abschaltung des DLF mit dem alten Pausenzeichen auch noch mal
im Bild sehen und dabei die Nadel in Richtung Signalstaerke 0 (naja, nicht
ganz bis zur 0) sinken sehen moechte:


(Daniel Kaehler-D, A-DX ng Jan 1)

GERMANY   AFN Vilseck 1107 kHz still on air.

After the closure of most remaining [PUBLIC] German medium wave stations,
AFN Bavaria is still active on 1107 kHz from Vilseck Oberpfalz next to
Czech border. The station "serving America's best" was checked yesterday
and this afternoon when in Amberg which is in the intended coverage area
although the US garrison was closed years ago. When listening to the
programme, there was no clue to a potentially imminent closure of the
(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 1)

Why not?

AFN operations are paid by the German govt taxpayer?
But not from German GEZ/KEF public broadcaster budget, by their special
radio/tv fee.

I guess, like by German-US contract "Occupation Statute" of after WW II,

the contract between US and Federal Germany in 1955 and 1990 years,
it's AFN operation payed from Minister Schaeuble's finance ministry.

The US govt. is still occupying 600-700 terrain areas on German soil.
The political heavy disputed atomic bombs Air Force base is organized in
Buechel Air Base Eifel, next to Belgium and Luxembourg border area. wb.


CZECH REPUBLIC   Also some Czech MW Radio duration hour CUTs too:

I think it is all a misinformation by Dr. Biener based on two articles
published by Cesky Rozhlas (CRo). He already managed to send his info to
various media. But none of these articles says that Czech Republic leaves
MW. It says that CRo Plus (now 1500-2300 UT) leaves MW for FM except
Ostrava-Svinov 639 kHz. How was it in the past on MW?

former: CRo2 (0300-2300 UT)

now:    CRo2 (0300-1500 UT ), CRo Plus (1500-2300 UT)

So I suppose that now when CRo Plus leaves MW from Jan 05, the schedule
will be returned back.

The only strange thing is, that on 639 kHz there will be two programmes on
one frequency with one very strong TX (Liblice location) and one weak TX
(Svinov location).

Acc. to CRo it is difficult to find a suitable FM frequency for Ostrava
(a big town, now covered by Svinov on MW). Distance between the two TXs is
250 km.

Happy New Year! Karel
(Karel Honzik-CZE, "this is what I wrote to the MWC forum",
via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 31)

Czech Republic cuts MW. Don't know, but the RBB Radioeins media show says
they will go altogether{sic}.


Wait and see.
(Remy Friess-F, BrDXC-UK ng Dec 30)

Beginning on 5 Jan 2016, Cesky Rozhlas Plus will be broadcast almost
entirely{sic} on FM.

While the FM coverage is being enlarged, the only medium wave still
assigned to CR Plus, Ostrava-Svinov 639 kHz, will broadcast CR Plus in the
evening 1600-2400 hrs Local Time. The changes also affect the English
segments 1905-1910 and 2005-2010 hrs Local Time which came under the
umbrella of CR Plus in November 2015.

More details on the move to FM can be found at

(Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener-D, via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 29)

CZECH REPUBLIC   This news - coming from Cesky Rozhlas Prague - is a
complete surprise. Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Biener quotes the official website
in his article written today on Ydun's MediumWave Info.

On 4 January 2016 the following stations will close{sic},

 270 kHz Uherske Hradiste    - Topolna
 639 kHz Praha               - Liblice
 954 kHz Brno                - Dobrochov
     {an ancient tx / antenna installation of Nazi Reichspost of 1940y}
 954 kHz Ceske Budejovice    - Hosova Kolonie
 954 kHz Karlovy Vary        - Stara Role
1332 kHz Moravske Budejovice - Domamil

The only surviving station will be Ostrava Svinov on 639 kHz, which will
only broadcast from 5 Jan 2016 between 1500-2300 UT.

This means that some sites with a rich history will be transferred to my
MW Masts ng Inactive or Closed spreadsheet.

The closure{sic} of the Topolna longwave transmitter means, that there
will be even more space for RTE* and Tipaza to sort out their collision on
252 kHz.
(Ydun's MediumWave Info via Dan Goldfarb-UK, mwmasts Dec 29)

* wishful thinking. Poor budget of RTE Ireland will NEVER allow to change
the TX/antenna mast figure characteristics, to cut the 18 kHz wavelength
from 252 to 270 kHz on another constructed antenna matching unit.
Longwave alignement is VERY DIFFICULT and EXPENSIVE.
(wb., wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 29)

Re: Closures and RTE QSY?

ISTR that the 252 antenna was optimised for DRM transmissions as well when
the new senders were installed



And on the latter page see also in the navigation bar the further pages,
presenting some of the equipment involved in last nights news. Of course
in these cases the antennas have been made DRM-capable as well.
(Kai Ludwig-D, mwmasts Jan 1)

Hi Chaps, Kai is dead right when he cites that there would have to be
international agreement to QSY from 252 kHz to 261 or 270 kHz and of
course funds would have to be allocated to perform the engineering of the
frequency change of the antenna and the transmitters.

ISTR that the 252 kHz antenna was optimised for DRM transmissions as well
when the new senders were installed but that would surely not be
considered now with DRM in Eu and Africa apparantly dead in the water.

No doubt with the closures on LF there could be a QSY with minimal effort
as international objections would not ensue but with the proposals on the
table already to QRT the service then it's a non starter.

The MF band is significantly emptier today and the 1422 kHz is really
noticeable by its absence. I wonder if the German and French broadcasters
will fell the masts as fast as the Dutch did?

[later]  Re the above posting and the perceived chance of "sorting out"
the clash on 252 kHz I would guess that that approach would not be adopted
by RTE as their plan has been to surely close the service to save PLH

So the interference currently experienced by DX listeners (ex-pats in UK)
is ideal for RTE as yhey can use the degredation in service to say it's
not worth running it anymore and advise listeners to use DAB, SKY audio
channels, internet radio etc etc.

Just a thought!
(73 Dave G4OYX, mwmasts ng Jan 1)

From the WRTH F_B group:
I think there is a misunderstanding here! As far as I can see, it is just
CroPlus, who leaves MW except for 639 kHz. CRo2 will still use the above
MW frequencies.
(Ydun Ritz-DEN, BrDXC-UK ng Dec 29)

According to the official report the change is much less drastic than what
it sounds: CRo Plus programme time (15-23) will be replaced by CRo 2
except for 639 kHz, so there would be absolutely no change in terms of
total transmitting hours on MW! Just a return to the time before CRo Plus
was brought to MW sharing CRo 2's frequencies. But I guess we'd better
wait and see what really happens.
(Mauno Ritola-FIN, having got in touch with Czech DXer Karel Honzik
on Dec 30; via Mike Barraclough-UK, BrDXC-UK ng Dec 30)

Re: Czech Republic MW hours cut of CRo Plus program, remain/move to FM.
At present insiders try to find out what's going on there.

As a matter of fact the referenced PR puff


is the only piece of information that can be found, and all it says is
that CRo Plus will as of Jan 5 be transmit on mediumwave only 4 to 12 PM
{i.e. 15-23 UTC} via the Ostrava transmitter, otherwise via FM only.

There appears to be a belief that the other transmitters will simply carry
other programming instead. But it is quite unlikely that the synchro
operation on 639 kHz will be broken up, with the Liblice transmitter just
250 km away.

Thus it indeed looks as if this transmitter will no longer be used. And if
so it is rather unlikely that the 954 and 1332 kHz transmitters will
continue either.

Probably this is related to the decision in regard to the CRo budget for
2016, as reported at


If so, it could indeed be that 270 kHz will be terminated, too. But this
is so far entirely speculation. Last known situation was that the
transmission contract for the current set-up, with the ex-Burg 261 kHz
transmitter, is valid until 2017.
(Kai Ludwig-D, mwmasts ng Dec 30)

Da waere ich mir nicht so sicher ... Im dem Artikel ist nur davon die
Rede, dass CRo Radio Plus die Mittelwelle mit Ausnahme 639 kHz aufgibt,
von einer generellen Abschaltung ist da nichts zu lesen:

(Patrick Robic-AUT, A-DX  ng Dec 30)


Mediumwave - Mittelwelle videos

"Sender Lustreise" durch Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands ...

Mittelwell (weiterhin) mit dem Radio empfangen.

... DLF Cologne pause interval signal - DLF Stationszeichen - das Original

(Paul Reinersch-D, A-DX ng Dec 31)


Some stuff from last night...

Somewhere in the Ruhr region a mic put in front of a radio tuned
to 549 kHz, so the recording shows, besides the German pyromania,
how the DLF MBR Nordkirchen transmitter has been turned off first:


756 kHz reception at Munich, with DLF MBR Schandelah 756 kHz going off:


Last gasps of DLF SR Saarebruck Heusweiler 1422 kHz:


And of RTL Marnach 1440 kHz:
(Kai Ludwig-D, mwmasts Jan 1)

re mein Cent:

Nach dem Aerger um Mitternacht mit den LUX, DLF und F Abschaltungen
(ich war nur halb dabei, die Familie hatte die andere Haelfte der Zeit
bis 4 Uhr in der frueh...)

Hier mein kurzer Abriss von heute Nachmittag, ohne vollstaendiges Log.
Gerade mal so, was mir auffiel, kleine Pretiosen, - mal ohne
die Nachtbedingungen.

Die 'Tuerken' sind zwar kurz vor Wien, aber auch die Subkontinentalen sehr
strong auf 1458 und auch 837 kHz die 'Freemens', - aus London GB.

Die Rumaenen zu hoeren ueberall aller Orten,
auch 1314 kHz ROU scheint eine DX Antenne zu nutzen,
dies ein sehr ueberaschendes Winter-Signal.

1377 kHz auch oder eher Chernovits-UKR / oder Gavar Armenien?

1422 kHz auch tagsueber Ouled Fayet Algier HQ prayer um 1430 UT.
ALGERIA Ampegon / TransRadio Berlin refurbishing work on
MWs 576 kHz Bechar and 891 kHz 600d/300n kW at Algiers Ouled Fayet
on location 36 43 18.64 N  02 57 04.21 E
NOT FINISHED YET, nothing heard on Dec 31 / Jan 1 from Algeria channels.

1053 ! kHz Libyen, Talksport und ROU ein toedlicher Cocktail um 1440 UT.

1089 ein sehr aergerlicher ECHO Empfang aus GB - nix synchro.

1467 kHz Col de Madonne, Radio Maria progr (nix MCO) sehr schoenes Signal
um 1445 UT, - einer der drei Franzosen, auch 711 und 603 kHz sind on air,
S=9 in Belgien, sind ja noch aus den besonderen Gruenden in der Luft.

Die Griechen: EDR Proto Programa, Athen 729 kHz and Komotini 1404 kHz
usual signal level.

BUT -- EDR Proto Programa Chania on Crete 1512 kHz, only with lower tiny
output power signal?  poor signal, but sure enough to supply the Crete
island people audience. After an on-air test in November, Chania was not
regular on air in most checks in December month, by Y.T.

1503 kHz nice Serbian Radio Signal.

1125 kHz ein kleines Signal aber oho,
RTBF VivaCite,-- obwohl da gibt es am Markt in Bruessel zur Zeit keine
gute Stimmung, von wegen Viva Staedtle ...

936 kHz mein Fragezeichen, ein lang waerendes Chopin Konzert, lang und
nicht ITA, UK oder ESP, moeglich waere die kleine Russenstation 5 kW ?

Hier noch was auf der Langwelle / Long Wave range :

LW Bandscan Jan 1 2015 in Twente SDR remote unit, at 0250-0325 UT Jan 1.

153 ROMANIA AntenaStatelor from Kronstadt Brasov Bod at 0252 in Romanian.

162 FRANCE France Inter from Allouis in French at 0256. Good.

171 MOROCCO Medi1 from Nador in French at 0258. Good.

183 GERMANY Europe 1 from Saarlouis Felsberg at 0300 in French. Good.

{189 kHz 24hr ISL Rikisutvarpid Ras1+2, Icelandic, Gufuskalar, // 207kHz}

198 UK BBC4 from Droitwich at 0302 in English.

207 ICELAND Rikisutvarpid Gufuskalar{sic rather Eidar} in Icelandic 0306,
{ location Eidar-ISL // 189 kHz 1410 UT; Aoki List loc entry is wrong.
and Morocco daytime at 1345 UT S=9+5dB fair even in Germany,
207 kHz MRC SNRT Al-Idaa al-Watania in Arabic, from Azilal-MRC}

{216 kHz 0330-2305 UT MCO Radio Monte Carlo, in French, Roumoules-France}

225 POLAND Polskie R.1 from Solec Kujawski at 0310.

234 LUXEMBURG Radio Lex from Beidweiler in French at 0312.
{RTL LW less power strength now, at far distance at the edges of Europe}

252 IRELAND RTE1 at Clarktown in English at 0316.
    Unid co-ch, classical mx)
{ 252 kHz 24hrs ALG R. Algerienne Chaine 3 in French !, Tipaza NoCoast
ALG, powerhouse S=9+55dB in Alicante EA5DOM Perseus SDR net remote unit,
RTA ch3 also powerful in southern Germany, RTE is favourite in northern
Hamburg, Hanover area, wb.}

{270 kHz 0400-2300 CZE Cesky rozhlas 1, in Czech, Topolna CZE,
even heard in Alicante ESP and Athens-GRC remote post units ...
announcing RadioZurnal at 1405 UT Jan 1}

279 BELARUS Belaruskaye Radio in Belarusian at 0319.
(Mike W. Bryant-?, dxld Jan 1)   comments by bcdx ed. wb. df5sx

Das Hobby bleibt in 2016 spannend. Exciting little fq valuables.
Best regards,

Michael Bethge

Postfach 1214
D-61282 Bad Homburg

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