13th Edition of the Antarctic Activity Week

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22-28 February 2016


In connection with 13th annual Antarctic Activity Week celebrations, there are two awards being made available for contacting special stations that will be on the air.
They are:

For this year's edition Cesare, IK7XNF-IR7IPY offers to the participants who will work him on different bands and modes, free Antarctic Activity Week's Awards (Bronze, Silver and Gold) . Join 2016 AAW and enjoy the event! (No details given, so suggest that 2 or 3 QSO’s on different bands or modes would be OK.)


A Special Radio Award will be issued by URE to those Hams/SWLs who Spanish Special Event stations during the 13th AAW. They will be: AO3ANT - AO4HAG - AO5WAP - EG1PAA - EG5WAP - EH5WAP.

The award is free of charge. (Not known if it is an E-award or not.)

The award will be issued for working 2, 3, 4 or all 5 Spanish stations listed above, no restrictions on band or mode.

Send application to Award manager: EA5DM and his e-mail is ea5dm@ure.es

Internet: http://www.waponline.it/AntarcticActivityWeek/tabid/113/Default.aspx

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