The IRBIT Fair Diploma

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2016 Calendar Year

Sponsored by the radio amateurs of Irbit and the Irbit district and established a degree "Irbit Fair" in 2016

The Irbit Fair originated in the 1630s in the village of Irbit, on the Verkhoturye path leading from European Russia to Siberia. It was well known before the construction of the Trans-Siberian railway and played an important role in internal trade for that area. The Irbit Fiar handled goods from Siberia (furs), China (tea and silk fabrics), the Urals (metal and articles thereof) and Arkhangelsk. Since the beginning of 1890 the Irbit fair supported trade on many goods, and acted as a Mercantile Exchange function. After the October

Revolution, the Fair was held annually from 1922-30. The Irbit Fir re-appeared in 2002 and it’s orientation was towards the supporting of events that attracts tourists. It is usually held annually in August.

Conditions for obtaining the diploma "Irbit Rair":
This award is open to any radio amateur, who during the period from 1 January to 31 December 2016 will make on HF at least 10 contacts with hams of Irbit, Irbitsky District and the Sverdlovsk region. To obtain the award you should have been able to make at least 5 contacts with radio amateurs and of Irbit and the Irbit district. Duplicate contacts are allowed on different bands, including WARC and the various modes: SSB, CW, FM, DIGI (all digital types are counted as one). The award may be earned on 144 MHz or higher and only 3 contacts, including at least two from radio amateurs of Irbit and Irbitsky area are needed. SWL certificate is issued on the same rules.

Hams of Irbit, Irbit district of Sverdlovsk region may earn the award by making contacts and sending logs to HAMLOG.RU .adif for the following numbers of contacts of stations outside of Irbit:

1. Irbit and Irbit district - 500 connections;
2. Sverdlovsk Oblast - 250 connections;
3. If only the 144 MHz and above all at least 25 QSOs.
These stations should send logs as adif files to award sponsor.

List of radio amateurs and Irbit and the Irbit district - RA9CUU, RK9DO, RK9CYA, RK9CR, RA9CQM, UA9CNX, RA9DA, RK9DM, RX9CPT, RA9CQO, RA9CBW, RA9CJG, UB8CFR, UA9CMP.

The award is issued in electronic form - free of charge, through the HAMLOG.RU site. The award is suitable for self-quality printing. Not all radio amateurs, the Irbit Irbit district and may be registered in the HAMLOG.RU, but they might still actively work on the air to make QSOs.. For contacts made with them, send an extra extract from the log to the email address of the award manager The diploma will be sent to the email address of the applicant.


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