HST Competition in Italy

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Every year in mid-March, thousands of radio amateurs gather in the picturesque Italian town of Montichiari at HAM RADIO. In fact it is a small copy of the well-known festival in Friedrichshafen, Germany

But this year there was something new in the program. Piero Begali, I2RTF, well known producer of Morse keys/keyers initiated a High Speed Telegraphy (HST) event. The aim was evident – to attract new radio amateurs to CW and to the HST sport. Many hams from different countries took part in the competition.

The winners:

Age category up to 25 (only two participants – obviously much has to be done to attract youngsters in CW):
1. Gabriele Del Sonno, IU2FQW
2. Enrico Lorenzoni, IU4AZC

Age category 26 - 50:
1. Valery Petrov, R5GA
2. Oliver Tabakovski, Z32TO
3. Dino Maria, IK1LJK

Age category more than 50:
1. Ivan Ivanov, LZ1PJ
2. Helga Ferrante, IN3FHE
3. Panayot Danev, LZ1US

The organizers promised that event to be held every year. Combined with the HAM RADIO, the beauty of Montichiari and Italian hospitality it is worth to be visited.

Source Panayot Danev LZ1US IARU Region 1

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