Diploma "Tribulation"

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26 April 2016


The BERDYANSK Radio Club will be active April 26th, 2016 on the day of memory of the Chernobyl disaster.  The Diploma "Sorrow" (Tribulation)  is issued to applicants free of charge in electronic form for the establishment of two-way radio to amateurs of the world. 
     1. It is necessary to establish a two-way radio communications from 1 April to 26 April with not less than 2 QSOs with areas of Ukraine / R, U, X /, Belarus / EW7, EW8 /, Russia / 3E, 3P, 3Y /.

     2. At least 10 QSO with radio amateurs of the Zaporozhye region including at least 2 QSO with amateur radio operators of the city of Berdyansk ZP-09, ZP-10 for the period from 1 April to 26 April 2016.   

     3.You may also receive a diploma for making 1 QSO with stations UW3QU or UX8IX on April 26, 2016

     4.  Berdyansk hams need to make at least 25 QSOs with different stations on April 26, 2016.

Repeated contacts  are allowed on different bands and in different modes for award purposes. 
Send log extract with full applicant data to the address:  ymurasty@gmail.com   

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