The 23th Steam Locomotive Parade in Wolsztyn

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April 25 to May 5, 2016


1. The Award is issued by the Wolsztyn Amateur Radio Club SP3PWL: .

2. The purpose of the Award is to publicize and commemorate the 23rd Steam Locomotive Parade, (running of antique railway equipment) which takes place in Wolsztyn every year, and promote the Wolsztyn Locomotive Shed:

3. The Award is available to amateur radio operators and SWL’s.

4. To obtain the Award, Polish operators must make one QSO/HRD with the Wolsztyn Club Station SP3PWL, (mandatory) and three QSO’s/HRD’s with the following Club members: SP3HD, SP3BLK, SP3DWH, SP3EIS, SP3GAD, SP3OSK, SP3OSR, SP3RAO, SP3RBQ, SP3SFY, SP3TLU, SP3UCC, SP3VPA, SQ3DVQ, SQ3JPV, SQ3REA, SQ3REB, SQ3RPB, SQ3SW, SP3IPA, SP3MK, SP3SRS, SQ3K..

5. Foreign stations: require just one QSO/HRD with SP3PWL and one QSO/HRD with a Club member from the list shown above. .

6. Any band, or mode permitted.

7. QSO’s/HRD’s made from April 25 to May 5, 2016, will be valid.

8. The most active operator will be granted a surprise award.

9. The electronic (pdf) Award will be sent by e-mail free of charge to be printed at home.     You may ask for a paper version (fee: PLN 15 or EUR 5 ).

10. Send your log extract to: , or: Wolsztynski Klub Krótkofalowców, Tloki 60a, 64-200 Wolsztyn, Poland, on or before May 31, 2016.


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