International Museums Weekends 2016

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18-19 June 2016

25-26 June 2016


An Amateur Radio Special Event Taking Place on the Weekends of 18th - 19th and 25th - 26th June

The intention of the event is to set up amateur radio special event stations at as many of the museums as possible throughout the whole of the world. The choice of museum is also left very much up to you, however aim for the largest and/or most unusual site you can find. The museums taking part over the years have included ships, castles, air museums, Napoleonic forts, pumping stations, wireless museums, racing museums and many others. For the purposes of the event, the word 'museum' is loosely interpreted.

During the first IMW in 2002 over 80 museums from all over the world took part. The museums varied from tiny local village museums manned by a single lone operator, to some of the worlds most prestigious ones. These were accompanied by a great number of military museum sites, such as HMS Belfast in London, the Battleship New Jersey in the US, RAF museums as well as very many non-military types.

At least part of the intention for this event, is to present modern amateur radio to members of the public and to help us loose some of the stuffy anorak image. What better place to do this than in the very public and well visited areas of the many museums which can be found in most parts of the world?

Award Requirement: These awards will be in PDF format sent out by E-Mail and will be free of charge. The awards will be for 5 or 20 IMW registered stations worked and one for SWLs for 10 registered stations heard. To claim the awards send a log extract with : Your Email Address, Name and Call-Sign.

Your logs should include :-

- registration number from the IMW website list

- call of the museum station worked

- date

- time in UTC

- Band

- Mode

- and in case of SWLs: callsign of the station worked by the museum station

Please include all IMW stations worked as the Awards will show exactly how many you worked in total not just the required 5 or 20 or 10. The log extracts can be in any the following formats: txt, doc/docx, xls/xlsx, pdf, jpg and should be sent to The Awards Manager , Hans Jurgen-Schmelzer DE3EAR, by Email .



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