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4 - 5 June 2016


This award is sponsored by The Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station to publicize ship based museums all over the world during the weekend of 0000Z June 4, to 2359Z June 5, 2016.
All stations that contact at least 15 different ships of those participating (link is shown below) will receive a certificate if they send a copy of their log entries showing these contacts. Working the same ship on different frequencies DOES NOT count as 2 ships. Working a ship not listed will not count, only ones on the official registered listing.

Additional ships wishing to participate should send a note to with the name of ship, call sign, location and contact info for person responsible. If you are having trouble reaching the museum e-mail address, please send info to .

Their website will contain the latest listing of ships which plan to be active. It will be in the form of an excel spreadsheet with all ships listed by 1) call sign 2) ship name 3) type of ship
It is not yet available for 2016, but will be posted on Friday June 3, 2016 just before the start of the event. At this time (May 20th, there are 98 ships listed on their web page.)

While operation on any amateur frequency is allowed, most ships will be operating in the General portion of the bands:

SSB                    CW
3,860 KHz      3,539 KHz

7,260 KHz      7,039 KHz

-------------        10,109 KHz

14,260 KHz     14,039 KHz

18,160 KHz     18,079 KHz

21,360 KHz     21,039 KHz

24,960 KHz     24,899 KHz

28,360 KHz     28,039 KHz

50,160 KHz     50,109 KHz

EVENT PSK 31 OPERATIONS: 14.070 MHz 10.142 MHz 18.100 MHz 21.070 MHz 28.120 MHz
Fee for the award is $US1 which will cover any costs. Send list and fee to: Battleship New Jersey Amateur Radio Station, C/o 150 Schooner Ave., Barnegat, NJ 08005, USA. The awards will be mailed in November.




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